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worst as they wait for closure. >> like martin luther king said, it is time to wake up, people. carol: a woman among the victims of the charleston church massacre observes martin luther king day. michael: we begin with the cold weather. carol: john cessarich is tracking the forecast. john, how cold is it go get? john: possibly single digits. not even the wind chills, late tonight in the mountains. teens, mid-to-upper teens in the upstate. then, we are talking about wind chill advisories from now until noon tomorinof carolina. wind chills as low as -20 degrees. dress in layers, protect your skin. -20 is the high peaks around 5000 feet. there the north georgia mountains, negative 10-negative five wind chills later tonight
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the windchill warning goes until 10:00 a.m. on tuesday. the winds will be fairly light outside the mountains. look at the wind chills already. 16 a gainesville, four in hendersonville. four in boone. eight degrees the windchill currently in downtown asheville. dangerously cold temperatures and wind chills will set the stage for a series of storms coming in this week. we may be cold enough to see a little frozen stuff. more about that later on. carol: a traffic note for you, a -- traffic moving again in oconee county after a three car crash shut down both northbound lanes of i-85. the wreck happened right near the georgia border. a medical helicopter had to take one person to the hospital. no word yet on the severity of injuries. happening now, the search continues for a marine from the upstate. 22-year-old sergeant jeffrey sempler, who is from woodruff, is one of 12 marines missing tonight. michael: the military says two helicopters collided last week off the coast of hawaii, during a training exercise on thursday.
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his hometown today. carol: as wyff news 4's gabrielle komorowski reports, family members fear the worst, as they wait for answers. >> father, we come this morning confessing, we have more questions than answers. gabrielle: they huddled together on this cold day outside of woodruff city hall, praying for jeffrey sempler >> i want everybody in the world to know what a great kid he was. and that's why i'm here right now, that's why i'm talking to you. gabrielle: sempler's grandfather says his grandson loved his country, and always wanted totoe a marine. jeffrey sempler graduated from woodruff high school 4 years ago. he was only 22 years old. >> the worst thing is, he's not gonna have a future. all the things that he would have done in life, it's not gonna happen. there's gonna be a hole there. gabrielle: sempler's father, who is a woodruff police officer, and his sister also attended the vigil, but were too upset to speak on camera. friends and community members embraced them. >> one thing i can tell you
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other. gabrielle: and support each other, in the darkest of times. >> he's a marine, so he's a brother. i am off today, so i wanted to make sure that i came out today to show my support for a fellow brother. gabrielle: this community remains proud of the man jeffrey sempler had become, and mourns what could have been. >> it's gonna be hard, you know? it's gonna be hard. everybody knows it's gonna be hard. i don't care how you lose a loved one, it's gonna be hard. especially a child, a child's the worst. gabrielle: now leaning on each other, as they wait for closure. gabrielle komorowski, wyff news 4, woodruff. michael: late this afternoon, authorities searching off hawaii said they found three life rafts that had been carried aboard the helicopters that crashed. carol: the coast guard said some were inflated, but it was unclear how they became inflated. the cause of the crash is not yet known. michael: a woman whose mother was killed in the charleston church massacre last summer spoke today in the upstate. carol: sharon risher helped honor dr. martin luther king by addressing the problem of gun violence in this country.
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college, and wyff news 4's tim waller was there. tim: michael and carol, risher's mother, ethel lance, was among the 9 who were killed last june at mother emanuel church in charleston. today, risher was the featured speaker at limestone college in gaffney, and she shared with the audience the horror of that day. risher, who lives in texas, received a phone call from a church member that night, who told her her mother was among the 9 people killed. today, risher condemned that shooting, and others across the country. >> when we're in a place where shootings and killings with guns , or by whatever means, is a nonoal thing, something is wrong. when a person's life is not sacred, where the police shoot and ask questions later, for me, right now, king's dreams are
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tim: risher encouraged college students to exercise their right to vote, and to help make changes for the better. earlier this month, when president obama announced tighter gun controls through his executive order, risher sat 5 rows away from the president, in the east wing of the white house. carol: tim, thank you. at the sterling community center, more than 100 members of the community came to eat breakfast, remember martin luther king, jr., and listen to eunice coakley guyton speak. coakley-guyton is the sister of one of the emanuel nine, the reverend myra thompson. she also met dr. king as a freshman in college, and he chose her to participate in a sit-in. the folks at sterling took the time to remember the emanuel ame church victims, and talk about love and non-violence, principles king stood for. >> he spent time telling us, and explaining to us, what nonviolence was all about. and based on what he taught us, i knew it had to be true because that's what mother emanuel
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carol: this marks the 22nd year for the doctor martin luther king junior unity sportrt breakfast program. michael: the democratic candidates spoke at king day in columbia. senator bernie sanders and governor martin o'malley marched to the capitol steps. hillary clinton joined the program there. >> how wonderful it is to be here together, without the confederate flag overhead. >> when we think about dr. king's vision, what dr. king said is, we have got to combat racism, but we have also got to combat income and wealth inequality. >> injustice does not solve itself. we must solve it. we must make good on the promise of equal opportunity and equal justice for all.
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last night, the three candidates took to the debate stage and charleston. carol: the legacy of dr. king brought furman university students to the cancer survivor's park in greenville. as part of the mlk day of service, students in the greek system cleared away debris from the boardwalk, and along the river. students say they wanted to spend the day helping others, as dr. king asked citizens to do. >> he preaches, be kind to others, come out together with your brothers and sisters. i think that shows the best with us coming together and helping out our community and showing everyone that we want to help out. >> mlk day of service is important to me because despite our religious, cultural and other upbringings, we can all come together and set one common goal of making greenville better. carol: the cleanup comes in time for a grand opening of the park, which provides cancer survivors a place to reflect, heal, and hope. the coroner released the name of the man whose remains were found in a wooded area this weekend. he says 46-year-old gary burton was reported missing in august by his estranged wife. but that his body was likely
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the serial number on an implanted defibrilator helped investigators identify him. anderson county officials say a young man on a four-wheeler discovered the bones yesterday on his family's property on mcneely road. an anthropologist with the spartanburg county coroner's office assisted investigators with the case. michael: still to come, the story of an experienced skydiver in north carolina who was killed over the weekend. the investigation into what went wrong. carol: and, tickets to t panthers playoff game went fast saturday night. what the tickets cost. john: a live shot over like hartwell -- lake hartwell, a strong west wind gusting up to 25 miles per hour. the windchill, , degrees and going down.
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michael: a founding member of the eagles has died. glenn frey passed away. he was 67. he had recently been struggling with rheumatoid arthritis and pneumonia. he cowrote and sang many huge hit including "take it easy, cold "tequila sunrise." carol: the greenville news reports most cash seized by the police is the only way the county can pay for air services. the sheriff's office says to helicopters and a cessna airplane are critical to public safety. michael: the investigation goes on into a skydiving accident that happened saturday afternoon in franklin.
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he was licensed and had more than 1800 jumps to his credit. he jumped nearly every weekend. >> we want to give them what they dreamed up before dollar signs came into play. carol: it's a chance for a dream wedding for a member of the military. it will take place at an historic greenville home. the entire event, all free. john: extremely cold arctic air sweeps across warm waters of lake erie or lake ontario. very heavy snow showers, visibility down to zero, whiteout a aund ceric use with winds gusting up to 30 miles per hour.
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the panthers head to the n-f-c michael: the panthers head to the nfc championship playoffs after their 31-24 win over the seattle seahawks last night,
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they sold out in just three minutes. fans paid anywhere from $123 to $260 before taxes and fees. the panthers said fans could buy up to six tickets east -- eight. tickets sold last month were also grabbed in minutes. more on the panthers prep for the playoffs, and what new toy coach ron rivera banned today from bank of america stadium, carol: if you know a member of the military who is engaged, there is an opportunity for him or her to have a dream wedding for free. upstate warrior solution will throw the free wedding at the historic wilkins house in greenville. right now, the house is still being renovated. the wedding will take place july 4th weekend. the flowers, food, music, and dress will all be provided by local vendors, as a way to say thank you. >> i really want them to know that the community is rallying around them. greenville is a great place, especially for military people. it's very patriotic, so i really want them
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supports them. carol: to be eligible, applicants must be post-9/11 combat veterans who were honorably discharged, and they need to have been engaged before january 1 of this year. to apply, we've posted a link in the story on michael: only a few hours left to take advantage of ice on main in downtown greenville. certainly cold enough tonight. the rink is open until 9:00 tonight. you can find it in front of the courtyard marriott hotel. $10 for adults, $8 for kids. yes that includes your skate , rental. >> now, your live super doppler 4 hd weather forecast. john: arctic high pressure building and across the area making for night as far as cold temperatures. wind chill advisory for the mountains of north carolina from now until noon tomorrow.
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-20 about five thousand feet. dangerously cold in the mountains and north georgia. wind chill advisory from now until 10:00 tomorrow morning, to 10 -- 10-to get a five degrees. we warmed up to 39 degrees at the greenville airport. the average is 52. 18 this morning at the asheville airport, warming up to 28 degrees. we should be in the upper 40's. a live shot from on top of paris mountain, downtown greenville, a beautiful shot. clear and cold outside. look at the temperatures. 33, barely above freezing in greenville. 32 in spartanburg, 31 in gaffney , 30 five in union and laurens, 34 in anderson, pickens, and walhalla. 37 in abbeville.
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asheville, 13 in boone. factor in the wind, and we have the wind in certain areas west-northwest and gusty. the windchill feels like 19 in toccoa, 16 in gainesville, 20 three in anderson, 26 in spartanburg and laurens. single digits in the mountains in boone, asheville, and hendersonville. wind chill 16 in rutherfordton. humidity very low, current temperature 19 in bristol, 38 in florence, barely above freezing in atlanta. these are actual temperatures. 13 in cincinnati, 55 in orlando, and in miami, 61. lake effect snows, extremely heavy snow. a piece of energy coming out of the southern rockiesl slide in our direction into the middle of the week. current temperature, negative two in international falls, minnesota.
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four degrees in chicago. 55 in orlando. 23 in boston. arctic high dominates the eastern half of the country, including us. here is the low at the surface. a storm in the upper atmosphere, through tomorrow, lots of sunshine but unseasonably cold air across the area. that cold air is heavy. it will be locked in and backed up against the mountains across the area. here comes the storm system tomorrow. high pressure locked in. watch what happens as it comes in late in the day. we could be cold enough to see light snow, even outside the mountains in the upstate. it may mix with sleet or freezing rain, mainly just snow for the mountains. it looks like light precipitation but we will keep you updated on that. clear and cold tonight, low 17 in the upstate, 10 degrees and single digits with wind chills below zero in the mountains.
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greenville tomorrow, high 38. not much of a warm-up. barely above freezing at lunchtime. in the mountains tomorrow, sunny and cold with the breeze out of the northwest, not as windy yesterday. high 26. very cold tomorrow, cold tomorrow night. cold air locked in. on wednesday, the storm system will come in on wednesday. expect maybe light snow possible in the upstate, mixed with sleet or rain. light snow likely in the mountains, light accumulation. that could change. very unsettled thursday, friday, and saturday morning. we could see snow showers across the area. windy conditions. now back to you. carol: thanks, john. michael: if you want to a declare for the nfl draft, do it today. ricardo: the clemson defense had
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we will tell you if tankersley is staying or going. a special victory for josh norman periods we will explain
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>> now, wyff news 4 sports. >> it doesn't matter. we will keep doing what we do. next week there will be a lot of , people switching their votes. but, we don't need that either. we're just going to come out here and keep on having fun with each other. ricardo: a special victory sunday for josh norman. the panthers cornerback dedicated the win to his childhood friend from greenwood, andre day, who died last week after a five-year battle with cancer.
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to help with day's hospital expenses. "don't bring your hoverboard to work." the declaration handed down by ron rivera today. the panthers head coach banning the scooters from the team's facility, after recently catching a couple of players racing them in the hallways of bank of america stadium. rivera doesn't want to see his players get injured before sunday's nfc championship game against arizona. >> they have tremendous tools, tremendous weapons. a good offensive line. they have playmakers and an aggressive style on defense. that is will we just played. we will play the same description. a great quarterback, playmakers around them. a good offensive line and aggressive defense. that is what it is from here on out. ricardo: panthers hosting their first nfc title game this sunday. the deadline for underclassmen to file for the nfl draft is today. so far, five clemson defensive players have declared for the draft, and the number will stay at 5. today, cornerback cordrea
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returning for his senior campaign. the tigers corner led the team in interceptions this past season, on his way to second team all-a-a honors. with tankersley, clemson will have four starters back on defense next season. citadel head coach mike houston has agreed to become the new head coach a james madison. james madison announcing this afternoon. houston spent two seasons in charleston, leading the bulldogs to a share of the southern conference title this season, as well as an upset victory over south carolina. for the first time in program history, the clemson men's basketball team has scored three consecutive wins over top-25 teams. and jaron blossomgame a big part of the reason the tigers are off to a 5-1 start. the junior today named atlantic coast conference player of the week, blossomgame averaging 21 points in wins over do get miami. the tigers go for a fourth straight win over a ranked foe, tomorrow night at 13th ranked virginia at 8:00. the south carolina men rebounded
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the gamecocks, going from 19 to 24 in the ap. south carolina faces ole miss tomorrow night at 7:00. another note, the swamp rabbits beat the atlantic lead heaters today. -- laddie acres today. michael: a cold week this week. john: i am thinking of tape -- taking some time off. carol: no, you're not. john: dangerously cold in the mountains, very cold tomorrow. very active weather pattern, we could see maybe light snow come wednesday afternoon. we will keep you updated. carol: we will see you at 11:00. [captioning performed by the
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