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michael: coming up, continuing coverage out of north charleston, the gop debate happens tonight. gabrielle: an event to honor a legacy just before martin luther king jr. day. chris: the sun is going down, temperatures will plummet. we will time it out for you. >> you are watching live, local, breaking news. with nigel robertson, gabrielle komorowski, and the weather with chief meteorologist john cessarich. this is wyff news 4 at 5:00 in high definition. michael: you might call it a grand old party rumble by the sea tonight. the republicans for president are in north charleston. gabrielle: tonight's debate will air on fox business channel, and there's no small amount of off-stage debate going into it. wyff news 4's patrick hussion is live in north charleston tonight. patrick, what's the buzz down
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patrick: gabby, michael, there's plenty of buzz to go all round and a lot of it includes our , governor. but first, the south carolina democratic party has organized party members and activists that are just behind us here outside the coliseum tonight, , in what's being called a "rally for the new south." they say they're rallying because, quote, "the hateful rhetoric we've learned to expect from the gop has no place in politics, and democrats demand better." end quote. speaking of rhetoric, governor haley spoke indirectly about donald trump in her response to the state of the union, and in responding to the backlash from some republicans, she says that "getting loud" with rhetoric is not always the best thing. she says sometimes, we need to "lower the volume" to hear what voters are saying. >> there's basically two doors that people walk through in this country, and not everybody in both of those doors is going to agree with each other on everything.
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people have different opinions about different things in our party. i think the debates are always good for the republican party. there's a little drama and intrigue, but think that drama and intrigue are ultimately gonna help us win a cultural vote in america. patrick: drama and intrigue, as we have seen. just released, donald trump has doubled his national league in the gop race in a new nbc wall street journal poll. he is at 33 percent, ted cruz at 20%, marco rubio at 13%. we are a few minutes out from the undercard debate. the main stage debate begins at 9:00. we're live in north charleston, patrick hussion, wyff news 4. michael: continuing coverage tonight, john cessarich is on the road at the td convention center in greenivlle. he's there for the international auto show.
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of the weather center, talking about shower and snow possibilities. first, we go to john on the road. a beautiful day today. john: gabrielle and michael, absolutely gorgeous. temperatures in the upper 50's to low 60's. very comfortable right now with clear skies or at least mostly clear skies. already some clouds streaming in from the southwest. increasing clouds overnight tonight. don't expect precipitation. the storm system comes out of the gulf with liquid precipitation as rain develops tomorrow. temperatures ranging from mid 40's in boone right now to 63 degrees in elberton. everybody sandwiched in between those, in the 50's. looking nice outside. chris and i have been talking to you over the last few days about the storm system potential, a 20-30 percent chance for snow showers at all even in the upstate, a better chance in the mountains.
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will be too far east and south and will take the moisture with us. not much in the way of snow for us. but the weather pattern is changing over the next few weeks, getting more active. a better chance of something more interesting. chris: we've been looking at the models. this was the first real chance we had for snowfall. the models couldn't agree. now, they say we see no snowfall accumulating in the upstate. possibly a half in a joint venture in the morning from asheville north to the tennessee border. snow lovers don't have to be too sad. the pattern is extremely active. next week, we will have more chances for energy to move in. the first piece of energy is moving in tonight. rain tomorrow. the second is what we were watching for the potential for snowflakes. it is diving too far south, over florida. the moisture is well out of
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air in place. next week, we will watch for the same thing. it is going to be really cold. a piece of the polar vortex loping around into the midwest, -20 degrees up there. that cold air moves our way monday and tuesday, where highs will be in the 20 30's. that sets us up for an interesting scenario should more energy moving our way. we will keep you posted. we will have the for-day plus coming up. gabrielle: a bipartisan group of state senators want to give state employees a 5% cost-of-living raise. many employees take-home pay has gone down since the great recession. if approved, the increase would take effect in july. michael: charlotte mayor jennifer roberts signed a resolution declaring january as panthers pride month.
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carolina panthers football team. the mayor urged members of the charlotte community to wear carolina panthers gear every friday of this month to show support for the team. the mayor says the panthers have shown strong character this season, and brought positive national attention to the city. the panthers are 15 and 1. they take on the seattle seahawks this sunday in the playoffs. nascar champion jeff gordon has the highest honor north carolina can give. governor pat mccrory surprised the driver with the order of the long leaf pine. it is to celebrate gordon's achievements and contributions to nascar and north carolina. jeff gordon does live there. he has 93 career nascar cup victories, and four nascar cup series championships. off the track, gordon has founded efforts for cancer research, and childrens' charity and health foundations. gabrielle: this morning, greenville city workers came together for the annual martin luther king jr. memorial greg test. it's the 34th year for the -- memorial breakfast. it's the 34th year for the event, which was started by a city sanitation worker.
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tribute to the late civil rights leader. >> remember mlk, that's all i say. i don't really matter. that man matters a lot more. he did something. we're all together here, not like it used to be. it's all about the peace. >> not just appreciation for us, but appreciation for what mlk , what dr. king did for us and , to have us all be together here is definitely a reserve of -- a result of that. gabrielle: our own nigel robertson was the keynote speaker for the event. michael: coming up in our consumer watch, if balancing your finances is part of your new year's resolutions, we have some easy steps on how to get you started. gabrielle: later tonight, the oscar nominations came out
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marco rubio. he ran for senate saying he opposed amnesty... then he flipped, and worked with liberal chuck schumer to co-author the path to citizenship bill. he threatened to vote against it. and then voted for it. he supported his own dream act and then he abandoned it. marco rubio. just another washington politician you can't trust. jeb bush. he's a leader, so you always know where he stands. right to rise usa
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getting your finances in order michael: getting your finances in order can be a lot like losing weight. both take time, hard work, and small changes can make a big difference. gabrielle: bob hanson shares to ideas you can start doing right now. bob: no matter who you are, january is a great time to review your finances. >> this time of year is the time to basically set yourself up, and fix things that you maybe messed up the previous year. bob: and where do you start? financial planner mary beth storjohann says, start the year by checking your credit score.
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basically your financial report card, but there's no getting rid of it after college. so knowing this number, and how it impacts you, is a great way to kick off the year. bob: you can get a free report every year from each of the credit reporting agencies, by going to to get your score, you'll have to pay about $12, but the information is critical to understanding how you measure up on your finances. >> doing a debt inventory, understanding the balances that you owe, the interest rates on them, and the minimum payments due. bob: building up your savings account is critical for the new year, but maybe you need more than just one account. >> so i always say, if you have separate goals, have separate savings accounts. bob: mary beth has 9 different savings accounts, most with online banks. she contributes separate amounts to each account every month, each one divided by needs, from insurance to travel, from emergencies to down payments. >> the problem is, when everything is in one account, it's way easier to dip in for
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if you want a new laptop, oh, that's coming from the savings account. if you need new tires on the car, that's coming from the savings account. realistically, those are things that should have separate savings accounts. john: i am live in greenville for the south carolina international auto show. it kicks off tomorrow and runs through the weekend. i will tell you about the show and we will talk weekend
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british actor alan rickman of gabrielle: british actor alan rickman, of "die hard" and the "harry potter" franchise, has passed away. he was 69 years old. he did so much more in his career. his family said today that the actor had died after a battle with cancer. rickman was trained at the prestigious royal academy of dramatic art. he got his big break in 1988 when he starred opposite bruce willis in "die hard". the "harry potter" film franchise. he is survived by his wife. michael: united states officials say 10 detainees have been transferred from the guantanamo bay prison, to oman. population there to 93. it's the first time the number has dropped below 100 since 2002. in his final state of the union, president obama reiterated his argument for closing the prison. he said it is a waste of
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anti-american sentiments. gabrielle: three men have been convicted of being involved in the biggest robbery in the uk's legal history. a jury found the three guilty for the 2015 hatton garden heist. the hatton garden safe deposit company in london's jewelry district was robbed over easter weekend last year. officials say an estimated $20 million worth of jewelry and valuables were stolen. michael: police say a woman went on a rampage at a georgia waffle house, naked. jennifer nicholson was arrested at a waffle house in kennesaw last friday. that's in cobb county. they say she stripped off her clothes, threw plates at patrons, and punched a woman in the face. in fact, authorities say she broke the woman's nose. nicholson faces several assault and public indecency charges. she is being held in the cobb county jail. the first hurricane of the year, yes, it is only january but there it is. "alex" became an 85-mile-per hour hurricane just this morning. the national hurricane center
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parts of the azores islands. they are in the north atlantic. the storm is expected to hit their sometime tomorrow morning. alex is the first hurricane to form in january since 1938. the atlantic hurricane season officially begins june 1. john: i am still live at the td convention center in greenville for the south carolina international auto show. they are getting everything prepared, gearing up or tomorrow. doors open at 10:00 a.m., which is when the show begins. it is friday, saturday, and sunday. adults 13 and over, 80 -- eight dollars. five dollars for military, seniors, and children 7-12. family day on sunday, with an adult, all children are free. a good deal.
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70-100 vehicles here. 200? i am hearing 200. wow. all under one roof. can't beat this. you don't have the pressure of salesman telling you you have to buy this, this is the best. they are all getting everything already, shining up the vehicles. brand-new vehicles. no pressure, just come down and enjoy yourself friday, saturday, sunday. gabrielle and michael, i have been coming to this show probably at least the last 10-15 years. they know me so well. i always try to find the key for a sports car, maybe a corvette or something. i almost cried that one time. -- tried that one time. let's see if the keys are in this ram. oh, oh. oh. yes. gabrielle: oh, no. sorry, john. michael: still a crime, john. john: thanks, michael.
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tight security, plus they have pictures of me all over the place with and ask, saying, make sure he stays out of the vehicles. michael: gabrielle put those up. john: thanks. increasing clouds overnight tonight, with rain arriving not until we get into tomorrow afternoon. that is the best chance of rain. rain could develop tomorrow morning. i think we will stay dry overnight, just clouds slowly tightening and lowering as we go through the night. a chilly 42 degrees in boone, 44 in franklin, mid 40's in andrews. temperatures in the upper 50's in downtown greenville, low 60's and northeastern georgia. a gorgeous day through the carolinas and georgia.
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no snow, not even a dusting. there could be a few snow showers saturday night and sunday morning for the mountains, especially the northern mountains. that is about it. there is round one. you can see the rain in the gulf coast. thunderstorms rumbling through the coast line of louisiana. not expecting thunderstorms here, we will be too stable. but the rain is moving in quickly from the southwest. you can see arctic air sitting in canada, ready to come down into the u.s. is that right? -11 degrees in international falls, minnesota. that is that the windchill, that is the actual temperatures. ridiculous. tonight, cloudy and cold, low mid 30's in the upstate, low 30's in the mountains. tomorrow, rain developing especially by the afternoon and chilly, a much chillier day than today. highs in the mid 40's across the area. saturday, a nice day. sunshine in the afternoon, and on sunday, the system looks like the main storm system will stay to our south east.
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precipitation will be. we may see a few flurries very brief snow shower in the mountains as we get into saturday and sunday. otherwise, we are in good shape. overall, the system will not affect us. chris and i are talking about the weather pattern changing. chronologically speaking, the end of january is the best chance of looking at a winter type storm. usually, that is what happens. we will get much colder through next week and the next few weeks. a more active weather pattern. tracking the storm system and how strong it is will depend on whether an -- whether or not we get frozen or liquid precipitation. we will talk more about the auto show and the weather at 6:00. now back to you. i will see if i can find another vehicle and look for a key. michael: you have been warned. gabrielle: watch out. john: i don't see security.
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michael: 12 years after going off the air, the cast of "friends" are reportedly reuniting. nbc made the announcement on wednesday. they will be coming together for a two-hour special. the special is a tribute to "friends" legendary comedy director james burrows. he recently shot his 1,000th episode of television. the special will air on sunday, february 21. "friends" launched in 199,4 and -- launched right here on nbc in 1994, and ran for 10 seasons. a denver nuggets player got the wrong end of the ball. he was guarding golden state's andrew bogut, and that's when bogut slammed a pass right into his face. the ball bounced into the back court. the nuggets player ended up being okay. he scored 6 points and helped the nuggets to a 112-110 win. it was golden state's third loss of the season to go with their 36th win. gabrielle: a zoo in ukraine's kiev region was showing off its
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-- letter of white lion cubs. the newborns were in good health, and were cared for by their mother. alltogether there are three cubs, all males. a contest on facebook was held to name the three cubs. michael: coming up, the nominees for the academy awards are out tonight. see if your favorites got a nod and some controversy over who
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michael: the word "revenant" is defined as a person who returns. the director of the film of the same name fits that description. gabrielle: alejandro inarritu returns to the best director conversation, after winning the award last year for "birdman." here's raphael seth, with a lok -- a look at today's other oscar nominees. >> we did what we had to do. raphael: "the revenant" returns director alejandro gonzalez inarritu to the top of the oscar totem. his film received 12 nominations at this morning's oscar announcements, including best picture and best director. but one notable director didn't make the list. >> if there was one big shock for me today, it was the fact that ridley scott did not get nominated for best director for "the martian." raphael: that film did pick up recognition for best picture, and best actor for matt damon. other leading men include michael fassbender for his portrayal of steve jobs, bryan cranston for "trumbo",
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redmayne, and this year's favorite, leonardo dicaprio. >> i think leonardo might be too much in the lead, particularly because his movie, "the revenant," got the most nominations today. raphael: no surprises in the best actress category. cate blanchett is nominated for "carol," jennifer lawrence for "joy." 50-year veteran charlotte rampling gets a nod for the film "45 years." alicia vikander gets in for "the danish girl." and then there's the frontrunner. >> brie larson has the best chance to win for "room." raphael: there is a crop of deserving perfomers in this year's best supporting actor category, >> sylvester stallone. >> but there were audible cheers when sylvester stallone was announced as one of them. >> i was happy to see sylvester stallone on that list, because he gives a great performance. raphael: there are always snubs, and this year, the talk is about racial bias. for the second straight time, there are no people of color in any of the acting categories, and many found it puzzling that the academy filled only 8 of 10 slots for best picture. >> some worthy movies were left out, most notably "straight outta compton."
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"straight outta compton." >> it's a little disappointing. raphael: academy president cheryl boone isaacs says diversity is a big issue, but the performers who were nominated are deserving of that recognition. raphael seth, nbc news. michael: the academy awards will be headed up february 28. thanks for joining us at gabrielle: news 4 at 6:00 starts 5:30. now. >> live, local, breaking news. this is wyff news 4 at 6:00 in high definition. gabrielle: some poweball tickets sold in the carolinas were big winners last night. michael: including two tickets sold in north carolina, worth $2 million. wyff news 4's john lyon is live in weaverville, in buncombe county where a $100,000 winning , ticket was sold. john? john: we are outside the mountain energy store and gas station in weaverville. we are just off u.s. 25 on the outskirts of the city limits across from the walmart if you
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at this store behind me, one person bought the powerball ticket with five of the six winning powerball numbers on it. now, that person won a total prize of $100,000. let's go to videos shot earlier. people have been in and out of the store all afternoon. this is a popular spot for people to buy powerball tickets. for last night's drawing, clerks sold plenty of tickets. most were some -- surprised that there was a winner here, and some of the customers were sad that it wasn't them. >> that is awesome. to help someone out in the community, hope it went to a good person. john: anyone not show up at your work today? >> no, i'm from south carolina. john: i hope they spend -- >> i
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