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tv   WYFF News 4 Noon  NBC  January 8, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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dale: most of the shower activity is east of 26 and working its way toward the charlotte area. one or two isolated spots, but most of the rain is pushing out. still coming down in parts of spartanburg and cherokee, but not much in the western part of the upstate. we will get a break from the rain this afternoon, tonight and another wave of action expected by tomorrow afternoon. we will show you in that next round of showers comes away this weekend. plus, colder temperatures behind that. we will talk more about that with the full report in a few minutes. geoff: thank you. right now, tiger fans gathering to see the clemson tigers off to arizona. somewhere in the crowd, you will find wyff news 4's mandy gaither . mandy, what the atmosphere like right now?
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and fan, i do not mind telling you that this atmosphere is awesome. we had the band playing, people cheering and we are beginning to see some of the players come out of the west end zone at death valley and load the buses from here and they will go to gsp and fly to arizona and land there by about 4:10. from there, they go to the hotel and they probably will not be able to get checked in until about 6:30 because they have to unload their equipment. they will have dinner, meetings and then they will be done for the day. they will start again in the morning at media day and they will have their first practice in the morning tomorrow morning. the first practice in arizona. beside me, ms. wilson, i know you are excited. we talked earlier, and her grandson plays on the team. >> yes, i had to be here.
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>> words cannot express how proud i am of him. he is the light of my life. randy: you are very much a light in his life as well, i'm sure. >> i hope so. mandy: i hope so. behind me, i have milton. he went to the last national championship. tell us why you are not going this year. >> i am goininto have my son go in my place. he is going to have this championship this year. mandy: i know he appreciates it. >> i hope so. mandy: what kind of memories is your son going have? mandy: -- memories. i don't even mind the same score, as long as we win. i hope you will cherish it for the rest of his life. mandy: thank you. players. they started coming out a couple
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supposed to board the bus is around 12:20 and they will be going to gsp and landon arizona around 4:10. mandy gaither wyff news 4 live in clemson. geoff: thank you. our sports team is ahead of the tigers. sports director brad fralick and marc dopher landed in the desert yesterday. good afternoon here and good morning there. brad: welcome to arizona. we have arrived in advance of the college championship between clemson and alabama. it looks warm out here. it is a little bit chilly, but get near. marc: glendale is not exactly right next to downtown phoenix. it will take a little while to get out to the game, especially if you are staying in phphnix.
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chilly. maybe bring next a jacket or blanket. brad: really looking forward to this weekend. we havav80 a day tomorrow morning and the team arrives this afternoon. they will practice tomorrow and media day and head coach press conferences and then gameday on monday. for the national championship, follow us on social media throughout the trip, they spoke, twitter. day long. marc dopher wyff news 4 live in glendale, arizona. you. i will be heading out tomorrow. special for you monday night on wyff news 4 beginning at 7:00 as they get you ready for the everything you need to know before it kicks off.
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again. you see it in this video in the wyff 4 app. it's also on the live wire is a collection of tweets about the tigers and championship game. it features everything from team to recent interviews with players. anderson county deputies tell us 19-year-old ronnie leigh cannon is the suspect in a standoff on hawthorne drive. deputies say the bomb squad responded to the home last they say cannon barricaded himself inside and claimed he had a bomb. deputies say they sent a k-9 in to end the standoff. cannon was later taken to the hospital to be treated for a dog the alleged bomb was declared safe. cannon is charged with bomb or replica threat with a fake device. three people face charges after the chase ended in a crash near mile marker 27. sky 4 flew over the crash. police said the chase started in the city of anderson when an
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here are the three people facing charges, the driver, kayla gosnell, and the passengers, daniel o'brien and carla ryder. officers are investigating a shooting in laurens county. clinton public safety officials tell us that a number of people were injured. it happened last night near north broad street. officials do not believe anyone suffered life-threatening injuries. at this time, no suspect has been arrested. authorities say an elementary school teacher found a gun in a student's wheelchair. the sheriff's office says a teacher at chester park elementary school realized that a student in a wheelchair was sitting on a gun thursday. the teacher lifted the student from the wheelchair and quietly removed the gun. officials think the student unintentionally took the gun to school. it's unclear who owns the gun or whether it was loaded. the teenager is heading [indiscernible] as a member of team usa, that
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just after two years of playing football, he was drafted to play for the carolina wildcats, an independent football team for private, public and homeschooled high schoolers. team. he got recruited to play for team usa at the international weeks. now, his family is trying to there. >> he went in, not having a clue what was going on. he is totally focused. >> what do you love about football? >> i guess to hit people and not get in trouble for it. [laughter] geoff: there is an answer. only 88 players are chosen for the international ball, so this is something. they have raised about half the funds but they need help with the other half.
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february 3. now to commitment 2016, jeb bush is spending some more time in upstate. bush is speaking at dyar's diner in pendleton this evening. bush is also taking part in a poverty forum being held in columbia tomorrow. senator lindsey graham will be in columbia today. he's expected to talk about his failed bid for presidency and the major issues he expects the nation to face this year. graham says he remains committed to working to achieve security for the american people and helping the gop expand its base. presidential hopeful marco rubio will visit the palmetto state today. he's planning a meet and greet in columbia. and tomorrow, the republican will meet with voters at an aiken town hall. donald trump will be back in south carolina tonight. he will be in rock hill. the gop hopeful plans to hold his rally at winthrop university. doors are expected to open at tonight, an event on ice on main 4:30. to support honor flights here in
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honor flight takes veterans to washington, d.c. for free so they can visit war memorials. quite the program. the event tonight is called below zero with heroes. it's a chance to skate with veterans on the ice. it gets underway at 5:00 and goes until 8:00 this evening. one of greenville county school's administrators had a chance to shine on the "today" show this morning. don alewine was playing to win a chance to attend the golden globes. wyff news 4's allyson powell has more on what happened. allyson: geoff, it all started with a jacket that cost 50 cents and a can of spray paint. >> i went to goodwill and got a jacket for 50 cents. then i went to walmart and got a can of gold spray paint and i sprayed it. allyson: a gimmick alewine used to be chosen as one of three finalists on the "today" show. and this morning, he made his debut. >> from south carolina. allyson: alewine competed against two other contestants in a chance to go to the golden globes.
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nominations this year? >> hbo? >> incorrect. don? netflix. correct. >> don takes the lead. allyson: and he came pretty close to winning it all. tied at three a piece, it wasnt until this question >> which film swept all major categories? allyson? >> it is "one flew over the coo coo's nest. " >> get out of town. >> whew. allyson: that left don coming up short, but not empty handed. >> you do get the basket. we have a lovely parting gift for you. excitement for this school administrator and dad. now, don told us before he left that even if he didn't win, it's still a treat to be able to visit new york and the "today" show. he also told us he was going to wear a clemson paw in hopes it
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for his hometown team. the golden globes will air right here on wyff 4 sunday night at 8:00. geoff: he was so close. take a look. this apartment fire is just one of many. surprisingly, no one was seriously hurt, but we have another to tell you about that destroyed a small town. and a police officer ambushed. how it happened and how the officer fought back. dale: we had rain this morning. one more round of showers coming tomorrow. geoff: another look from the crimson tide on monday night.
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geoff: take a look at this fire in missouri. the kansas city apartment caught fire early this morning. the entire building had to be evacuated. there are reports of injures, and at least two people are being treated by paramedics. investigators are still working to determine a cause. this explosion happened in washington state. fire officials say an employee
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injured. it happened around 5:00 yesterday afaternoon. -- yesterday afternoon. the young woman inside was able to escape but did suffered burns to her body. she was reportedly taken to a hospital. so far, no word on the cause of the fire. australia is also dealing with a fire. this one is south of the city of perth. officials say the flames have destroyed nearly one hundred buildings in the small town. there are no mandatory evacuations, but officials are urging people to leave or to actively defend their properties. a philadelphia police officer is lucky to be alive after he was shot multiple times in a shootout with a suspect last night. police say the shooting happened just before midnight. officer jesse hartnett was driving through an intersection when the suspect opened fire. the suspect fired at least 13 times. hartnett was shot three times, but he was able to return fire and hit the suspect. officer hartnett is expected to survive. the suspect's name has not been released.
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condition of the suspect or a motive for the shooting. let's turn to money matters. it has been a rough week on wall street with good news today. the dow jones up 24, the nasdaq up 18 and the s&p 500 in the green. >> now, your live super doppler 4 hd forecast. dale: that was an encouraging sight to see the arrows pointed up on the stock market. it is also encouraging to see just clouds as the rain east. hartwell. here is our asheville skycam. a good bit of cover across the mountains, but 46 degrees. temperatures will push about 50 point afternoon high today. here is live super doppler 4 hd. the entire screen was covered
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pushing to the east and affecting cherokee, cleveland and rutherford county with showers. tomorrow, we have another round of showers coming our way. this is round number one collected -- connected. by saturday afternoon, night and into sunday, we get more rain. showing current showers, moving morning. about 3:00 4:00, we see pretty good showers. this will continue to make its way to the east and through the it should start to clear. sunday afternoon should be and may be an isolated shower left in the mountains. monday. it will be cold in the 20's and
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temperatures across the region are fairly similar from 46. let's take a look at south carolina cities, greenville anticipated to reach 50, and 50, 51 across the mountains of be the best. breezes out of the northeast at five to nine. 52, so 50 is pretty close. asheville normally gets to upper 40's, so we will be a few anticipated higher 50 today. nationally, snow in the great lakes back into nebraska with some wintry mix whether in colorado. we don't have any of that to anticipate, but we do see colder temperatures and clear skies by sunday morning. a quick look at the national map -- chilly temperatures, buildings at 16, boston at 37.
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for those headed to the beach, myrtle beach will be rainy on saturday, 65 and clearing for sunday. upper 40's by 3:00 and between 3:00 and 5:00, pushing the 50 mark. the same is true for the mountains. tonight and tomorrow, temperatures similar to today. 70% to 80% chance of showers tomorrow afternoon and night. on sunday, it clears up with mountains. monday, tuesday and wednesday of next week, everyone needs a form coat -- a warm coat. geoff: we are looking forward to that weather in arizona. i'm heading that way tomorrow. dale: are you excited? a lot of people jealous, i'm sure. geoff: the amount of tickets that they sold, i think they
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they were gone like that. priced anywhere from $450 to $650. it will be a sea of orange. dale: it would not surprise me to see us outweigh the red by little bit. geoff: i will be bringing morning coverage on sunday, monday and tuesday. looking forward to being out there in glendale, arizona. right free lick and marc dopher have their special coming up at 7:00 -- brad fralick and marc dopher have their special coming up at 7:00 on monday. you don't get very many chances to do this. last chance for clemson was 1981. fans are in clemson right now and getting ready to say goodbye to the tigers. we'll be on the field for the national championship game for those who are going. dale: thank you for being there to represent the team. and don't forget the basketball plays sunday at noon against louisville for those staying in town.
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-- come on out to watch the big game. geoff: you guessed it, head of
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tylenol . geoff: we're back with their pet of theheeek. joining us today is cameron. great to see you. good news because you had planned to bring in another dog but she was adopted.
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cameron: this is thalon, a one-year-old shouldiitzu next. he is incredibly well behaved. -- shitzu mix. he is incredibly well behaved. year old. news. cameron: through january, all mail neu -- male neuter surgeries are $12. call as soon as you can because we want to fill up the spots so may sure to get in there. geoff: i did not happen opportunity to talk about what happened over christmas. cameron: we did 648 adoptions and december. it was incredible. a record. geoff: how many animals are there right now?
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because most of south carolina shelters are low on animals, which is a great problem to have. geoff: it is. i would imagine this guy will be gone in no time. fantastic. enjoy your day. "but i am going to miss votes, i'm running for president." but he's been missing votes for a long time. "one third of all of his missed votes in 2015 were missed before he announced he was running for president." over the last three years, marco rubio has missed more votes... than any other senator. washington politician marco rubio. doesn't show up for work, but wants a promotion? right to rise usa is responsible
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geoff: following breaking news. the pickens county deputy is being charged after authorities say he fired a gun in the parking lot on tuesday. henry campbell is charged with domestic violence and discharging a firearm in the city. it happened in a parking lot in front of an apartment building in easley. they say there was a woman and child present. you will find more on that on dale: one round of showers today which is coming to an end over most of the a aa. another round develops tomorrow the evening. after that, things should be clearing for the upstate and colder temperatures come next of the week. phoenix. for these, 48 to start the game, low w 's by the end of the game, so take a warm coat.
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the roar is going to be deafening because the tigers are about to make their way out of clemson and had to arizona -- and head to arizona for the they play monday night. lights, camera, access. >> i heard! >> it's louder. she's got a voice that carries. >> sandra on her baby girl. kate on her stylish honor. i'm billy bush. turns out this people's choice had one very uninvited guest. >> how scared are you? charlie turns to dr. oz to conquer his hiv, but his goals don't end there. >> this disease chose the wrong person. >> i haven't really thought about that. >> today's wednesday. >> sure, he's late picking his golden globes date. leo is spot on when it comes to advise for his "revenant" son.
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