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tv   WYFF News 4 6pm  NBC  January 21, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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temperatures to the mid 30's. this is at midnight. i think we could see sleet mixed and from time to time. the rain is going to go to sleet and snow in the foothills of north carolina. overnight tonight, look at the pink area start to move southward. along i 85, 32 degrees. spartanburg, freezing rain expected with sleet. noontime tomorrow, it covers much of the upstate. this is when it gets to be a mess. it's going to take a while for the roads to freeze up. we are going to ice up the trees and power lines. this is 6:30 tomorrow evening. we gradually start to see the precipitation tomorrow night change over to snow, and that is when we could see 1-4 inches of snow through the upstate. 1-4 inches when the storm's done, but also a quarter to a half inch of ice is possible. heavy snow, mainly a snow event in the mountains. boone, two feet of snow before
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carol: remember, we are tracking the forecast 24/7 on our mobile app and you can find interactive radars, school closures, and much more. michael: western north carolina is bracing for it. higher elevations could get a foot of snow or more. carol: not much in the forecast for hendersonville, but people there know thea hit. john lyon is live and local in downtown hendersonville. john: the sun has gone down in hendersonville, and not surprisingly the temperature is going down 5:00, it was 46 degrees, and one hour later, it's 39 degrees. shopkeepers along main street have been closing up their shop, getting ready for the weather to come in. people are getting in one last walk while the weather is somewhat nice. up in asheville earlier today, we have video of the preps going
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the public works employees are already on 12-hour shifts in asheville. crews spent the day prepping for the storm, wetting down streets with a brian and loading up their trucks with salt and sand. the city is asking residents to park cars in their driveways and get them off the city streets. it will help city workers get the roads cleared that much quicker and make working condition safer for both residents and the work crews. >> keep an eye on children. we don't want to have no accidents. john: work crews say today's sunny skies kept the streets warmer and hopefully will help the snow melt quicker. back out live in hendersonville, the temps are dropping, and we saw one gentleman drive by in a
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the snow plow on the front. for a look at the conditions in spartanburg, let's go to mike mccormick. mike: you can see the city of spartanburg trucks are loaded with sand. the plows are set up, and they are ready to go. that is to treat whatever comes down. as far as pretreating, that has been going on all day long. crews have been out pretreating the major roads. they have been pretreating the areas around the fire, police, and ambulance stations. this crew was just read -- replenishing the city's supply of brine. the crews will begin their 12-hour rotating shifts at 2:00 in the morning to keep city roads clear. we did talk to emergency management. they are prepared to have their emergency operation center fully
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shelters. spartanburg. carol: the big concern in the and bridges. michael: mandy gaither is live and local in anderson county with whaha keepmandy: much of the interstate beside me has been pretreated, except in anderson county. crews are expecting rain at the beginning of the storm, and they say anything they would put down on the roadways would be washed away. the salt brine trucks are on standby, ready to go around anderson, abbeville, greensville, and more. the interstate and major roadways have already been treated in many counties, crews ready to operate the salt-spreading trucks tonight
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>> if it dumps the snow, we are happy. if it goes to ice, it's going to be an ugly event. stay home if you don't need to be out. mandy: if the storm brings ice, there is a to fall problem. ice can bring down trees that can block roadways, and no matter what, crews have to keep the interstate, primary, and secondary routes open. they could be sanding, deicing, and cutting trees all at the same time. crews say this particular storm has been hard to track, so they are preparing for the worst and hoping for the best. newsr. that an ice storm can cause power to go out at any moment. tree limbs can tangle with power lines. carol: utility companies are at the lady -- are at the ready. patrick hussion's live with more on this. patrick: five been told that
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year long for storms like this in preparation, and as you mentioned, it only takes one frozen branch to put thousands in the dark. >> we are going to be on this until we are in the clear. patrick: duke energy has been working with a team of meteorologists in preparation for the oncoming storm, and throughout the carolinas, more than 3000 technicians are at the ready. >> we have also been in contact with other utilities in the southealagreement, and they have started sending individuals north to assist us. they will be staging threat the carolinas later today. patrick: as tree limbs and utility lines crisscross overhead, a frozen branch causing an outage is possible at any time. lawrence electric co-op has been trying to knit this problem in the bud. serving more than 54,000, they are using a year on process of maintaining what they call the utility lines right-of-way.
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way clear of tree limbs to prevent those happening. we are constantly inspecting our substations and thousands of miles of ourpatrick: thousands of miles of line includes thousands of devoted technicians. >> they are hearty, and they love what they do. their mission is to keep the lights on for not just folks who are customers, but they live in the communities, as well. patrick: the techs are ready for the storm, and utility companies are asking that you be ready. >> pay attention. be aware. definitely be safe. patrick: the trick to all of this, of course, is staying up-to-date. i have information for you. to report or track outages, keep checking back to duke
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1-8-000-power-on. michael: a live shot looking over lake hartwell. the clouds have moved in from the southwest. the current temperature, 47 degrees. humidity at 56%. get ready for rain to arrive, and then it's going to change
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i will be bamore l michael: we will see closings and delays at the bottom of your screen. diia announced all classes are canceled tomorrow in the buncombe county schools. right now, north carolina is under a state of emergency.
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corey: here's is a look at i-26 in asheville. traffic is moving smoothly. we haven't seen snow on the ground yet, but officials are expecting that to change. sheltersrs have opened their doors for anyone who might become homeless or for those who are currently homeless. asheville shelters are encouraging people to come indoors if they need a place to stay. the buncombe county school district has canceled classes. more than 25,000 students will be at home, hopefully in the warm and not in the cold weather. corey davis, wyff news 4. carol: a heart county georgia man faces felony charges after deputies say he ran towards them with a machete and set a house on fire. it happened when deputies are trying to serve a domestic violence weren't at 6:20. they said joseph morrison
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deputies tried to coax him out, but they say morrison set the house on fire. the sheriff's office said a few minutes later, he charged e house towards them with a machete in hand. morrison was treated and released from the hospital and is in custody.michael: concerned parents are meeting about the possible closing of an elementary school. according to officials, hey get elementary is operating at 48% capacity. the school needs a new roof, hvac system, adding to the rising cost ofanconsultants have suggested sending the 300 students who go there to the nearbschools. hd. all liquid precipitation, but it is racing up in our direction. it will become frozen precipitation in the mountains
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carol: one of the upstate's biggest annual festivals annomorning. greenville board members say belk will be a title concert -- sponsor of the festival. in celebration of the festival's 35th anniversary, fall for greenville also unveiled a new logo. >> at belk, we believe southern is more than just a place. it's a stat mind. it directs how we play and what we see. the lifestyle embodies music, food, and of course fashion,
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carol: fall for greenville presented more than $44,000 to 10 nonprofit organizations. >> now your live super doppler four hd weather forecast. john: here comes the storm system. yesterday at thime, , winter storm watch. now th forecast. john: service has upgraded it to a winter storm warning. that means significant snow and ice will be likely, and into the southern part of the upstate, we have some advisories. through athens and atlanta, those are a winter weather advisory for you folks in greenwood, abbeville, and other counties. that runs from now until 7:00 in the evening saturday. for newberry county, freezing rain advisory from now until noon tomorrow. we could see some rain mixed with freezing rain, sleet, and
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upstate. in the pink area, that is where we are going to see significant snow and ice, snow mainly for the mountains and mainly ice for the upstate, but even to i-84 north, you're going to see quite a bit of snow. as of 7:00, rains are moving northeast. you can see how fast it moves in. the should be a cold rain in the upstate, maybe a few ice pellets, but in the mountains, it's going to be snow. in the foothills, snow mixed with sleet. snow starts to expand overnight, and then notice the freezing rain. as that northeasterly wind kicks in, it's going to undercut the precipitation. we dropped temperatures down into the low 30's in greenville and spartanburg, and that is when we are going to see freezing rain, sleet, maybe even some snow from time to time.
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winter mix, that is going to continue through 6:30. tomorrow night, we start to see the wraparound moisture. that is when the sleet and freezing rain is going to change over to snow, so all of us will see snow showers, especially in the southern part of the state. in the upstate, from charlotte all the way through the i-85 corridor, a quarter of an inch to a half inch of ice. that is going to cause major headaches. this is going to be a major ice storm and winter storm. snowstorm for the mountains, 5-12 inches expected, maybe as much as two feet possible for the northern mountains. in this area with a ice, 1-4 inches possible. this is all liquid precipitation you could see coming in very quickly, but we are going to see the evaporational cooling happen.
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we have cloudy skies, and temperatures are chilly but not cold.47 in greenville. in boone. snow event. here is what it looks like as we go through 1:00 tomorrow afternoon. this is one of the models -- there is one model that is printing out and unbelievable amount of snow across the greenville-spartanburg area. i'm not quite sure about that one. this is one that i think is going to be a sure bet. maybe 1-3 inches of snow. in the mountains, i have your amount. tonight, the mountains will see 2-5 inches, but look at the snow pile up friday. friday night into saturday, that is when the wraparound snow pushes into the rest of the upstate where we could see 1-3 inches of snow. tonight, rain mixed with sleet and snow. rain quickly changes to snow and
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tomoow, freezing rain mixed with sleet and snow, but mainly freezing rain, snow in the mountains mixed with sleet from time to time. we are talking about snow showers tomorrow night continuing through saturday morning but lingering in the mountains with a northwest flow. it's dry on sunday. carol: we will michael: focus on saturday and sunday. michael: or may. [laughter] weather may be a factor in a championship game. brad: the hope is by sunday things are back to normal and we can play football, but between now and then, the field at bank of america stadium is something to watch. the field was painted today. the tarps will go down tonight. more on what is being done to keep the field as playable as
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" you know i just remember.. >> now wyff news 4 sports. >> i just remember keeping a promise to mr. richardson and our relationship, and for us to be at this point is kind of like pointing out, just as we imagined x amount of years ago. brad: a culture change has occurred in the panthers organization since cam newton was drafted. he said players with the championship mentality were in the minority when he first shownow, he says, the locker room is pulling the rope in the same direction. a coupled injured panthers return to the lineup.
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he continues to recover from a foot injury. josh norman says he is ready to play this game right now. norman is one of two greenwood chool granorman always plays with a chip on his shoulder, always has something to prove, and says the hardest thing to do right now is wait for kickoff. >> my emotions right now, i'm trying to be even keel, but i'm ready for this game to start to be honest with you. i've been waiting and waiting. it's time to go. it's only thursday, so we've got a couple more days >> josh norman, there is a reason he's going to be the highest-paid free agent this off-season. whatever team he goes to, let's hope they are in the afc so we don't have to deal with him. brad: that's high praise from one of the best receivers.
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50-plus times sunday. a quick update on what the panthers expect field conditions to be like. crews are preparing the field for the game, and before the weather arrives, tarps will be put down. officials say the tarps are expected to stay down until sometime saturday afternoon when the weather passes. join us saturday night, if all our dedicated to the panthers run to the nfc temperature game. that's from 7:00 until 8:00 on wyff. the south carolina women duke play tonight. they won six of the last nine against auburn. tonight's game will be on the sec network. a great game on tap for you. michael: a real mess coming very soon. john: rain already moving into northeastern georgia. let's give you the time stamp at 7:00 this evening, another 35 minutes from now, you can see the rain spreadingtemperatures above freezing
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this goes through this evening up until midnight. notice the mountains and foothills of north carolina and south carolina become sleet, snow, and freezing rain, but mainly a cold rain in the upstate. it could mix with sleet. when main concern is after midnight. by tomorrow morning rush-hour, that is when it gets nice. carol: a number of school closures tomorrow. michael: jackson, madison, polk.
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states of emergency tonight. a blockbuster blizzard
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fury on 88 million people.
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