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tv   WYFF News 4 11pm  NBC  January 17, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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wyff news 4's chris justus is in our weather center right now, tracking the latest. and chris, how cold are we talking? chris: it will be very cold, coldest of the season so far. an arctic invasion coming from canada. the pink is frigid temperatures. we have not seen the coldest, that arise overnight into tomorrow. it is cold out there. 29 in asheville, 30 in hendersonville. the pink indicates teens in the valleys. getting cold and it will get colder. the wind added -- added insult to injury, 15 miles per hour in the asheville area. the wind chill, 18 degrees in asheville. due to the wind in the mountains, the national weather service issued a wind chill advisory. it will feel as low as -10 degrees by tomorrow morning and portions of the mountains. be careful, care for your pets overnight.
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asheville but it will feel like negative four-negative five. 29 in greenville, 26 in spartanburg. it will be cold in the mountains, single digits towards the high country near boone. more on the forecast, and the frigidaire coming our way, in a few minutes.-- and the frigid air coming in our way, in a few minutes. mike: commitment 2016 corage now, the democrats have just wrapped up after a two-hour debate, for the first time here in south carolina. wyff news 4's patrick hussion is live in charleston now. patrick? patrick: the people are starting to spill out of the center. when we came into tonight, two of the democratic candidates had been sparring in recent weeks. one was not sure if he would be invited to the debate. when we got here, you may remember last time we saw you, big groups of supporters were chanting and cheering for hours out here in front of the center.
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senator bernie sanders, and martin o'malley brought the sparring to the stage. it did not disappoint. this is days before the iowa caucus. >> there needs to be a concerted effort to address the systemic racism in our criminal justice system. one out of three african-american men may end up going to prison. that's the statistic. i want people here to think what we would be doing if it were one in three white men. >> in other debates, i've heard you bring up you bring up , president obama in defense of the fact of your cozy relationship with wall street. in an earlier debate, i heard you bring up the 9/11 victims to defend it. the truth of the matter is, secretary clinton, you did not go as far as reining in wall street as i would. and the fact of the matter is that the people of america deserve to have a president that is on their side, protecting the main street
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vulternable as today. >> our first priority must be the destruction of isis. our second priority must be getting rid of a sod through -- assad and working with the iran and russia. the immediate task is to bring all interest together who want to destroy isis, including russia and iran and our muslim allies. patrick: i will say it again, the first primary is a couple weeks out. accordin new poll, senator sanders is leading hillary clinton in the polls in iowa. the vermont senator is also leading in new hampshire. now, after tonight, we will have to see how this night in the low country plays out on the national stage. live in charleston, patrick hussion, wyff news 4.
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new tonight in anderson county, officials there are on the case of human remains, found spread out in a wooded area. the deputy coroner tells us the remains were found near the intersection of river and mcneely roads, around 5:00 tonight. he says the remains may have been there for as long as a year. investigators say, because of their condition, there is no way to determine the age, gender, or race of the remains. authorities will continue their on-scene investigation tomorrow morning. new information on a fatal crash in anderson county. we now know the name of the victim. authorities say 42-year-old stephen l. christenbury was pronounced dead at the scene this afternono. troopers say the crash happened at the intersection of smith mcgee road and good hope church road. authorities say it was the third fatal crash in southern anderson county in just 24 hours. right now, crews are undergoing a massive search for 12 missing marines. a 22-year-old from spartanburg county was with one of the crews that disappeared. wyff news 4's corey davis, with how people are remembering the
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marines. corey: the principal at woodruff high school says just over 800 students attend the school. he says they're like a big family. they all know each other, and he says staff members haven't forgotten sempler. the principal says sempler had a quiet personality in school, and said in part, quote, "he possessed a quick and witty sense of humor. he was a young man who thought of others before thinking about himself. we are grieved by the news of the accident, but remember him warmly, and with great pride." officials say sempler and 11 other marines were traveling in two helicopters during a nighttime training mission thursday. off the shore of the hawaiian island of oahu. consistent with a military aircraft. it has been in various shapes. planes are being used to find the missing service members. right now, crews are battling rough weather and pounding
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>> we are just here to be brave. corey: meanwhile, people who live nearby are holding candlelight vigils for the marines, hoping for answers, just like family and friends here at home. corey davis, wyff news 4, in woodruff. mike: the panthers are advancing to the nfc championsnsp after today's victory at home. we begin our team coverage now with wyff news 4's marc dopher. marc? marc: the panthers squaring off against a familiar foe. carolina and seattle playing for the second time this season, facing off in the playoffs for the second consecutive season. a raucous crowd at bank of america stadium. that crowd had plenty to cheer for early. jonathan stewart rips off a 59-yard run on the first play of the game. carolina quickly turns it into points. stewart scored the first of his two touchdowns just three plays later. first seattle possession, and disaster for the defending nfc champs. luke kuechly with the pick. it goes for 6. seattle is barely off the bus, and they are down 14-0.
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lead. wilson would rally his troops in the second half. a pair of touchdowns to tyler lockett helps seattle climb back in this game. carolina clinging to a 7-point lead when the seahawks go for the onside kick. the veteran thomas davis makes a great play on the ball to secure the panthers win. a few nervous moments in charlotte, but the panthers take care of the seahawks, 31-24. carolina advances to the nfc championship game for the first time in more than a decade. wyff news 4 sports' brad fralick has more now, from charlotte. brad: what a game by the panthers. talk about a tale of two halves. 31 unanswered points in the first half, out to a huge lead. then 24 unanswered by seattle in the second half. ron rivera said that is what great quarterbacks do. he got his team back in the game . but the panthers hung on. >> everything you work for, it is part of our vision. we have not accomplished what we
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we played good teams along the way. seattle is one of them. they have been the watermark in the and a see. we had an opportunity, and we won. now comes the next one, arizona. they are the two seed for a reason. they have a good coach and a dynamic quarterback. they have some playmakers as we saw last night. they have an aggressive defense. this is a great team. brad: the panthers advanced to the anna c championship for the firs since 2005. this is the first time carolina has hosted an nfc championship. they will have the car -- the cardinals at 6:40 kickoff. mike: thanks, guys. panthers fans savored the victory at hickory tavern in spartanburg county. ticket look. many fans wore jerseys of their favorite players, and watched the game on the big screen. fans always show up here to watch the panthers hit the field. the general manager says a winning record means a lot for the business. >> generally, a lot better and more steady sundays.
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enjoying the panthers games, sticking around for the whole games. mike: he's hoping panthers fans will have a reason to cheer on superbowl sunday, as well. the restaurantntill have extra food and staff if the team makes it to the big game. when we come back, covering the world. more on diplomatic relations between the u.s. and iran following a prisoner exchange. chris: look at how low the temperatures go. teens in the mountains, 20 in the upstate. check on your neighbors and take care of your pets.
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mike: covering the world tonight, iran's president, hassan rouhani, says the nuclear deal with six world powers is a win-win for everyone. three of the americans freed in a prisoner exchange with iran traveled to europe today. nbc's ali arouzi reports from tehran, on the state of diplomatic relations between the u.s. and iran. ali: at least three of the dual-national prisoners released by iran have now left the country. this is the culmination of a long diplomatic process between america and iran, a diplomatic process that started with the nuclear deal. >> in the nuclear deal, no party
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iranian nation has won. nobody was beaten in the nuclear deal, neither inside the country, nor among the countries that negotiated with us. ali: a few years ago, it would have been unthinkable for iran and america to be talking directly to each other. but the direct talks have resulted in a nuclear deal, the release of american-iranian prisoners, and avoiding of tensions on the high seas, and another hostage situation, when the u.s. navy sailors accidentally drifted into iranian territorial waters. now, this has been a long process since the nuclear negotiations started. the two sides have warmed relations, but we also havavto be cautious of the fact that iran and america have very different strategic interests in the region, and beyond. they don't see eye to eye on many issues, but they have started talking. a step in the right direction, but still, a long way to go. as we've seen today, president obama imposed new sanctions on iran over its missile program,
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establishment. now, iran and america may be enemies, but at least they're enemies that are talking instead of fighting. ali arouzi, nbc news, tehran. chris: an arctic front with brutally cold temperatures moving in. along the front, snowfall in the north carolina mountains. not a lot, blowing snow with high winds up there. it is snowing.
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>> now, your live super doppler 4 hd weather forecast. chris: a cold night taking shape in greenville. we are not that coco right now. relatively speaking. 36 degrees. the low for tonight in the high tomorrow with makes this seem comfortable. brutally cold for the next 48-hour's. but live super doppler picked up on light rain across the upstate earlier this morning. snow in the mountains, and in georgia to. we have more snow moving in. this is light snow showers, enough to coat the ground with a dusting. it will be windy out there. this for marshall, madison county, buncombe county, as far south as hendersonville, abbeville.
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it will be cold with the arctic front. 23 in boone. you see some cake in there, that is the teens showing up on the temperature map. 29 in asheville, 36 in greenville. overnight, it will get colder. factor in the wind, it feels worse. 18 in asheville, eight above zero in boone. the windchill forecast is the part that will hurt right here. headed overnight, and first thing tomorrow morning, windy combined with low temperatures. it will feel like negative two or negative three in hendersonville, 15 below zero in boone, dangerously cold. look after your pets and your neighbors with this kind of chill. in the upstate, 15-18 degrees first thing tomorrow morning. thank goodness the kids are not in school with the holidays. the bus stop would be brutal. by noon tomorrow, it will feel like the 20's and 30's across the upstate, five-seven degrees
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asheville-hendersonville area. your thermometer tonight will read 29 in greenville, 13 in asheville, 15 in hendersonville. tomorrow, loads of sunshine. temperatures will struggle to get out of the 30's. a high of maybe 40 i-4 :00. 30's. high 38. in anderson, topping up in the low 40's, cooling down to the 30's by the time the sun sets. in asheville, topping out in the upper 20's for highs. quickly plummeting into the teens by 10:00 tomorrow. teens widespread across the mountains tomorrow night. the high tomorrow will be in the 30's, by the time we get to fork -- 4:00 or 5:00, cold air filtering in. it does that all day. on the future plus, temperatures cold across the entire east coast for the early part of the work week. the coldest day will be tuesday. we start off in the teens in the upstate, warming into the 30's
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that stays with us wednesday into thursday. that sets the stage for the next system. the european model doing well with systems lately. i will show you that one. here comes the low. here is the freezing line in the white. we are south of the freezing line. what follows on friday will be rain. the track of the low is everything. because it is going from the northern part of alabama and mississippi over to us, and looks like rain. on the backside of it, it a change over to snow in the mountains. by the time the cold air arrives, it moves north. this looks like a good snowstorm for virginia, washington, dc, maryland, new york. they could get several inches as it moves up the coast. at home, we will watch it closely for changes with a track. the for-day plus, loads of sunshine over the next two days. high in the upper 30's to around 40. brutally cold in the mountains,
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tuesday. not above freezing until wednesday afternoon in the mountains. the rain-snow makes possible thursday night into friday. it will be frigid. mike: two deadly storms in florida. this afternoon, florida's governor toured the damage left behind by a tornado in siesta key. that's southwest of sarasota. the national weather service confirms that an ef-2 tornado, packing winds of up to 132 miles per hour, hit that area early this morning. at least 45 homes were damaged. >> now, wyff news 4 sports. >> here is a hand off to touisant. the ball is fumbled, it is on the ground, and recovered by ware. marc: denver dials up some d, and snags the final spot in next weekend's conference championship games. peyton manning didn't look like the peyton manning of old, but it was good enough to get the broncos to the afc title game, and schedule a showdown with tom brady and the new england patriots. the seattle seahawks ended the carolina panthers season a year ago. today, the panthers turned the table on the two-time defending nfc champs, and sending them
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the nfl draft. if there is a better start to a playoff game, i'd like someone to show it to me. first play from scrimmage, jonathan stewart rips off a 59-yard run. stewart's first action in four games results in the longest rushing play of the season for carolina. later, and the panthers have a quick 7-0 lead. time for some d. russell wilson, picked by luke kuechly. the all-pro linebacker registers the first postseason pick 6 in franchise history. 14-0 panthers after 1. second quarter, carolina keeps coming. stewart skies for the score, and it's 21-0 carolina. 24-0 when cam newton goes to the air. great catch by greg olsen gives the panthers a 31-0 lead at the half. seattle is the two-time defending nfc champs for a reason. seahawks show some fight in the second half. russell wilson hits tyler lockett for his second touchdown of the day. seattle trims carolina's lead to
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only a minute to play. there is thomas davis, to secure the win for the panthers. carolina beats seattle, 31-24. the panthers advance to the nfc championship game for the fourth time in franchise history. america stadium. brad: this game looked like a blowout at halftime. 30 mine-zero by the panthers. stewart with a huge first half. the offense got conservative and seattle got back into it, but cam newton thankful they hung on. they are one win away from the super bowl. >> the determination, the vibe you get, we are putting ourselves in a great position to do something that hasn't been done herit is a family culture that we have, from coaches all the way down, from management to the players. to see it come to fruition and winning big football games, means a lot.
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to see the fruits of our labor. we have to continue to keep fighting, clean some things up. we can do better than we did in the second half. everything, we have to understand the situation. >> we want to take advantage of the opportunities. they don't come around often. it has been 10 years. the second nfc championship game i have played in. they are hard to get to. you have to take advantage of the chances. brad: four teams remaining, the panthers and the cardinals, arizona the number two seed in the end of cn the number two seed for a reason. they will battle next sunday for the right to go to the super bowl on the west coast. in charlotte, brad fralick, wyff news 4 sports. marc: thanks, brad. here's the schedule for next sunday's conference championship games. new england is at denver, then arizona at carolina. a homecoming of sorts for the cardinals. about 20% of their roster has ties to the carolinas. the winners of these two games meet february 7th in super bowl 50. the south carolina basketball
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undefeated teams in division 1 women's basketball. dawn staley's gamecocks, a perfect 16-0 heading into today's game against texas a&m. a top 25 tilt at the colonial life arena, 15th-ranked a&m taking on second-ranked south carolina. this one was a naiaiiter. khadijah sessions makes a free throw to give usc a 2-point lead. a&m has to go the length of the court to have a chance to tie or win. that's exactly what they do. quick layup ties it at 58. but here's the problem. a mental mistake, texas a&m fouls sessions with no reason to do so. sessions misses the first, but drains the second. aggies out of luck at the end of this one. a'ja wilson breaks up the pass on the final play of the game. she scores 26, as south carolina survives a scare from texas a&m. gamecocks win it, 59-58. >> we will continue to get everybody's last.
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best. i think sometimes come although we have been in this position for the past two years, it catches this team off guard a little bit. but it doesn't unnerve them. they understand what they have to do to executetend come back and win basketball games. marc: one of the best weeks in the history of clemson sketball comes to a close, with the college basketball world taking note of t t tigers. clemson claiming three consecutive wins over top 25 teams for first time in program history. that got leading scorer jaron blossomgame a live interview on "sports center," and it also earned him some hardware. blossomgame earned the capital one impact performance of the week after scoring 25 points against 8th ranked miami. he says the tigers' recent upswing comes down to one thing. >> the leadership from the older guys has taken hold. guys like jordan and myself, we ve been through the battles. we know what it takes to win in these tough moments. we have to rally the troops. the coat got a technical foul. we could have quit but the older , guys rallied the troops, and
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marc: the tigers have another top 25 tilt on tuesday. clemson plays at 13th ranked virginia in 48 hours. virginia it lose tonight, so maybe they are back on their heels a moment. the nsa tickets went on sale tonight at 7:00, sold out in three minutes. mike: unreal. marc: a lot of people try to get the tickets. mike: a hot ticket. thanks, marc.
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marco rubio. he ran for senate saying he opposed amnesty... then he flipped, and worked with liberal chuck schumer to co-author the path to citizenship bill. he threatened to vote against it. and then voted for it. he supported his own dream act and then he abandoned it. marco rubio. just another washington politician you can't trust. jeb bush. he's a leader, so you always know where he stands. right to rise usa
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mike: dangerously cold? neighbors. we are talking about the mountains not being above freezing for three days. look at your pipes, because with that cold, you will have some trouble with that. 19 in thth upstate tuesday morning am a 38 the high in the mountains, 10, than 28. rain-flurry action going on the mountains wednesday. this system thursday and friday looks to be mainly rain. a track difference this time of year of 50 miles could be a didierence in rain and snow in our area.
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marc: i'm claiming victory. i have teams on the verge of a super bowl, you are talking about wind chills. i am claiming the victory. chris: it warms up by sunday when the panthers play. mike: thanks for watching. have a greatight. we will see you back here in a few hours. [captioning performed by the national captioning institwhich is responsible for its caption contsi wow, you changed my old bedroom. with a little help from a havertys designer. he helped us, uh...reinvent the whole space. and it is perfect. i'm sure it was perfect then too, because you're perfect. yeah, i was perfect. no mom, you're grounded! it's's better now. well, my design sense is ever-evolving, so... update your space and take up to one-thousand dollars off your purchase at havertys.
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>> today on "matter of fact" -- one of the most powerful women in america has a new mission. leader pelosi: we will have a democratic majority. the question is, will we have it in one year. >> can nancy pelosi take back control of the house? and, the truth behind the donald trump phenomenon.. >> they really don't know what to do. they're in full panic mode. >> should we have seen this coming? >> americans do not want politics as usual. >> how to win the african-american vote. fernando: welcome to "matter o o fact." i'm fernando espuelas. president obama: that's the
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fernando: president obama laid
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