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tv   WYFF News 4 6pm  NBC  January 20, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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the ground was too warm, even though the temperature is starting to drop. the high temperature was before the precipitation came through. we added in some precipitation, mainly south of i-85. 31 in asheville and also hendersonville. in the mountainous areas, they remain under the winter weather advisory. it is from the precipitation we already have on the ground. watch out for black ice in the morning. that is round one. and then here comes round two, thursday night and into saturday. mainly a snow event, and we are talking about well over a foot of snow in the mountains of north carolina, and then one inch to three inches in part of the upstate, and we could end up to maybe 1/10 up to a quarter of
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storm, especially on the eye 85 corridor and into parts of the piedmont of north carolina. coast. going to be a real mess. chris: yes, it will start to go downhill and then get really bad on friday. let's show you these models. this one has been consistent in showing the northern part of the upstate northbound, some pretty significant ice. up to a quarter inch of ice, but you see rutherfordton, up to half an inch of ice. that will likely be pushing further south. as far as snow is concerned, most of our computer models are showing we could have upwards of six inches been eight inches, the latest showing eight inches, one showing four, the other
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we could see more. showing around one foot of snow fall. this will be a big wine and we will continue to track it for you. carol: and they are trying to figure out if there will be school tomorrow. michael: and there was a bus accident in the road, and no one was hurt, but it can show you how quickly things can go downhill. let's go to corey davis. corey: the district says it is a what happens. this is in downtown asheville, just in time for the sunset. here is a look at what is left. a little bit of sun left, not much of this sticking to the ground. the last time we saw any hours ago. now, this back and forth weather has made the district job a little bit harder, and the
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>> we were as the people around october, november, have your snow plans in place in case that were to happen. corey: district officials say they will be on the road around 4:30 for any snow that will be sticking, and they will make a decision hopefully by the 5:30 and the morning if they will have a delayed start or if they will be canceling classes altogether. carol: thank you, and we are less than an hour away from governor nikki haley's day of the state, the governor's chance to set a vision for south carolina and give lawmakers a direction for where she feels this eight should be heading. nigel robertson has more. nigel: the governor plans for
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lawmakers to stop the infighting and work together and the governor has talked about the tragedy that happened on june 17 at the church in charleston, saying it changed everything. her vision forward will include the pain of the past. the governor is going to tell lawmakers that disagreement does not have to mean division. fixing state roads and bridges will be a big issue lawmakers say they will have to face this year. last year, they could not come up with an agreement to pay for fixing the state's crumbling roads and bridges, and then came all of the floods, and we cannot forget all serious the flood damage was and the repercussions from it. lawmakers say a compromise is a must this year. but will it happen?
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to agree on what the problem is, but in the state office behind me, the big problem always arises when they tried to figure out how to pay for it. governor nikki haley and the state of the state will be tonight at 7:00. we will be here live and will carry it for you live and will have complete reaction tonight at 11:00. carol, back to you. michael: nigel, thanks. south carolina taxpayers will have to wait much longer this year to receive any refund they have coming as state tax officials have announced there will be no refunds until after march 1. tim: this is all about finding tax fraud, which is a problem here and across the country. they say it is necessary even though it is very unpopular with taxpayers. this year, no matter how early you file, south carolina tax refunds will not be issued until march. >> people are not going to like it. tim: this tax preparer got the
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tell his customers, sorry. >> a lot of the customers are depending on that money, whether to pay property tax or bills or things like that. tim: why the delay in refunds? there has been an uptick in tax fraud cases, says the south carolina department of revenue. spokeswoman ashley thomas told us we have a tax fraud pandemic. they want to make sure the tax refunds wind up in the right pockets. the news is not sitting well with the south carolina taxpayers we talked to. >> it is aggravating that we are doing taxes and doing our part, when they can give you the money whatever they want to. tim: no matter how or when you file your state taxes, and tomorrow, the revenue director will hold a news conference to explain further why state tax refunds are being delayed, and
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the former con artist who inspired the movie "catch me if you can," who will be offering tips on tax refund fraud, frank abagnale. carol: and we are live in charlotte with the carolina panthers news. ricardo: when you talk to this team, they are not talking about the game in santa clara simply because they are not there yet, the head coach saying they will not talk about this game at all, even though they are the number one seed, and they are also hosting the championship for the first time. they are not going to talk about the super bowl and that it is basically a waste of time talking about it. >> it is no good talking about that if we do not get there, so we are focusing on the next game. that is what we understand, this game is the big game, an opportunity for us to move
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first, so that is what we have to focus on is this game. ricardo: he wants to have them practice as much as they can outside leading up to that game on sunday for any possible inclement weather that could happen with the 6:40 p.m. kickoff at bank of america stadium. >> i hope that somehow that they can find a way to leave our school open. michael: fighting the idea of closing an elementary school. tonight, parents taking their concerns to the school district of pickens county. john: a live look over anderson county. temperatures in the 30's. cloudy skies with a couple of sprinkles, but a major storm
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he was rated a+ by the nra. not for his promises, but for defending the second amendment... he's a man of deep faith, who fought time and again for the right to life. he laid out a plan to destroy isis months before paris. he'll strengthen our border and use conservative principles to put washington's broken fiscal house back in order. jeb bush. he's the conservative you can trust, to fight for our beliefs. right to rise usa is responsible
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upstate district... and not everyon carol: it is a proposal that was shake up a school. michael: mandy gaither has more from pickens county. magic: it is offering -- operating at 48 percent capacity, and if the proposal goes through, the 300 students would go to other pickens area elementary schools which are also under capacity, but rebecca newman says her two children
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>> than being dispersed to area schools is only going to increase classroom sizes and make them larger, m.d. students are not going to get the help from the teachers that they are getting right now. >> we hire on a teacher to student ratio of 22.5 to one. mandy: they want to voice their concerns at the meeting. >> it will work out great. i just have to remember to take my time. michael: going home after a gunshot to the head put him in the hospital. john: precipitation moving quickly off to the east, with some light snow in raleigh,
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carol: a greenville county deputy is back at them after a gunshot to the head set tim to the hospital. michael: this is all new at 6:00. my were: -- myra: their brother in blue joked in the. >> the food was not all that bad, folks. myra: he wish shot in the head on december 10 and has been spending time in the hospital, 41 days. >> i appreciate everybody's prayers and their visits. >> i think the good lord has had his arms wrapped around days since the incident and continues to do so. myra: they thanked the hospital staff for their work and support.
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she prayed with us, because our pastor was here. myra: he was responding to a robbery call. and he saw a male standing there with a gun pointed at them. myra: they say that the man with the gun, charles rosemond, was shot to death. >> i mean, i feel bad for the family. they have a loss. it could have been an easy loss for my family also. and sitting by my side. myra: and he praised a deputy for his quick action that night. >> he stayed in the game and eliminated any further injury that could have occurred, easily occurred. it could have been worse. an inch and a half down, hit a soft spot, and i would be talking to you like this, but thank the lord it did not happen that way.
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things slowly as he continues to recover. >> just happy to be home, happy to be home. myra: welcome home, deputy dempsey. announcer: now, your live super doppler four hd weather forecast. john: as expected, what a beautiful snow, and, in fact, we slow mo'd the snow. it's stuck to the ground just briefly, but that is the kind of snow, and it just melted away. and heading into the low country, things getting quiet outside. this was round one, a weak system in the atmosphere but still brought us some snowflakes. a quick first, and now we looking at a few flurries. that is about it for the rest of the night. rain showers continuing.
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outside in the mountains, and still a chance of a couple of flurries here and there in the mountains of the carolinas and even northeastern georgia but no extra precipitation, no measurable facilitation expected until our big storm system comes in from the west, and we will talk about that in a second. there is still an advisory, and it is not for precipitation coming but for the precipitation that has already fallen. black ice, watch out for that. re-freezing on the roads. and then the heaviest precipitation will likely be friday night across the area, but this area up the western carolinas and eastern georgia, a winter storm watch, and i am talking about significant snow and ice, especially i-85 north.
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winter storm at the end of this week and into the early part of the weekend. downtown greenville, partly cloudy skies, and the current temperature is at the freezing mark. it is also at the freezing mark in spartanburg. temperatures milder they further south you go, 36 in greenwood, 33 in walhalla. 37 degrees and abbeville. currently 30 degrees in boone, so temperatures below the freezing mark, so the bridges and overpasses will likely re-freeze, so watch out for that, especially in the mountains. they committed to levels remain high with all of that precipitation coming in. it is 43 at myrtle beach, only 39 degrees in atlanta. 24 in st. louis, 61 in orlando. even orlando at 67 degrees. -- stephen miami at 67 degrees.
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that will be locked in, and that will drive that cold, dry air across our area, and here comes that major storm system. it gets better organized, and we could see some rain, especially in northeastern georgia, but i think tomorrow, we will be dry, and then here comes the big system. you have to get ready for a big major storm thursday and friday. there is the freezing rain developing. freezing rain, sleet, moderate to heavy snow during the day on friday, and then a major ice storm taking shape as the northeast wind kicks up. temperatures dropped into the low 30's, freezing rain likely, all of the way over to charlotte. our forecast tonight, cloudy skies with a few sprinkles. cloudy skies, maybe some light rain late. most likely, it will hold up. otherwise, very ugly cloudy.
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afternoon, and then rain developments. and then a real mess friday, friday night and saturday, windy conditions and accumulating snow, especially in the mountains. that would shift towards the tennessee line, and then
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panthers quarterback camnewton was named the pro football writers nfl mvp and offensive player of the year today.. announcer: now, wyff news 4
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anchor: panthers quarterback cam newton was named pro football mcps defensive player of the year. ricardo is life tonight in charlotte with more from the panthers' mvp quarterback. ricardo: thing in the super bowl in a couple of weeks, and they are playing for the championship trophy. it was in the building today, even the panthers or the cardinals hoisting the trophies. it is a position that cam newton has wanted for the franchise since he was drafted in 2011, and it is the same thing he is talked about with some of the panther great. >> i was so intrigued, talking
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long time, and talk about the glory days of carolina, and they talk about when they went to the super bowl, and i always dreamed that i wanted it to be that way, because i was coming off of, obviously, the national championship, and i knew i was at a place where they were not accustomed to having that type of season, and now, you know, we're in the same type of situation. people will be talking about the 2015 to 2016 carolina panthers for years to come, and shame on us if we do not capitalize on it. ricardo: newton certainly once the team to get their chance to play in the super bowl. we are live in charlotte, wyff news 4 sports.
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special saturday night at 7:00, right here on wyff 4. it was originally scheduled for friday night and will now be saturday night, an in-depth look at this team as they prepare for the nfc championship game against the cardinals, and it will be a full hour. john: some freezing rain. michael: great. john: a little bit of a break in between storm systems, and round one was today, as expected, some light snow that moved through quickly, especially in the mountains, and then round two will come in tomorrow, especially tomorrow night and saturday. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy.
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