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tv   WYFF News 4 5am  NBC  January 12, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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allyson: that's true. we probably shouldn't be taking the snake. patrick: wyff news four starts right now. >> live, local, breaking news. this is wyff news 4 today in high definition. geoff: the tigers come up short in the national championship game as they lose down the stretch with some costly mistakes. we are live in glendale, arizona with postgame reaction. patrick: we will talk to you soon. also in this morning's headlines. president obama prepares to deliver his final state of the union adress. how an upstate woman got a personal invitation. plus a busy day for south carolina lawmakers as they begin a new legislative session. what issues are at the top of their list. allyson: 5:00 now, and it is another cold morning were you say the wind is biting. dale: it could be 20 later today.
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quite look at the temperatures, upper 20's in the piedmont, low 20's, even teens in western north carolina along the tennessee border. a cold day ahead. it will get blustery with wind. we will see 10-20 plus mile-per-hour wind this afternoon and this evening. increasing clouds, too. there will be flurries of snow in the mountains later on tonight. spartanburg feels like 21, anderson feels like 24, even with a light breeze. afternoon highs pushing 50 for the mountains with more clouds building in. there will be a few flurries of snow in the mountains tonight mix in with rain. tonight -- tomorrow, cold day ahead, too. that is what is going on this morning. bundle up because you will need a warm jacket with those breezes blowing. patrick: last night's game was nothing short of exciting. they fell a little short. allyson: geoff hart this morning and glenn dell, arizona. he was there for all of the
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geoff: it was absolutely everything that you would want in a national championship game. clemson was right there. 15-0 and win the title for the first time in 34 years. alabama. brad fralick has more. brad: the story didn't and how clemson wanted it to. once in bringing a perfect 14-0 record into the national championship game against alabama and came up a few points sure. an electric atmosphere, the tigers running into a sea of orange or more than half the stadium filled with clemson fans. the game tied at seven. deshaun watson finds hunter renfro for a second touchdown catch of the game. he just had three all season coming in. third quarter, game tied at 14.
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sideline. a busted coverage for clemson gives alabama a 21-14 lead. later in the third, clemson down 21-17, tigers retake the lead. 24-20 -- fourth quarter, game tied at 24, alabama with the onside kick as they recovered. the tide to turn that into points. oj howard once again, again on a busted coverage the -- this one, a 50 one yard touchdown strike. howard is the offense of offense and vp of the game. clemson withdraw -- would draw it within four. a95 yard kickoff return kickoff return for a touchdown. it was just a few plays in this game that alabama may, especially on special teams, that was the difference. tigers fighting to stay in a. deshaun watson gets arcadia scott for the touchdown, but
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they win it 45-40. >> there is no doubt that we will be back. it won't be 30 years before we are back. i promise you that. our team is built to sustain success. we have the right ingredients from a toughness standpoint. talent standpoint. just be will to win and the culture that we have in our program. >> going into this game, i was expecting to win. i thought we should have won. but like coach sweeny said. it was a few plays we didn't capitalize on. i missed some throws. we dropped some balls. we had some miss cues. little things like that will really force yourself in a hole. it is hard to beat a team like alabama if you make those mistakes. brad: the tigers, a few points short and the national championship game. that will sweeny in his post game press conference quickly
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championship -- 10 but? -- tampa? he said he would start preparing for that in glendale, brad one. fralick, wyff news 4. geoff: tough stuff for the tigers. as these are right there, they had it. it was right there for the taking. some big plays and it also delay. in glendale, arizona, geoff hart. allyson: we saw two big plays from hunter renfro. he is a walk on. what does that mean for a walk on to interview like that -- to contribute like that? geoff: incredible. he won a scholarship in the preseason. seven catches, a couple of touchdowns. he only had three touchdowns during the season, so that is five for the entire season. he was terrific. two touchdown catches in the first quarter when clemson led 24-14. it was late in the game where it all came up our.
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that is why they are who they are. next save in winning his fifth national championship. he is on quite a run. patrick: we will see him more in just a short bit. over on the clemson campus, the morning after the big game. it is business as usual. allyson: trying to get there, at least. wyff news 4's aly myles joins us live from clemson university this morning with a look at the morning after. aly: i think the fact that absolute nothing is going on right now speaks volumes. the only folks we are seeing out here are photos protecting the stadium, making sure no vandalism, nothing goes on, no funny business. a lot of people stayed up very late for this game here at the university says everybody, staff included as well as students, are expected to report as usual today. we're sure they'll welcome the team back from arizona with open arms.
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winning state bragging rights this year going undefeated in , the regular season the acc hibbett sports and academy sports said they would open after the game if clemson won. that didn't happen. all of that clemson championship unopened today. here are some of the highlights of the season. clemson finished with a school record of 14 wins this season. until last night they had a 17 game winning streak the schools longest in history. clemson says deshaun watson broke a record for total offense. they say he posted a career high 478 yards. of course you all shared your , tiger spirit with us on ulocal. a clemson family here sporting their orange. many of you held parties in support of the team. and how about these 2-year-old tiger twins. they're grandparents met at clemson. keep sharing your clemson stories with us on ulocal.
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our wyff 4 app with when the team will arrive back here in town. aly myles lie that clemson. allyson: the bon secours wellness arena hosted the official watch party for the national championship game. wyff news 4's mike mccormick filed this report seconds after the game ended. mike: not the outcome the financier wanted. but many of them stuck around until the very end. they were glued to the big screen to support the tigers all the way. in total, about 2,600 people showed up to this free watch party at the well. there were alabama fans here, too. the well made it clear they were welcome as well. fans here saying that being with the clemson family here with the energy in this room was the next best thing to being at the game itself. mike mccormick, wyff news 4, in greenville. allyson: another viewing party of students was on clemson's
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patrick: john lyon was there after the game. john: these students here at the hendrix center are going home sad. their team has just been defeated by alabama. alabama wins the national championship, clemson goes home defeated but proud of the way they played this year, and these students are happy the way that their team performed tonight. they just came up a little short. from clemson, john lyon, wyff news four. patrick: they'll joins us again. of course, disappointing news, as we mentioned. dale: breezy and cold. that is the story today. you will need a warm jacket as you head out to work or school. a quick look at the weather, nothing going on as you go out from the skycam. we have seen a few flurries of snow along the tennessee-north carolina border. nothing to cause delays that we know of.
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we will continue to monitor that just in case. a light dusting going on in swain county. that is part of the system that has brought snow across the ohio valley area and a brushing and north carolina along the tennessee border. temperatures are chilly. they have been colder here, recently. still in the 20's and low 30's as we head off to work and school. the breeze, as it takes -- picks up, will make it feel cooler. chance of snow and rain in the mountains tonight. tomorrow is colder than today. 54 an upstate high today. we will talk about the rest of the week in a few minutes. allyson: who doesn't want a garage filled with 75000 pounds of candy? how all that candy ended up in one man's home. patrick: the special day that is
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look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made from your milk, is delicious.
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allyson: 5:13 now president , obama will deliver his final joint session of congress tonight. it is expected that the president will speak about the reform gun laws and the fight against terrorism. the white house says the president will keep a seat empty next to first lady michelle obama to represent all of the victims of gun violence. presidential candidates senator bernie sanders and senator ted cruz will both attend the address. south carolina governor nikki haley will deliver the republican response to the state of the union.
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rallying cry has led to a special invitation from the white house. >> fired up. >> ready to go. patrick: that's the chant that president obama says inspired him during his first run for president. he credits edith childs and her rallying cry for getting him fired up during his campaign. as a way to show his appreciation she's been invited to sit with the first lady during his final state of the union address. allyson: the stage is set for thursday's next round of republican presidential debates. seven candidates will be on stage for the main debate. they are donald trump, ben carson, senators ted cruz and marco rubio, governors chris christie and john kasich and former governor jeb bush. invited to the undercard debate are senator rand paul, carly fiorina, former governor mike huckabee and former senator rick santorum. paul will not participate in the undercard debate, telling cnn he will only participate in what he calls first-tier debates.
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carolina lawmakers, who will begin a brand new legislative session. while elected officials will tackle many issues, road repairs are the top of the list. last year, lawmakers seemed close to a solution, but opposition to raising the state's gas tax, and demands for reform at the department of transportation led to a deadlock. this year, house majority leader bruce bannister of greenville believes a road plan will come together. wax -- >> the one thing we know is, if you leave the roads like they are, it's going to be a negative effect on the economy. we know we have to do something and figuring out what that is is hopefully what we'll do this year. allyson: helping matters is a one billion dollar surplus in state tax revenues, which lawmakers say could be allocated to roads. self driving cars may have hurdles, but their most recent project is one of the most difficult. how ford is working to help as self driving cars navigate the snow.
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and went is expected to pick up this afternoon.
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dale: good morning. just getting up? it is another chilly morning across the area. wind is fairly light now compared to what it will be like this afternoon. we are expecting 10-20 mile plus wind. representing light snow falling in northern swing county this morning. that is the only thing we are seeing red outermost of the activity overnight has been in the ohio valley area. you can see a couple of clouds blowing by leaving light snow in parts of north carolina. we will see that again tonight. another mix of rain and snow later this evening and overnight. it will be cloudy today in the mountains. the upstate will be mostly sunny. temperatures ranging from upper 20's in greenwood, 20 in asheville. colder in boone at 17.
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now, but we are expecting 10-20 later this afternoon. tomorrow, it will be colder than today. we are in the mid-40-50 range today. temperatures cooler than that the next day. our national weather map showing bitter cold air along the canadian border. minus three in minneapolis today. chicago at 16. colder temperatures reach all the way down to atlanta where it is 29. expect an afternoon high for the upstate pushing 50 by 2:00, 3:00. for western north carolina, and increasing clouds. we will see mid 40's. chilly down this evening with a mix of rain and snow. relation expected. tomorrow, it clears up and what is be 36 in the mountains, 45 in the upstate. back to normal range thursday. more clouds friday and saturday with a chance of rain. there may be a wintry mix early saturday. friday morning or saturday morning. for the most part, it is just going to be scattered showers.
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-- for the end of the weekend. patrick: a disappointing morning for many clemson fans. allyson: geoff joins us live england oh, arizona. -- in glendale, arizona. geoff: it was some kind of game. deborah sweeney saying when you play in the kind of game, you can make the types of game -- the stakes clemson make down the stretch. ticking you to the highlights. clemson came in with the school record 17 straight wins. what a performance from deshaun watson. 478 yards total offense. this is his 2nd touchdown pass to hunter renfrow in the first quarter, game tied at 14 at the half. clemson is down in the wayne third. gallman scores. clemson up 24-21. but after alabama tied it in the fourth quarter, the play of the game, and onside kick recovered
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then for the second time in the game blown coverage on o.j. howard, wide open. 31-24 tied. after a field goal from clemson that gets them within 4 points, kenyan drake takes the kickoff, avoids tackles, and goes 95 yards. the tigers battle to the end but come up short. 45-40. >> the scoreboard says what no clemson fan wants to see. alabama, national championships -- champions. a motion spilling over from the crowd onto the field. -- a motion spilling over. >> we had to get it out. my guys fought hard. the scoreboard, it didn't end up on our side. my guys fought.
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my last game with these guys. it will be like this at the next level. these guys are like family, brothers, everything. it hits me. it hit me before the game. i was and tried to think too much about it. i was focusing on what we had to do. >> explosive plays where backbreaker's. that was the difference in the game. we wish we could get a couple of those plays are bowles back, but you can't. it is gone. it will hurt a while. >> there is a silver lining to this dark cloud that may have came from deborah sweeney's wife, kathleen. she said don't worry, next year, we will have a heisman trophy winner and a national championship. geoff: a great effort by the
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again, coming up short, 40 5-40 inside the university of phoenix stadium. geoff hart live england out. patrick: quickly. that perfectly executed onside kick by alabama. and your opinion, was at the turning point? geoff: no question. for a lack of a better term, it sucks the life out of your team. you think you are getting the ball back, it is tied at 24 and you hope to score when all of a sudden, there is the fantastic onside kick that apparently alabama practiced a lot during the week. they pulled it off beautifully. that certainly was a huge play in the ball game. there were others, too. really, at the end of the day, the story was clemson made too many mistakes giving up that long kickoff return for a touchdown. you have to play. you can't have those kinds of mistakes in the championship game.
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we will get back to you later on in the show. forget the ice scraper. this car owner is going to need a blowtorch. icy water from lake erie, snow, and heavy wind created this. it was part in hamburg, new york you're buffalo. a lake effect snow bandit was dumping two inches of snow per hour on the region yesterday. it canceled classes for several schools. patrick: ford says it is the first to test self driving cars in the snow. it is taking place in michigan. a full-scale simulated urban environment. snow is one of the biggest hurdles preventing deployment of self-driving cars. ford has dubbed its winter project snowtonomy. allyson: it costs the federal government a pretty penny to make nickels and pennies. the government accountability office says it costs 1.7 cents to make the one cent penny. and the cost to make the 5 cent
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about eight cents. the government blames rising metal prices for the costs to make the chump change. it will be up to lawmakers to decide if any changes should be made to u.s. coins, including finding cheaper metals to make them. but there's no timeline for a decision. patrick: check this out. a garage filled with 7500 pounds of stolen candy. probably a few candy wrappers, too. police in california say a man took the treats from the mars candy company. the items failed the company's inspection process. they were supposed to be taken to another business, for disposal. but when the truck arrived, it was empty. investigators caught a break when suspicious candy ads starting turning up online.
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