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tv   WYFF News 4 6pm  NBC  January 8, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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schools in your area. live tonight at blythe academy in greenville, corey davis, wyff news 4. michael: we will check back on the situation later. any minute we expect the number one ranked tigers two touchdown incurs a. -- touchdown in arizona. carol: mandy gaither is live an local in clemson with more. mandy: after a very rainy football season, it was only fitting that it started misting as the team aborting those buses. -- team boarded those buses. it did not stop the fans from cheering on those tigers. from the buses to the airport, fans making sure the clemson football team isn't alone on their road to the title. on boarding the plane, a proper sendoff for death valley. [cheering] that's from the young fans.
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and just as spirited. >> alabama is not playing 11 at a time. they have the whole comes a nation coming down upon them. -- the whole clemson nation coming down upon them. mandy: amid the cheers for the number one ranked tigers, they are on the front row -- clemson's number 84. a hug and kiss before her grandson headed out. >> mom and dad were not able to come today because they have to catch a flight out. i wanted him to look around and see someone that loved him. and many loves him. mandy: so many memories in the making here. >> i'm going to taken today. mandy: i that he will remember this forever. >> yes you will, and i will too. mandy: and for the tigers, a chance to once again make history.
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told me when they land in arizona tonight they will have meetings and dinner. table to be back for media day -- then they will be back for media day and the first practice in arizona. mandy gaither, wyff news 4, live in clemson. carol: waiting for the team to arrive in the great southwest is a team of wyff news 4 reporters, including brad fralick and marc dopher, joining us at the phoenix airport waiting for the team to arrive. >> what to the desert, we are at -- welcome to the desert, we are at phoenix sky harbor airport. 6:26 is when the tigers will touchdown in phoenix. we are ready for a football game in just a few days. >> this is where this really starts to amp up. they will arrive to a very sunny valley. it has been raining for a couple days. finally the sun is out. the weather is about 60 degrees.
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weather and a lot of media as they land at the phoenix sky harbor. >> an entire row of media waiting for these planes to arrive. clemson arriving at 6:256, alabama arriving a half hour after that. for the rest of the day, not much they have to do besides getting settled in. tomorrow morning is media day, they practice tomorrow, sunday is a coaches press conference. finally we get to game day. the tigers scheduled to arrive 6:26. if it happens during the news, you will see it live. if it happens after, we will still cut in and show you live right here on wyff news 4. i'm brad fralick, back to you. carol:, coming up in our day in phoenix. there we will find all the coaches and players from alabama and comes in. brad fralick will be live with interviews from coaches and players at 6:00 and 11:00 tomorrow. if you want to follow along, check out our facebook and twitter pages. we have you covered for anything clemson.
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clemson -- in phoenix with reports on sunday and tuesday. don't forget brad fralick and marc dopher will have an hour-long special monday night before the game. they will be live right here on wyff 4 at 7:00 in the evening. michael: the sun is out in phoenix while we get the clouds and rain. john, what does it look like for us? john: 50-50 for us, then it gets much colder. out to the desert. arizona is just half desert. the other half is mountains, the southern rockies. snow showers around flagstaff through the mountainous areas. no snow in phoenix. where brad and marc are, marc was doing a little weather, but is not the 50's. currently 60's. they could see a couple sprinkles. in glendale, normal highs would be in the mid-60's. instead unexpectedly overnight
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below normal temperatures. but dry -- saturday 56. sunday, a slight chance of a shower. game day has a high of 60. slow warming trend to 62 with mostly sunny skies. the weather has not changed for kickoff monday night against alabama. chilly temperatures, good football weather. go tigers. never feel. -- back to you. carol: donald trump making a campaign stop in rock hill, sets to speak in just a few minutes. thousands expected at winthrop university. patrick hussion is live in rock hill with the latest. patrick: guys, the coliseum is about half full. the announcer just came over and dedicated the song "big girls don't cry" to president obama. referring to those 20 first-graders that he cried about during sandy hook.
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hours to get by. when it comes to trump, secret service plays a part checking bags. these triump supporters are not discouraged. -- these trump supporters are not discouraged. >> there are so many homeless in the usa, and were going to send money trying -- money to people trying to kill us. and we are going to give them the money to blow us up, when we have people over here that need shelter themselves. we have veterans that have offer us. and they are living on the streets right here in rock hill. that's why i'm voting for him. >> he is what america needs. he tells it how it is. i think that's important. patrick: and interesting to note, security was asking each person that went through the supporter or not. yes got you in, no got you a
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we will see if that plays a part tonight when 6000 people make their way in. live at winthrop university, patrick hussion, wyff news 4. michael: greenville county jerome chad grover -- chad groover believes jeb bush is the best pick as a true conservative. he believes bush is ready to lead on day one and says that trump is not. >> i went in to this campaign state neutral, with the idea in mind that i would always read neutral. the evidence of 2015 have been such that i can't be neutral anymore. the rise of the trunk campaign has caused me to take stock of who to be want in a president? who do we want to be the standardbearer of our party? frankly, some of the things that
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for, flip-flopped on, make him a nominee that i just could not support. michael: presidential politics out of anderson county. dyar's diner in pendleton, where jeb bush is scheduled to speak in 30 minutes. our people are there. bush is taking part in a poverty forum in columbia on saturday. carol: in upstate deputy is fired after incident involving a gun while off-duty. michael: a big honor for a young man in davisville. -- man in dacusville. he has been invited to join an elite football squad as youngest on the team. but his family has to find a way. john: cloudy skies with a northeast breeze.
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where is your husband? >> you are watching live, local, breaking news. this is wyff news 4 at 6:00 in high-definition. carol: covering the upstate. a pickens county deputy has been fired, accused of illegally firing a gun. warrants say henry campbell threatened someone, and fired his weapon in a parking lot earlier this week. campbell was arrested wednesday and charged with first-degree domestic violence. the pickens county sheriff's office said campbell had been employed since 1998. anderson county deputies tell us a 19-year-old is a suspect on hawthorne drive. the bomb squad responded to the home last night. he barricaded himself inside and claimed that he had a bomb.
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he is charged with reckless endangerment-- michael: shooting in laurens county. clinton public safety officials tell us that a number of people were injured. it happened last night near north broad street. officials do not believed anyone has life-threatening injuries. no arrests in this case so far. tonight some people are in trouble with the law after a police chase along i-85. the chase ended in a crash near mile marker 27. police tell us it started in the city of anderson. officers say they spotted a stolen vehicle. soon, the chase was on. tonight, here's a look at the 3 people charged in the case. the driver, kayla gosnell, and the passengers, daniel o'brien and carla ryder. coming up, and upstate for hole player with a big national honor . to find a way to get into the game. john: pretty good storm system moving through the upper midwest. snowing very light in minneapolis. but they need to get ready for the arctic blast over the weekend. it could be one of the coldest
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sunday. >> this is the wyff news 4 6:00
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a dacusville teenager has a big honor in front of him. michael: a dacusville teenager has a big honor in front of them, invited to play football as a member of team usa in the international bowl. carol: but he needs a little help to get there. matthew hughes is a 7th grader at dacusville middle school. but after just two years playing rec league football, he was drafted to play for the carolina wildcats, an independent football team for private, public and homeschooled high schoolers. he's the youngest player on the team. hughes then got recruited to play for team usa at the international bowl in texas in
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now his family is trying to raise the funds to get him there. >> he went in it not having a clue what was going on and when he hits that field now, it's game on. totally focused. >> what is it you love most about football? >> i get to hit people and not get in trouble for it. [laughter] carol: only 88 players are chosen out of the united states for the international bowl. michael: so far, they've raised about half the funds b b need help with the other half. we've got a link on our website if you'd like to donate. the bowl will air on espn 3 on february 3. john: that is the clemson tigers football team. the coaches and the staff landing in phoenix. that is a l le shot. how cool is that, michael and carol? michael: almost right on time.
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we saw the burning -- boarding gsp earlier. here they are going into the great southwest. that is touchdown right there. carol: the crimson tide expected to arrive in about 40 minutes. michael: very soon. >> now your live super doppler 4 hd weather forecast. john: we talked about it earlier, 56 degrees in phoenix with partly sunny skies. a few showers around the area, even a few though showers in the mountains. not for phoenix itself. no snow for us until he gets a sunday. we are stocked in with low clouds. as long as we are in this wedge, we have low areas of fog and drizzle. miserable precipitation just off --miserable. don't expect any measurable precipitation tonight. just a few patches of drizzle
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front remains to the front. since midnight last night, almost 1/10th of the range of rain in greenville. 7/100th of an inch of rain and anderson. nice light and moderate rain. 42 degrees the low at the gsp international airport. only one up to 47 with that wedge of chili air, five degrees below the average. the asheville regional airport started off at 40, only woman up to 49. that is 2 degrees abobo the high. it did not feel it that it was so damp and raw. live shot in laurens. 46 degrees. you can see core temperatures in the northeast with a northeast wind. warmer temperatures somewhat
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ranging from 44 in gaffney to 50 in walhalla. 45 in newberry. chilly weather to say the least. there is that northeasterly breeze at about 5-8 mile for. humidity levels as high as they can go. that is why we have the low clouds, and fog, and drizzle. florida looks good at 69 an orlando. 76 in miami. severe thunderstorm watch out in houston. i will be watching. there is the arctic air behind the front on saturday morning. one front remains off to the south -- warm front remains off to the south. some patchy drizzle in the morning.
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rains move across the area. a front passersby and it turns colder tonight into sunday morning. some of the rain showers on sunday could change into snow showers or flurries, especially closer to the tennessee line. the arctic air will sweep into the mountains sunday night and early next week. patches of drizzle and fog, low 41 in the upstate, upper 40's and mountains. -- uper 30's in the mountains. high 50 and the upstate. upper 40's in the mountains. partly sunny skies and breezy conditions on sunday. scattered showers and maybe a few some showers. -- a few snow showers. sunshine but cold on monday. phoenix arizona. a live picture of crimson tigers -- clemson tigers landing as we speak.
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had some guys on this staff that left >> we have some guys on this staff that left their alma mater's, leading the nfl, all because they wanted to be at south carolina. i did not take any of these guys to be here. they wanted to build these foundations. ricardo: south carolina head coach will muschamp introducing his entire coaching staff to the media today. muschamp speaking very highly on his coach's ability to recruit. fans in the upstate sent off the emson tigers in style earlier today, and now the team has
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we head back out live to brad fralick at the phoenix sky harbor airport. run, i see that wonderful 747 jet behind you. brad: welcome back live to phoenix sky harbor airport. the clemson tigers just pulled up in the big jet behind me. they are rolling t staircase up to the door as we speak. the clemson tigers are on the ground. i will step out of the way and allow you to watch this as they roll the staircase up to the door. pretty soon it we will see the clemson tigers emerge from the plane. obviously the tigers here first. alabama will be here about a half hour from now, rolling of just behind this. it will take more than a half hour to de-plane the entire clemson tigers's team. you are watching them just right at sky harbor phoenix
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they are here to play for the international chairmanship against alabama. a perfect 14-0 record this year. not much for this team to do other than get settled in. but again, you are watching the tigers as they arrived here in phoenix sky harbor international airport. we will see who walks off the plane first. there has been a gaggle of media for probably 2, 2.5 hours waiting for the tigers to arrive. we are finally to that point. we will stay here with you until we see them walk down the stairs. obviously a special momenen clemson has not played for a national championship since 1981. 34 years for the clemson tigers. dabo swinney told me earlier this week will certainly not be
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they have a chance to beat the alabama crimson tide monday night. kickoff is at 8:30 eastern time. you can see the red carpet being rolled out as the door is opened. much anticipation here. there we go, debits when he and his wife kathleen -- dabo swinney and his wife kathleen walking out of the plane first contingent. the tigers staff arrived, and dabo swinney walking with his wife leading the way. tigers certainly on the ground here. [band playing] marc: a lot of handshakes to go around. a huge contingent of people to greet the tigers as they arrived here in phoenix.
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dabo swinney's sons coming down the staircase there. the tigers again on the ground here in phoenix. great timing. the athletic director walking off the plane at the top of the staircase. but a momentous occasion to start the week. the lineb back her out of andersona -- the linebacker out of anderson as he walks down. lots of folks with the college football playoff committee here to greet the clemson tigers as they have earned their way to the national championship game. a pretty quick flight from greenville, all things considered. it made about 10 minutes better time than if they were scheduled for. nick schuessler, backup
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tony elliott, the co-offensive coordinator walking down with his little ones. ricardo: we just lost brad, but you can see the entire contingent from clemson coming off the plane. you just saw tony elliott with his little one coming off the plane. it's a huge jet with so many people. you can see coaches coming down, their families. you have staff, coaches, players. that is a huge plane to have all those people to come off. michael: lots of people want to go. carol: and the band and
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ricardo: you have to fill up 2 planes to do that. earlier today, a former clemson player that kicks for the arizona hurdles, with -- arizona cardinals caught up with marc dopher. marc: already a number of tigers in the desert playing for the arizona cardinals. one of them is chandler catanzaro, a former clemson kicker. this has to be an exciting time for you. your alma mater headed to the championship game. >> yeah, it's really fun. i'm excited for the guys to get out here. hopefully they are safe getting here. i'm excited to see them and even practice tomorrow. i'm going to go to their hotel and say hi. it's tough to go through a whole season like they have with a target on their back. i'm very proud to see them play
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marc: obviously we have to ask -- alabama or clemson monday night? >> i'm going clemson, and going with a late field goal to go up 2 scores late in the fourth quarter. that is my prediction. 31-21. that's my production for the game. marc: the special teams guy goes with the special teams guy. he goes with the tigers to beat the alabama crimson tide. ricardo: don't forget to tune into our one hour special on monday night, "road to the title" right here on sunday night. carol: and if you want to see more of the players from arizona, just go to our app. michael: much more at 11:00. we will join the "nbc nightly news" in just a second. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy.
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