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tv   WYFF News 4 6pm  NBC  January 19, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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tomorrow morning, we still have the arctic air on top of us. it is dry air. the models sometimes prints too much precipitation. this may be a few scattered flurries or a brief light snow shower early wednesday morning. it moves quickly northeast. dry across most areas. this is noon. here comes the batch of snow, fairly light. it will fall apart when it moves through the mountains. that is why the best chance ofsnow and frozen precipitation will be in these areas. that is where the advisories and warnings are. not in the upstate. we will watch it closely in case of precipitation makes it through the mountains, but right now, not a strong storm system. the winter weather advisory kicks into gear in western north carolina at 7:ormorning. although the advisory goes until 7:00 thursday morning, that is because of black ice. the system will be out of your by tomorrow w ening. the heaviest snow and sleet will be in the southwestern mountains
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chances of snow. it will be mixed with sleet and maybe even 15 one hundredths of an inch of ice, freezing rain possible. in the upstate, forecasting a few scattered snow showers, sleet showers, rain showers. the best chance of frozen precipitation will be north of i-85, especially oconee county and pickens county. more about the storm system and the rest of the systems coming in later on.michael: thanks, john. we are tracking the storm system on our mobile app and radar and much more from our weather team. carol: department of transportation crews are bracing for some bad road conditions tomorrow. michael: workers spent the day making brine, and checking equipment and supplies to get ready. wyff news 4's myra ruiz is live and local in greenville county. myra? myra: d.o.t. workers in north and south carolina say it's not unusual to be busy at this time of year,
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at the maintenance center on s aluda dam road. drivers tell us they are preparing for a what -- for a rough winter ride. >> not everybody can handle the different road conditions and stuff like that. it takes just patience and common sense when you're dealing with different conditions, and of course, not everybody does that. myra: the departments of transportation in north and south carolina plan to head o and treat the roads in the morning. >> we can go out a a brine the right roads. we do the main roads like the interstates, ramps, the first priority roads, divided highways, things like that. myra: and in south carolina, d.o.t. crews in greenville, oconee, pickens, and spartanburg counties will also load up with brine and head for the mountains, >> i'm glad i'm not out there with them. myra: some people with experience on winter roads say, take your time if you have to drive. >> you've got to be more careful, and if you have a 4-wheel drive car, it doesn't slow down any quicker than a 2-wheel driver car.
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just slow down, take your time, and just enjoy it. myra: and while whatever falls might not last long, here's what one familiar face says about his recent romp in the snow. >> and i was like, this is the greatest thing in the world. shoveling snow is so much fun. and then, after about 2 hours, and i'm, like, breathing heavy,and i feel like an 80-year-old, i want to go back to greenville. myra: other reminders, make sure everything in your car is working correctly, and that your tires are properly inflated. make sure you have supplies in your car in case you get stuck, like legates, snacks, water, flashlights, and more. myra ruiz, wyff news 4, live in greenville county. michael: the coroner is responding to a house fire on ann street in pickens county. auto tire store. sky4 was soon there. this afternoon around 1:30. nothing released on the woman
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well. fire officials ask people to be careful traveling in the area. the 300 block of ann street is closed to traffic. the water used to fight the fire is freezing on the road. we will keep you up-to-date on-air and on our mobile app. carol: as we just saw, the lower the temperatures, the higher the number of house fires, and firefighters in oconee county say it is a miracle they have not had any deaths so far. wyff news 4's mandy gaither has the story. mandy: this is what's left of a home on forest drive, the homeowner so thankful her granddaughter woke up and got everyone out safely before the smoke detector had time to go off. >> this was the kitchen. mandy: the bricks and wood and most of what's inside, now chard, but what matters most survived. >> there was black smoke shooting through the floor, so i
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mandy: the smell of smoke woke taylor wilbanks. she helped her family to get to safehad the 16-year-old stayed asleep, >> it melted. mandy: the alarms may have saved their lives. >> you think you will have a lot of time, but you don't. >> the house was engulfed in flames in five minutes. mandy: in the past seven days in oconee county, five other fires have damaged or destroyed homes. the fire chief says none of those had a working ctor. week, we have been able to pinpoint or directly attribute to heating. both of those were portable heaters brought into the house that weren't normally used. mandy: the colder it gets, the more fires are expected. that's why king says they bought more smoke detectors, hoping to give them to those in need, back on forest drive, this family is thankful they had alarms, even if they didn't need them
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>> very thankful everybody is out. thankful for taylor. mandy: i'm january 30, oconee county officials and the red cr door-to-door in areas that have had fires, making sure every home has a smoke detector. mandy gaither, wyff news 4, in oconee county. michael: a patrol officer discovered the body of an 82-year-old man this morning in gaffney. the coroner says howard lee talley likely died of a medical condition. the officer found him lying on the pavement outside the driver's door of his car around 5:30. the car was parked at mccluney park. no initial signs of foul play at the scene, according to the corner. in carson suspended his campaign after a car crash involving three campaign workers in iowa. it happened this morning around 9:30. the car hit a patch of ice and flipped, then a second vehicle ran into it. one campaign worker is seriously hurt. carol: candy carson hit the campaign trail for her husband in greenville today. mrs. carson addressed the upstate republican women's cl
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>> we like getting out among the people and finding out whathink, and getting questions and also having an opportunity to put out the solutions toward the problems we have. country. this will be the first gene t it better for the next generation, and so we are trying to wake people up wherever we go around carol: mrs. carson says she loves coming to south carolina, because her father is from 96 in greenwood county. michael: election of anderson county tested voting machines today, to make sure they're good to go for the primaries next month. if you want to vote in either primary election, be sure you're registered in time. to vote in the republican primary on february 20th, so tomorrow is the last day to register. the democratic primary is february 27, so register by january 27th for that race. also, check out
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registration status or register online. >> he is definitely at peace and we know he is in heaven. michael: grieving parents have something to say. how they want him to be remembered. john: a live shot over lake hartwell as the sun goes down. 36 degrees. at least we have very little wind to speak of, so we do not have to deal with low wind chills.
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today marks one week since greer carol: today marks one week since greer high school basketball standout nathan moore died. michael: and with the cause still unkown, his family is coping the best way they know how, with faith, friends, and family.
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to find out how they want nathan to be remembered. >> the little tow-head blonde boy that just got into everything. allyson: this is how tracey moore remembers her son, nathan. >> he would do things that he should be in big trouble for, and he always found a way to charm himself out. allyson: a talented athlete, nathan brought spirit on and off the court. >> he had a personality that drew people in. everyone wanted to be around him. he was just that person that could break the ice in the room, and had everyone smiling, talking. allyson: so when nathan became ill just a week ago, it was hard to tell just how serious it was. >> you could tell he didn't feel his color was kind of bad. he had terrible allergies. 70 degrees at christmas, with things blooming. we just thought his allergies were bothering him. allyson: he went to sleep on monday night, supposed to get himself to school tuesday morning. >> his coach called me and said,
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i know he didn't feel good at not answering my text. so i tried to call hy he answers. it didn't rain. i couldn't get an answer. i went home, and he was still in the bed. >> when he called me, he was hysterical, and he said, i need your help. i think nathan may be dead. allyson: nathan died tuesday morning in his sleep. the cause is still unknown. >> he did have fluid in his lungs, and he said all around his chest. allyson: the sun still rises. the game he loved so much goes on, but for nathan's family, the hurt never stops. >> i want everyone to take from this how special it is to spend time with your family, and not take each other for granted. and i don't want nathan to ever be forgotten. allyson: using the life of a
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to embrace it. allyson powell, wyff news 4, in greenville. -- in greer. michael: nathan's family is autopsy to find out what caused his death. carol: they said he was planning to go to usc upstate in the fall, to be a trauma nurse. >> this is a great time. we have one of the fastest growing economies in the country.michael: the governor visits the upstate, celebrating one of the testjohn: here is around one in 10 st. louis. both cities could end up with 3-4 inches of snow. the storm system is moving our way.
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marco rubio. he ran for senate saying he opposed amnesty... then he flipped, and worked with liberal chuck schumer to co-author the path to citizenship bill. he threatened to vote against it. and then voted for it. he supported his own dream act and then he abandoned it. marco rubio. just another washington politician you can't trust. jeb bush. he's a leader, so you always know where he stands. right to rise usa
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carol: today, governor nikki haley was in the upstate, to get a japanese company one step closer to offering hundreds of jobs in spartanburg county. toray industries officials broke ground on its home along highway 290 in moore. 290 in moore. one at -- at this site, the company will produce carbon fiber materials for companies like boeing. state leaders say the site is one of the essential building blocks in south carolina's manufacturing future. if you'd like to apply for one of those jobs, look for the link in the story on michael: we have you wired into the queen city. keep pounding on the panthers livewire as the team prepares for the nfc championship. it's a collection of the latest tweets about the panthers, and fun posts from our staff. we keep it up-to-date day by day.
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just look in the right now bar. >> now, your live super doppler 4 hd weather forecast. john: clear skies, cold temperatures right now. here comes the nt system pretty quickly from the west. night tonight. some of them will dissipate as high pressure, the cold arctic a a are, remains on top of us. there is the snow from st. louis through columbia, all the way back into kansas city and topeka . watching's and warnings and advisories remained to the upwhen it bounce and the mountains -- bumps into the mountains, the heaviest precipitation should be in north georgia. not expecting a lot of freezing rain, not expecting freezing rain for western north carolina. it will event, the heaviest will be in
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graham and cherokee counties could see snow mixed with sleet. buncombe county, henderson county, transylvania county, no advisories, and we will monitor the situation in case any of its it through the mountains further east. we will see if the advisories get expanded. clayton, clarksville, you could see 1-2 inches of light snow and sleet mixed. winter storm warning goes into effect for a couple inches of h sleet. in the upstate, a few scattered snow showers, rain shosleet showoperational-- evaporational cooling. drop. the best chance of accumulation will be in the mountains of south carolina through pickens county and oconee county, where you can see a trace too maybe a
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not a strong system, not expecting much of a travel problem in the upstate. it is the mountains i'm concerned about. 16 degrees this morning at the greenville airport, 38 the high this afternoon. started off at 11 degrees at the asheville airport, but the winds made it feel below zero. 28 a live shot from downtown greenville, clear and cold. 36 in greenville, 32 in spartanburg and gaffney, 33 in union, 34 in laurens and newberry and greenwood. 36 in anderson, 38 in walhalla, 35 in pickens, 35 into collect. winds very light except for the northern and central mountains of north carolina. northwest winds at 10-15 miles per hour. cold in the deep south, 38 in columbia. all the way down into orlando, they are bundled up right now, 49 degrees in orlando.
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in tomw morning. tomorrow afternoon, the snow through western north carolina, north georgia, kind of falls apart as it moves through the mountains. this is 7:00 tomorrow evening. the low fizzles out tomorrow night into thursday morning. then, the next storm system, a much stronger system, will bring rain across the upstate through thursday afternoon. the forecast for t, cloudy and low 23 in the upstate, 17 in the mountains. tomorrow, scattered snow, sleet, and rain showers in the upstate, high 40. high in the mountains 36. active and unsettled for the remainder of the week through the early part of the weekend. we are concerned about friday, thursday night and friday in north carolina, not just in the mountains but in the upstate on thursday and friday, a cold rain could mix with h eezing rain turning to snow showers friday night into saturday. now back to you.
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brad: carolina has never hosted and nfc championship game. i will change. fans are excited, including about this guy.
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>> now, wyff news 4 sports. a north carolina man painted his car panthers colors to show his support. herbert tatum painted the car as
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fourth bout with cancer. like the panthers, he will keep pounding. great job there. the top two scoring offenses in the nfl collide in charlotte in the nfc championship game, and with arizona, it doesn't really seem surprising. but the panthers are coached by ron rivera, a defensive guy. that team was built on defense and running the football, and they are the number 1 scoring offense in the nfl. that gives you some background on how dave gettleman has constructed this football team through the draft. since ron rivera has been the head coach, the defense came first, then the running game. and now, the maturation of cam newton, and rivera said even he never thought they would be playing in a championship game as the league's best offense. >> there was an aritcle last week about defensive coaches' philosophies. and i think they quoted coach carroll on a lot of it, by being able to run the ball and playing solid defense. controlling the clock.
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but to see how explosive we have been, and the things that have happened for us, the play of our worker back, -- quarterback, i did not know that we would never be like that. it's a lot of f panthers host the nfc championship sunday. first time that has ever happened. we will have live coverage from charlotte beginning tomorrow, and a half-hour special friday night as the panthers try and get back to the super bowl. the clemson tigers will try and make it 6 acc games in a row tonight on the road at virginia. it certainly will be no easy task. virginia is ranked 13th in the country. but what clemson has done the last 2 weeks is remarkable. 5 straight acc wins, three in a row against the top 25. and brad brownell is obviously proud of how acc play has started. >> obviously, i am very proud of them, and pleased with what they are doing, and happy for them. that's what you do in coaching, is, you try to help young guys make positive memories, and certainly, we have done that the last two weeks with outstanding play. br the last time clemson won
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tonight's game tip said 8:00. the gamecocks take their 16 and 1 record on the road tonight to oxford. south carolina beat missouri oveer the weekend after its lone loss of the season to alabama. frank martin says his guys have to learn how to win league games on the road, and tonight will be a big test. >> last time we went on the road , we didn't play well. we have to play better. what we have to make sure we keep in perspective is, whether we go to-zero, one-one, 0-2, the season is not over on january 20 set -- on january 24. brad: tipped is at 7:00. carol: thanks for watching. our next newscast is at 11:00. michael: we are always on and our mobile app. carol: have a good night. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute,
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