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tv   WYFF News 4 Noon  NBC  January 22, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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john: we have all this moisture streaming rapidly to the north out of the gulo and that brisk wind is driving in that cold and dry air and undercutting. temperatures continue to drop. it has been 17 degrees in boone. chris: continuing to plummet. spartanburg at 32, laurens dropping to 32. we had a load of moisture back toward the south end it will continue to move our way. check this out. look at all this moisture atlanta. john: look at this, thunderstorms moving into georgia and heading to atlanta. we may not see the lightning strikes, but as the band moves across the area, late this afternoon, we will be cold enough that we will be around the freezing mark with moderate the upstate. that will put us to around one quarter of an inch to half an inch of ice on the trees. we will continue to have more
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freeze instantly. chris: combine that with strong wind and this could d ve gusty wind. thg in four hours and on either side, snow on the and a mix in front. john: we cannot stress enough, the worst is yet to come. if you do not have to get out, stay home and we will keep you updated.gabby: thank you very much. unfortunately, there are many power outages to report. we went to show you the numbers. energy. in greenville county, 7718 outages reported. 919 in spartanburg county. nigel: in pickens county, 900 22 outages reported as well. blue ridge electric. anderson and greenville with almost 1500 in greenville.
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in pickens county, over 6600. if you do have an outage, there is the number to call. if you are part of blue ridge, 888-blue ridge to reported outage. gabby: we will show you video taken earlier today from one of our executive producers at the statiothis is state park road in greenville county. this wreck happened a short time ago, a scary video. at this hour, we do not know if the driver or anyone else was injured in this rack, but we do know that state troopers have worked dozens of racks since this note -- wrecks since the snow and ice. please be careful out there. nigel: from what we have seen so far, it has been mostly snow falling in the mountains. gabby: that is where we find corey davis in buncombe county. he has been there since early
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the ?corey: it is definitely snow, but now there is a mixture of sleet. it is bouncing off of our jackets. we saw a family come out and enjoy the snow and a little boy just nailed his sister with a snowball.more than six inches of snow in downtown asheville. and the courthouse is right behind us. if you take a look further down, this is college street and you can see with the plows have made the route down the street. a have done a good job coming up and down and tried to clear the streets. further down, you can see there is a mountain back there covered in snow. earlier, maybe about one hour ago, we were not able to see the mountain. it has really slowed down as far as snowfall is concerned. over here, a flag behind the tree by the courthouse.
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we started around 11:00 and came back out at 3:30 this morning for more live shots. we will continue to bring updates live in asheville. corey davis wyff4. gabby: thank you. we want to say that we appreciate corey davis and all our coworkers out in the elements to bring you thethese conditions are unbearable at times, like corey davis said. nigel: we want to go to travelers rest we find tim waller. how is ig there? tim: good driving condition in travelers rest, i do not want to be overly optimistic, but it is
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people are getting around. they are cutting down to the middle of town. you can see a couple, a family with their dog walking on a day like this, probably enjoying the snow. people are getting from point a to point b, but as you can see, there is a lot of slush out here. dear to did a good job this morning. they put down salt, the brine solution to keep the roads clear under the circumstances. it is not a good day or a recommended day for driving if you do not have to.the roads are possible. we made several browns in travelers rest and went down to south poinsett avenue off of main street at 270 six, and we got there with no problems. there are banks of snow where the clouds have pushed -- where
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the wind is blowing very much. precipitation at all. a very light mist coming down, but it is very uncomfortable and we are very cold right now. if you were to break down in a condition. stay inside if you do not have to be out. if you have to get somewhere in the northern part of greenville county, including travelers rest, you can do it. that is all for now, tim waller wyff news 4 in travelers rest. gabby: thank you very much. let's take a look at how things are looking in greenville. wyff news 4's stephanie trotter has been out and about. stephanie: stephanie trotter here. we are on the northbound side of i-85 about 1000 yards south of the pelelm road exit.
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the easternmost lane. crews just arrived to start moving it out of the way. it is not blocking traffic. that traffic is coming through here pretty quickly. the road is wet and it does not appear to be icing over. you can see that there is a little b of slush chelating on the side of the road. temperatures drop. we will keep you updated on how quickly they can get the tree out of the way. stephanie trotter wyff news in greenville county. gabby: thank you. we want to send you to pickens county now. ni that is what aly myles is. -- that is where aly myles is. aly: four degrees and wind makes a difference. if you have been watching since the morning, it had been raining clemson and now we are getting hit with ice pellets for point. very cold out here and very dangerous. now that it is at 32 degrees, we
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there he liked accumulation, -- very light accumulation and it is starting to stack up a areas. not so much on the roads, but with all of that rain that we saw this morning, if the temperatures stay at 32 degrees or continue to drop, we are going to see a lot of black ice in the clemson area. try to stay inside if you can. if you do go out in your car, keep yourself safe and give yourself extra room. aly myles wyff news 4 live in clemson. gabby: thank you. we have shown you what all of our reporters on staff have been bringing back to the station, but a lot of you are the ulocal reporters and we count on you to show us what is going on. nigel: here's a look at snow in travelers rest around 4:30 this morning. it is piling up to about 1.5 inches along the railing. take a look at this, it is like
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patio furniture in gaffney, north of interstate 85. gabby: this fixture shows table rock in the does -- this picture takes table rock. nigel: an suv in north carolina where they had a lot of snow and more snow on the way for all of us. gabby: keep those pictures coming. upload them to the ulocal section of the john: ice event in the upstate and we will gradually change over to snow. chris will join me in the weather center. it's full of things i love... like me brave crew... and my fellow space adventures and free of things i don't. like aliens. just like eye patches. and when it's time to refuel, i eat chex cereal. it's full of stuff we pirates need.
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excelsior! eat up, me hearties! keep it down! i'm exploring the galaxy.
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nigel: we want to take you to buncombe county work myra ruiz has s and the snow. myra: we are along interstate 26 near the exit number 33, and the snow was falling harder. sounds. it sounds crunchy, if you know what i mean. where that truck has been stuck of hours. one of the tracks minutes ago was -- trucks was able to back up along the interstate and head
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another truck trying to help this semi-get some traction. the traffic along the interstate is moving pretty fast. we have seen plows going back and forth all throughout the morning, so the situation seems to be pretty clear. as you can see, anotheng toit ramp. this is what we are seeing repeatedly. he may try to drive around, which is something we have seen people try to do this morning because that one point, there are multiple be a cold stuck on the exit ramp 33. ira ruiz -- myra ruiz wyff news 4 live in asheville. gabby: thank you. we want to show you video from boone, north carolina, and it was still dark out. there in the blue ridge mountains, and snow has been falling for most of the night and the area is expected to get
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nigel: winter storm crews out keeping roads clear. this is near charlotte and it knocked power to nearly 2000 homes. this friday, storms are expected to bring .5 of one inch of ice. several airlines have also canceled operations. charlotte douglas international airport ahead of the severe weather with the winter storm warning in place for the charlotte region as well through saturday night. the powerful winter storm in the mid-atlantic and being measured in feet, not inches. jake brady is in roanoke, virginia, and the snow keeps coming down. gabby: in washington, d.c., people are being advised to stay inside for the next 36 hours. jay: the winter storm is barely down in bringing heavy snow. it is expected to top two feet in some areas. the national weather service says this could be one of the most severe storms ever to hit
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crosshairs. inside and ride it out. >> that is a big deal. the big stresses we are looking not, we are making sure that this morning and do today, residents are safe. jay: more than200 miles of winter weather advisory's have been issued from the south through new england, with blizzard warnings from washington to >> we see this as a major storm. it has life-and-death implications, and all the residents of the district of columbia should treay.jay: in north carolina and virginia, the concern is thic bringing downk ice -- thick ice bringing down power lines. >> i trust my legs more than i trust wheels and i only lived one mile away. jay: thousands of flights have been canceled. the charlotte airport virtually the ghost town with no flights
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more than 2400 flights have been canceled across the country. the number, that like the snow totals, is expected to grow over the next several days. jay gray nbc news roanoke, virginia. >> now, your live super doppler 4 hd forecast. john: john cessarich along with chris justus keeping you up with the situation. it is changing rapidly, but the forecast is looking good. chris, look at this live shot from our hilton-greenville. look at the trees, wind, a trees. that will accumulate, the ice on the trees, this afternoon and we will see power outages. also, this is haywood road on i-385. rd starting to see ice on the roads. these are some of the treated overpasses and bridges are starting to ice up.
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we will continue to slowly dropped the temperatures. at first, it will be the bridges and overpasses, but then it will main roads. it will be that fast, and we are getting reports of even some of up. a caller just called and said in easley off of highway 123, 20 plus cars just slid off the road and it happened instantly. that is what we are seeing across the area. a lot of the roads are starting to turn to ice as the freezing rain comes in. we will show you that in the second because it is about to get worse. haywood road is slippery, and look at champion hills. it is so different the further north to go. john: it is mainly a snow event through the mountains. look at asheville and their view. one foot of snow already. chris: we are watching for those
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i would not be surprised to see with 20 inches or so. john: no doubt. chris: they have it all and we are monitoring temperatures because what is coming down from charlotte is now down to 30 inches. john: can you imagine that they will probably be into the upper 20's later this afternoon. 28 in rutherfordton, 28 in charlotte, off and on freezing rain and sleet and down to 32 degrees, 30 at spartanburg, 30 in greenville. that cold air is just using southward. look at the pink and laurens, clinton, over two honea path. in anderson, 32 degrees. this is the air temperature, so the main roads will take longer, but highway 123, a major highway, so we're talking about
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chris: some of thiss dry air is undercutting the moisture but the deepest moisture is back toward atlanta and we are talking oneself that could be problematic. it is a strong to severe storm in atlanta. john: on columbus and georgia, it is getting lightning strikes. remember, if we get any lightning associated with this system late this afternoon and evening, when the colder comes over and causes instability, if we get thunder snow, one inch of rain is equivalent to about 10 inches of wet snow, and that come stop quickly. we could be talking about a burst of moderate to h snow later this evening. let alone, the ice today. chris: putting it in perspective, we will have this area that is pretty substantial freezing rain, and that we will get a break. this line like he is going to be the predominant moiss through by about 5:00, 6:00. john: i am worried about this because of we do get this lull between the two systems, that will allow for the northeasterly wind to drive in drier air which
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temperature, which is how much moisture is in the air, and if we do that, when that heavy rain comes in, that will be moderate to heavy and freezing rain that will drop temperatures quickly. chri that happens until 5:00, but latest models are showing the freezing rain until 5:00 and then the upper low moves over it and we get snow. that is the final hurrah. whatever prices on the ground will likely be snow on top of that. let me show you the reports, because we have been monitoring days. all of them are along i-85 or most of them along the i-85 northbound. john: just amazing. chris: landrum. john: half a foot of wet snow already. that is amazing. it continues to see freezing rain, sleet, snow, depending on where you live and the worst is yet to come.
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nigel:l: back out live. we want to take you to spartanburg county. gabby: that is where wyff news 4 's stephanie trotter is standing by. stephanie: good afternoon. it might look like i am on top of a mountain of snow, i am on
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michael, if you can show everybody just how they and cavernous -- how big an cavernous this facility is. this is one of the newest sheds serving spartanburg and greenville county. all of this is solved, one hundred percent salt. south carolina department of transportation manags have told me that the priority today keep i-85 barkley are. pulled in and are getting filled up salt to take back out to the smaller spreaders that are working other major roads to keep drivers safe. michaeae if you don't mind pending outside and everybody, there with us, and the video might turn blue as you go from inside to outside, but these trucks are going to load up with salt and then head out to alpine facilities to all of the workers out there who will take the salt and spread it on the roads.
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that today. conditions are wet. slick patches of ice on the side of thed and it is stacars and trucks so far have been maintaining the speed limit. was down earlier on the northbound side on the eastern edge. crews cannot quickly and clear that, even before traffic backed up behind the tree. so far, from pelham road in downtown greenville and moving on up to highway 101, things pick clear on the northbound and south on side of i-85. any talk with any of the first responders, they recommend everybody stay home. we will continue to move north and see how things are going. we will report back to promote them clear and -- from northern
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gabby: thank you. good to see that there are plenty of supplies. nigel: that was a mountain of salt. amazing to see. gabby: still looking in spartanburg county. nigel: patrick is there with more. patrick: i am in spartanburg at the corner of north pine street and st. john. we are just outside of the wyff bureau. i wanted to point out that the main intersection in spartanburg seems to be flowing pretty well. there seems to be almost as if it is a rainy day, but folks are taking it fairly slow. it is a good thing. unfortunately, is on the interstates. highway has reported numerous minor collisions with no injury. over the last hour, it has been pretty messy. as you can see, the main intersection in spartanburg is
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spartanburg. here is a picture from our hilton-greenville skycam. it appears to look -- or maybe the cars are still. gabby: we see cars there. it looks like cars are stopped at the bridge. they could be stopped at the light, but the conditions out there are looking very icy and treacherous. if you do have to go out, be
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