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tv   WYFF News 4 6pm Saturday  NBC  January 9, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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deputies responded to the scene this morning near lake secession. investigators said the incident happened around midnight. when they arrived, they found two men dead. >> we are still really early in the investigation, but two males shot, one in the chest and arm, one in the head. patrick: investigators have not released the victims' names yet. the sheriff's office is continuing to investigate what led to the shooting. a short time after investigators arrived at that scene, anderson county deputies were called to the death of a newborn. authorities said the baby's body was discovered in a field near cherokee circle just before 10:00 this morning. according to the coroner, someone who was walking in the area, discovered the baby, and called 911. the coroner's office tells us the baby was carried for 7-8 months. the coroner says the baby is a white female. an autopsy has been scheduled fomonday. investigators say area hospitals
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the lookout for women with symptoms associated with recent birth that may have happened without medical attention. today's investigation reminded people of the search for leonna wright. it's been 7 months since she went missing from her pendleton home. this week, leonna's family placed a teddy bear by one of the billboards asking to help find her. some of the billboards had a typo in the number you can call if you know anything about leonna's whereabouts. that typo house now been fixed. -- has now been fixed. call crimestoppers at 1-888-crime-sc if you know something that could help bring leonna home. south carolina authorities say an arson investigation is under way, after a fire at the former home of a police officer charged in the shooting death of a man last april. the fire started at michael slager's former home just before 9:30 last night in hanahan. you may remember slager is the former north charleston police officer charged with murder in the shooting death of walter
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slager was released from jail on bond monday. and investigators say a glass cocktail bottle was found at the scene. a portion of the home's siding was damaged in the fire. activists say slager should stay in jail, saying he's a danger to the community. turning to the weather now. it has been a rainy and cloudy couple of days. meteorologist chris justus joins us now. you say it's going to rain and cool off even more. chris: we get the ring to date, a cold blast tomorrow -- the rain today, a cold blast tomorrow, and it even stronger cold last the day after. hehey rain towards alabama moving in while we sleep tonight. closer to home we have hefty showers, especially in northern greenville county and over spartanburg. you can see those showers moving towards the north in spartanburg, cherokee, and union counties. everyone else gets a break.
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those breaks. north georgia has rain in franklin county towards raven county. western north carolina has rain been hendersonville. temperatures are cold, so it is a rawq evenin. temperatures -- a raw evening. temperatures staying in the 40's. you will need to the umbrella and jacket if you're heading downtown. rain in asheville, temperatures in the lower 40's. i will time out your sunday minutes. patrick: turning now to the upcoming national title game between clemson and alabama. today both teams took part in media day before returning to practice. wyff news 4's sports director brad fralick -- we will be speaking with brad a bit later. we are going to be getting back to that clemson story in just a
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one day after the football team packed up and headed to arizona, the clemson band -- the clubs -- the clemson band loaded up to follow suit. the full band is making the trip to support the team. they'll do a pre-game show around 8:00 p.m. eastern time monday night followed by the traditional halftime show. both performances will be aired live on espn classic and espn 360. >> something like 35 million people are going to be watching on tv and they are broadcasting our show. that's terrifying and also really cool at the same time. [laughter] patrick: the band tells us their halftime show features music from the broadway hit "wicked." we'll have live coverage from arizona all weekend from brad fralick and marc dopher. and starting tomorrow morning, geoff hart will be covering the tigers live in the morningng hours. of course you can find all the information about the tigers at wyff, and on the mobile app. and don't forget, our sports team will have an hour-long special for you monday night before the game.
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wyff 4 beginning at 7:00 p.m. coming up, several republican presidential candidates gathered in columbia today to talk about the country's poverty level. chris? chris: we have rainfall at home, but can you believe we are watching the tropics? a disturbance in the middle part of the atlantic now has the national hurricane center a 30% chance of turning tropical. it is moving away from the u.s., but still something cool to talk about in january. i will show you our cool
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>> you are watching live, local, breaking news with patrick huss ion, weather with meteorologist chris justus, and sports with marc dopher. this is wyff news 4 at 6:00 in high-definition. patrick: turning to the national title game -- you may have heard there is a game between alabama and clemson coming up. the team headed to practice. wyff news 4's sports director brad fralick joins us live from near phoenix. and brad, media day is kind of known as the last big distraction before the game.
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interesting day surrounding the college national championship. we saw it in the orange bowl. and today it was a circus. a bit of a distraction maybe, but an opportunity for the players to have a lot of fun. let me set the scene. we are live at scottsdale community college. that is because clemson is practicing behind us as we speak. tigers practicing for the only official practice before the game. back to media day. more on practice a little more in sports. hundreds of reporters descended to the floor of the phoenix convention center to hear from both clemson and alabama. an hour with each team. dabo swinney and deshaun watson were the main attraction. dabo swinney says beating alabama and winning a national championship would be awfully special. coach swinney: it would be
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we are going to win a national shortage of incomes and. --national championship in clemson. hopefully it is monday night. we will be back your somewhere. we are not going away. we have a program that is to stay in the hunt. i am excited about that. to be able to be in my first national championship and beat the university of alabama, it would be pretty special. >> this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. we work so hard to get to this moment. it's going to be a great atmosphere, great, time, i'm just going to enjoy it. brad: deshaun watson lobbies we have to play well on monday night -- will obviously have to play well on monday night to get the championship.
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mackensie alexander says he has no reason to build up the opposing team. we ran into something on media day that you want to see. it has to do with football. we will leave it at that. live in scottsdale, brad fralick, wyff news 4. patrick: turning now to commitment 2016, six gop candidates made a stop in the palmetto state with the key primaries only weeks away. they were here to talk about poverty, but the event wasn't without protests against one of the candidates. wyff news 4's corey davis has the story tonight in columbia. corey: it was standing room only here at the convention center in columbia. there was supposed to be seven gop presidential candidates here, but carly fiorina wasn't able to make her flight, so she did not attend today's event. but overall candidates spoke to a room of hundreds of people about how they plan to fight poverty. [applause] >> it's great to give people a chance to get a job, but if they don't have the skills to get a job, then that's the first step.
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programs i think need to be revamped and certainly our education systems as well. >> they're always going to be jail cells if i'm president for folks who are dealing drugs and committing violent acts. always going to be jail cells for them. but we need to get some people who are just addicts and diseased out of those jail cells, give them treatment, because you can't get to work if you can't get out of bed in the morning. you can't get to work if you're high on heroine or cocaine, no one's going to hire you. >> we hydrolyzed -- we have the highest corporate tax rates in the world. that is craziness. i would suggest a six-month hiatus for it to be repatriated with no taxes whatsoever. [applause] the process, requiring that 10% of it be used in enterprise zones and create jobs for people that are unemployed and on welfare. >> do you think focusing on
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mr. huckabee: no, focusing on inequality is focusing on the problem. focusing on the solution is how solution is to create an environment of which jobs are brought back to the united states. >> the working poor, the drug addicted, and the mentally ill are issues. these are people who live in the shadows. i absolutely think, as jack kemp did, that when we rise, everybody's got to have a shot . that opens everybody's hearts. >> i strongly believe that k-12 systems belong squarely and solely in the hands of state and local communities, that we don't need a national school board. poor people are often condemned to sending their kids to schools that are failing, and so i believe at the state level and many states across this country have aggressively pursued empowering parents to put their children in the best setting possible. corey: there were hiccups at today's event when senator marco rubio was interrupted several times by what appeared to hispanic protestors, who had issues with how he's approaching immigration. we'll have much more from those protestors and what other candidates had to say today tonight at 11:00.
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greenville. chris: tomorrow morning we start off with clouds, then clearing skies. 40's in the mountains. very windy conditions in asheville. temperatures don't move a whole lot tomorrow.
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chris: a cold, rotten night on the way from our woodruff road sky cam. you can see a lot of traffic,. and down due to the rainfall. -- folks slowing down due to the rainfall. it will be a cold rainy night across the area. area-wide, 40 from boone. 47 in laurens. cold air locked in place with rain moving up from the south. you can see light showers and drizzle and fog. heavier ran works act towards -- heavier rain lurks back towards atlanta. this will head our way overnight with a colts went -- cold front swinging through. your at home we have the showers -- here at home we have the showers. heavy rainfall in northern griego county. spartanburg inundated with rain. it is mong towards the north.
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from dakoa towards clarksville and raven county, we are seeing scattered showers. heavy rain shower moving into the eastern part of hendersonville. showers right along 64. as we head into the overnight hours, it will be a rainy one. future plus showing the scattered showers over us now. right around 11:30 into the night -- into midnight is when the heaviest rain pushes in. after that a cold front through. by the time you wake up at 7:00 a.m., we start off with clouds and fog. the class will then start to clear out with breezes. expect a low of 42 in asheville, 49 the low in spartanburg. greenwood, 48. look for clearing skies tomorrow. mixed clouds to start, but nothing but sunshine at the end of the day. lower 50's in the upstate. spartanburg, 45, a mixture of sun and clouds.
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in anderson, 45 8:00, 51 by 2:00 p.m. in asheville, loads of sunshine. breezy in very cold. highs only in the upper 30's. that is nothing compared to the cold headed our way to next week. look for temperatures to be the coldest in the mountains. the colder air moves and as the day goes on. by 4:00 p.m. tomorrow it will be in the 30's, if not the 20's. that air takes time to move down the mountains tomorrow evening. speaking of, look at the cold back to the west, some 20 degrees cooler along the mississippi. that is the cold headed our way. say goodbye to what little warmth we had today. early next week we get a second shot of cold air, arriving tuesday night into wednesday. we will see-the 20's and 30's wednesday. it will be very cold, especially in the mountains. look what works back to the north and west, even colder air.
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not the new york jets, [laughter] but the northern and southern jets. sorry if you are a jets fan. we have the rain moving in. the northern jetstream is way too far north, so only getting rainfall. but the pattern moving forward favors the cold air to be collocated with moisture. we will have to watch this. we are not watching any particular low-pressure system. some of the modules hint at lows moving from the south late next week into next weekend. whether or not those lows depart from other models we will have to see. one thing is for sure is that the wintry threat will be high. we look at this arctic oscillation model. this goes way negative. anytime it does that, the pattern is in place for it to be very cold. civil disturbances headed our way over the next two weeks. --several disturbances headed
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i think by the end of january, will have a good chance of snowfall. clouds increasing next weekend, if the models come together. the cold air sticks around. right now we are smooth sailing. the models starting to hint that is about to get active. patrick: you mentioned the jets, but some of the weather good play a part in the upcoming playoff games? panthers included? chris: yeah, they have a game in charlotte next week. patrick: we will keep an eye on it. if you are feeling lucky, you may want to get on this. the powerball jackpot has reached an all-time high, with tonight's drawing worth $900 million. that's the biggest lottery jackpot in u.s. history. many powerball players say they don't care about the odds. after all, someone has to win eventually. if the winner takes home the lump sum payment they would be looking at about a half a billion dollars. >> now wyff news 4 sports. brad: a full day on deck for clemson.
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this morning in downtown phoenix, and now are getting down to business on the practice field. we head back out to arizona, where sports director brad fralick and marc dopher are live at scottsdale community college. actually it's just brad. hey there. brad: we are live in scottsdale right outside where clemson is practicing. their only real practice for the trip to arizona. we are at scottsdale community college. it literally happened about five minutes ago when we shot the video. we will have to bring it in tonight at 11:00. today was media day. there are these obvious questions in media day. everyone wants to hear about dabo swinney's connection to alabama. everyone wants to talk to the heisman trophy finalist and winners. it is always fun to talk to the other guys. specifically, one guy that held
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mackensie alexander, the tigers cornerback, did not mince his words when he said he has no reason to build up any opponent. >> i'm not going to sit here and build anybody's dreams, talk about how talented and good he is. i respect all of my opponents. but when it is time to go out there, that is what i'm about. five not going to boost anybody's ego. nobody stroked mine my whole life. brad: alexander obviously had his fair share of success this year. one of the best cornerbacks statistically in the country. he will be tested. alabama has a couple of great wide receivers. alexander did not want to give any credence to those wide receivers. media day is about having fun and letting these players let their hair down.
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the hands of eric mac lain, the big offensive guard. today he was glued to the podium and what not allow him to get up. so we just moved one position over and found center jay guillermo. >> i heard from everyone on the team that you have the hottest bod, is that true? >> i will not confirm or deny that. >> he does. i will confirm that. >> how do you get such luscious hair? >> how much time do you spend sitting like this? >> it's kind of a natural thing. shallot -- shout out to the coach. >> coach b for the win. brad: that is just a little taste of what you are going to get monday night at 7:00 in our live special leading up to the game, "road to the title." you will hear a lot more from
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on the fort -- jay guillermo and his adventures on the floor./we made a stop by wilson -- we made a s top by wilson footballs. they emblazoned accustom 2016 -- a custom 2016 logo for us. you want your more on how these are -- you will hear more on how these are made coming up in the morning show. ricardo: now we have the official football in the station. on game day, mixer you join us before the -- make sure you join us before the game at 7:00. future clemson tiger tavien feaster gets to showcase his talents on the national stage today. the spartanburg viking playing in today's army all-american bowl, which features the nation's top high school players. feaster finished with just one carry for 4 yards. ago today for new georgia head
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the top rolling quarterback at uga. making was inside the alamodome. shea patterson through 2 touchdown passes. 37-9 win over the east. byrnes receiver chavis dawkins committed to south carolina this afternoon. dawkins had 73 catches for 1,319 yards and 17 touchdowns this past season for the rebels. dawkins becomes the fourth receiver in the 2016 class and the 20th commitment overall. just two undefeated teams remain in all of men's college hoops. south carolina going for 15 and 0 hosting vanderbilt. second half, game tied at 49. the freshman pj dozier from just inside the foul line, gamecocks with the first lead of the day. they would add to that lead. sindarius thornwell gets the friendly roll.
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the paladins hosting chattanooga. tied for first place in the socon, but the paladins did not care about that. eight-game winning streak and win 70-55. wofford can now move against sanford. spencer collins the hero in this one. wofford knocks off sanford to win 69-64. usc upstate wins by 2. presbyterian falls on the road to high point. patrick: more coverage tonight at 11:00. thanks for watching. "nbc nightly news" is next. have a great night. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy.
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on this saturday night, inside the capture. the notorious drug kingpin "el chapo" back in the same prison from which he escaped six months ago. tonight, how his ego may have helped authorities track him down. the ambush. charges filed against a man who allegedly invoked isis after trying to kill a philadelphia police officer. what we're learning about his past as the fbi investigates his travels to the middle
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