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tv   WYFF News 4 6pm  NBC  January 22, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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our high temperatures were reached, michael, carol, around midnight, and they slowly dropped all of the way through to today, at times only in the this, chris, 20's and even low 30's. chris: greenwood down to 29. maybe they have a false sense of security that you can get on those roadways, and with temperatures like that, what falls will be freezing on contact, and what is there will be freezjohn: watch out for black ice. even if you just had rain, that is going to re-freeze. snow showers a little bit later on, but some good news in the forecast later on, and we will tell you about it. michael: a long day, gentlemen,
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and the scene of a house fire with the dispatchers tell us firefighters told themstarted with live wires falling on that helmet. no one is hurt. this apparently started around 5:30 tonight, and speaking of the power lines, this was just in greenville county. nearly 2000 in pickens county, nearly 500 in anderson county. carol: more than 1000 outages in greenville county, 520 in oconee, and in anderson county, power. certainly has received the brunt of t snowfall today. carol: let's check in with myra
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myra: this rant, a very popular place to be, because we have the outlet mall, multiple businesses, and even totoy, this take a look at the exit ramp. you can see what was happening earlier today. an orange semi was stuck. other vehicles attempted to take the exit, not knowing what was were able to drive around the trucks or safely back up onto the interstate. however, it did take a while for the orange some i to get enough traction and eventually make its way up the rest of the exit ramp. meantime, we got mixed reaction from drivers and pedestrians about today's conditions. >> i could not get out of my neighborhood. greg i love it. -- >> i love it.
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>> it is going to pile up more than it is. myra: definitely some difficulty, trucks trying to drive straight but having a tough time doing so. we did also see the same scenario with the semitruck out here multiple times throughout the day, but once again, things are clear, and the traffic along the interstate is moving smoothly. live in buncombe county. carol: it was icy in spartanburg this morning. michael: and patrick is live and local there. how does it look? patrick: an official told us that from here on out throughout tomorrow, you will not see any scraping or pushing of snow off to the side of the road, to the shoulder, because, and i would
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just makes it more smooth for drivers, which is not a good thing. it makes it more slick. take a look at what we are talking about, this sheet of ice on the road. and then tomorrow, sand and salt only as the city of spartanburg sent out their trucks. they are working from 6:00 until 6:00, 12-hour shifts, and i asked them about what they had been up against.>> the cruise -- crews, they are great. they do not get any of the recognitioveit is a tireless task doing these things that we are supposed to be doing and trying to make sure we stay ahead of the storm and do as best we can to provide the services that we are supposed to be doing. patrick: duke energy and the other utilities have done their job with that aspe the
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so as we speak, one shift of drivers would be salt and sand is ending at 6:00. another shift of drivers is coming on as we go into the nighttime hours with some pretty slick conditions here in spartanburg. mike: patrick, thank you. all of that freezing rain in the upstate this morning caused this, a tree to fall on a house. carol: check it out. the homeowner, jo-ann varn, had a big mess on your hands when part of a pine tree in her front yard crashed o another part fell on top of her car. fire officials had to use chainsaws to clear a path to her door. >> i have my 99-year-old mother in here, and we have to get her out. michael: no one injured by that fallen tree, and tonight, she is still assessing that damage.
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john cole at some freezing rain and some sleet moving through
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announcer: you are watching live, local, breaking news. this is wyff news 4 at 6:00 in high definition. carol: most of the southern part of the upstate have seen a wintry mix. michael: and mandy gaither is live tonight.
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get dark here, but you may be able to see around me that the ground is covered in ice. the roads are very slushy. it is a very dangerous situation for drivers. this is in oconee county. i want to show you what happened earlier today on carson road. dakota shirley told me the ice caused his ford explorer to slide off the road. >> i could not stop. it was bad. reporter: i can only imagine how scary that was. >> i am a little shaken up. mandy: lisa other accidents in the area, as well. folks were trying to drive up a hill on carson road and were stranded, their tires not able to get traction areas they are
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mike: mandy, thank you, and the south carolina department of transportation is working hard around the clock to try to keep the roads as safe as possible. carol: stephanie trotter is right at the line. stephanie: we are here at i-85, and just within the past hour, we have started to see some light cars having trouble. their tires are spinning and are having trouble moving forward. by a different scene, as to what they were over over in buncombe earlier in the day. they say that is the number one place for accidents in all of greer, and that is on a good day. imagine what it was like today, with two or three inches of slot, and this went -- two or
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is what it was. there are fewer drivers out on the road, so that speaks to the trouble they are having. we asked the chief for his piece of advice. >> it is a pretty good storm. the roads are going to ice up. stephanie: right over my shoulder is i-85, both northbound and southbound. about 45 miles an hour, the road is clear. he also sought sanders out there, and there was a statement out there that 85 is their priority. that is the corridor that they want to keep open, and they have succeeded in keeping that that way today. stephanie trotter, reporting
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michael: we typically would find her in asheville,e,ut pamela was enjoying the snow day and has come down the mountain and is getting ready to work for you tomorrow morpamela: main street greenville not there he busy. a couple of people out and about. you can see the scraper go by, but overall, pretty quiet here at the plasma. -- at the plaza. it is experiencing a shut, as in everything else on the classic today -- on the plaza today. probably more snow on the way. that icy layer will be underneath, so be careful. downtown will be back to life in no time. michael: she will be up early tomorrow, and the snow and ice has caused trees to fall. greenville county workers and
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one ulocal user sent us this photograph watching the tree fall from the kitchecarol: and one tree fell across the street off woodruff road in greenville can upload your tears to our -- your pictures to our ulocal section of our and there were hundreds of flights affected at the airport. michael: and at the higher elevations in noon, where they are used to the snow, they have plenty of it tonight. this is above 3000 feet. this is a bit north of our viewing area, but very close. the folks in boone could see up to 20 inches of snow by the time this storm is out of here.
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a foot of snow, and maybe six inches up to a foot more for them. northern mountains, and we have reports of a big amount of snow heading into transylvania county, and also, some snow through county county -- through
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announcer: now, your super doppler 4 hd weather forecast. john: it will be a slow process,
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cold with light to moderate snow. chris: yes, we just got a mention of big snowflakes moving over toward spartanburg, where now we have call him conditions, but it is rjohn: called conditions, gusting over 35 miles per hour, so it is slacking off a little bit. grist: it is, it is. we are waiting for some of the snow showers to come in, and it .john: 18 miles per hour, chris: it is spotty, we could pick up to an inch to half an inch. john: yes, two or three inches of snow. and then this is all moving off
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chris, so our next batch you can see moving through atlanta. they had a few flurries, but this is more than just flurries. this is the back and of the storm system. chris: part of the upper level low, it can squeeze out moisture in the atmosphere, and it could have some good snow totals, like towards huntsville. would you say it is moving east/northeast? john: yes, probably about four hours from now. chris: still on track. john: we haven't talking about this since yesterday. we will see up the mountain is breaking up a little bit. john: some sleet around greenwood and also you folks in clinton. and this is along with some sleep. chris: i think this snow is enough to cover up some of the
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does your job run around like crazy? john: absolutely loves it. -- chris: does your dog run around like crazy? john: absolutely loves it. he loves the weather. a big weather buff. salem, and i think this is up to 11 and a half inches. chris: yes, 11 and a half inches. this is maybe one inch, 1.5 inches per hour, so as it moves through, some, 11.5 inches, they might get another inch on top of it. john: look at these temperatures and how cold it is, chris, around the area. this continues to slowly dropped through the night and the day today with that northeasterly
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it just grabbed that arctic air and brought it down into our area. chris: many are watching us on their cell phone with the live streamin goes out, you may want to go ahead and have your phone charged, because it is windy out. it will start to pull away. john: and when it starts to pull away, there is the branches that swayed back and forth could snap, and we could see more power outages as we go through the night tonight. chris: the technology we have here, every three hours based on radar trends, it starts to fix it so, and this is what it is showing. by 9:15 p.m., and then another one coming in. 10:00. like we have been calling it.
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it is a big one. hours starts to die down, and then it becomes a nor'easter and heads up the eastern seaboard, and the nation's capital could see a lot of snow. there is a blizzard watch for the big apple, atlantic city, long island, and tonight, there is our snow moving through. maybe some sunshine tomorrow afternoon, but most likely sunny skies on sunday. chris: everyone's attention on
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announcer: now, wyff news 4
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i do not take it for granted. 26, and there are another 28 that would like to be in our shoes, playing in weather like this. >> the focus was awesome today, the guys just enjoying being out there today. this group has been all year long, so we handled that well today. a group: preparations continue in charlotte despite the weatron rivera has made a point to let the team know they would practice in the elements in elements. they are one of the few nfl franchises that does not have ey practd sleet, and rivera said the pace of practice was good and that he w>> my whistle broke. -- throws. do not.
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they were focusing on what they needed to do today, some guys making snow angels out there. they did. dropped a pass. we have a saying around here, do not let it get in the way, whatever it is. it. anchor: if you want to laugh a little the, check out my twitter account. brad fralick 2wyff. it is pretty funny. i cannot quit on tv, and ahead of the game, a handful of players on the cardinals roster from this area playing ball here. that is tomorrow on wyff 4. if you are a hockey fan and feel adventurous, they are playing at 7:00. michael: on the ice.
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-- shirtsleeves rolled up, he has been ready. john: i talked to chris. this, i cannot remember. i have been here ever since. anyway, we will keep you updated. carol: thanks for watching. [captioning performed by the
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caption cont developing news tonight. a major snow emergency. big cities and airports shutting down, bracing for a historic blizzard. now hours from bearing a huge part of the country. plus the ripple effect nationwide. al roker has the latest forecast.
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breaking news as the
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