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tv   WYFF News 4 6pm Saturday  NBC  January 16, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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more on those story to make. we begin tonight with a live look from the news 4 asheville skycam. a chance for a light dusting of snow tonight in some parts. good evening, i'm patrick hussion. alongside meteorologist chris justus. chris, a light dusting of snow? are we getting to that point now? chris: it's not going to be a big deal, but some of us may see snow around i-85 northbound. this was just issued by the national weather service. we are all clear on live separate up for hd.. we have a winter working for the high peaks of the north carolina mountains. this four areas north -- for areas north higher of 3500 feet. 1-2 inches in the mountains. for the upstate, if you are lucky, a dusting. it's from this system towards the south. a lot of moisture with this. this is going to move well south of us.
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northern periphery. this is caused by upper-level energy. it will race across our area. we won't get the bulk of the moisture. had we had that, it would be a big mess. but this is just light stuff, not a lot of moisture with it. future plulushowing clouds building up by midnight. if you are watching the game tonight, stay tuned, we will have the latest models. snow developing by tomorrow morning at six clock a.m. in the mountains. it tries to creep into the upstate, areas south of i-85 foaming -- i-85 seeing rain. around noon, it is all gone. the temperature warms up to 40 and what did fall will melt. i will show you the snow totals coming up in just a few minutes. patrick: thanks chris, we have two deadly wrecks in anderson county this afternoon to tell you about. the first happened on pollard road in starr around 12:30. the coroner says 24-year-old
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pickup truck hit a tree. the coroner says mccurry was heading to his dad's house after a night of work at his new job at electrolux. the coroner says he was not wearing a seat belt and suffered internal injuries. the second wreck also happened this afternoon in belton on highway 413. the coroner says a young woman died when the car she was driving hit a tree, then plunged down an embankment. the coroner tells us she wasn't carrying any i.d. but the 1997 red eclipse she was driving is registered in elberton, georgia. if you have information about the identity of the driver, contact the anderson county coroner's office. greenville police say someone stole cash from 4 stores at haywood mall overnight. officers tell us torrid zoomies, clark shoes, and journey were affected. they tell us three of the 4 doors had emergency exit alarms that were damaged or removed during the burglary. it happened sometime between 10:00 p.m. friday and 9:00 this morning.
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right now, thousands are celebrating the legacy of doctor martin luther king, jr. as wyff new 4's corey davis tells us king's passion for students here in greenville. corey: right now, more than 400 people, mostly students and their parents are here at the , gunter theater. it's next to the peace center in downtown greenville. today is all about learning about hbcu's historically black colleges and universities. the rainbow push coalition of greenville put together this college fair in honor of dr. king. more than 20 schools provided information for students. the event included more than just tables and booths. students packed the theater for presentations about school programs and campus life. some local students say the cultural experience is one reason they y an to attend an hbcu. >> it works well with me and what i want. i've been going to predominantly white schools all my life and i want to be more connected with african american culture.
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is right for my career. >> but when you go to hbcu, you just learn about your background, where you come from . that's what you need in life. >> it also takes away an excuse. an excuse for poor behavior, an excuse for poor performance, and an excuse for not succeeding. so you don't have the burden of racism or the excuse of racism at an hbcu. corey: the rainbow push coalition says they'll probably hold this event at a bigger venue next year because it was so popular this time around. corey davis, wyff news 4 in greenville. patrick: one more note. the rainbow push coalition will hold a blood drive monday at the phillis wheatley center. the group will also dedicate a computer lab that will be free to the public. right now, roads are back open in downtown greenville after many were shutdown this morning. a record number of runners took to the streets to give back to the community. more than 1500 people crossed the finish line for the 37th annual greenville news run
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people off all ages came out for the early start. proceeds from the event will go to the holiday sunshine fund. >> with the holiday sunshine fund, as i mentioned, it really benefits all of the non-profits in the community, so it's a great way to give back. patrick: wyff news 4 is a partner helping to raise thousands of dollars for the holiday sunshine fund. and this is all thanks to donations from you at home. runners downtown also came across a few 4-legged friends. right now, staff with greenville county animal care says animals are in need of a home. today volunteers walked more than a dozen dogs near falls park to build interest in the community. they do this at least once a month, hoping someone will adopt. >> greenville county animal care is one of the largest shelters in the state. we intake between 17 and 20,000 animals a year so we're always looking for interested adopters. patrick: right now the shelter
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weekend. remember that. the publix in clemson welcomed students back to school for the semester with a tailgate. the store offered free food demonstrations, and discounts , today. employees tell us they had a number of recipes they showcased throughout the store. and they offered samples, which college kids like, all sorts of grocery items. they say it's just their way of saying welcome back. the fifth annual south carolina tea party coalition convention kicked off this morning in myrtle beach. this year's theme "whom do we trust to lead this nation?" six republican presidential primary candidates are scheduled to speak at the 3-day event. governor mike huckabee, senator ted cruz, and donald trump were on the scene today. tomorrow senator rick santorum and governor jim gilmore will speak. dr. ben carson addresses the convention on monday. and happening tomorrow night, you can catch the democratic
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we'll air it right here on wyff 4 at 9:00. nbc's lester holt and andrea mitchell will moderate. that one is in charleston. straight ahead on news 4, covering the world as five americans are released from iran on a historic day for international relations. chris: take a look at what one computer model is selling at snow totals. just a dusting across the mountains. but one model is showing something different.
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>> you are watching live, local, breaking news with patrick hussi on, weather with meteorologist chris justus and sports with marc dopher. this is wyff news 4 at 6:00 in high-definition. patrick: five american citizens held by iran have been released from custody. the announcement coming on the same day that the u.s. officially lifted nuclear sanctions against iran. nbc's ali arouzi reports from tehran on the release of the americans, some of whom spent years behind bars there. ali: as iran and world powers prepared to implement a landmark nuclear deal in vienna, here in tehran, five dual-national prisoners have been released. the timing probably not coincidental. out a statement saying the 4 -- the tehran prosecutors office put out a statement saying the 4 inmates were freed within the framework of prisoner exchanges
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didn't mention the names of any of the prisoners released. but iranian media has been rife with speculation, and now the state department has confirmed that amongst the released prisoners is washington post correspondent jason rezaian, former marine amir hekmati, and pastor saeed abedini. >> it's spectacular news. we're just so happy. can't wait to see him. just hope he's in good health. ali: the release is also an indication of how much back-channeling has been going on between america and iran since the nuclear deal. the two sides have been able to talk to one another to solve out diplomatic disputes before they have spiraled out of control. ali arouzi, nbc news, tehran. chris: this is not my forecast, but i want to show you this model for tomorrow morning. coming up in the full forecast, i will show you what it would take to get an inch of snow tomorrow morning, because it's possible.
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>> now your live super doppler 4 hd weather forecast. chris: take a look the sky cam time lapse from hendersonville. gorgeous sunshine all day long. at this day went on, high tall cirrus clouds moved in. that is the sign of some changes from the south. can you believe we topped out at 60 in both greenville and anderson? 59 in spartanburg.
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area, only rising up to 49 degrees. as we head overnight, temperatures will continue to cool, especially in the mountains. 38 in asheville. 55 in greenville. weight you want for any winter weather -- way too warm for any winter weather, but the threat is there. we are watching for the south for the next system. system. it will go way south and offshore of the carolina coast. it's this upper piece of energy right here that will move directly over us wringing out moisture. it will mainly be light rain across the upstate. along the i-85 corridor from greenville to spartanburg, portions of cherokee county and into oconee and pickens county, they could see a dusting to a bit more. i will show you the possibility of that in a second. there is the rain shield. it's not cold enough for anything but rain across
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future mustplus shows moisture moving out of the south. by gametime, be sure to hang around afterwards. i will have the latest models after that. shortly after midnight, we will see light snow showers in north georgia. it streams into areas like asheville and hendersonville by 6:00 a.m. and expand. this moisture across the upstate is what is in question. if it were to be this further north, which some models show, it would be cold enough in greenville and travelers rest, greer, spartanburg, and clemson northbound. greenwood -- greenville would be too warm. if that moisture moves north, we could see more than adjusting. it would only be in the grass and elevated services. --elevated surfaces. it's out of your by lunchtime, even in the mountains. sunshine and around 40 degree high temperatures. what does fall will quickly melt by lunch.
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in the greenville-spartanburg area, 1 inch of snow. all of the other models showing nada, nothing g ross the area. we watch that trend closely. to put it in a different way, if something is falling from the sky, there's an 80% chance it's going to blow around as flurries. there's a 50% chance it will be a dusting. 5% chance we will get a half inch. i will update that after the game, so be sure to tune in. also log on to for the latest. for the mountains, go to the gfs and our rpm models showing a half inch. there will be snow falling, just not a lot. 50% chance of it being flurries mountains. 30% chance of a dusting. looking ahead to tonight, it will be a cold one. 31 in hendersonville. marginally cold enough for snow in the greenville-spartanburg area. further south, way too warm for anything but rain. mid to upper 40's by the end of
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fall. in asheville, same story, 40 degrees and sunshine. it will be gone by lunch. everybody seemed the arctic outbreak monday and tuesday. bone chilling cold and breezy on monday. highs only in the 30's. same story on tuesday. it stays cold all week long. that sets us up for the next system. many of you asking when the next threat is. the pattern gets warmer next weekend. before that, we watch for another low-pressure system friday night into saturday. some of the models hinting there could be enough cold air. european model showing it being rain for us. here is the four day plus. 50% chance of light rain and a few snowflakes in the state. 40% chance of snow in the nonsense. looking to next friday and saturday is our next threat. habit-forming and the upstate currently. snow-rain in the mountains. we will monitor that closely. patrick: we are a long way from the 70 degree christmas day.
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inactive two-week pattern. -- an active qb pattern. after that, things will warm up at the end of the month. patrick: be it rain, shine, or snow, a squirrel needs to eat. and after heavy snowfall in estonia -- we are going way over --squirrels had to work a little harder for their food. this squirrel showed off its athletic ability, diving head first from the trees to find its stash of nuts. check it out. the squirrel burrowed its way through the flakes like a pro. >> now wyff news 4 sports. >> the clemson basketball team trying to wrap up one of the more impressive weeks in team history. the tigers trying to win a third straight game over a team ranked in the top 25. clemson beat louisville, then duke. today the tigers taking on 8th ranked miami at the bon secour wellness arena. first, half a back and forth . gabe devoe hits the triple to give the tigers the lead. back comes miami. davon reed hits from the top of the arc.
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point lead at the half. the clemson football coaches and players honored at the half. every coach in attendance except for dabo swinney. he's in connecticut to collect his walter camp coach of the year award. we will give him a free pass for that. back to basketball and a beautiful second half for the tigers. landry noko flips it to avery holmes. he misses but jaron blossomgame , is there to clean it up. another big day for clemson's leading scorer. blossomgame drops a game high 25 points as the tigers build a double digit lead. jordan roper drops 18. dante grantham chips in 14. clemson beats miami 76-65. the tigers take down their third consecutive ranked opponent. that's the first time that's ever happened in the history of clemson basketball. >> we did not plate great -- play great defensively tonight. we won this game because we executed very well offensively. jordan and jeron were playing at a very high level.
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have seen out of a guy in a couple years for us. to have guys make those kinds of plays, reads, decisions, and play with that kind of confidence. certainly i feel like they were the difference in the game. marc: 19th ranked south carolina trying to rebound from their first loss of the season. the gamecocks struggled in wednesday's loss at alabama. no better way to get right than a game against missouri. the tigers winless on the road this season, now dealing with a usc squad that hasn't been beaten at home. first half, gamecocks turn defense into offense. pj dozier with a dunk. scoring 11 points after no point against alabama. sindarius thornwell, just 2 points against alabama. big bounce back game today. he drops 22. gamecocks go up 13. but missouri battles back. wes clark and 1. clark game-high 26 points. eventually missouri cuts the lead to just one.
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points for him as the gamecocks take the lead at the half. new south carolina head coach will muschamp riling up the crowd. muschamp saying its an honor to be in columbia and thanking the gamecocks for the warm welcome to south carolina. 2nd half scramble, chris silva cleans it up with nine points. south carolina gets past missouri 81-72. gamecocks improve to 16-and-1 overall. >> i'm proud of our guys. we got back some character today. i've never considered missing shots. the decision whether you play well or not play well,. our enthusiasm, our playing to our identity was back in place. that is what mattered today. it wasn't about making shots, it was playing our kind of basketball. marc: southern confernce action this afternoon in the low country. furman taking on the citadel. first half. the bulldogs with great defense,
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look at the work download by zane najdawi. dogs up by nine after the offensive point. furman down by 3. stephen croone 22 point, but furman falls to the citadel 89-86. wofford just wrapping things up at mercer. bonus basketball in macon as the terriers and bears play overtime. mercer sneaks out of this one with a one point win despite a career high 30 points from easley's spencer collins. he hit eight three's this afternoon. couple more games coming at you tonight. in the atlantic sun, usc upstate is in fort meyers florida to take on florida gulf coast. and in the big south, radford is at presbyterian. i'll update you on those games tonight after the steelers-broncos game. speaking of the national football league. the nfl's divisional playoffs underway today with a pair of games in the afc. nfc teams play on sunday. that kickoff on sunday headlined by seattle and carolina.
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back marshawn lynch will play against the panthers. while that's good news for seattle it's not necessarily bad , news for the panthers. in 5 meetings between the two teams since 2012, lynch averages just 60 yards rushing per game. panthers head coach ron rivera says defending seattle isn't about who does the work, how they do the work on offense. >> you are going to do your best . that is the weight it is. -- the way it is. i anticipate him playing. but at the same time they were going to do what they have done. they've had a lot of success. not just this year, but the past few years. we have to be compared for what they do. marc: the carolina panthers and seattle seahawks 1:00 kickoff in bankamerica stadium. complete coverage here on wyff 4 at the panthers take the next up to the super bowl. afc playoffs right now. new england leads kansas city 14-6 at the half. steelers and broncos play tonight right where you are on wyff 4.
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and the four day plus? chris: a light wintry mix. a rain-snow thing. maybe a dusting across the upstate. maybe a half inch in some areas. patrick: "nbc nightly news" isd next. we will see you after the game. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is r caption cont >> this is a wyff news 4 editorial. speaking is the president and general manager. >> this begins the countries observing the holiday that recognizes the light and legacy of martin luther king jr.. when the king holiday was established nationally and across the country, it was designed as a reminder that dr. king's dream lives on, based on the concept of equality ending the call races and people.
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are talking about his continuing challenge to us all. they are holding a variety of events that honor his legacy. from prayer breakfast, college fairs, and committed e-service, lives are being impacted this weekend. that is the great thing about this holiday. it stands for a concept that still rings true, 48 years after dr. king's death. stand up to your beliefs. reject your neighbors in love -- reach out to your neighbors in love and understanding. create a positive difference for those around you. we should pause to reflect on what dr. king stood for and accept the challenge for our generation. that is what the king holidays about, living the dream and
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on this saturday night, americans freed. americans released in a prison swap as an historic nuclear deal takes effect. fighting words. donald trump with a blistering new attack on ted cruz while the democrats get set for tomorrow's crucial debate before the iowa caucuses. terror attack, the deadly siege of a hotel in west africa
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