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gabrielle: and you say, brrr. and john, more cold temperatures behind you? john i kind of like that brrr in stereo. tonight, no problems. increasing clouds overnight. tomorrow morning, probably we are done with the precipitation here because the area is extremely dry. we may squeeze out some flurries, maybe a brief light shower through parts oe carolina into early wednesday morning. then, bit of a break. we warm up a little bit. but here comes the batch of light snow with sleet and rain mixed. it moves through the mountains quickly. this is 5:00 tomorrow evening. we may not see a lot of precipitation, but in the upstate, we could see rain showers mixed with sleet. not expecting a whole lot. here is where the advisories are. the best chance of snow and
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these areas in the central in southwestern mountains of north carolina back into north georgia. that is with the heaviest precipitation is, as the fast-moving system moves through the mountains it will fall apart. this area right here, 7:00 tomorrow morning, starts the winter weather advisory. 1-3 inches of snow possible mixed with sleet from time to time. sleet, maybe freezing met -- freezing rain. in the upstate, maybe a trace of accumulation, especially north of i-80 five. a few snow showers, sleet showers and rain showers scattered around the area. no big deal right now in the now back to you. nigel: the next 24 hours could get interesting for people who western north carolina and the gabrielle: myra ruiz joins us in greenville county to tell us how people are gettingmyra: here at the department of transportation maintenance center on saluda dam road, crews are ready to load up with brine, and treat the roads where
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slick. meantime their counterparts in , north carolina are also getting ready. north carolina department of transportation workers say, so far, they haven't seen much of the wicked side of winter, like this blast from the past. but crews are getting ready. >> brining is our biggest weapon to keep the roads from freezing, and to get rid of the ice, but brining doesn't work if it's raining first. myra: fortunately, the forecast is calling for snow first, and crews will be out by early morning. >> we do the main roads, like the interstates, ramps, the first priority roads. myra: this will be the first winter for the salt dome in greenville county. it's located off interstate 85 near brockman mcclimon road, and it holds about 10,000 tons of salt, to re-supply crews treating the roads. >> it's scary if it's icy. you know, it's just scary. myra: d.o.t. crews for greenville, spartanburg, oconee, and pickens counties say they'll load up and head closer to the
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wednesday morning. meantime, some drivers say, don't let the salt-treated roads give you a false sense of security. >> there are probabay going to be pretty crazy drivers out on the road. >> watch your mirrors. watch what's happening around you, myra: coming up at 6:00, we'll hear from some people who are accustomed to driving in winter weather. have some good tips. myra ruiz, wyff news 4, live in greenville county. nigel: thank you, myra. parents, but so far, education hasn't been a big talker in the race for president yet. gabrielle: our nikole killion explains why, in our latest installment of commitment 2016's "8 issues, 8 weeks." nikole: with concerns from terror to the economy dominating headlines, education is still at the head of the class for many voters. >> historically, education has been a really important issue. nikole: policy expert rick hess,
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>> people care about social security, they care about healthcare, about roads and bridges, and obviously, they care a lot about schools and colleges. but how much they focus on these things really depends on how the election plays out. >> when we look at data on how satisfied people are with public schools, they tend to assign quite favorable ratings to their schools in their local community, even as they express concern with schools nationally. nikole: topping the list of concerns, the cost of higher education, charter schools, and controversial academic standards like common core. >> republicans are hugely concerned about obama-era overreach. democrats have generally been lukewarm on it, or split over it. >> let me sign this bill. nikole: somethininelse to watch, the re-write of no child left behind, signed into law by president obama this past winter. >> that really should be where the conversation about education policy is taking place in the 2016 election cycle.
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poll finds education only ranks in the single digits as the most important issue facing the country. gabrielle: governor nikki haley was in the upstate today, to celebrate one of the largest investments in south carolina history. wyff news 4's mike mccormick shows us where hundreds of jobs will be up for grabs. mike: this morning, governor nikki haley helped toray industries, a tokyo-based company, officially break ground on its spartanburg county home. the $1 billion investment will produce carbon fiber for companies like boeing. >> now, you're seeing carbon fiber in planes, in cars, in the olympics, everywhere. so the fact that they've invested in south carolina doesn't mean they're just going to be supplying carbon fiber to companies in south carolina. they will be supplying carbon fiber to boeing here, and boeing in washington state. they're going to be supplying carbon fiber across this country, and across the world. so we're glad they're going to be calling south carolina home.
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jobs. >> if you are someone without a job, this is a time that we need you. we've got plenty of jobs. places to train you for those jobs. how to program and maintain the robots. mike: to help companies and students, spartanburg community college has one center for advanced manufacturing and industrial technologies on its central campus, and another on its cherokee county campus. >> we work hard with them to make sure we meet their needs, as far as skill sets that are required. mike: there are only 14 of these state-of-the-art training machines in the world, and the community college has one of them. >> we're dedicated to manufacturing, and we're going to keep pushing forward. mike: state officials say the workforce, and commitments like this one from toray, will help attract even more big business. mike mccormick, wyff news 4, spartanburg county. gabrielle: if you're interested in one of the jobs at toray, look for the link in the story on
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gabrielle: coming up, remembering a rock and roll legend, we take a look at the life and career of the late eagles frontman glenn frey. aly: 4 chefs chosen right here in south carolina, only one in the upstate. well tell you about
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governor, coming up. nigel: now to an outpouring of support following the shocking death of eagles co-founder, glenn frey. the 67-year-old music legend died yesterday in new york city. gabrielle: the band says, for the past several weeks, frey had rheumatoid arthritis pneumonia, nbc's carson daly has more. >> take it easy carson: glenn frey's talent struck a chord with generations of fans in his career spanning more than four decades. the detroit native moved to california as a young aspiring musician, and hit it off with a drummer named don henley in 1970. >> from the first rehearsal, i felt like we were working on a style of music none of us had ever heard before. carson: the two got together and formed the eagles, one of the greatest songwriting teams of
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of country rock to take flight. >> living it up at the hotel california carson: henley credits frey for startiti it all, calling him "the spark plug, the man with the plan." the group turned the state of california into a sound, landing them five number one hits, six grammys, and 5 ama's. their popularity far outlasting them, the eagles split in 1980, which left frey flying solo. >> tell me can you feel it, the heat is on carson: he burned up the charts with several hits on his own, and pursued an acting career, which included a role on "miami vice." despite henley's famous claim that the eagles would only reunite "when hell freezes over," the group reconciled in 1994, and were inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame four years later. >> take it easy carson: henley now reflecting on his bandmate with a touching tribute, saying, quote, "he was like a brother to me. we
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families, there was some dysfunction. i'm not sure i believe in fate, but i know that crossing paths with glenn lewis frey in 1970 changed my life forever." michael: coming up at 6:00 the , death of an upstate high school student is bringing his community together, and teaching his family new lessons. >> by the time i got there, he had passed away in his sleep. that's what they are telling us. he passed away in his sleep. michael: nathan moore's parents talk about how they want their
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world tennis. allegations surfaced that the game's authorities have failed to deal with widespread match-fixing. the allegations came just as the australian open kicked off in melbourne. right now, tennis authorities are rejecting recent reports by the bbc and buzzfeed news. those reports say 16 top 50 players had been repeatedly flagged to the tennis integrity unit. this, over suspicions they had thrown matches in the past decade. the reports cite documents with the findings of an investigation that was set up in 2007. >> i think the players who have been disciplined in the past by the tennis authorities for fixing related offenses have all been right at the very bottom level, really low-ranking players. what our files show is that actually, this goes much much higher. these are players at the upper levels of the game, in the top 50. gabrielle: so far, no names have been released, but some professionals believe they should be named as soon as possiblenigel: a fire broke out on the top floor of the ritz carlton
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this morning. police blocked off the area at the height of the morning rush. firefighters worked for hours to bring the fire under control. paris police say there are no known victims. so far, no word on the full extent of the damage. the hotel has been closed for renovations for three years, and was expected to re-open in march. gabrielle: a california man, arrested more than 70 times for panhandling, has been arrested again. police say 43-year-old kevin joy, was most recently picked up at an intersection in the of fresno. joy has been cited or arrested for similar violations 11 times within the last 18 days, and over 60 times in 2015. during his arrest monday, he was caught carrying some $1800 in cash. authorities say joy has been repeatedly offered city resources to improve his situation, but has instead
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for money. now to california, and a puppy pursuit. after he high-speed chase, officers tried to track down six dogs in the suspect's car. the chase started last night when the driver failed to stop. when the car was stopped, three dogs ran out of the car and onto the freeway. police were able to wrangle the dogs. the driver is in custody, and all six dogs are being cared for by animal care services. nigel: a rare catch off the coast of southern california monday. a fisherman hooked a great white shark. he tried repeatedly to free the 6-foot baby shark, but no luck. the shark was eventually able to break free and swim away. experts say wawaer winter waters caused by el nino most likely drew the shark closer to the beach. gabrielle: a band of lake effect take a look.
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caused lots of accidents. areas east of cleveland were battered by the wintry blast. the national weather service says many locations have received as much as 6 inches of snow. forecasters predict the storm could bring snow totals up to 2 feet in some spots. >> now, your live super doppler 4 hd weather forecast. john: some places up there are downwind from lake ontario and lake erie, and they have had a couple feet of snow over the last few days. the lake effect snows are tapering off as the winds shift direction. our main focal point is out here. most of the energy will be to our north. snowing in st. louis, i-73 columbia come all the way back to kansas city and to become, could see 1-3 inches of snow. st. louis could and up with four or five inches of snow over thnight. it changes over to a winter mix, then rain through northeastern a
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the storm system will bump into the mountains. the best chance of precipitation will be in the mountains with the system. it will continue to weaken as it gets closer to us. here are the advisories and warnings that are out. notice, it does not include buncombe county. asheville could see patches of light snow and sleet tomorrow. some roads could get slick through the watches, warnings corp. -- or advisories for the upstate. the winter weather adv 7:00 tomorrow morning running through tomorrow evening . it goes until 7:00 in the morning on thursday, but mainly thursd morning, black ice in these areas. one-three inches possible in these areas, especially the heaviest snow in the southwestern mountains, charity, -- cherokee, clay, and graham county have the best chances of snow mixed with sleet from time to time.
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rain, sleet, and snow in the pink area. that is the winter storm warning. it should be 1-3 inches of snow in clayton, 1-2 inches mixed with sleet. in the upstate, north of i-85, the best chance of snow showers mixed with sleet and rain showers, rain showers mainly south of i-85. a trace accumulation, maybe a dusting through the mountains of south carolina. this woulde the northwestern upstate. a live shot over lake hartwell, a beautiful sunset. the sun went down rate about her there. little wind to speak of. the lake looks gorgeous. increasing cloudiness after midnight tonight. 16 degrees in boone, 27 in
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21 in marshall, 30 in sylva, 33 in bryson city. the air is dry. 17 in spruce pine and boone. 39 in toccoa, 37 in greenville and laurens. colbert the deep south. here comes the storm system tomorrow. here is the heaviest snow, north georgia and southwestern mountains. this is 2:30 in the afternoon. it breaks up as it makes its way east. that is wednesday evening. the system falls apart tomorrow night into thursday morning. next system, bringing rain acrosssshe area. could mix with freezing rain during the day on thursday in north carolina. we will watch it closely and keep you updated. local 23 in the upstate, 17 in the mountains. tomorrow, a few afternoon scattered snow showers, sleet showers, rain showers possible. high around 40. upper 30's to about 40, light snow developing in the mountains, maybe with sleet from time to time. high 36.
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through the end of the week into the early part of the weekend. i'm worried about friday. cold rain mixed with freezing rain through north carolina changing to snow showers friday night into saturday with a very windy condnow back to you. gabrielle: thanks, john. we will check back with you through the week. the list of 2015's most stolen computer passwords is out. splash-data, a security applications company, reviewed a -- says "123456" was once again in the top spot, and the word "password" was number two. don't use that. the words football and baseball were also popular. nigel: today, coca-cola rolled out its new ad campaigth new slogan, "taste the feeling". it will be used to advertise coca-cola, and market its other coke-branded products. those include diet coke and coke zero. the company is hoping the new
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declining sales and profits. >> who's your best friend? gabrielle: so cute. a woman in canada taught her 2-year-old border collie to give hugs to his furry best friend. she posted the video on vine laststeek. as you can imagine it's already , been viewed more than 35 million times. how sweet. aly: it is one of the biggest honors for a chef here in south carolina. one of four chos the only one here in the upstate. we will tell you about chef teryi youngblood, and show you
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the break. gabrielle: the governor recently chose four chefs for her south carolina chef ambassadors program. nigel: they willpend the next year touring southeastern events, hosting cooking demonstrations and seminars. this year, a ahef from the downtown greenville area made the list. wyff news 4's aly myles got to see this chef in action. aly: hello, everyone. i'm here with chef teryi youngblood. she is the head chef here at passerelle, and she's giving us a cooking demonstration today. talk to me about how you'll be doing a lot of this over the next year. >> the mussels passerelle is a signature mussels dish. it is the most popular mussels dish in greenville, from what i mussels. i can't blame them. they're fantastic. we start out with a little toasted garlic in the pan. in go our mussels. give it a
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in there. a little salt, some white wine, get that steamy, steamy. this is a pretty fast dish. aly: talk to me about the importance of being able to do you can do at home not always >> absolutely. mussels are one of the quickest cooking dishes, ever. so if you want to run by the store, grab mussels on the way home, grab a baguette and a little bit of white wine, you have a meal already. literally, in less than 5 minutes, as long as you have them nice and clean and ready to go to this point. you have all of your meals on plausse in front of you. pepper, diced roma tomatoes, and this is our prepared saffron cream sauce. and it has saffron, white
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vegetables, and lots of heavy cream. as soon as those mussels start to open up, you're almost there. aly: so now, i know governor haley's given you quite the honor. talk to me about what you just got chosen with. >> it's really exciting for me. i've been selected as one of four chef ambassadors for south carolina. i'll represent the upstate, and all the amazing places you can go, things you can do, farmers you can frequent, and all the amazing , wonderful south carolina products the we produce here, like split creek farms goat cheese has amazing things. greenboro farms, pork, weve got some awesome things here in south carolina. beautiful places to go, lots of restaurants to turn major heads. we win awards every day. our upstate and greenville.
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and bounds, and i feel like all we have to do is shine that light in our direction, and it's amazing. aly: there you go. she showed you how easy it is to make, but you're not going to get it quite like chef youngblood, so come on down to passerelle. nigel: young. -- yum. news 4 at 6:00 with michael and carol starts now. >> live, local, breaking news. this is wyff news 4 at 6:00 in high definition. south carolina are bracing for bad road conditions tomorrow, and drivers are also getting ready. michael: let's get you started with the weather. some of us will see snow, otherer will see rain. carol: john cessarich has a lot to talk about. a busy week ahead. round two and round three for the remainder week. i talk about those storms later. first come around one. overnight, increasing clouds
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