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tv   WYFF News 4 6pm  NBC  January 25, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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melt it. while. 50 in spartanburg and greenville d greenwood, 50 in in asheville. we are melting away the snow. another storm on the way fbut this storm system is nothing weekend. on. michael: the highway patrol says winter weather played n an accident that killed an upstate triathlete. carol: wyff news 4's myra ruiz spoke to his coach about what happened. myra: this is how many people would have recognized 44-year-old andy van evera of greer. >> andy was very dedicated to his training program, which is why he continued to improve as he got older. myra: his triathlon trainer says andy was getting ready for a half-marathon, but his career as an engineer kept him busy on the weekdays. >> and so he went out with a friend, and they were doing their long run on the weekend. so they were off the road. they were not in the way of any of
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myra: according to the highway patrol, 68-year-old daniel hodge of greer was heading east on highway 14 when he swerved to avoid andy, who was off the road and heading toward him. but troopers say the driver hit a frozen patch, and ended up hitting andy. he died at the hospital, and the crash remains under investigation. >> i can't imagine how that driver must feel, knowing what happened. you know, after this happened, i'm definitely going to think twice about running on the road when it's snowing. he was a father to three children, and he didn't come back from his run that day. and i think, when you look at it like that, it could be any of us out there. myra: a community of athletes feeling the loss. , >> my heart just goes out to the family, because i know how hard this is going to be for them. myra: myra ruiz, w carol: a couple of riverside high school athletic groups have organized a benefit for andy's family. the chick fil-a on pelham road
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portion of sales to the van evera family. this goes on until 8:00 tonight. michael: across the upstate a , number of school districts were closed today, but some parents are saying th roads look fine where they are. greenville county schools says they have 25 people scout the district when there's bad weather, to determine if all or no schools will hold class. it is a case of all schools or none. if you wonder why all or nothing, the district says the number one reason is safety. beth brotherton with gcs says they have 75,000 students and 10,000 employees. about 10,000 of those students have "school choice," and go to magnet schools, sometimes nowhere near their homes. and many of the teachers also travel far to work. it also means families with multiple children won't have to figure out issues like, if their elementary aged child will stay home while their middle school are has to go to school.>> how do you make a dividing line? how do you decide, ok, schools have to make up one
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there is a pre-filed bill right now in the state house, that would consider making this the carolina would run their schools. keke your eye on our ticker at the bottom of the screen for tomorrow's school cicts h days they' spartanburg district 5 students will make up days on february 15th and march 11th. those dada were originally teacher work days. anderson district one will make up its snow day on march 25th. carol: the snow cleanup continues. sky 4 flew over western north carolina today, where there was significant snowfall on friday. you can see crews clearing the runway at the ashville airport. also in asheville, the biltmore house still looks like a postcard for a winter wonderland. the grounds are still blanketed in snow. but a few days, and a few degrees, can make a difference. here's lake bowen in spartanburg county on saturday. the sky is gray, and the banks of the lake are covered in snow. sky 4 flew over lake bowen again today. the sun is shining, and although there's still snow
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it is slowly turning to slush. michael: the carolinas are beaming with panthers pride right now. carol: that's especially true in spartanburg, where the team has so many connections. we are going to take a look at that story in a few michael: if you want to get a super bowl ticket, you will probably need to take out alone. according to the ticket price tracker site, we checked and it is $5,178 per seat. we checked stub hub and the cheapest ticket on that site is $4000 for an upper deck end zone seat. it -- a pair of club seats for midfield have already sold for $12,100 apiece, making them the most expensive seats sold so far.
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carol: how did the rolled -- the roads hold up? you may be surprised. john: nice and quiet right now. a live shot at wofford college, background. partly to mostly cloudy. another storm system is on the
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more about that in detail later michael: the panther pride is so intense right now. it might just melt the snow. carol: in spartanburg, the team has so many connections. mike mccormick is live and local in spartanburg. : the flags outside the spartanburg chamber of commerce
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the team flags went up today in celebration of the trip to the >> brown is gone. mike: when the panthers won the championship game, richard johnson was there to see it. >> it was incredible. i've been around a lot of sporting events, but that energy, i haven't seen before. mike: johnson is the director of athletics at wofford college in spartanburg. the school is celebrating the win on its facebook page. jerry richardson, the owner of the panthers, graduated from wofford. >> yesterday, i took great pride in, they had mr. richardson, he was pounding the drum pregame. you know, the "keep pounding." they showed him up there and said, from wofford college a , receiver from wofford college. there he is, in his wofford jersey on the video board in front of 80,000 people. and i think that was really special. mike: the team's training camp happens at wofford. last year's attracted more than 77,000 fans. the convention and visitors bureau is ready to have super bowl champions at this year's camp. >> i think you're going to have a lot more folks here. we're going to get ready. mike: training in spartanburg, winning the championship in charlotte.
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into the carolinas. >> the upstate, wofford certainly, and i know the upstate is truly grateful to mr. richardson for making this happen. without his vision, and then the ability to put that vision into an action plan, and to see it come to fruition. very few people, their life's work get to see that happen, and he's one of them, so we're thrilled for him. mike: another reason the super bowl trip is a big deal forf the current panthers players, brenton bersin, is a graduate. mike mccormick, wyff news 4, live in spartanburg. carol: construction crews part of business 85 in spartanburg for at least six days. bridge over train tracks. the department of tranor says crews closed the two southbound lanes of the highway between the state highway 56 exit and the new cut road exit today. a detour will be set up as crews replace part of the bridge. if the weather cooperates, d.o.t. officials say business 85
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michael: you may wonder about the roads in the light of the greenville public works says there are no reports of any major damage. sc-dot says the same. one of two reasons this year, , for the first time, greenville used a salt solution, or brine, on the roads instead of sand. studies showed the sand, in the past, was causing more problems on the roads, and to the water runoff, as well. the agencies say the other reason is because the city has a plan in place to constantly fix roads as soon as problems are reported. >> we'll send a crew out. we have a pothole repair team. that's what they do all day long, every day. we will just hit those hot locations. and also, we rely heavily on customers, our citizens, calling in, letting us know if there is a pothole. carol: one thing's sure, we are still paying the price from last year's winter, in terms of pothole damage to cars. wyff news 4 investigates' tim waller is here with the bill, and it's a fairly big one. tim: carol, when drivers blow out their tire or bend a rim
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that d.o.t. is aware of, they can file a damage claim. and in 2015, drivers were reimbursed to the tune of $727,000. the vast majority of those payouts had to do with potholes that had been reported to the state, but had not been fixed. we found many damage claims for $1,000 or more. you can see it right there. one claim was for $330 pothole damage to a car driving on interstate 26. today, we stopped by aaa carolinas on woodruff road. here's what shop manager david lowrance showed us. >> this is just from a pothole. now imagine this on your front and rear from one side. tim: something to keep in mind if you're out driving and damage your car from a pothole. you can file a claim with scdot if they know about the pothole. but failed to fix it. if it is a new pothole that
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damages your car, it is on you, your responsibility to pick up the tab. these latest damage claims represent money the state continues to pay out as lawmakers for ways to fix the roads. >> it is literally gone down five feet in a week. michael: before and after the floodgates were opened at lake hartwells released some water for the fourth time in 54 years. john: a live shot from asheville, partly cloudy. we continue to melt the snow.
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some must see video out of
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camera caught a shutout -- caught a shootout between armed robbers and concealed weapon holders at a barbershop. several people, including children, were in the business when armed men came in and demanded money. police say one of the suspects was hurt in the shootout and eventually died at the hospitawhat this unfold. officers say they are trying to find tcarol: the floodgates at hartwell dam were once again closed this morning, after b opened friday night. michael: always quite a sight. it was only the fourth time in 54 years they've been carol: wyff news 4's mandy gaither shows us the problems all that water was causing. she has more from anderson county. mandy: before the flood gates opened, the water came up to here at portman marina, covering the docks and walkways. in fact, crews are still using rock to fill in the parts that were washed away. this is what one dock looked like before the hartwell flood
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and this is what it looks like now. the water here, dropping around 3 to five feet the past few days. it had been at 662 feet, two feet over what's considered full pool during the summer months, which left only three feet of storage for any more rainfall. with this past weekend's forecast, the u.s. army corps of engineers decided to go ahead and open the floodgates to be safe. >> we were pushing about 35,000 cubic feet per second downstream, just trying to get more storage up on hartwell itself. mandy: the floodgates have only been opened four times in the past 54 years, in 1964 and 1994, then in 2013, and then, on friday through this morning. the water passed down to russell and thurmond lakes, before the flood gates opened, the marina's manager says customers were having to use waders tget out to their boats.
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anderson county. carol: the first witnesses in a trial over north carolina's photo i.d. voting law appeared in court today. the trial is challenging the state's new requirement that voters provid photo identification before voting. one of the named plaintiffs is a 94-year-old woman. she testified that it took her ten trips to and from government offices over three weeks, to make sure her driver's license matched exactly the name on her voter card. the naacp and u.s. justice department lawyers say the requirement discriminates against black and latino voters. >ow, your live super doppler 4 hd weather forecast. john: the powerful winter storm that affected us on friday iaseaboard, they had 2-3 feet of snow, records in baltimore, washington, dc, and new york city. the entire storm system here in
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this is an unofficial l port. it is unofficial, but mount mitchell, 6684 feet, the highest point anywhere east of the continental divide up and down the eastern seaboard, look at this. when the storm started, earlier, 66 inches. they have fine-tuned it in they will continue to look at the data over the next days and weeks to see if this is the total of 57 inches of snow. it will break a recoco if it is, set in 1993. that would be a state record for the most amount of snow in north carolina. 11 inches thursday morning until early friday morning. friday early morning, 41 inches of snow fell. it was coming doof or-five inches per hour. that does not count the strong winds. the drifts were incredible.
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showers from saturday morning until sunday morning. thatats unofficial right now, but when it becomes official, i will let you know. just unbelievable. even if it is not a record, if it is 40 inches, that is still an incredible amount of snow in a short time. here comes the front. notice a lot of green showing up . great news. we do know have to deal with freezing rain or sleet. we started off at 29 degrees at the greenville airport this morning, warming to 56 degrees. three degrees above the average for this time of year. we started off at 18 degrees, none melting any of the snow at the asheville airport this morning. we warmed up to 51, 3 degrees above average. a live shot from our camera on top of the peace center in downtown greenville, partly cloudy skies and a nice evening. 50 in greenville, 42 in asheville, 47 in franklin, 51 in toccoa. temperatures very pleasant on
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pickens. everybody else around 50. 54 in walhalla, 52 in abbeville, 51 in ganey and union. light. south-southwest. we will pick up winds out of the south-southwest -- during the day tomorrow. 47 in cincinnati, 64 in orlando. this storm system is headed to the great lakes. it will not affect us. the cold front is back here. 64 in dallas. not bad. the front tomorrow morning will push through with showers tomorrow afternoon in the mountains, slight chance late in upstate. we could see some of the rain mix with snow late tomorrow night into wednesday morning. it ends by the afternoon. low 35 in the upstate, 30 in the mountains. tomorrow in the upstate, variable loading us, maybe a couple showers late in the day. i 54, starting off at 41 and
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asheville-hendersonville, cloudy skies, patchy rain, starting off at 37 degrees, warming into the mid-60's by lunchtime. the for-day plus, rain and snow showers for the mountains tomorrow night. rain and snow mixed wednesday morning early. we will dry out in the afternoon. the weekend, nice and warm. that will feel great. back to you carol and michael. beals like summertime. carolina crush the arizona cardinals last night -- crushed the arizona cardinals. marc: the nfc champions are battered and bruised, according to the coach. one of their defensive contributors is on the mend. a former gamecock takes a big game of his own. he is packing his bags for hawaii.
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>> now, wyff news 4 sports. marc: carolina panthers all-pro linebacker thomas davis had surgery this morning, to repair his broken right forearm. he was injured on this play, in the second quarter of carolina's win over the arizona cardinals in the nfc championship game. panthers head coach ron rivera says davis probably needs to wear a brace on his right arm, but he should be ready to roll for the super bowl. >> this is pretty much quoting mrs. davis. he is in recovery. he is doing well. the doctors feel comfortable about it. we will see when he gets back tomorrow. our trainers will take a look at him. marc: davis wa setting defensive effort from the panthers. carolina forced arizona into 7 turnovers, the most by any team in the history of championship games. luke kuechly became the first player in nfl history to record a pick six in back-to-back playoff games. brad fralick has more with
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brad: the carolina panthers have won many games with defense this year. dominating defense is something they did in the nfc championship game against arizona. the leader of the defense is number 59, the middle linebacker. >> the older you get, the more you appreciate situations like this.for guys like thomas, i talked to him about it. it has been 10 years or something, since we last hosted a game like this. he said, they don't come around that much and when they do, you have to take advantage. the older you get, the more you appreciate it, and we are proud to be here. now we have to move brad: he and the carolina defense will have their hands full facing peyton manning, one of the best quarterbacks ever. you can bet the storyline may go something like this. peyton manning wants to write off into the sunset with a championship. it will be up to the panthers defense not to let that happen.
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news 4. marc: thanks, brad. kuechly and nine other carolina panther pro bowlers are excused from the nfl's all star game. that opens up pro bowl spo other players on other teams. today, atlanta falcons fullback patrick dimarco was one of the players taking advantage of those vacancies. the former gamecock doesn't have stellar statistics, but he's widely considered one of best blocking full backs in the nfl. the new college basketball polls are out. the south carolina women's team still ranked second in the country, still trying to track down uconn for the top spot. usc's men's team falls out of the top 25 aftr losing to tennessee. the gamecocks and the clemson tigers sitting just outside the top 25. college baseball season,just a little over three weeks away. baseball america released their preseason poll this moring. the florida gators open the season ranked number 1. virginia is at number four. carol: thanks for watching. we will l e you at 11:00.
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