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tv   WYFF News 4 530am  NBC  January 11, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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upstate mobile home are. people now say they are fed up. how the property manager is responding to the problem. patrick: i am with dale. we have a couple of school delays. madison, avery, and yancey county schools are reporting a two-hour delay. no buses on icy roads. it is chilly, causing this i. -- ice. dale: rain and flurries of snow have now refrozen and it can be slippery, so watch out. we are talking about the tennessee-with a border where it is the coldest. let's see where temperatures are right now. greenville and anderson at 28. spartanburg at 30. franklin and boone at 15. factor in the 1 1to 15 plus mile-per-hour wind and it feels
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spartanburg feels like 16 this morning with a 10 mile-per-hour breeze. dress warmly. 45 maybe the best we see this afternoon. the mountains will struggle to get to the upper 30's for afternoon highs today. now through wednesday, colder than normal. back to normal by thursday. will talk more about that in a few minutes. allyson: if you are just getting up, it's game day. the clemson tigers will face alabama tonight in the college football playoff national championship. patrick: geoff hart is in glendale, arizona, covering the matchup for us. geoff, counting down the hours . what can you tell us? geoff: we sure are, and it is great to be here. we have a fun story for you. sunday davis is in phoenix with her husband and daughter, and who is under two. she is a ruer.
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phoenix with her brother and mom. she was great, and she actually won that run. she finished first. she did not just win the race, she won two tickets to the game. she already had three tickets, so she and her husband to the tickets they won, sold them on stepubhub. they thought their daughter would have a lapp pass a last-minute they realized they needed the money so they will sell the extra to get they got last-minute. she said her goal is to run a race in every state. she has now been 13. -- done 13. back to you. allyson: great story. that is pretty cool. of course, the excitement for the game is growing back here at home. patrick: it has been growing for some time now. wyff news 4's aly myles joins us
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good morning. aly: i am sure it feels like christmas morning price a lot of folks today. so much excitement after months and months of buildup. now the road to the title, the championship game. a lot of people excited. a lot of people sending us photos. this is from cassandra alexander. she says she found this cleaning up. a bottle of coke representing clemson's 1981 championship season. you can see the excitement in this picture. this is one of our directors, matt cook. he's also one of the biggest clemson fans we know. here's some clemson pride for you. the title here "my permanent clemson accessory." caption says "all day, every day until the end of days. all in." fans already crowding arizona. this is a shot of the westgate fan zone, where espn was doing a show. if you're looking to watch the tonight there are two viewing , parties to know about. one is at the hendrix student center here on campus.
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greenville at the bon secours wellness arena. both start at 7:00 p.m. aly myles, wyff news 4, live in at clemson. patrick: our coverage of the national title game continues all day after our show. live from arizona for wyff news 4 at noon and our newscasts at 5:00, 6:00, and 11:00 with sports director brad fralick and marc dopher. that also includes our hour-long special "road to the title." our sports team will be live at 7:00 tonight right here on wyff 4. they'll bring you up to speed and give you a bit of what they're calling t.v. gold from a clemson player who likes to pretend he works for us. again, all that begins at 7:00 tonight. allyson: don't forget to check out our live wire. it's a collection of the latest tweets about the tigers and fun posts from our staff. plus, you can even watch some retro highlights from the 1982 orange bowl when clemson last claimed a national title. go to the wyff 4 app or
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now bar. patrick: in this morning's headlines, deputies say the discovery of a newborn's body led to a murder charge for the baby's mother. anderson county deputies arrested 23-year-old joanie holcombe. the baby's body was found saturday morning in a field near cherokee circle. according to warrants, holcombe is accused of giving birth to the child and placing her in a plastic bag. holcombe is set to appear in bond court tomorrow. allyson: investigators in north carolina say a mechanical engineer is helping them determine the cause of a fire at an apartment complex. the fire broke out at the rock bridge apartments a week ago. the buncombe county fire marshal now says some items from the scene are undergoing specialized testing. three people were taken to the hospital to be treated for burns. four apartments were damaged. one was destroyed. patrick: north carolina rescue crews say a 45-year-old man died in an apparent fall near a north carolina waterfall.
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fell from a walkway saturday near dry falls in macon county, but the search had to be suspended until yesterday because of the weather. allyson: right now in greenville county, claims of mold and horrible living conditions are at the root of complaints at a mobile home park. people living in the dixie estates mobile home park just off of whitehorse road say they're fed up with ongoing problems. wyff news 4 discovered that some residents are dealing with busted windows and collapsing floors. many residents say the property manager isn't responding to their maintenance requests. they met with a community activist last week for help to voice their concerns. >> no one is calling on that community to be shutdown, to be condemned. we do believe the community can be redeemed, and we do believe it could be repaired. allyson: the property manager denied to speak with us on camera. residents plan to hold a meeting with the owner to come up with a solution.
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be held today for a long time south carolina state senator. william billy o'dell died thursday morning. he became a state senator in 1989, serving district four, . that's abbeville, anderson, and greenwood counties. his funeral will be held this afternoon at the first presbyterian church in greenwood. the service is scheduled for 2:30 and will be followed by a private burial. o'dell was 77 years old. allyson: if you are just joining us, it is cold outside. dale: it will be cold for the next several days. wednesday may be the coldest day and go in the other direction. with the breeze this morning, whatever the thermometer says, we will count on it feeling much colder. 28 in greenville. we are seeing 10 to 20 mile-per-hour gusts across the mountains.
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because of patches of ice, we have three counties operating on a two hour delay in north carolina to get a chance to melt some of those patches of ice. 15 in franklin in boone. asheville at 19. it feels colder. 12-18 mile-per-hour winds in the mountains make it feel like single digits of six and seven from hendersonville to asheville. spartanburg feels like 16 this morning. dress warmly. as wewe will be cold the next couple of mornings. we will see it turn on thursday. still chilly but not as cool as the next couple of mornings in the later part of the week. next chance for rain looks to be saturday and sunday. >> what a playoff game here in minneapolis. the vikings falling just a point shy, losing to the seahawks, who are now headed to charlotte. i promise you, next sunday, it is going to be about 50 degrees
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at kickoff yesterday, it was six degrees below zero, the third coldest game in nfl history. this cold air is spreading east. al roker is out in l.a. covering the golden globes, but he's got your forecast, but i'm here in minneapolis to tell you where the cold is heading next. that's coming up on "the today show." this morning around woodruff road. it is cold out there. watch out for lack ice.
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patrick: singer david bowie has died following a battle with cancer. the news was posted on his website and social media pages. his agent confirmed the news to cnn area he died peacefully sunday surrounded by his family and friends after an 18 month battle with cancer. he has just released his 25th album on friday, his birthday. he was 69 years old. allyson: jury selection begins today in the trial of a baltimore police officer charged with second-degree murder in the death of a man injured in custody. caesar goodson faces the most serious charges in the death of freddie gray. gray died in april, a week after sustaining grave injuries while in the back of a baltimore police van. goodson is the second of six officers to go to trial in connection with gray's death. a judge has urged another
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patrick: the state of michigan has partnered with red cross officials to provide new water resource sites for flint residents. five additional sites opened this weekend. residents could pick up bottled water, water filters, and home water testing kits. they have been dependent on filtered and bottled water since it was announced the city's drinking water was contaminated with lead. allyson: if you haven't already, it is time to get your tickets for the powerball drawing, which at this point has a $1.3 billion jackpot. no one took home the record-breaking jackpot on saturday. that means it continues to grow before wednesday's drawing. again, the jackpot is $1.3 billion for now. ongoing ticket sales will no doubt make that total rise. patrick: taking a live look now at glendale, arizona. clemson will face alabama tonight in the college football national championship. we have got you covered here. more headlines live from arizona
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dale: icy spots on mountain roads are causing some delays. we will talk about that in a
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announcer: now, your live super doppler 4 hd weather forecast. dale: good morning. we are looking at the gives field skycam back to spartanburg. a northwest breeze at nine makes it feel colder. we have 20's and 30's and teens across the mountains this morning as we begin this day. this week will be off to a cold start through wednesday. because of the precipitation that fell this weekend, three counties are operating on a two hour delay because of black ice. temperatures have dropped into the teens from asheville to franklin and andrews in boone all in the teens. a 10 to 20 plus mile-per-hour wind at times makes it feel icicle digits in the mountains but colder in the upstate in the
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what is normal this time of year? 32 for a low 52 for a high is what we normally average, but it is colder than normal the next couple of days only getting up spartanburg, and anderson. upper 30's at best for highs in asheville today. there is a little bit of snow the plains. cold air blowing into western new york. look at those cold temperatures dipping all the way down to cincinnati where it is 10, 0 in chicago. minus seven in minneapolis. we are getting some of those cold temperatures all the way down to atlanta. by the afternoon, we will see it rebound to the low to mid 40's for the upstate and again for the mountains with temperatures would just get to the upper 30's for this afternoon. looking ahead through wednesday,
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we will start getting back to normal by thursday. the next chance for rain looks to be saturday and sunday. for tonight. clemson and alabama will battle at 8:30 p.m.. dropping to the low 40's by the end of the game. allyson: thank you. how low will gasoline prices go this year? average price for a gallon of regular unleaded gas at $1.96. folks in 10 southern states are paying $1.75 or less. south carolina would be one of those. reports in some states, a gallon of regular has dropped to $1.42. tumbling oil prices combined with strong refinery capacity could push the price of gas to $1.00 a gallon in some areas. that hasn't happened since 1999. patrick: uber is cutting its prices to compete with your couch. i will explain. over the weekend, the
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that it's cutting ride prices in 100 u.s. and canadian cities. it's something uber has done in the past due to supply and demand after discovering demand for rides drops in january as people hunker down at home. computing with the couch i guess. rumors of an apple car are in the air. the tech giant has registered and other auto-related domains, fueling speculation it may be developing a self-driving car. apple already has a car-related product called carplay, which syncs your iphone with a car's built-in display. allyson: it was another bad year for nevada's gaming industry. casinos in the silver state lost $662 million in 2015. that's according to data from the nevada gaming control board. it's the sixth straight year in the red for casinos in las vegas, reno, and elsewhere statewide. analysts say the trend began with the 2008 recession. fewer tourists and far less
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machines. a nevada gaming control board economist says the losing streak should end this year with a record 42 million visitors expected in las vegas alone. patrick: the minnesota vikings lost a 10-9 heartbreaker to the seattle seahawks in yesterday's playoff game. it was historically cold in minneapolis. about minus six degrees at kickoff. the first three scores of the game came from the foot of blair walsh, the vikings kicker. that is an incredible catch you are seeing their. -- there. trailing 10-9 with 26 seconds on the clock, walsh hooked the 27-yard game-winner wide left. seattle got the win and moved on to next weekend's divisional round of the playoffs. >> you know what, it's my fault. i want you guys here when i make the game-winning kicks, and i realize that i got to have you here when i miss them. it's the life of a kicker, and this team has so much in store
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where this team is gonna go, but we needed this one, and i didn't come through for us in that moment, and that hurts. patrick: walsh became the fourth vikings kicker to miss a field goal in the past 20 postseasons. allyson: that is a heartbreaker. a night with its fair share of surprises. the big winner at sundays golden globes turned out to be the film "revenant." it took home three of the night's biggest awards, including best motion picture drama, best actor in a movie drama for the film's star leonardo dicaprio, and best director. "the martian," directed by ridley scott, took best motion picture comedy honors, and its star matt damon won best comedy actor. patrick: congratulations. i am looking forward to seeing those. we are three weeks away from the start of the iowa caucus in the race is getting close on both sides. nikole: the latest polls show a
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donald trump ted cruz are locked in a tight battle in iowa with ted cruz up by four points while donald trump holds a much wider lead in new hampshire. only a few points separates hillary clinton and bernie sanders in iowa and new hampshire. clinton and trump continue to go after each other. in washington, i'm nikole killion. allyson: thank you. a short break from the campaign trail. hillary clinton is on "el "ellen" today. geoff: coming up at 6:00 here, we will give predictions from to concentrate about the big game
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announcer: now, your live super doppler 4 hd weather forecast. dale: 5:58 the time as we look from 385 and woodruff road. traffic inbound on 385 starting to pick up. it is clear and cold this morning especially with the breeze blowing across the area some actually is have a warm jacket -- so make sure the kids have a warm jacket. mid 40's for the ride home. definitely need some warm gear today. mountains on the teens feeling coroner with the breeze when testament to the upper 30's afternoon. ankle beginnings beginning to our day. we will see temperatures below normal for the next couple of days than wednesday and then back to normal by thursday, but that still means chilly temperatures each morning. a break, madison, and yancey are the three counties in north carolina experiencing black ice,
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patrick: in this morning's buzz, you can catch hillary clinton on "ellen" today right here on wyff 4. allyson: she talks about selfie secrets she learned from kim kardashian. clinton said kardashian's phone had a special light that she hasn't been able to find yet, but apparently it makes everyone look beautiful. >> but i mean, she whips it out. she hits this button. the light is there. she holds it at a perfect angle and she makes everybody look better than you have any reason to look. and she's very nice. patrick: she knows a lot about that. allyson: the two also talk about what it's like to be a woman running for president and her thoughts on president obama's gun control initiatives. the full interview airs at 4:00 today followed by wyff news 4 at 5:00. what do you know about selfies? patrick: not a lot. let's take a look at this
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geoff: finally, it is game day. we are live in arizona here, and clemson getting ready to play in the national championship against alabama. more from the desert coming up. allyson: we have aly myles live in clemson this morning. patrick: the excitement has been building as we get closer and closer to the game. here is the count of for you. only 14 and a half hours until the national title game begins . allyson: before we get into the game, some school delays. avery, medicine, and yancey county on to our delays. let's-- two hour delays. dale: ricardo: anywhere -- dale: anywhere it rained or snowed this weekend, there is ice.
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other areas in the mountains
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