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tv   WYFF News 4 5am  NBC  January 20, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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geoff: when i make a password i think i will remember it. allyson: i never remember mine. dale: we always change hours. allyson: then i have to do the e-mail thing where i forgot my password. geoff: our news continues. announcer: live, local, breaking news. this is wyff news 4 today in hd. geoff: it is 5:00 this morning and we are following breaking news. at least 19 people were killed in an attack at a university in pakistan. several others were wounded. police say the attack was shortly after classes started. no one has claimed responsibility for the attack. we will bring you more information. >> he always found a way to charm himself out of it. allyson: a mother remembers her
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geoff: a long-awaited restaurant is coming to greenville. when and where the cheesecake factory will open. allyson: if you are traveling up around the border there, it could be a little bit treacherous. dale: especially late morning into the early afternoon. we are seeing some action in tennessee. a wintry mix is indicated by the pink and purple colors. some snow is working its way into parts of northern carolina with heavier snow expected around lunchtime today through 2:00 or 3:00. we will see some flurries in the upstate as well by the time the kids get out of school. the authority decided to close school -- they have already decided to close some schools, anticipating the 1-3 inches of snow. georgia and north carolina and see a little bit more. that makes for slippery driving. temperatures are cold this morning in the 20's to the upper 20's and the upstate.
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mid 30's for greenville this afternoon. again, we will see flurries of snow from 1:00 on. asheville will see flurries of snow and remain cold with 35 as the high the mountains get today. mid-30's over a good bit of the upstate and 40 degrees in the piedmont. we will see more rain thursday. rain is likely on friday. allyson: thank you, dale. graham county, jackson county and swain county schools are all closed today. though they all have an optional workday today. geoff: road crews in both carolinas and georgia are preparing for the potential incoming weather system. allyson: black ice and possible snow hazards are some of the problems this can bring. the winter weather advisory runs morning. crews plan to treat the roads through the morning, but there sense of security.
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common sense when you're dealing with different conditions and of course, not everybody does that. >> you've got to be more careful if you have a four wheel drive car it does not slow down any quicker than a two wheel drive car. allyson: this is the first winter for the i-85 brockmann mclimon road. aly myles will join us live from madison county later in the morning. don't forget we have all your full forecasts, interactive radar closing, and delays on stay up today with our latest alerts. geoff: we have more school closings to tell you about because of a water main break. all district 52 schools in greenwood county will be closed. that is according to the assistant superintendent. dhec is testing the water. the schools will stay closed until the water is safe again.
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the town of ninety six. allyson: turning to the state of the state. nikki haley will give the address tonight. this is video from her address last year where she proposed cutting the state income tax and raising the gas tax to fix the roads. wyff news 4 will air the address live. we'll also stream it on our coverage begins tonight at 7:00 p.m. geoff: the upstatete deputy shot in the head in december is expected to be released from the hospital this morning. greenville county deputy dave dempsey was responding to a robbery when he was shot. investigators say he was killed when deputies returned fire. dempsey is scheduled to be morning. allyson: the coast guard has a missing marines. jeffrey sempler from
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say a couple helicopters collided during a training exercise last thursday. four life rafts were found from the helicopters. no one was on board the rafts. gef: it has been eight days since greer high school basketball standout nathan moore died. the cause still unknown. nathan became ill just a week ago and died during his sleep monday night. tracey moore remembers her son nathan as a mischievous, yet charming little boy. she says nathan brought spirit on and off the basketball court. >> i want everyone to take from this how special i i is to spend time with your family and not take each other for granted. i don't want nathan to ever be forgotten. geoff: again, the cause of death has it to be released. allyson: a woman is dead following a house fire in pickens. sky 4 was quickly over the scene this afternoon. you can see smoke pouring out of the home on ann street. this is just blocks from main street. there is no word on how the fire started. a witness on scene says she saw a small fire and then heard a loud boom. the coroner says she won't
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she also says several pets were also killed in the fire. in oconee county, five fires in seven days at homes without smoke detectors. the county fire chief charlie king says most of them started from people simply trying to stay warm. yesterday the department bought new smoke detectors to give to people in need. the chief says his department already has a long list. at a fire on forest drive in seneca on saturday a smoke to dr. -- on saturday a smoke detector might have saved the family living inside. the owner's 16-year-old granddaughter smelled the smoke and got everyone out before the detectors even went off. on january 30, oconee county is teaming up with the red cross to go door to door in areas hit by recent fires trying to make sure everyone has a working smoke detector. excitement building, over the announcement of south carolina's first cheesecake factory. allyson: haywood mall said in a statement that the restaurant will open this summer. the cheesecake factory has moree than 180 locations nationwide. it will open in the former panera bread location in haywood
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geoff: i take it you have been before? allyson: i have been to a whole have you? there was always a long wait. allyson: when he lived on the west coaoat we went there all the time. dale: my son lives in nashville and we go there. allyson: they haveve huge menu. geoff: kids want to know if there is going to be snow. dale: there will be snow, but it will not stick in the upstate. the mountains of north carolina are anticipating 1-3 inches. this will be basically a mountain-event. the mountains of georgia could see the most snow from this and will happen late morning into the afternoon. as ridiculous at our various skycams, asheville is at 22 degrees with clouds. we can see with the atmosphere, the live super doppler 4hd is digging up some light snow right now.
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bit including henderson county and buncombe county, as well as transylvania county. advisories are issued where it could get it little slippery with 1-2 inches of snow. once it reaches three inches, that is when winter advisories are issued. the mountains of georgia could see the most from this event. later this afternoon it will be slippery trying to drive across the north carolina mountains. from 1:00 and 2:00 on the upstate will see some flurries. as the kids get out of school, everybody will be excited. our future plus. it will be 1:00 on that it begins to be active. eastern georgia, raven county, and maybe northern oconee county it will continue in the mountains tonight. tomorrow, rain comes in and our future plus forecast shows it
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that will continue through friday. the mountainsnsrom north carolina might see a wintry mix during the friday morning hours. that is how the day will shape up. we will see a few flurries this afternoon. the mountains could get enough to make for tricky roads. it is cold temperatures, though and everybody needs a warm coat today. allyson: seven people were killed on south carolina roadways in just two days. geoff: a georgia lawmaker has a
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hillary clinton's pickgeoff: 12 minutes after 5:00 now. a human rights campaign has endorsed hillary clinton's presidential bid. "her fight is our fight." those are words from the nation's largest lesbian, gay bisexual and transgender rights advocacy organization. the organization said, she has stood with us and now it's our turn. allyson: just 12 days now until the first votes are cast in this presidential election year. yesterday, donald trump got the backing of a celebrity in republican politics. sarah palin endorsed donald trump. sarah palin: todd and i and a couple of our friends from alaska are lending our support
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great united states of america, donald j. trump. allyson: trump was also endured yesterday by the daughter of john wayne. election officials tested voting machines yesterday to make sure they are ready for the february primary. the want to vote, make sure you are registered in time. to vote in the republican primary on february 20, today is the last day to register. the democratic primary is february 27. so, register by january 27 for that race. also, check out for a link to check your registration status or to register online. geoff: the wait is officially over. bluebell is making a comeback. dale? dale: we will take the future
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announcer: now, your live super doppler 4 hd weather forecast. dale: 5:17 is the time right now. good morning as we look out from paris mountain. clouds are building and is 29 degrees and calm. the live super doppler 4hd is picking up some snow in western north carolina. some of this may not be reaching the ground, but when it does start to snow where you are send us the word. right now, we are expecting late morning to the earlier afternoon hours are most of the snowfall. the winter advisory has been expanded into transylvania county, henderson county through buncombe. you could see 1-2 inches of snow. the areas of pink in northern georgia will receive three inches of snow or more.
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storm warning as well. 29 in greenville and 22 in asheville. 16 degrees right now in boone. it is not as windy as yesterday, make it feel cold. here is our computer model. we start to run the future plus and it looks like late morning -early afternoon is when most of the snow will fall in the mountains. it will come down pretty quickly and then move out quickly as well. by 5:00 it is done in the upstate. we still have lingering flurries across the mountains of north carolina and georgia. that is where it will accumulate most, along the mountain tops. tomorrow we could have slippery driving conditions once again. we start to have rain coming in thursday night through friday. we will have a really heavy downpours at times and we could have a wintry mix friday in western north carolina. the upstate will just receive rain. right now, as we look at our temperatures we have teens and
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daytime highs will reach into the mid 30's to upper 30's for the upstate and mountains. this is the first event. the rain event comes in thursday night through friday and clears up by saturday. temperature-wise, most of the country has seen very cold air. it is reaching all the way down to orlando, where it is 39 degrees. for greenville, spartanburg, anderson, it will be in the mid 30's. asheville will remain cold in the 20's just reaching into the mid 30's for the afternoon. tomorrow, the rain starts later in the afternoon with rain likely friday. the upstate clears up on saturday and forms acting normal on sunday with a high of 52. the mountains will get some snow early saturday. that changes over to rain and then it will clear up on sunday. allyson: thank you, dale. two former upstate police
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this is nine months after they were fired in connection with an excessive force complaint. the e ate law enforcement division charged former honea path police officers robert shaw and josh bell with misconduct in office. the sentence for a conviction on that charge is up to 10 years in prison. sled's warranan say the men lied about the manner in which they arrested brian hatcher in november of 2014 for failure to stop for a alue light. hatcher's family told wyff 4 that his nose was broken and his jaw was shattered during the arrest. geoff: new details now on a shooting in anderson county. the sheriff's office says clint moore turned himself in yesterday. moore has been charged with attempted murder. he stands accused of shooting justin pritchett. the shooting happened at the l.a. pour house back in november. they say pritchett was the estranged husband of katlyn gottbeheat. she was arrested last week. she's been charged as an accessory after the fact to a felony. allyson: seven people have been killed on south carolina roadways in just two days. and officials with the department of public safety say most of them have one thing in common. according to a new report on the deaths, six out of the seven
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seat belts. the report also says so far this year, 22 people in cars have died on south carolina roadways. 14 of those people were not wearing seat belts. geoff: mcdowell county 911 communications has a new program , text to 911. this new service will let you not only let you call, but text 911 in an emergency. the service began yesterday. the national theme for the program is, call if you can. text, if you can't. the mother of trayvon martin sybrina fulton spoke to a crowd of students and fafalty at clemson university. some lawmakers have proposed allowing students to carry handguns. legislation to allow college students to carry pistons on campus is unpopular with some lawmakers.
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soon be available again in the southeast. beginning this week, the products will begin to be delivered to the areas seen on this map. the company's products were pulled from stores last year after a listeria outbreak. they had to lay off some employees. brad: the clemson tigers had five consecutive acc wins. that came to an end. clemson played virginia. the cavaliers simply do not lose. that gives clemson a one point advantage. her genia started to pull away in the second half. -- virginia started to pull away in the second half. mike tobey throws down the big one-handed dunk. blossomgame finished with 23 points in the game.
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rebound and then avery homes drives and get the tough shot. he got it to within two, but virginin was able to stretch it back out. 69-62. the five-game win streak comes to an end for the tigers. south carolina on the road tonight in fullness. -- in ole miss. the one-handed jam from jamaal gregory. michael carrera drives on the baseline. he gets the layup to tie the game at 66 we go into overtime. and that it is carrera again. and that is enough. south carolina goes on the road and knocks out ole miss, 77-74, the overtime final. the gamecocks are 17 and 1.
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fallon on the "tonight show" for
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>> now, your live super doppler 4 hd forecast. dale: 5:27 a time as you look out from our skycam networks. nothing going on 385 on woodruff road. light snow showing up on live super doppler four, picking it up in the atmosphere. some may not be reaching the ground, but it will. a good bibiof snow in the mountains of georgia and that is what winter storm warnings are out. winter storm weather advisories have already caused several counties to not have school in western north carolina.
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to 38 today. for the ride home for greenville-spartanburg-anderson, some flurries of snow this afternoon. for the mountains, it could be one inch to two inches of snow and higher elevations will see more. a cold and windy day today. this picture came in from gina smith from the travelers rest bass fishing team. jacob smith and daniel clark went to florida and they won first place. they had a 26.8 pound sack and their biggest bass weighing 12.1 pounds. that is like a lifetime biggest bass ever for most everybody. they were the winners. travelers rest high school, we salute you. geoff: fabulous. dale: if they had had that in high school, i would have loved high school. [laughter]
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they were holding out. dale: they may have had to put that one in, but you could get a replica made. allyson: on "the tonight show," jimmy fallon and fred armisen took turns making up lyrics to fake songs. geoff: they then interpretted what they actually mean. take a listen. >> this little boy threw a coin in the fountain. this little boy who lives in the mountain. this is little boy says he likes counting, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. [laughter] >> i know wh this is. is little boy warren beatty. >> you see where i am already. >> yeah, i'm seeing the coin round like a film canister. he's getting his films.
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