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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  NBC  January 22, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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freezing rain, maybe even sleet in the pink shaded area. the snow showers will continue to develop from southwest to no24 degrees right now in asheville. off and on no showers through the next several hours. overnight tonight, an additional three inches to six inches plus possible in the mountainous areas. many places of already at six inches to 12 inches of snow. officially at the asheville regional airport, 10.6 inches of snow has fallen since last night. that broke the record for the amount of snow could on this date, the old record was 8.8 inches set back in 1987. at the airport, one inch of snow/sleet in the area. the i-85 corridor, anywhere from one inch to two inches of snow and sleet along with anywhere from 1/10 to 1/4 of an inch of
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northeasterly breeze continuing to undercut this precipitation, and the evaporation continues to cool down in the atmosphere. when chills in the teens, very cold and raw outside with the snow patches and freezing drizzle and freezing rain to continue. see another inch of snow certainly possible, snow bands rotate from the west and southwest. the upper level low remains off to our west, and as long as it is westbound, it will come in over the overnight hours. it will be cold, breezy, we will get isolated power outages as that wind pick those branches and have them sway back-and-forth. they snap and get on power lines, and we will probably continue to see poand i will be back with your complete forecast a little bit later on. thank you, john tierney sticking with that a number of , folks without power right now. carol: duke energy is reporting over 9000 power outages in greenville county, less than 150
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more than 1000 in pickens county and nearly 500 in anderson county. michael: more than 1000 outages in greenville county. 520 in oconee county. and in anderson county, nearly 30 people are without power. let's get you up the mountain to western carolina. wyff news 4's myra ruiz. carol: she's been all over buncombe and henderson county. she's live and local there now. myra: we're along interstate 26 near brevard road. we did see drivers facing major challenges earlier today. for a while this afternoon, drivers encountered white out conditions. this made traveling especially where snow plow action wasn't as frequent as in other areas. quite a few people left their vehicles behind and opted to walk. and those who were out and about had warnings for anyone with possible plans to get out and
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zack: honestly, i hate it. i hate it. >> it is awesome. no viking ever said that. >> it willllet worse, there are a few more hours of snow coming, more than what it is. exit 33 was challenging for some motorists today. a semi truck and other vehicles were stuck for hours, unable to make their way up the hill. we met people who were stuck in asheville for the time being. they were excited about the snow because they were on their way to one of the ski resorts just north of here. conditions for ski and were good, but unfortunately, the secondary roads they needed to get on to reach the slopes were not. myra ruiz, wyff, news 4, live in buncombe county. michael: it is a matter of getting there. myra, thank you fear speaking of
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snow fell on downtown asheville by theheiddle of the day. carol: it took 9 hours for all of this to accumulate on the ground. the heavy snow and strong wind didn't stop families from venturing out. lots of people brought their dogs into the a park near the buncombe county courthouse. the snow was steady for most of the day, and it brought back memories for some locals. >> when i arrived, we got a snow strom like this in 2010-2011, and it was fantastic and then it got mild for a couple of winters . and now i have hope again. michael: a news 4 crew in asheville earlier today says the wind played a big part in ma conditions nearly unbearable at times. the road crews worked around the clock to clear streets and rescue officials responded to emergencies all morning. carol: wyff news 4's patrick hussion has been monitoring the snow and winter weather in spartanburg today. michael: he's live and local there for us tonight. patrick? patrick: michael, carol, we are
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i have breaking news -- firefighters with holly springs part of our men have been dealing with a house fire in lyman. they said it is due to some frozen power lines, live wires falling on the home. they say no one was hurt, and that started at 5:30. again, a house fire in lyman. no injuries, but we will keep you updated. on the road, a number of interstate. luckily, has been a lot of collisions with no injuries until about 11:00, and i want to show you some footage from earlier today in east spartanburg. this was a two-car accident on east main street. a truck hit a patch of ice and crossed over the median, striking another car head on. as you see, the vehicle was knocked into a wooded area just off the roadside.
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the hospital. it looked a lot more serious the driver of the truck is being charged with driving too fast for conditions. so the roads are slick, as you can see. the trucks have been doing their job. they have been doing their job all night last night and all through today. we will go more to that coming up in a short bit. live in spartanburg, patrick hussion, wyff news 4. carol: thank you, patrick. the weight from this morning's freezing rain caused a tree to fall onto a house in travelers rest. michael: check this out. homeowner joann varn had a big mess on her hands when part of a pine tree in her front yard another part of the tree fell on top of her car. travelers rest fire officials had to use chainsaws to clear a path to her door. joann: and they axed off, took their chainsaws and got it off of my y r and off of my ramp and because i have got my -year-old mother in here, and we have to get her out. carol: neither varn nor her mother were injured by the falling tree.
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the damage. a wintry mix for the southern parts of the upstate today. michael: and into the night. wyff news 4's mandy gaither is live and local in clemson. the snow is really coming down right now, mandy. mandy: the snow here is falling in clemson. it is coming down all around us are at it started about 20 minutes ago, and all day, the temperature has held that he at about -- held steady at about 30 degrees. while this is beautiful, it is also dangerous. earlier, it was starting to melt some, but as you can see now, the roadways are now covered in this white stuff. cars between pickens and oconee county earlier today were going off the roadway. crews at two different accident scenes told me the drivers hit an icy patch and slid off the roadway. they are continuing to urge anyone who does not have to be out in this to stay home. many employers today canceled work.
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go to greenville to work today, but my boss just told me to stay in clemson and just have fun, have the day off. mandy: you could feel the slush around parts of pickens and oconee counties today. these temperatures and all of that coming down, creating concern for the roads mostly because when the temperatures re-freeze, creating concerns for tomorrow morning as well. in clemson. michael: all right, mandy, thank you for that. a little further north in anderson county, a man died in a wreck last night while he was driving his friend's new ca it happened on old river road. the coroner says 31-year-old travis denard crashed a mile from his home. we are told a friend of his was injured in the crash, taken to the hospital, and released. carol: all of this ice has caused trees to fall. a u-local user sent us this photo they say they watched the
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kitchen. they say it's been leaning since the 2005 ice storm. michael: they finished it off. we want to see your photos and videos of the snow and ice. upload them to the u-local section of, and you may see them on air. carol: charlotte is seeing much of the same storm we are. roads were covered in snow this morning but you can see folks driving along the interstate seemingly without issue. it was still enough to cancel hundreds of flights at charlotte-douglas international airport. michael: even more snow in boone, north carolina. they are used to the snow and have plenty of it. snow plow out and full force of course north of our viewing area. look close, folks and delinquency of to 20 inches of snow in the high mountain by the time this storm is done. carol: still to come tonight, a look at the rest of these foes of the winter weather continues. john: yeah, carol and michael, and that will intensify and affect the mid-atlantic states
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we just saw mandy live in clemson with big snowflakes. can see them on live super doppler 4 hd. this batch of snow moving quickly across the western upstate.
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let's check in now with wyff news four's stephanie trotter... michael: let's check in now with wyff news 4's stephanie trotter. carol: she's moved since we last spoke with her. she is live and local in greenville county. 70: good evening, michael and carol. you can see the on and off ramps of i-85 over my shoulder. you have restaurant row, as it is called, to the locals. there are a number of sitdown
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large american flag down peh lham. you hear them flapping in the wind. friday afttty bu and buncombe road in greater earlier today. we met up with a couple of greer police officers taking a pitstop. they tell us that is the number one intersection for wrecks in the city of greer. we did not see any wrecks and that intersection during the two hours we spent there today, but we do see a lot of folks try to make their way through the two inches to three inches of slop starting to fill the road. a lot of them were fishtailing. one officers told us he was concerned with folks who when out thinking the road was wet from rain, that it was ok and
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,>> here in greer, it is pretty thick out here. stephanie: i-85 is pretty passable. we have seen sanders northbound and southbound putting down salt. crews have been working the interstate. crews are moving along, i do not want to say quickly. they're going quite a bit slower, which is good, but it is pretty easily passable at this hour, however, officers are recommending if you can stay home, please do so. reporting live in greenville county, stephanie trotter, wyff news 4. michael: a good night not to speed. thank you, steph. the start of service will be delayed until 12:30 tomorrow afternoon because of the roads. carol: the greenville zoo will also be closed tomorrow. >> now your live super doppler 4
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john: all right, the surface storm system that brought us are mixed bag of precipitation overnight last niginy today is starting to weaken and shifts to the coast. this lowest is starting to intensify very closely to around savannah. upper level low spending here, cold air aloft, and as it does, it is starting to produce everything from rain, frozen precipitation as far as freezing rain and sleet, this is the snow that is rotating in a. one batch and a batch of snow back here is going to rotate here from middle tennessee. sometime later on this evening around 9:00, 10:30 in the evening.
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fraction -- patchy rain, drizzle into parts of greenville, spartans spartanburg. over to the east, a batch of snow, cold air aloft shrinking down the pink section and seeing more of this blue, which is in the form of snow. we saw snowflakes coming down with mandy in clinton. this is all starting to make its way all the way up into parts of western north carolina, so it is going to continue off and on, it may even start to fill in a little more and see more snow along 95 and again north into the mountains. work hard, you have had about 11.5 inches of snow covering all of the entire county of transylvania county. you had about six inches, seven inches of snow today since midnight last night in le and as i mentioned, 10.6 inches of snow,
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simon has been this heavy, the old record was 8.8 inches -- the last time it was this heavy, the old record was 8.8 inches in 1987. a snow developing over you folks in clinton, nort lawrence, he central parts around what drove there is the snow in pickens. highway 123 heading over to easily. the main roads are not too bad, but i'm glad to see traffic moving very slowly. that is what you need to do if you are going to be out tonight. in less it is an emergency, relaxed tonight. i will have hourly updates through the evening on temperatures and where the precipitation is going. upper-level low spending and from the west for us tonight. it big nor'easter is going to get cranked up and move of the eastern seaboard, and it is going to produce incredible amounts of snow. nation's capital, atlantic city,
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continue, and in fact, blizzard warnings all the way up into long island and also new york city, where they could see over a foot of snow. blowing and drifting snow will be incredible. then it will chi sea, so downtown boston might only get one inch to o ree incape cod might get hammered by a lot of wind and heavy snow. look at this cold air all the way down to metro atlanta. 35 degrees. 61 currently in orlando. here is our weakening surface flow that shifts to the coast. this will into the by and the a big nor'easter as it has up to early saturday morning. look at the heavy snow from the nation's capital, baltimore, atlantic the, all the way up into long island and new york city. maybe a little sun for us tomorrow afternoon, and the snow showers shift to a northweflow, and we can see the snow
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carolina and tennedry conditions changing over to that light snow, maybe at times even moderate snow with big flakes, one inch to three inches of snow possible, low temperature 26 degrees, so temperatures holding steady where they are rightin the mountains, snow, mixture of sleet, but three inches to six inches of additional snowfall on top of already a foot of snow in certain areas. morning snow showers possible in the upstate, otherwise breezy and cold, maybe a little sun but not a lot of it. ,high 37 degrees. degrees. chilly. temperatures below average this time o because we will still have the sleet and snow left over on the ground. that makes the ground cold, he so even though the sun is out, as the precipitation melts on
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tuesday and wednesday of next week. the carolina panthers play sunday night. at least it will be dry, but they had two inches to three inches of snow and sleet and about a quarter of ice today. they had some fun. carol: they thought they weren't in green bay. -- were in green bay. michael: they might as well have been. john: three inches to six inches in the mountains additional, so lovers -- be careful of your traveling. carol: we will be back with morere after this. well, with walmart every day low prices, saving money while keeping the pantry full... that's easier than you think. in head-to-head shopping, the total at walmart beat that of bi-lo. greenville, the total amount saved at walmart vs. bi-lo was $23.17 on this week's groceries - that's 17%. so head to walmart and see what you
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folks across michael: well, suffice to say, folks across the carolinas and georgia have certainly seen quite a bit of winter weather today. carol: quite a bit, but we are definitely not alone. nbc's brian mooar reports from washington, d.c. on this storm's affects across the east coast. brian: thanks, and good evening. washington has had to bear the most of the bronze. when all is said and done, about two and a half feet may follow for the nation'e next 36 hours, challeleing a record set back in 1922. the national mall in monument have close along with the rest
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residents are hunkering down. nbc got the first face of where the storm is heading. thousands of plane flights have been canceled or delayed, sending a ripple ee country. here in the nation's capital, it is really academic at this point because nobody is going anywhere for the next couple of days. i am brian mooar, nbc news, washington. carol: we've received some great photos on u-local. judy sent us this one from sunny view, north carolina. that's in polk county. not such a sunny view today though. michael: it is beautiful, though, isn't it? take a look at this video from alisa in hendersonville. a gorgeous view. you can see big flakes coming down. hendersonville, henderson county, you have received about six , maybe seven inches of snow already. carol: and javier sent us this video from the beechwood farms area of travelers rest. the ground completely covered there with a few inches of sn michael: check out this beautiful view in maggie valley from christine. that has a christmas card written all over it. we love to hear from you, see
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send us your photos and videos by uploading them to the u-local section of and you could see them on air.john: and the mountainous areas have artie had five inches to 12 inches of snow from the storm system. here comes another piece in the upper atmosphere swinging and from the west and soute blue. that is snow. we are switching over from freezing rain to snow. i will talk about the storm
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kids out of school... loving this snow day today... we caught up with a michael: it does not matter how big of a kid you are, this is a snow day. we caught up with these kids in greenville today. you do not need that much snow to have fun. look out. a little fun to go with the mess. in greenville, the view from our wofford college skycam. everyone is staying home on this friday night, and it is a good carol: chief meteorologist john cessarich has been tracking temperatures and precipitation all day. john, what's the latest? john: as michael mentioned, it does not take much to have fun,
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of snow across the area, as you can see. we will see an additiona of one inch to three inches, certainly more possible in the upstate. this is cold air now from aloft in the middle of the atmosphere, which is sinking down to the surface. we are obviously cold enough now in the 20's for the most part to see snow. now we are finally getting rid of what we call a warm nose, a warm layer that goes over the dome of colder air at the surface where temperatures were at 32 degrees or below. people are wondering, well, 28, 27 degrees, where is the snow, john? as expected, the air gets above the cold air, we have the melting in the warm layer, turns into raindrops, and then freezes on contact at the surface with temperatures belrethat is how we end up with freezing rain. remember, rain is something that falls and hits something solid and turns into ice instantly. sleet is actually little ice
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