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chris: that's right. temperatures flirted with 50 today. 14 degrees cooler in greenville, the southeast experiencing a warm-up. but that is not good enough. temperatures will crash overnight. 17 degrees warmehendersonville, with melting in asheville. everything is slushy out there. it will re-freeze tonight and road dangerous tomorrow morning than they were when the snow started. you had traction with the snow and sleet, but now that everything is freezing over, the wetness on the roadways d the/, it will be -- and the slush, there will be ice. 34 in asheville in franklin, 46 in spartanburg and greenville. you see school closings at the bottom of your screen because there are so manthat is the concern headed into tomorrow.
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crash at around daybreak. 26 in greenville and spartanburg, 23 the low in asheville. with temperatures below freezing for lease 12 hours, that will freeze everything of the roadways back over. finally, temperatures warm up headed into the noon hour tomorrow. many areas in the 50's, even in the mountains. i have a heat wave on the way, not really, but close. i will have that coming up. mike: tonight, power crews are much closer to having all power restored. at the worst of the storm, thousands were without power. tonight, duke energy is reporting 88 outages, most of them in greenville county. right now, blue ridge electric and laurens electric says all power has been restored. tonight, as chris said school , districts across the upstate are keeping an eye on the roads, and making decisions about classes tomorrow. greenville, pickens, and all spartanburg county districts except spartanburg district four
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district have been watching and waiting to see what kind of melting happens, what the roads look like, and where trouble spots were. many decided to air on the side of caution in the upstate. you can get a full list of the school closings on our website,, and by looking at the ticker at the bottom of your it will be a cold night in charlotte, as the panthers play arizona for the nfc championship. wyff news 4's brad fralick is live in charlotte tonight, and brad, we are about half and -- half an hour from kickoff? brad: you're right, about 45 minutes from kickoff in charlotte. the nfc championship game, and the panthers just one win away from super bowl 50. it has been a long time since the panthers have been in an nfc championship game. it has been 10 years since they have had a shot at the super bowl. the players don't want to let the opportrtity pass by.
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left. usually, the butter is spread out a little thinner. because of other teams. but now, when you have got to games -- 2 games left, all the attention is going to be on those two games. and just imagine if we are lucky enough to play in a super bowl. it's just one game left. >> guys understand that these games now are faster, more physical. each play matters more. thankfully, we have had experiences in the past that will help usn this point. >> it took 10 years for me get back here. not saying it will take 10 years for it to happen again but who , knows how long it will take. it's important that w advantage of the opportunity that we have right now. brad: there is absolutely, absolutely no doubt, they want to take advantage right now. they want to get to the super bowl 50, because thomas davis is right. you don't all how long it will be until you get back to this
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what a magical season, 16-1. lots of people were concerned about the surface. the surface looks good. the defensive linemen were gegeing loose behind me and they chopped it up really good. it is a bit muddy, but once they get going, this place is ready to host an nfc championship game. live at bank of america stadium in charlotte, brad fralick, wyff news 4. mike: a big night, and the clock is ticking down to kickoff. right now, panthers fans are filling local bars and restaurants, with kickoff only minutes away. wyff news 4's corey davis is live and local in spartanburg county, where fans will be glued to the tv. corey? corey: mike, right now fans are making their way into hickory tavern. this is a panthers bar, and they are ready for the big game. we have big-screen tvs over here, with a few people wearing their favorite jerseys. and on this side, we have a packed bar, with fans ready for kickoff. even some servers with jerseys
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mike: we are having a little bit of trouble there with corey's audio. he has -- he is at hickory tavern. lots of tvs worth panthers fans -- where panthers fans are ready to watch the big game. a big night for business, business is all over the place that have tvs for panthers fans to watch the game and have a good time hope lee, celebrate what many hope will be a big win. we will hear from hickory tavern. >> beginning of the year, halfway through, we realized we had a good team.the crowds have been building every week. mike: the fans at hickory tavern are confident the cardinalst have an answer to cam newton. fans of all ages are going to the restaurant tonight, many saying they are glad the winter storm is gone because they
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game with the fans, be there together, feel the energy and have a really we will have more panthers coverage coming up a little bit later in sports. now we want to go back to the winter storm causing trouble all up the east coast. 25 people are dead after the massive blblzard of the east coast, including in new jersey mother and child died of carbon monoxide poisoning while sitting in their c with a blocked tailpipe. millions are now digging out. highway crews are plowing, and air travelers are still stuck, with thousands of flights cancelled. jennifer johnson has our story. jennifer: the sounds of recovery, as the dig-out from the blue skies and qui w>> it's not that bad cleaning up. jennifer: it will be days before life is back to normal. tractor trailers and hundreds of
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highways from pennsylvania to kentucky. hundreds of thousands of people are still without power. next are is still work to be done. we have to assess and recover from a weather event of this severity.jennifer: new york airports are open, but washington area airports are closed. rail services limited along the east coast. coastal flooding is improving. governors urge people to stay off the roads. ask the travel ban has been lifted. that does not mean you should go out and take a ride and see the sights. jennifer: in virginia, a buried fire hydrant hampered efforts to save a house. collapsing roofs in a church in pennsylvania and a washingtonredskins training facility. sunshine says -- has led to a celebration. sledding around the capital. a paralyzed east coast is finally moving again. jennifer johnson, nbc news, washington. mike: taking you back to the
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, coroner says he believes carbon monoxide may have killed two people in their home. the coroner tells us 86-year-old ruby bell and her 87-year-old husband, robert, were found dead at their home friday night. the coroner now tells us he believes a running gas generator caused carbon monoxide buildup in the couple's home. an update in a murder r se from 10 months ago. the reason it took so long to make an arrest. and, we've heard about hoverboards catching fire. but how about one that's extremely cold? we'll tell you about this shoveling solution. chris: that is a brilliant idea. greenville tonight, cold but clear. te low -- below freezing by 2:00 a.m.. we will stay below freezing until the morning.
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be careful if you are travel mike: deputies in anderson county say they've arrested a man who murdered his neighbor last march. tonight, 53-year-old ralph kay is charged with murder. he's from anderson. deputies say 52-year-old gerald freeman died at his home on corning street in march of 2015. investigators say kay shot him multiple times. detectives tell us evidence on kay's shoe helped connect him to the murder, and that processing and analyzing the evidence took a
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deputies just arrested kay. also in anderson county, deputies say a purse snatcher knocked a woman to the ground, and then almost crashed into a deputy during the getaway. 57-year-old calvin davis is facing several charges, including attempted murder. deputies say davis grabbed a woman's purse outside the ingles on highway 24 on friday. the victim fell, and hit her head on the ground. investigators say a witness followed davis, which led to a pursuit involving deputies. detectives say davis almost hit a deputy before officials stopped his car at highways 187 and 29. state troopers in spartanburg county are investigating a bad crash that sent at least one person to the hospital by helicopter. take a look at the pictures sent , to us by one of our ulocal reporters. this is on highway 101, near gateway drive. that's behind gsp airport, nea bmw. it looks like the crash involved a pickup truck, a van and a , tractor trailer. we are working to get more information on this crash that
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chris: check out the temperature spread. we started at 19 degrees but warmed all the way up to 50. quite a spread. that is what snow will do. at night, it cools us down but with sunshine during the day, lots of melting. more on the forecast, coming up. marco rubio. he ran for senate saying he opposed amnesty... then he flipped, and worked with liberal chuck schumer to co-author the path to citizenship bill. he threatened to vote against it.
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he supported his own dream act and then he abandoned it. marco rubio. just another washington politician you can't trust. jeb bush. he's a leader, so you always know where he stands. right to rise usa
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>> now, your live super doppler
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chris: check out this time last today from our champion hills camera in hendersonville. not many people out and about in hendersonville with all the snowfall today. in the upstate, people able to get out in about a bit more. temperatures warmed to near 50 degrees today. that helped melt some of the snow and ice. with temperatures crashing tonight, we are concerned about black ice once more. the live super doppler show a -- shows us dry, but cooler than 24 hours ago. 46 in greenville, 40 in asheville, overnight tonight, the winds are calm her and yesterday. breathe a sigh of relief in the mountains, where wind chills in the mountains hit 10 degrees yesterday. temperatures will continue to crash into the morning hours. expecting 20's across the upstate, 23 degrees in the mountains. the extended forecast in just a moment, but i will send it over to marc becae the panthers are
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marc: we need to get bank -- back out to bank of america stadium. the nfl only allows us to be live on the field unti we want to go back out to brad fralick. he's got the latest on the cardinals and panthers. brad, carolina jumped out to a quick lead last week against seattle. brad: you are right. they are looking for a good start. they have done that so many times. i want to talk about this first. panther fans have shown up with everything they can think of to make sure the luck is on the side of the carolina panthers. check this out. how about the loop -- luke kuechly gnome? but yes, the panthers want to start fast. in the game against seattle, they jumped out to a 31-0 first-half lead. stewart with a big-time run.
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right away, the turnover, and the touchdown. they jumped out to a huge lead and played fantastic in the first half, what ron rivera was concerned about how they played in the second half. seattle came all the way back and scored 24 unanswered points, then made it again in the fourth quarter. at the panthers can start fast like they have been doing, that bodes well for the end -- the nfc championship game. marc: this is the fourth time they are playing in the nfc championship, the first time they have posted. what is the by like? -- the vibe like? brad: they are praying the stadium -- praying at the stadium, followed by the national anthem. it will be rocking all night long. live at bank of america stadium, brad fralick, wyff news 4 sports. marc: let's go back to chris for
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chris: the system that gave the northeast a blizzard, nearly two feet in washington dc, has moved out to sea. area. in charrtte, clear but cold at downtown. gametime temperature, 36. 30 degrees by the end. clear skies with light winds. tomorrow at home, 31 to start the day. warming into the 50's once more, partly cloudy across the area. in spartanburg, 30 to start the day, 50 two and it. blue skies in anderson, 44 by 11:00, 52 by 2:00. in asheville, warming up, 46 the high. should melt the feet of snow in some locations. mount mitchell had 66 inches of snowfall in two days. can you believe it? 41 inches in one day, yesterday.
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six inches per hour on mount mitchell. unbelievable. highs tomorrow across the area, 51 in greenville, 50 two in spartanburg, 53 in abbeville, low 40's across the mountains. the future plus shows we will see their skies all night tonight, a few high clouds tomorrow. the next system takes shape to the west around monday. it will head our weight. two's -- our way. tuesday looks dry. 40% chance of showers late in the day on tuesday. a frontal boundary will sag south of us, they be showers early on wednesday, as well. it gets hung up around the southeast. some models show low pressure witemperatures are warm this time. as the low moves up the coast from the gulf of mexico, i am telling you, i know it is concerning with what we just had but this time, it will mainly send rain our way on wednesday night into thursday. it will wash away the salt off
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the for-day plus, sunshine and 53 tomorrow, he to with a chance for rain tuesday, wednesday, and thursday. we cool off on thursday. look what happens. a heat wave comes our way next weekend. 60 one saturday, 63 sunday. that may not seem warm, but with what we have dealt with, 60's will feel nice. mike: bring it on. we are also talking about school closings. more schools are closing. cherokee county announced schools are closing, asheville as well. check crawl of the bproblems, what we of been talking about, from all this weather. but there is fun, too. check out this flooding. sky4 was over greenville watching people have a really time. they had a great time with golf carts and sleds, enjoying the
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there will probably be hopes that they could be doing that tomorrow since there will be no schoolbut a lot of that will be melted and out of here. the steps made famous by the movie "rocky" are a popular place for sledding. this is at the philadelphia museum of art. in "rocky," sylvester stallone runs up the steps to the son "gonna fly now." why not have your dog chase you while you are writing a sled? philadelphia, by the way has snow. look at this. sledding made easy, thanks to a hoverboard. this guy in new jersey got his shovel, got on his hoverboard, and let the thing take him back-and-forth while he cleaned off his back. pretty ingenious. you don't want to wear yourself out walking back-and-forth across the deck, so let the hoverboard do the work. the rounds on social media. washington, d.c., a couple of
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of football in the snow. and they played to win. an officer caught the ball, knocked down one young man, and and then took off down the street for what looked like a touchdown. whchris: that might be the biggest touchdowowof the day. marc: the nfc championship is getting underway in about 20 minutes. you can follow us on twitter and facebook and the wyff news 4 mobile app. we will have that information as it happens through the evening as the carolina panthers chase a spot in super bowl 50. what's going on in the afc, the patriots and broncos trying to rep of the afc championship at mile high stadium. denver clings to a 20-12 lead. there are two minutes left in the fourth, but new england has the ball.e if tom brady can bring the magic as the patriots
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win. ll muschamp continues to rework his roster. a former alabama running back committed today. he is a former high school all-american out of georgia. he spent last season at hutcheson community college in kansas, after he was alabama's team early last year. muschamp, giving jones a second chance in the sec. top 10 showdown in women's college basketball, number 2 south carolina facing one of their toughest tests of the season. gamecocks taking on 10th ranked mississippi state. right now, the gamecocks clinging to an eight point lead in the third quarter. we w highlights from starkville tonight at 11:00. the clemson football team made so many memories for so many people on their run to the national championship game. last night at the team's awards banquet, a few more memories were made. yes, the tigers handed out awards to dozens of players, but hand it to eric maclain and travis blanks to upstage them all. both popped the question last night. both their girlfriends said "yes." trophies are impressive. but diamonds, still a girl's best friend.
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couples. i was texting back-and-forth with eric today, trying to get the video. it was so neat. they are engaged and i'm sure wedding plans will be fomike: congratulations. a great time to do that. marc: a championship decision. mike: the risk of re-freezing tonight? chris: that'll be the case, even in charlotte. the temperature will be below freezing by the end of the game. the panthers have played in cold and a c championships before. in fact, the coldest nfc championship ever played, the panthers played in. negative nine degrees by gametime. the wind chill was well below 20 degrees below zero. nothing like that tonight, but the last time they played in 30 someg degrees, that was in philadelphia. not saying it is a coincidence,
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chris: more rain on wednesday and thursday, it moves out by the weekend. have an fever will be brushed off and we will see temperatures in the 60's. marc: we will have you covered on-air and online through the game tonight. chk us out on twitter, facebook, and our mobile app. right on your fingertips, right on your phone.mike: the big game. stay with us. we will seseyou with complet coverage, and the accurate 11:00. have a good night and stay warm.
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caption cont on this sunday night, the big dig out. cleaning up after the massive, deadly storm that dumped record-breaking amounts of snow, landed people out of their homes and left millions stranded. tonight, our in-depth coverage of the blizzard that paralyzed the east coast and left its mark on history. final push. the candidates running hard in wa, just eight days before the first votes for president. as a result of a new poll, tells us which republican is surging. inside iran. do the nuclear deal and relaxing of sanctions show a liberal shift by iran?
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