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tv   Early Today  NBC  January 22, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EST

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this is wyff news 4 today in hd. myra: the conditions are nasty in places this morningng we are seeing sleet in some parts and snow in others. let's get you right to chris justus who is in for-sale. -- who is in for dale. allyson: what better way to start the morning then with chris justus. we expected the and it is happening right now. -- the transition from rain to sleet is happening right now. we have heavy snowfall across the north carolina mountains. that transition from rain to snow and ice is creeping down the mountain. in spartanburg we have heavy snowfall. northern cherokee county has some snow and southern cherokee county has some ice. and you get into greenville county, travelers rest has a
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when you go back toward pickens county, we have snow creeping down to easily. -- to easley. raven county has s snificant snow as well. in the asheville-hendersonville area there has been heavy snow over the past couple hours and it will continue. back towards waynesville, jackson county, and graham county we have seen heavy snow as well. greenwood county and abbeville are not under warnings. currently, 29 in asheville and 30 degrees in hendersonville. we will continue to cool to frfrzing. after that, it will be an icy mess and i will continue to keep you posted. geoff: thank you, chris. allyson: tens of thousands of students across the carolinas will miss school today, including those in greenville county. you'll find all closings and delays at the bottom of your screen and of course on the wyff 4 app.
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on that list of cancellations as well. it's the largest school district in western north car allyson: right now, north carolina is under a state of emergency. geoff: wyff news 4's corey davis is live and local in asheville with the latest. corey: i am being hit pretty good right now by the snow. there is a little bit of sleet mixed in too. this manhole is pretty covered by the snow. there are a couple inches i would say of snow in this area. it is more thick in areas as well in downtown asheville. this is much different compared to earlier. there was nothing out here at 11:00. people were in long lines getting ready for the snow in grocery stores. this is some video from the ingles. i saw person after person coming
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carts filled with items they might need. we spoke with a few people out there who give us mixed reactions about this weather. >> i think it would be good, being in greenville for a few years we did not get a lot of snow. good snow for a snowman. >> we come from the real winter states to the midwest. we came down here to avoid the snow. western north carolina when it was hit with snow wednesday. right now, road crews are putting in long hours to get the roads cleared. so, road crews are encouraging you to stay off the road unless you have to be out here. for safety purposes, they want to make sure everyone is safe today. we are live here in asheville. allyson: thank you. across the state lines, snow and ice came down in clemson.
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aly: good morning, guys. happy friday to you. happy long weekend to the people sitting at home. i don't want to say it too soon, but i think i drew the long straw. we are at the highway 93 and 76 interchange in clemson. always say is rain. the worst part of my drive was going from greer to the station. you can see from mike mccormick soon and you will see that area. it is icy and dangerous. going from greenwood to clemson, all we have seen is rain. the hardest part has been the hydroplaning. the car thermometer has said 36 degrees. if that gives below freezing the are going to need to look for black ice. these roads are already very wet. they are not taking in any more moisture and so there will be
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be ice on the roads again. we will keep you up today on situation worsens. like you saw from corey, there areas. we are live here in clemson. geoff: thank you. a live look in spartanburg county from our wofford skycam. for us. aly: the area on the i-85 that always ices up, the ground is porous there. dot is warning us about that. there are four accidents in there already. . we watch the area every time it gets like this. the wind is also a factor out there. some of our skycams were shaking from the wind earlier. geoff: mike mccormick is in spartanburg with the conditions there.
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blackstock road. we are next to westgate mall. the road is definitely sticking here and reduce the cars sliding around. you can see the grooves in the road were have been driving this morning. it is an odd mixture right now of fluffy snowflakes, sleet, and occasional raindrops. it is coming down pretty hard. i want to take you this way, toward downtown spartanburg. you can get a look at the light there. you can see the accumulation on the road and sidewalk. it is pretty much completely white. thanks took a turn for the worse around 3:15 this morning. that is when the roads started to get slushy and the snow and sleet picked up. it is already getting dicey out here. we see people going relatively slow, which is good. you can see them occasionally slide around. if you do have to go on the
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that is the best advice i can tell you. stay off the road if you don't have to go out. the city did pretreat the road yesterday and crews started their rotations around 2:00 a.m. this morning. it will only get worse once the temperature drops out here. back to you guys. allyson: a look now at our woodruff road skycam. we are reminding you to use extra caution on the roads this morning. geoff: the bottom line is, the conditions are tough wherever you are. the higher eleletions have more snow and sleet. allyson: tim waller is out i i greenville. right? geoff: yes, what you see there this morning, tim? tim: as mike mccormick just illustrated, we see many different things in different
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depending on where you live, i could be a different story. here is an illustration of what we see in greenville right now. this is a couple of miles from wyff news 4. we are at the cherry dale shopping center. right now, it is pretty much rain. i was watching the rain hit my windshield. it does appear the rain is starting to turn into a freezing slush right now. any drop in the temperature and we will see a situation develop here in the upstate in the wyff news 4 viewing area. right now we have a little bit of rain and slush on cherry dale in greenville. we are also getting reports of people in pickens county. they are starting to see roads start to turn white with a nice buildup of slush. depending on where you live in
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temperature does, it could turn into a very different situation. we will drive around to give you different points of view. back to you. geoff: thank you, tim. whatever it is, it is nasty. allyson: it is so different all of the areas. geoff: in asheville with corey, there was a good bit of snow. chris: it will be a little bit deceiving later on today because right now we are getting snow and sleet in some areas and those areas will change over to freezing rain. it looks like rain. but when you go outside, it is a solid sheet of ice that freezes on c ctact. we have heavy snowfall all across western north carolina down to the foothills and down to charlotte. that stretches along i-85. right along there is where it stops, except for spartanburg
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cherokee county has an icy mix over the county. starting to see that. spartanburg county is being overtaken here. it is spreading south. greenville just north of downtown where we are, tim waller is right there. literally. if he were to drive five miles north to travelers rest, he would see heavy snow and sleet. i left the house this morning at 1:30 in travelers rest and it was coming down crazy. pickens is seeing this lose down from the mountains. -- is saying this ooze down from the mountains. it will continue to snow in the mountains all day long and it will pile up to nearly one foot. we are watching temperatures closely. it is 32 degrees in spartanburg. look at anderson. you are above freezing and that
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the colder coming down from the northeast hitting the mountain and going south, that is why we see that transition line moving south. where does it start, though? these areas are on the bubble. southern greenville county, union county, and laurens county . in spartanburg, you can see snow on the ground. we have heavy snow in asheville at 29 degrees. skycam 2 is too dark to see. 36 degrees in the clemson and anderson area. received rainfall. model is right where it should be. and verifies what is happening on the radar here as we go into the rest of the day. the model shows that rain and icy mix, or that snow and icy mix, will creep south. it is continuing to push south and we will see that spread
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he heaviest of the frozen makes -- the heaviest of the frozen mix will occur around 1:00. it starts to slacken up after that. it will not and, but it will be later. you can see that as far south as anderson on this model. during the evening though, cold air rushes in. you can see heavy snowfall across much of the area by 8:00 tonight. that will continue into the overnight hours. we are expecting 1/4 - 1/2 inches of ice along the i-85. we are expecting 5-12 inches of snow in the mountains. >> anything to get them reading and they are always curious. geoff: how this week's golden apple award winner is full of surprises. ally i live look outside at our wofford skycam.
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the roadways. the i-85 between the georgia
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announcer: you are watching live, local, breaking news with geoff hart, allyson powell, and weather with dale gilbert. this is wyff news 4 today in hd. chris: here is a live look right now from asheville. the snow is coming down very heavy right now. we will continue to see it in the mountains. some areas could see over one foot of snow. it is an icy mess out there in the greenville area. geoff: thank you, chris. this week's golden apple award career in banking. allyson: she then went back to school to become a teacher and she found a home at the school she attended. geoff: born to be wild? not exactly. >> i wish i had done this 20 years ago. geoff: much like riding a harley, angela burns is full of surprises in her classroom as well.
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in this building. >> let's give everyone a twinkie . geoff: nobody is going to question her methods. she has created a love of reading for 16 years. >> i have learned a lot about keeping students engaged. are you most like a rock or a feather? why would you choose to be a rock? >> they are very strong and they are hard to break. >> it gets into how they think. geoff: she is creative in the ways she makes sure her students are understanding what they are reading. as for the twinkie. >> she stole my twinkie. geoff: it is connected to the book they are currently reading. one who stole a twinkie from
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>> open up a journal and tell me how you would handle the problem. how do we deal with that in a rational way? it is teaching them life skills. geoff: restraint is another skill they have learned. >> there are a lot of fun things you can do with reading. geoff: so much of what ms. burns does is a reading lesson in disguise. a teacher with a disguise of her own. >> if i could teach from the back of a motorcycle, i would. geoff: angela burns, burning up the roads on her harley and putting hurt students on the path to success. she is just terrific. allyson: how about that? a teacher on a motorcycle. geoff: can you imagine, three years ago when she pulled into the parking lot on her harley. she does a terrific job. you can nominate a teacher you think deserves the award. allyson: pick up an application
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chris: i weather watches have been out in the snow. we have another viewer sending us this photo of their dog cooper. he is ready for the snow. this photo is captioned, "bring it on." chris: areas north of i-85 see heavy snow and sleet creeping down the mountain. it will continue to overtake many areas in the upstate today
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announcer: now, your live super doppler 4 hd weather forecast. chris: a winter storm is taking aim at our area and continuing to spread itself. we see heavy snow right along the i-85. it will continue to creep south over the next few hours. there is heavy snow in spartanburg with sleet. south. there is sleet and snow in greenville. pickens is seeing heavy georgia. asheville-hendersonville has a very heavy snowfall. act toward brighton city and waynesville, there is heavy snow as well. 30 degrees in hendersonville, 32 in franklin.
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downtown greenville is 33 degrees, but it is quickly cooling with the cold air banking up against the mountains. that transitions this rain to a mix in many areas. wofford is covered in snow right there. downtown spartanburg is 32 degrees and seeing snow. the northeast breeze is walking in the cold air. asheville is a wintry wonderland right now at 29 degrees. in anderson it is 36 degrees and raining. the model is doing a nice job of handling this system. it will continue to show a wintry mix moved down the mountain. the snow and sleet in the upstate change to wintry rain. that will happen around 7:45 and we will see heavy freezing rain until 10:00. that will creep down into the upstate and it will continue to
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0.50 inches of ice throughout the area. it will be a mess by 4:00 today. then, cold air moves in and ice will change into snow. up to three inches will pile on top of that ice. in the mountains it will snow all day. we will continue to see the snow until midnight in the upstate. we will start to dry things back up slowly drop the day saturday. here is how much we are expecting. one fourth two one half inches of ice in the upstate. we are expecting over 15 inches in the boone area. 32 degrees today. it will be a wintry mess in many areas. 37 is the high saturday and we could see early morning flurries and of snow showers. we will do some melting on sunday when the roads will get a little bit better. we have a 25 degrees low monday.
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and re-freezing. the roads will not get better really, until tuesday evening. geoff: thank you, chris. you can continue to check the wyff 4 app. we have full forecasts, interactive radar, closings, and he lays. allyson: from the mid-atlantic to new england, towns and cities are getting ready for a blockbuster. this is a look from maryland one of the many places that could get buried by feet of snow. geoff: our nation's capital is bracing for the blizzard . washington dc is under a warning and expecting two feet of snow it's the first big snow storm of the season and it's going to be a doozy for millions of americans. allyson: this was also the scene in d.c. after just one or two inches. cars abandoned along the highway. and that situation is about to get much worse. geoff: in charlotte the winter storm has caused havoc in the air. americans airlines has cancelled all flights today in and out of
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airline officials say about 650 flights and thousands of passengers will be impac flights scheduled for late last night were all cancelled. airport officials say they expect other airlines to cancel all of their flights today as well. allyson: crews have been watching the roads in greenville county very closely throughout the night. conditions can vary from the northern to the southern end. the state activated its snow and ice plan loading salt brine trucks and pretreating the interstate and major roads. in travelers rest, the fire and rescue department doubled up on manpower overnight. snow chains are just part of the team's winter storm prep which also includes extra precaution after close calls during previous winter storms. >> we've had several, we've been on the scene of a wreck on icy roads and then we have other cars coming down the roads and have more wrecks. we have to watch out for our safety as well, so we don't get injured ourselves.
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managers say their top priority today will be keeping county square clear so ems crews can move in and out to emergencies. geoff: shoppers stocked up at ingles in spartanburg in preparation for the expected stormy weather. some shoppers said it was the busiest they h h ever seen the ingles on highway 29. people loading up on bread, water, and ready-to-eatfoods. store workers said it's was a crazy day as shoppers rushed in and out. >> some soup, just the basics, water. i don't know, serial, milk. ice cream, even though it is going to be cold outside. geoff: every single cart was in use. they were also getting a lot of foot traffic lowes. one property maintenance man brought a snow shovel and a truck full of salt to help keep parking lots clear. let's take a look in boone, north carolina this morning where e u can see considerable
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