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tv   WYFF News 4 6pm  NBC  January 7, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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plenty of people who agree with what was actually written. corey: a university spokesperson said in part, quote, "we hope that this incident doesn't take away from the positive work that is being done to better document and tell the full history of clemson university. right now, the graffiti is covered with signs promoting school spirit, as the football team heads to the national championship. the punishment for vandalizing tillman hall could be a fine of up to $1,000, or 90 days in prison. corey davis, wyff news 4, in clemson. carol: south carolina governor nikki haley laid out a plan to help fight domestic violence in south carolina. in columbia this afternoon, she says she is giving her task force more time to continue finding ways to deal with thth issue. she also is looking at how domestic violence cases are prosecuted in the state. >> in my executive budget, you -- we are putting approximately
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all, t te away domestic violence cases from officers and assign prosecutors. we will add 144 new prosecutors. we are going to put three more new judges into the circuit court, and we are going to have more money in there for public defenders. carol: governor haley created the task force a year ago. nationwide, south carolina consistently ranks among the worst in women killed by men. michael: flags in anderson county are at half-staff tonight, in memory of state senator william o'dell. the senator died in his sleep this morning. he became a state senator in 1989, serving district that's four. abbeville, anderson, and greenwood counties. he was 77 years old. governor nikki haley has issued a statement today, reading "for , more than 25 years, senator billy o'dell worked tirelessly for the people of his district and the state, and we are forever grateful for his service." carol: turning to the weather now, a chilly started the day, but it got warmer.
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john: looks like it, but not until after midnight. this evening, you will be in good shape. clouds are already streaming in quickly from the southwest. a nice warm-up ahead of the storm system. the warm front remains to the southwest. we had up to 60, even low 60's in greenwood, abbeville, and elberton. still pretty chilly through the mountains. temperature-wise, 39 -- 39 in boone. the precipitation comes in late tonight. in the high peaks and north carolina, it may start off as a light winter mix. it will go over to cold rain. the rest of us will see rain. temperature is mainly in the 50's across most of the areas, 39. more about the storm system and later on. facing charges, after a man is accused of dropping and stepping o oher baby daughter. leroy morris faces several charges, including unlawful conduct toward a child. officers say he lives with whitney barnwell.
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charges against her. deputies said he was taking care of the child while the she was -- while she was at work. right now, the child is at the greenville health system. she's only 48 days old. michael: more cases of vandalism ing reported in the simpsonville community. greenville county sheriff's office officials tell us there are seven or eight cases of potentially malicious damage. three of those cases involve houses less than a mile from the rocky creek missionary baptist church. the owners say they had car windows shot out, the same morning as the church had its windows shot out of its vans and daycare. two other churches also reported window damage outside of greenville county's jurisdiction, but still within simpsonville. the church members we spoke to say they are forgiving, but want justice. the neighbors tell us they take this threat very seriously. >> i think police really need to take this seriously, and do everything they can, and use all means necessary to them to bring these people to justice before
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doing it. michael: reed says his truck will hopefully be fixed in the next couple of days. he says he's had it for about a year. police tell us four people now face charges in connection with the death of a man found alongside a road. police say 24-year-old shawn hall and 31-year-old crystal hernandez face accessory after the fact charges. yesterday, police charged 23-year-old shawn hollifield and 20-year-old savannah walker with murder. you may remember, police found 28-year-old deque taylor's body on ninth avenue, back on december 3. that's near hendersonville high school. carol: a man charged in the death of two others has died while in police cucuody. albert bowen stood accused of shooting former pickens high school football coach bill isaacs and dickie stewart back in september. deputies say bowen was flown out of state for a psychological evaluation. he suffered a health issue on the way back to south carolina, and died tuesday morning.
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custody following a police chase in anderson. sky4 flew over the crash scene. the chase ended a long i-85 at 27 earlier today. police said the chase started on market street, when officers spotted a car that was reported stolen in travelers rest. no word tonight on what charges will be filed in connection with the chase. michael: traffic is starting to get back to normal along i-26 in spartanburg, following a tractor-trailer crash. a truck carrying 1,000 containers of herbicide caught fire this morning on i-26, near mile marker 3. spartanburg county emergency management said the fire started with the truck's rear brakes. crews tell us some of the burned herbicide containers spilled onto the road. part of the road was closed while the crews got in there and cleaned up the mess. greenville police tell us an suv rear-ended a city bus this morning. officers tell us five people have some minor injuries as a result of this. the wreck happened on pete hollis boulevard. tonight, police charged the driver of the suv with driving too fast for conditions. >> it'll be something that is remembered until we die.
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national championship, as the tiger band is about to have something in common with the people who came before them 34 years earlier. michael: and tonight, the powerball jackpot continues to grow. coming up, just how big will it -- the money pile get before the next drawing? john: looking over lake hartwell, 54 degrees. clouds on the increase from the southwest. back later on. michael: a reminder tonight, our sports team is on its way to arizona, to bring you full coverage of the lead-up to the national championship game , clemson and alabama. we'll have our hour-long special for you monday night live from arizona, right here on wyff 4,
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>> you're watching live, local, breaking news. with carol goldsmith, michael cogdill, and the weather with chief need meteorologist john cessarich, and sports with red free lick. -- brad fralick. this is wyff news 4 at 6:00. miael: it's a moment that'll be remembered forever. for the clemson football team, a chance to turn a dream into a reality. carol: and for the tiger band, a time to make some memories, just like those did before them 34 years ago. wyff news 4's mandy gaither has more. it's all new at 6:00. mandy: surrounded by cheers and the tiger rag, the 1981 clemson football team celebrated something no other had in the university's history, a national championship with danny ford at the helm.
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mandy: he was 33 years old, the youngest coach to win the title. >> thank you for coming out. mandy: he is in his 60's and the reporters are back. >> i am happy for them. happy for the school and the fans. mandy: ford, fielding questions again about a national championship. this time, this team, one win away from doing what was done 34 years earlier. >> i thought we should have scored then. mandy: you can still remember? >> oh, yeah. mandy: he had never seen this video from that night, the news conference are the players and coaches with tears on their eyes walking off the field. >> i remember, just giving me a ride on his shoulders. mandy: what was going through your mind? >> unbelievable. it was an unbelievable dream
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mandy:ou went to alabama and won the championship at clemson. which team are you going to be rooting for? >> it would mean more to clemson. i'm going to have to pull for clemson. mandy: mandy gaither, wyff news 4 in pendleton. michael: maybe at 11:00, t tt was not the story we planned on airing. they will perform from the musical "wicked". carol: we will bring you the story of the clemson band at 11:00. rent -- restaurant week returns to greenville. coming up, a preview. john: tiger fans in the phoenix area around glendale, cool. 53 degrees. in the mountains, and around flagstaff, we are talking heavy snow. we could end up with two feet of
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turning back to our to carol: reports out of florida say the brother of dabo's when stalking charges. michael: dabo just finished talking to the media. patrick? patrick: the coach just got done addressing the media. it was a short press conference.
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he is focused on getting to arizona tomorrow. i asked him about his brother being arrested on tuesday, and i asked it this way is on him. he said no. he says he loves his brother, and he has talked to him about this in the past and it has been documented. he has brought his family into the conversation in the past. he is not ashamed of it. he has been open about it. he was very upfront here airing this short press conference. i asked him, when i asked him if this weighed on him, he said if he were just joe schmoe, we were -- we would not be asking him the question. it is because of who he is. and he is the most high profile coach in the country. that is arguable. with that said, he is on his way to join his team. he is very focused. he talked a lot of foot all during the press conference. -- football during the press conference.
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soon and we will see where it goes from there. live from clemson, patrick hussion, wyff news 4. michael: this week, you have a good excuse to try a new restaurant. it's "restaurant week" in the upstate. many of the area's most popular restaurants are offering deals and specials over the next 11 days. some of those deals are a three course meal for $30. many restaurants are now including lunch specials, as well. to see a full list of the restaurants joining in, and the deals head to and , our mobile app. carol: the dream of winning a huge powerball jackpot, still alive. no one won the big prize last night. that means the jackpot will roll over to more than $700 million. the numbers drawn in last night's jackpot were 2, 11, 47, 62 and 63. the powerball number is 17, with a multiplier of 3. the next drawing, saturday night. >> now, your live super doppler 4 hd weather forecast.
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the increase from the southwest, moving through most of northern georgia. we have the warm run well to our southwest, and along the front you can see the rain, the rain showers spreading through mississippi along the river, all the way into southwestern and west central alabama. a couple sprinkles developing here. those are moving north. we are clear right now, getting pretty cold in the northern mountains of north carolina. we will watch as this precipitation comes in late tonight. it may briefly start off as a wintry mix then go over to all rain. we will watch that closely for you. i will keep you updated. because of the cloud cover overnight, not as cold as in recent nights. overnight low 35 this morning at the greenville airport. we warmed up nicely. it has been a while since we warmed up, a degrees above average. 60 this afternoon. the record high is 71 set back four years ago in 2012. in asheville, started off at 25, warming up to 59.
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as the high goes. the record is 70, said in 1913. been around for a while. a live shot it -- in laurens, mostly clear to partly cloudy, 53 degrees. already 39 in boone. i am worried about the precipitation coming in late tonight. hopefully it will be warm enough to where it is all rain. the rest of the mountains are in the 50's. 50 two in asheville and hendersonville. or the upstate, 56 in toccoa. 56 in pickens, 53 and laurens and union, 54 in gaffney, 55 in abbeville and walhalla, currently 59. not too bad. pleasant temperatures. a bit of a wind out of the east-southeast at 3-5 miles per hour. humidity on the increase. there is the went of cold air to our northeast. 38 in cincinnati.
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here come the clouds, here is the precipitation. a little bit of snow in western kansas and nebraska into iowa. look at this big storm system. this is not a tropical system, but it is forcing -- producing gale force winds in bermuda. south winds at 30 miles per hour, gusts near tropical storm force. bermuda will get hammered by this non-named system tonight and tomorrow with powerful winds. very heavy rain. 34 in denver. the warm front will lift north. here comes the rain, this is 11:30 tonight. it spreads across the area until we go into tomorrow morning. most of the precipitation moves away. tomorrow afternoon, we could see leftover fog and drizzle around the area. rain likely after midnight, low 41 in the upstate. hattie rain in the mountains, low 36. tomorrow in the upstate, cloudy, patchy rain, drizzle and fog early in the morning.
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we start off at 32 and 9:00 a.m., maybe the high around noon. i will doubt if we hit 50. mostly cloudy in the afternoon in the mountains, high 48. we start up at 39, warming into the mid 40's by around lunchtime. the for-day plus, a stronger storm system comes in saturday. late friday night and tomorrow night into saturday, rain likely . ends by saturday night. dry i think on sunday, but breezy conditions in the upstate. scattered showers and windy and cold on sunday in the mountains. michael: a little better today. the line is, talking about practice. ricardo: alan iversen had this great line, saying, we are not talking about the game. we are talking about practice. the ncaa will let clemson practice more for the championship game coming up on monday.
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>> now, wyff news 4 sports. >> i don't with people when i say this, but it is the truth. i didn't know my name was william until the third grade. ricardo: dabo swinney talking about his nickname, given to him by his older brother. his older brother was arrested tuesday, facing stocking charges. this is the last distraction he wants before the championship game. clemson going through the final
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tiger town before flying to the desert on friday. the tigers will no longer have to worry about watching their hours on the practice field. the ncaa today, granting a waiver for clemson in regards to the 20-hour practice rule. with the start of the spring semester on wednesday, the team was limited to just 4 hours a day for practice and team meetings, 20 hours for the week. but the ncaa will allow clemson to exceed the limit for the national championship game. in addition, wednesday's team meeting won't count towards the 20-hour limit, and players are excused from class this afternoon. alabama isn't under the restriction, because the spring same restriction, because the spring semester doesn't start until january 13th, two days after the title game. the tigers will be in arizona tomorrow. the guys, brad fralick and marc dopher, are heading to the desert right as we speak. they'll be covering the tigers leading up to monday night's game. be sure to join us right here on wyff4 on game night, 90 minutes before kickoff, for "road to the title," our hourlong special, live from university of phoenix stadium.m. georgia linebacker leonard floyd is leaving for the nfl. the fourth-year junior, declaring for the draft today.
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round pick. the butkus award finalist led the bulldogs with 4 1/2 sacks this season, and ranked second on the team in tackles. gamecock linebacker skai moore is, however, staying put in columbia. moore will return for his senior season with south carolina, announcing his intentions on instagram today, saying it didn't feel right not finishing what he had began at usc. moore will get to play under new head coach will muschamp, who said today, he thought moore made a mature decision about returning. moore led the gameoccks in tackles the past three seasons. the clemson men's basketball team landed 6'9" transfer elijiah thomas. the former texas a&m post player is o ocampus. he'll be able to play for the tigers in december 2016. thomas appeared in 8 games for the aggies this season, averaging just under 4 points, and 2 and half rebounds a game. the south carolina men and women's team are a combined 27-0 so far this season, the only -- the women will try to keep them -- keep it that way tonight visiting vanderbilt at 9:00. , south carolina has won in its last three trips to memorial gymnasium, but by an average of just 4 points. it could be a close game
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we will find out at 11:00. michael: the forecect isn't bad for january. could be awful. john: could be a lot worse. it will be chilly, chillier tomorrow been today. today, around 60 degrees. tomorrow, we it -- we get wedged in with cloud. most of the rain will occur morrow morning with drizzle and fog. carol: our next newscast is at 11:00. michael: we are always on [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] days after the paris attacks, senators came together for a top-secret briefing on the terrorist threat... marco rubio was missing - fundndising in california instead. two weeks later, terrorists struck again in san bernardino... and where was marco? fundraising again in new orleans. over the last 3 years, rubio has missed important national security hearings
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politics first: that's the rubio way. right to rise usa
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breaking news tonight, a roller coaster plunge on wall street. global shock waves
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