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tv   WYFF News 4 5am  NBC  January 13, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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in the meantime, we have cold mornings with temperatures continuing to drop. greenville has dropped to 33. we will the upper 20's before it turns the other direction. down in the piedmont, it is in the mid 30's. let's check on a few communities where it is the coldest. 20 degrees in robbinsville. everybody needs a warm coat in the mountains and across the upstate a jacket will feel good as well. we are seeing some 10-15 mile-per-hour winds in the mountains to drop that temperature. by the afternoon, there will be mid 40's for the upstate. the mountains are struggling to get into the upper 30's at best. we will talk about what the rest of the week will be like in our next report. allyson: thank you, dale. for the final time, president obama delivered his state of the
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>> president obama admitted nobody expects new proposals to pass in congress. obama: fixing a broken [applause] obama: protecting our kids from gun violence. >> an empty chair next to the first lady symbolized children killed by guns. the president bragged about the economic recovery. obama: we are in the middle of the biggest streak of private sector job creation. >> he said acting like this is world war iii builds isis up. obama: we need to call them what they are, killers and fanatics many to be hunted down and destroyed. >> president obama confessed he feels he failed to keep his promise regarding bridging the bipartisan divide.
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south carolinian developed the republican response. in her address governor nikki haley criticized president obama's record on the economy. >> as he enters his final year in office, many americans are still feeling the squeeze of an economy too weak to raise income levels. we're feeling a crushing national debt, a healthcare plan that has made insurance less affordable and doctors less available, and chaotic unrest in many of our cities. allyson: the governor went on to imagine a white house in republican hands, vowing that the country would pay less in taxes, and have a government with less debt and spending. she also spoke of the killings of the emanuel nine in charleston last june. she called on america to turn down the noise of division, and not just in politics. >> what happened after the tragedy is worth pausing to think about. our state was struck with shock, pain, and fear. but our people would not allow hate to win. we didn't have violence, we had vigils. we didn't have riots, we had
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we didn't turn against each other's race or religion. we turned toward god, and to the values that have long made our country the freest and greatest in the world. allyson: governor haley will appear live on the "today" show this morning at 7:00 a.m. patrick: senators are weighing in the president's final state of the union. senators lindsey graham and tim scott had this to say. >> the majority of americans believe our country is headed in the wrong direction. unfortunately, i believe they're right. and i heard nothing tonight to change course. at home, our economy is stagnate and abroad, our nation is very much at risk. i heard nothing from the president tonight to suggest that we're actually going to destroy isil and no change in i fear 2016 will be a very dangerous year abroad and a challenging year here at home.
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>> it is unfortunate that the president continues to talk about going at it alone as opposed to working in a bipartisan fashion to move the country forward. thaton in the american people and doesn't create the type of environment that allows us to accomplish great things for the most amazing people in the world. it would be nice for the president to not come here and be condescending towards congress, but actually look for a partner and making this country a better place and make the world a safer place. patrick: stay with wyff news 4 on air and online for the latest on the state of the union. political analyst chip felkel will be live with us on wyff news 4 today beginning at 6:00 a.m. the stage is set for another debate among the republicans for president. allyson: it'll happen tomorrow in north charleston. seven candidates are due on the main stage. donald trump, dr. ben carson, senators ted cruz and marco rubio, and governors chris christie, john kasich, and jeb bush. the other candidates will appear in the under card debate. allyson: the debate will happen
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tomorrow night. and you can watch it right here on wyff 4. and following the republican debate democrats will face off on sunday again in charleston. that debate is also in charleston. lester holt will moderate and you can watch here on wyff news 4 beginning at 9:00 p.m. on sunday. we'll have live coverage and reaction following the debate. allyson: this is news from overnight. iran has detained 10 american sailors in the persian gulf. nine men and one woman. u.s. sailors entered the waters after a mechanical problem with their navigation system. the vessels were moving between kuwait and bahrain when it happened. iran claims the crew is safe is being treated well. officials expect crew members to be released today. turning to local headlines now. new details in the investigation into the death of a toddler in greenville county. the sheriff's office has charged michael latimer junior with homicide by child abuse. he's the child's mother's boyfriend. the coroner has ruled the death
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a homicide. he says the little girl was brought to the er back on janaury 4 and she died monday. the corner says the cause of death was non-accidental head injury. allyson: greenville's police chief is responding to a threat made by a local community activist group to block woodruff road as a protest. the group, fighting injustice together, says excessive force was used when police arrested 21-year-old jaquan williams last month. here's the dash cam video. he was arrested on a charge of possesion of marijuana. the group says if they do not see positive action in the coming days, they will purposely disrupt woodruff road at an unspecified time. here is chief ken miller's response. >> it would be unlawful behavior to do that. it would require and promote really, direct conflict with authorities, with police, and with the public. allyson: jaquan williams says he
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in handcuffs and the excessive force caused him to lose a tooth. chief miller says he was forced to the car, not slammed. patrick: will it get even colder today? dale: the radiation of cooling effect and all of the heat from the sun goes up into the atmosphere and cold temperatures occur. that will be the situation this morning across the upstate and the mountains with temperatures continuing to drop, even after sunrise. that brees also makes it feel colder. a quick look at the southeast with our system. we do not see any precipitation, but mitchell county is on a two hour delay because of icy spots on mountain roads. it is 23 in asheville. 18 degrees in boone. 20 degrees in andrews. these temperatures have continued to drop this morning
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that makes if you like 29 in greenville and 26 -- that makes it feel like 29 in greenville and 26 in andrews. tomorrow we have highs from 50-55. clouds build starting friday. we have a 60% chance of showers friday night. the upstate looks drive for saturday and sunday. we have cold mornings with afternoon highs typical saturday. it will be a little bit cooler sunday and the first of next week. allyson: the countdown is on. the super bowl is less than one month away. what is being done to prepare. patrick: plus, a fugitive takes vanity to a new level.
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the sound of the weekend. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop. allyson: the powerball jackpot keeps climbing. it is now at $1.5 billion. the total keeps adjusting the good people buying more tickets. billboards are stuck at $999 million because the jackpot has never climbed this high before. the second-largest sc dot project in history start this month. patrick: it is called the gateway project and it will be
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i 385, which you see here live. wyff news 4's aly myles joins us live from greenville with more. aly: we are here near the interchange. if you take a look behind me, you can see right there, the spartanburg-greenville exit sign. that is where the gateway project is set to start late january. it is said to cost $321 million. we have video here showing the plans for the interchange. it is scheduled to finish in the summer of 2019. the new design should cut down on traffic backup. >> the biggest benefit is the will have distributor routes that will parallel the mainline i-85, and also interstate i-385. it will separate traffic that is merging and entering the
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going straigaly: the dot says on average, nearly 200,000 vehicles pass through the interchange every day. to stay up today on construction details, d.o.t. is encouraging people to check out twitter. the name comes from the believe that the interchange is more than just crossroads, but the gateway of the upstate. patrick: if you have ever lost a pet, you know the feeling of being without your four legged best friend.
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give it a pop. announcer: now, your live super doppler 4 hd weather forecast. dale: five: 16 is the time as a look from paris mountain to the city of greenville. it will continue to drop into the upper 20's this morning. in the mountains, with the temperatures drop into the teens. 18 degrees in the own. 21 in andrews. we have low 20's in asheville. by the end of the day, these
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normal, regarding the expected highs. we will reach from the mid to upper 40's in the upstate. we have 5-8 miles per hour breeze is in the upstate. it feels more like 12 degrees in hendersonville. greenville and laurens feels like it is in the 20's. i the afternoon, we will be cooler than normal at 45 degrees . 79 degrees is the record set back in 1911. we can have warm spells from time to time and cold weather. in 1918, it dropped down to four degrees. the average in the mountains is 47. today, it will have the upper 30's to about 40 degrees for the high. temperatures are still on the cool side for another day or two. you will have a good chance of
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into the gulf that pumps moisture into the southeast. it looks like it will clear up for saturday. the coldest of the weather is in the great lakes. it is warmest in chicago this morning. are we chillier than other places? yes, if you. temperatures today will reach into the mid-40 degree range. it is in the upper 30's to around 40 degrees in the mountains. it is a little better tomorrow with highs from 50-55. we have mid to upper 40's friday with the rain. saturday it clears up to 53. it will be a little cooler for sunday through tuesday with 40's for highs in the upstate and upper 30's in the mountains. friday will be our many day. a few lingering showers on saturday in the mountains, but that will be it for the weekend. allyson: thank you, dale. we're getting the first look into mexican drug kingpin el chapo's safe house. police raided this home on friday. six people were killed in a shootout with police.
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back in july. now, u.s. officials are trying to extradite him back to the states, but that could take up to a year. patrick: attorney general loretta lynch will visit a boston jail today to discuss the reforming the criminal justice lynch's visit to the suffolk county house of correction comes a day after the president's final state of the union address. during the visit, the attorney general will meet with local leaders of a couple of programs that aim to prepare people for their return to society. later in the day, lynch will visit harvard law school where she will deliver remarks on re-entry services. allyson: in houston, texas, nfl owners voted to approve a move that would allow the st. louis rams to relocate back to los the deal will also give the san head to l.a. in 2017. the rams' move would end the nfl's 21-year absence from the nation's second-largest media market.
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$500,000 mini makeover. the money comes from a state grant. the downtown area will get wider sidewalks, planters, trees, and brick-paved crosswalks. they'll also remove overhead signals. the work is set to begin in the middle or end of the summer, it some longtime business owners are concerned about the construction. >> i feel like the city has lost sight of the fact that the businesses that are here cannot closed. >> whatever construction company that is chosen, we want to make sure they understand that the businesses downtown or priority. keeping them open and keeping a space for them to have the public coming in and out. allyson: dates have not yet been set. the clemson tigers returned home last night to a warm welcome by thousands of fans. patrick: it was cold, but people lined up anyways as the team returned. fans said they wanted their tigers to know that they're
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that loss. >> they did a fantastic job last night, fantastic. i'm just here to support them and hopefully, we will have a better year in a year. >> it means a lot. we have got fans to support us weather we win or lose. that is the great thing about clemson. we got a fam. patrick: the team arrived in death valley around 9:00 last night. they were more than happy to sign autographs. it's time now for your wyff news 4 timeline on this january 13. on this date in 1982, air florida flight 90 crashed into the 14th street bridge in washington dc and killed 78 on board. allyson: the jet also destroyed four automobiles and killed five people before it fell into the icy potomac river and sank to the bottom. four passengers and one flight attendant survived the crash. the ntsb pointed to improper de-icing as the primary cause of the crash.
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hilton-greenville skycam. this is i-385 near haywood road. everything is good on the roads right now, but we will have two of delays in mitchell county. -- two delays in mitchell county. reporter: good morning, and this morning the race on both sides of the aisle for the white house is cranking into another gear just a few weeks out before the iowa caucuses. overnight we heard donald trump come out of one of his rallies responding, really for the first time, to the president's state of the union and to some of the comments the president made to our own matt lauer yesterday morning. we've also got on the democratic side, hillary clinton and now, her daughter, taking shots at bernie sanders on the campaign trail as that race tightens up. we've got a look at all of that and more coming up on the today show.tween the omega-3s in fish oil and those in megared krill oil. unlike fish oil, megared is easily absorbed by your body... ...which makes your heart, well, mega-happy.
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dale: it is clear and cold as the lookout from our various skycam's. this is downtown laurens, where does 32 degrees with a light breeze. -- where it is 32 degrees with a light breeze. we will climb into the mid 40's for the afternoon. it will be a cold day today. the asheville-hendersonville area is cold and breezy. 18 degrees will climb to 38 degrees today. it is time for the dale school salute. we have featured the office staff and administrator, pride. many of the school wore orange and purple for the big game. that is the calhoun academy for the arts. from your school. take some nice digital photos
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we will let you know when the special will be on. patrick: an animal shelter is the last place you want to see your lost head. allyson: a new free app called finding rober can help you find your missing pet. here's how it works. once you download the app, you take a picture of your pet and the picture is scanned into the system. patrick: using facial recognition -- wow, this is very technical. the app searches through thousands of images of old and recently added pictures to try and locate missing pets. another feature. the app will be on the lookout for your dog. allyson: it also works in reverse. if you see a dog running loose, take a picture of it and post it to the app as well. i thought they were putting the chips at the location.
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patrick: anything to keep them out of the shelter is a great idea. allyson: my brother had a dog that was always getting out. we were always calling the shelter and asking if the dog was there. patrick: he needs this app. announcer: you are wyff schools operating on a two-hour delay. patrick: president obama laying out his agenda. allyson: $1.59 and rising. -- $1.5 billion and rising. patrick: you mention flurries
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dale: mitchell county schools is on a two are because of icy roads. we had a little precipitation slippery spots. no precipitation in the upstate. we start off today with dry conditions and a cold breeze blowing. the wind is making it feel colder, 33 in greenville and anderson. let's check on a few other communities. pickens, 31. 40 in walhalla. 33, williamston and piedmont. it is chilly. in the mountains, teens and 20's. you factor in the breeze, anywhere from nine to 12 to 17 in western north carolina, five to eight in the upstate and it drops it into feeling like mid-to-upper 20's in the upstate. single digits in boone. it feels like 12 to 13 and asheville. normally we see 52. not today, 45 for the upstate.
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we will talk about the rest of the week and what you can expect


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