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tv   WYFF News 4 5pm  NBC  January 8, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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earlier today. mandy: after a successful but rainy football season, it was only fitting the clemson tigers boarded buses on their way to gsp. no spirits here at death valley dampened as fans surrounded these players and coaches, letting them know they're not alone on their road to the title. >> we are out here rooting for them whether they win or not. we're here for them, but we hope they win, we pray they win and have the best time playing. mandy: the pep band played tiger rag while cheerleaders and the crowd let their tiger pride show. even the rock showed up, just not the real one. so many memories in the making
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undefeated tigers. the mist is still coming down live in clemson. tonight at 6:00, will see a special moment between a grandmother and her grandson who playayon the team. mandy gaither, wyff news 4, live in clemson. nigel: the clemson football team is in the air on their way to arizona. gabrielle: and arizona is where we find wyff news 4's brad fralick, who is live i i phoenix where the national championship will be taking place. nigel: look at that shot! gabrielle: hey there brad. brad: nigel, thanks so much. we are live in phoenix, waiting on the clemson tigers to arrive. still about 2 hours before they land in the desert head of the the crimson tide. you saw as the tigers rolled out of town, they are in the air as we speak. i love this.
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literally across the country. with little green lines behind them as clemson has trekked across the country. the tigers are scheduled to land -- at first it was going to be 6:10 eastern. now they are scheduled for 6:26 an exciting day for the clemson ahead of the national championship game. we caught up with an arizona cardinal not played for the clemson tigers. you will hear from him a little bit later on. live in phoenix, brad fralick, wyff news 4. gabrielle: coming up in our coverage tomorrow. it's the big media day in phoenix. there we'll find all of the coaches and players from alabama and clemson. wyff news 4's brad fralick will be live with interviews from coaches and players at 6:00 and 11:00 tomorrow night. and if you want to follow along,
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twitter pages. when it comes to everything clemson, we've got you covered. plus wyff news 4's geoff hart will also be live in phoenix with live reports beginning on sunday. nigel: plus, before the game, wyff news 4 sports is putting together an hour-long special for you on monday night. our crews will be live from arizona beginning at 7:00 p.m. we'll have everything you need to know before kickoff of the college football playoff national championship between the clemson tigers and the alabama crimson tide. gabrielle: and before the game don't forget to check out our , live wire. it's a collection of the latest tweets about the tigers and fun posts from our staff. plus you can even watch some retro highlights from the 1982 orange bowl, when clemson last claimed a national title. go to the wyff 4 app or wyff and look in the "right now" bar. nigel: to the weather now. here's a live look outside at greenville through the hilton sky cam.
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i have a feeling tomorrow is going to be even worse. gabrielle: wyff news 4's chief meteorologist john cessarich is in our studio right now. john, how is the weekend looking? john: 50-50 as far as wet and dry weather. it will get much colder over the weekend. i will talk more about the details later on. we have these low clouds, fog, and drizzle. in arizona and phoenix, where brad is there in glendale. they have partly sunny skies and scattered showers to the north. flagstaff has a ton of snow. more than half of arizona is in the southern rockies. a lot of snow in the mountainous areas. if you are heading out, average high temperature normally 66, low 45. cool temperatures, but it will be dry through early next week. still chilly for the game. good footbalalweather for the constant tigers. clear to partly cloudy skies. i will talk about our weekend weather a little bit later on. gabrielle: right now in
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a man who police say approached a 2nd grader during recess at a local middle school. wyff news 4's corey davis just spoke with police. he's live and local with the latest. corey: right now we are here at blythe academy in greenville. police say the man in question is believed to be a black male. that's the only description they have of him so far. here is what they say happened. take a walk with me. yesterday they say that man walked up to this fence that surrounds the playground while he somehow gave a six-year-old girl a framed picture of a flower. they say that he tried to talk to the child. they say he didn't touch the child or make any sexual advances toward the girl. the man did run away toward augusta street when a teacher came up to see what was going on. the man said that he would be back today.
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that they might have recognized the man from the ligon street area. that's about a 10 minute drive from here. prince have been notified through an automated message. -- parents have been notified through an automated message. right now more than 930 students go to this school. more police have been put out on campus to help protect the children. they are asking that everyone keep a close watch on the area for any unusual activity or possible unusual persons matching the description. he is possibly a black male. at 6:00, we will tell you the plan that police have surrounding the school in the coming weeks. corey davis, wyff news 4, live in greenville. nigel: to our commitment 2016 coverage tonight. republican presidential
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rock hill for a speaking event. that starts at 7:30. gabrielle: but that didn't stop the crowds from lining up early tonight. wyff news 4's patrick hussion is live at rock hill. patrick how many people have you seen out there so far? patrick: gabby, you are right, they lined up early. but there are a lot of people waiting outside. donald trump is here in rockville at winthrop university. for surprisingly the very first time on his campaign trail, considering all the candidates that have come through here. he is fresh off that visit to burlington, vermont, where he gave a rally in front of 1400 people in a much smaller venue. that is not the case here. as you can see and hear with the music, this coliseum 6000 people. we want to show you some of those lines. this is two hours ago when we arrived. the lines went out the door, all
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6000 people making their way in. this is commonplace for what we have seen in any trump event. even with the weather as drury and as cold as it is. we are waiting on a lot of cold -- one of folks to link the way here. in the latest winthrop poll, donald trump has an eight point lead over senator ted cruz. i will speak with political science professor dr. scott hoffman, who was in charge of that winthrop poll at 5:30. live in winthrop university, patrick caution, wyff news 4. nigel: this is dyar's diner in pendleton. jeb bush is speaking here around 6:30 tonight. this is his first visit to anderson county since announcing his candidacy. he's also taking part in a poverty for being held in columbia on saturday.
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columbia on saturday. right now, officers are investigating a shooting in laurens county. clinton public safety officials tell us a victim was found inside a home on north broad street. the shooting happened last night. officials say the suspect was shot in the leg. they do not believe the injury is life-threatening. at this time no arrests have been made. gabrielle: anderson county deputies tell us a 19-year-old is the suspect in a standoff that happened last night on hawthorne drive. they say ronnie leigh cannon barricaded himself inside and claimed he had a bomb. the bomb squad responded. deputies say they sent a k-9 in to end the standoff. cannon was later taken to the hospital to be treated for a dog bite. the alleged bomb was declared safe. cannon is charged with bomb or replica threat with a fake device. nigel: a pickens county deputy is being charged after authorities say he fired a gun in a parking lot on tuesday. henry campbell is being charged with domestic violence and discharging a firearm in the city. the warrant says the shooting happed in a parking lot in front of an apartment building in easley. they say campbell fired a single
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about harming himself. authorities say there was a woman and children present. campbell was a lieutenant with the pickens county sheriff's office. authorities say he was on leave since august of 2015. he was fired on thursday. he's selected to represent the usa on the national stage. but this seventh grader still needs a little help making it to the game. that's where you come in. gabrielle: plus, the dangerous mexican drug lord known as el chapo has finally been captured after a daring prison escape. >> we've now reached a point in the campaign where the chair of the county party needs to lead. nigel: another top gop official is speaking out against a donald trump nomination. why and who he says he is going to get his endorsement coming up at 5:30. john: a live shot in asheville. mostly cloudy skies, and the 40's.
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after 6 months on the run gabrielle: after 6 months on the run, mexican drug lord joaquin "el chapo" guzman has been recaptured. he had escaped from a maximum security prison.
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recaptured after a shootout with mexican marines in the city of los mochis. the mexican navy said marines were acting on a tip and raided a home before dawn. five suspects were killed and six others were arrested. now to the greenville spartanburg airport. officials there say a loaded firearm was found at a security checkpoint yesterday. they say it happened around 6:00 last night. they say they found this loaded handgun in a passenger's carry-on bag. airport police confiscated the weapon and cited the passenger on local charges. it was the first firearm confiscated this year. officials say 15 were taken in 2015. nigel: in greenville, greenlink is expanding its like a locker program, installing 2 nweew bike lids. six are located along richard street. 2 are inside the south spring street garage. the bike locker program was part of the ongoing effort to improve public transportation in
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it's an opportunity rarely given to any football player, let alone a seventh grader. gabrielle: at the chance to be on team usa for the international bowl. aly myles introduces us to a teenager trying to make it to texas. aly: you could call matthew hughes and average teen. [laughter] a little shy. >> what is it that you love? aly: with a good sense of humor. >> i get to hit people and not get in trouble for it. [laughter] aly: according to his mom, matthew is anything an average. he is her miracle baby. they found -- five pound preemie. multiple surgeries. now one of the biggest seven freighters -- seventh graders at this school. >> for him to be where he is is
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aly: he joined his very first football league,'s first sport. -- league, his first sport. >> when he hit that field, totally focused. aly: today he has been playing with high school was for more than a year. even bigger than that, he's been recruited to play for team usa at the international bowl. >> 88 young men are selected. he was one of those selected to go. aly: out of the nation? >> yes. out of the nation. aly: the family is doing everything they can to get him there. that means playing on espn three. >> hopefully scouts will see him and he will be able to further his education with a college career and play football for a college. maybe go pro one day. aly: that is matthew's dream too. >> cleaver college and getting drafted into the nfl. aly: which team? >> panthers. [laughter]
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>> practice hard and focus. help getting there. aly myles, wyff news 4, in easley. nigel: so far as they raised help with the other half. gabrielle: we have a link on to help out. february 3. john: we are stopped in with the low clouds, even though you can see some breaks. a warm front remains to the southwest. we are wedged in with the northeasterly wind. the mountains continue to drive in cooler temperatures. it is very raw outside. you can see the rain. this is the measurable precipitation. what is not showing up are patches of drizzle and fog. that will form tonight and in the mountains. otherwise, just light rain moving through the northeastern part of spartanburg, charity,
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-- spartanburg, cherokee and union counties. live shot looking over lake hartwell on this friday evening. cloudy skies, no drizzle, no fog yet, at least in ththanderson area. that could format anytime, especially the closer you get to this wedge in the central part of the upstate. 41 degrees right now in boone. 47 in asheville, also in henderson, greenville and laurens. in northeastern georgia temperature is not quite as chilly, mainly in the 50's. a few 40's. 45 in cornelia. everybody else in the 50's. 50 in dakoa. chilly temperatures. in northeast wind driving the chilly weather all the way into northeastern georgia. 45 in robert litan. 45 in spartanburg. the winds northeast are not very strong in greenville. humidity levels extremely high
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that is why the fog and visible forms might. there is that wedge all the way back into columbia. 52 on myrtle beach. 567 in charleston. -- 56 in charleston. 53 in atlanta. we are watching this storm system including the houston area. we are talking snow on the back edge into iowa, minnesota, and the northern plains. arctic air is going to sweeping behind this and make it much colder. already 17 in montana, 22 in denver. kansas city at 46 degrees. 33 in atlanta. 78 in miami. phoenix, 54 degrees with partly cloudy skies. you saw our live shot with brad covering the clemson tigers. another forecast coming up for you at 5:30. cloudy skies, patches of drizzle and fog. overnight low 41. properties in the mountains. we start off with cloudy skies,
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way to a likelihood of rain, especially late tomorrow afternoon. high of 50 in the upstate. 47 in in the mountains. four day plus looks like this. a 50-50 weekend. breezy conditions on sunday with partly sunny guys that. -- partly sunny skies. windy and cold or in the mountains. rain showers couldldix with snow showers, especially closer to the tennessee line. really high on sunday of only 41 degrees. temperatures dropping into the 40's during the day. a cold sunny day on sunday. we will be right back. we stop arthritis pain,
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in four your health.... the carol: the federal government has released its latest dietary guidelinin this week. let's break them down. they're updated every five years. for the first time, the government suggests americans limit the amount of added sugar to 10% of daily calories. that's about 12 teaspoons for a typical 2,000 calorie diet. the guidelines also advise ople cut back on salt and saturated fat, but not necessarily cholesterol. experts say dietary cholesterol
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cholesterol in most people. a government advisory committee previously said the guidelines should urge people to cut back on red and processed meat. the final version, however, does not include that advice. it suggests instead people start eating other forms of protein like nuts, seeds and seafood. right on the heels of newly released guidelines comes news that americans are still eating too much salt. researchers from the centers for disease control analyzed earlier data from a small group of adults. they found nearly all americans are eating more than the recommended amount of sodium. consumption was found to be highest among men and those even those with high blood pressure taken a large amount of salt. this excess does not include salt from a salt shaker, it was found mostly to come from processed and restaurant foods. too much sodium can increase the risk for serious conditions such as heart disease and stroke. a new study suggests what we order when eating out may be influenced by our waiter's appearance. after watching nearly 500 dinene
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found people with heavier waiters were 4 times more likely to order dessert and ordered 17% more alcohol. in fact, a heavier waiter or waitress seemed to have the biggest impact on the thinnest diners. one good solution is to decide ahead of time if you'll have an appetizer or a dessert. a new report from wallet-hub has identified the best and worst u.s. cities for having an active lifestyle. scottsdale, arizona earned the top spot with the highest number of fitness centers and golf courses per capita. second place orlando, florida has the highest number of sporting good stores. and in terms of cities in the carolinas and georgia, atlanta ranks number 12 and raleigh ranks number 53. >> historically the chairman of the county party have remained neutral. nigel: but not this time. why the chairman of the greenville county republican party is going public with his endorsement, and why now.
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an upstate school administrator on "the today show."
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spotlight. nigel: another top south carolina gop official has come out against donald trump. more on why, coming up. gabrielle: plus, continuing coverage tonight of donald trump's visit to rock hill. nigel: a golden opportunity for an upstate administrator that landed him on national television. >> you are watching live, local, breaking news.
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komorowski, and weather with chief meteorologist john cessarich. this is wyff news 4 at 5:00 in high definition. gabrielle: the clemson tigers are on their way to the desert for the national championship game. the team is in the air as we speak, expected to land in phoenix in the next hour or so. let's head back to arizona, where brad fralick is with us live. brad: we are at phoenix sky harbor airport, awaiting the clemson tigers and alabama crimson tide, both flying in as we speak. clemson will arrive at 6:26 eastern, alabama arriving shortly after. the media contingent is here. have an entire row of media awaiting these guys. there are five clemson tigers that actually play for the arizona cardinals. 5 alums that will watch their favorite team play for a national championship. , with one -- we caught up with
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