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meteorologist john cessarich. john: carol and michael, you can see it is all green, all liquid precipitation outside the mountains. in the mountains of north carolina in particular, the closer you get to the tennessee line, could see freezing rain mixed with rain. even for the mountains of the rest of north carolina, we could see freezing rain and freezing drizzle mixed with the rain but not until late tonight. otherwise, fairly light precipitation moving across th with an operational cooling. we are cooling down through the mountains of north carolr most north carolina counties the border tennessee, you will start to freezing rain advisory at midnight tonight ruuntil 10:00 tomorrow morning. it will be like precipitation, light rain mixed with maybe some light freezing rain or freezing drizzle late tonight and early tomorrow morning. i will be expecting as far as frozen precipitation, a traced way couple hundred's. that's all. it only takes a trace of ice on
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become slippery. be careful if you are traveling. get ready for a warm-up. we will talk about that later on. asheville face a weather-related deadline tonight. michael: shovel the sidewalk, or face a fine. wyff news 4's myra ruiz is live and local in asheville. myra? myra: we're along fulton street, -- on chestnut street, where as you can see, the sidewalk is covered in snow. with the city about this, the property owner could face a fine. it's safe to say many people consider asheville to be a pedestrian-friendly city, but the weekend storm has made things rough. >> you know, on this particular sidewalk, because you're either in the middle of the busy road or you're trying to navigate the snow and the ice. myra: city crews have been busy clearing off the roads and sidewalks along public, not private, property. >> basically, the property owners are responsible for the portion of the sidewalk that's immediately in front of their property. >> i know before the storm, we pushed some things oututn social
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doesn't follow social media. there could be some property owners that just don't know. myra: property owners could face fines of $100 a day for each day the walks are not cleared. >> well, if you have to walk on the road, people drive around you. it's not that bad. myra: fortunately, the snow here doesn't tend to last long. >> shoveling snow is not easy." manager says there is a grace clean up after a complaint is filed. myra ruiz, wyff news 4, live in asheville. carol: icy roads kept some school buses from running regular routes this mo many families in travelers rest, and other parts of northern greenville county, had to drive their kids to school today on a two-hour delay. keep an eye on the ticker on the bottom of your screen to keep track of the school delays for tomorrow we have seen the runs
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but what if you rely on others, like meals on wheels volunteers? wyff news 4's aly myles with our report tonight. explains. >> hey, mr. quickfield. how are you today? hey, go panthers. aly: about 1500 people rely daily on these. meals on wheels volunteers do more than just provide a hot meal. >> it's amazing to hear the ones that say, "you know what? i don't want the volunteers to come out. its too dangerous. i'll be fine." aly: they might be the only person a client sees that day. >> how are you today? aly: the only one to check on them to know if they're sick or hurt. >> you know, you're doing something to help someone who needs help. aly: but when greenville county schools cancel school, meals on wheels deliveries are canceled, too. but that doesn't mean they stop working. >> staff on friday called every one of our clients to make sure they were ok, make sure if they needed any food. and we did have 3 or 4 clients that really were struggling with food insecurity for the weekend, so we took extra meals to them.
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their most vulnerable clients, again making the deliveries for those who needed them desperately. >> so many of our clients have a hunger for the soul, and that personal visit, whether its someone knocking on the door or making a call to make sure they're ok, that's just as important. so we want to make sure that's being taken care of, too. aly: aly myles, wyff news 4, >> tell him i hope he's ok, and if he needs anything, to call the office. aly: in greenville. michael: that's what it's all about. want to help? meals on whee always in need of vol carol: a case against an upstate man accused of sex crimes against children is headed to a grand joseph patterson appeared in an anderson courtroom today for a preliminary hearin the 57-year-old faces charges involving minors, some younger than 12 years old. wyff news 4 was there in august his home. investigators say other times,
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in anderson, where patterson and the children attended church. michael: south carolina representative mike pitts of laurens explained his proposal to create a state registf journalists in south carolina. the idea set off a media firestorm. he says, this proves his point. pitts says the media will defend the first amendment when the freedom of the press is on the line, but won't jump to the defense of other amendments, like the right to bear arms. pitts says he doesn't think the proposal will pass, nor does he want it to. >> i don't want you to be registered, because i believe in a free press. i believe in the watch dogs. i also believe in the other 9 amendments in the bill of rights. michael: he says he looks forward to the debate and does not feel like it is a waste of time. he says educating the public is important. pitts noted he dk many bills will pass this year since it is an election year, and that improving roads isn't each lawmaker's top priority. carol: it's a reunion, of sorts, for dozens of people of all ages
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they all wore the tiger suit over the years as mascot for clemson university. tonight, they're at the anderson county museum, and that's where we find wyff news 4's mandy gaither. she joins us now live and local, with more on why these former mascots are all to mandy: you may not have known this, but i found out the number one rule of being the clemson tiger mascot is you can't talk. that' not done, is it? but we were able to do a mike check. we determined our microphone is pretty good. despite the fact that he can't talk, there is a lot they would like to talk about. right now, there is a book called "clemson: through the eye of the tiger" that is being signed at this museum. the people signing are the author and the former tigers themselves. chris here is class of 2014.
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you are no longer the tiger. you can talk. >> i can freely talk. mandy: you have a record a clemson. >> yes. i did the most push-ups in the first quarter against duke in 2012. mandy: in order for you to did -- do push-ups, the team has to score points. >> i think the record is safe for a while. i hope it is. i want to keep it as long as i can.mandy: we have another former tiger here, you are class of 1968. tell me, how did the tiger change from then until now? >> it's more open. i think the tiger gets to do a lot more than we got to do. fun. the tigers. i got to do something that was really fun when i was 62.
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go back into character, i was 62 years old, first time i had the uniform on since 1965. i went to the rodeo and played "danny boy." it was fun. mandy: you can buy this book at the anderson county museum. michael: still to come, presidential primaries almost here. you may wonder why south carolina has two of them on separate days. the answers, coming up. john: cloudy and asheville, off and on rain across buncombe
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we will talk about tha carol: the primaries are around the corner and south carolin of a handful of states with separate primary dates for democrats and republicans. michae patrick hussion has why this is the case. patrick: having two primary days may be as simple as, that's just the way we have always done it. >> it makes south carolina standout not once, but twice. , patrick: when it comese south carolina presidential primary, greenville county election official conway belangia has a time sensitive task at hand. >> the idea of conducting two elections, two saturdays apart is extremely difficult. patrick: the palmetto state is an open primary, which means registered voters have the choice of participating in the republican primary on february 20, or the democratic primary on
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voter's political affiliation is. but the question still remains. do you know why republicans can't just share a primary date ? >> actually, i do not. that's probably not very helpful, is it? >> i have no idea why they would have two separate days. >> i would imagine it's because the state is pretty divided politically. >> sorta past history, they've done it in the past. it provides both parties with their own special day. patrick: that's exactly right. the state elections comn says it's each party's decision to choose their ow, stems from past years when the parties were in charge of running their own elections. now, the state government has taken over, but a the party's to still choose -- the parties to still choose their primary dates. and south carolina'e
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it is one of 12 statesconway belangia told me that since south carolina is the first in the south primary, both republicans and democrats just simply want their own day in the sun. of course, he said we will continue to see that with the amount of national media attention on those two days in february. >> it is a good reminder, and an inspiration to me to see this.michael: two spartanburg schools and the attention of the state superintendent. jo a live shot over lake hartwell in anderson county, mostly cloudy outside right now. rain on the way.
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state superintendent visited to specific schools, both in on improve education through partnerships. wyff news 4's mike mccormick reports. >> study hard, and thanks for letting me come to your classroom. mike: state superintendent of education molly spearman saw firsthand how students are putting the "leadership" in the cleveland academy of leadership. >> these educators cannot do this alone. the community has bought in a beautiful way to support the teachers, to help the students. mike: much of this school is the product of a public-private partnership. >> if we have two digits, mike: spartanburg school district seven is trying to build that kind of a partnership with meeting street academy, which is a private s now. students start here at age three. there are two certified teachers in every school. -- in every classroom. if the partnership with district seven happens, meeting street academy would become a district seven school. tuition would go away, and the district would contribute transportation, food services, and technology support among other things. >> the great thing about a
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you can take some risks that you can't often times take, because we don't have the flexibility in a traditional sense. mike: the superintendent of spartanburg school district 7 plans to take the partnership to the board for approval in march. if it's approved, the partnership would begin in the next school year. mike mccormick, wyff news 4, spartanburg. >> now, your live super doppler 4 hd weather forecast. john: slow moving cold front approaching us from the west, producing a batch of showers. it's fairly light precipitation, all green. great news. no frozen precipitation. we could see freezing rain or drizzle fell up in parts of the mountains later tonight after midnight. if you are headed up this evening, don't worry about that. but in the mountains, we shave slush on the roads, and some ice and even some snow,
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watch out for that if you are traveling. right now, liquid precipitation coming from the sky. you can see the precipitation is moving individual -- individual cells are moving quickly northeast. the front itself is making its way slowly east. most of the heaviest precipitation moving through chattanooga. most of th up when a makes its way through the mountains. instead of a solid band of rain, it has broken up little bit through the western north carolina area. light rain and sprinkles moved through asheville and hendersonville. later tonight, freezing rain and visor he kicks into gear amidnight tonight and runs until 10:00 tomorrow morning for these counties the border tennessee. it will be rain mixed with freezing rain, light freezing rain, or freezing drizzle. it will be fairly light precipitation. this is not a major storm system. that it doesn't take much as far as ice on the road, even just a trace could cause black ice and slippery conditions.
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the best chance of freezing rain, even mixed with sleet or a couple snowflakes, will be along the tennessee line. midnight tonight until 10:00 tomorrow morning. 30 right now, 30 the low this morning at the greenvilleairport. 57 this afternoon. pretty close to the average high and average low for this time of year. a low of 27 this morning at the asheville airport, just where it should be. 51 the high this afternoon, three degrees above average. a live shot of downtown greenville from the piece center, things are pretty quiet. 54 in greenville, 44 in asheville, cooling down temperature slowly in the mountains with summit not a lot. we will continue to cool down into the 30's overnight. 53 in toccoa, 61 in elberton, in the upstate right now, temperatures mainly in the 50's. in fact, everybody in the 50's. 52 in pickens, 54 in spartanburg, gaffney, union, laurens, greenwood.
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fairly mild come all the freezing. their little wind to speak up. humidity much higher as the rain moves in to the mountains of western north carolina and north georgia. average is pretty cool but not bad. 62 in columbia. 70 in orlando, 74 in miami. 30 right in cincinnati and st. louis. there is a front pushing through the rain. it may mix of frozen precipitation in the west central part of texas. that will move tomorrow through the gulf and not affect us. there is the storm tomorrow morning. there is the front pushing through. maybe a few patches of light drizzle early, but otherwise, expect more sunshine as we go through tomorrow afternoon. high pressure starts to build in. tonight, patchy light rain later in the upstate, low 42. rain mixed with freezing rain or freezing drizzle early tomorrow morning, than just partly to mostly cloudy skies tomorrow afternoon. sunshine and temperatures seasonably cool in the upstate, but a chilly 41 the high of the mountains.
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beautiful weather for the upcoming weekend. now bamichael: we and clemson knows the pathway back to the nationaricardo: the tigers new who they would be facing. we will go over the clemson schedule coming up. the panthers gearing up for the super bowl.
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>> now, wyff news 4 sports. ricardo: the job interviews continue all this week in mobile, alabama. today at the senior bowl, prospects going through the weigh-in in the morning, followed by practice this afternoon. two clemson players with invites to mobile this week, dorman
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reader. south carolina jerrell adams, -- tight end jerrell adams, also taking part in the senior bowl. clemson came very close to winning its first national championship in 34 years, and the tigers' path back to the college football playoff national championship game next year was released today. and it begins on september 3rd at auburn, the tigers playing at jordan hare stadium for the first time since the 2010 season. clemson opens the home slate with troy on september 10th, followed by sc state. then, a thursday night game in atlanta, against georgia tech. the yellow jackets, the last team to beat clemson in the regular season. the acc opener is against louisville at death valley on october 1st, then a friday night game in chestnut hill, against boston college on october 7th. first friday night game for the tigers in 60 years. the acc atlantic division race heats up on october 29th in tallahassee, against florida state. syracuse and pittsburgh visit clemson the next two weeks, the panthers' first ever visit to death valley. the rivalry game comes november
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with new head coach will muschamp. and if the tigers are acc atlantic champs, they'll play in the acc title game december 3rd at bank of america stadium. will muschamp has finalized his coaching staff in columbia, announcing today the hire of mike peterson as outside linebackers coach. peterson coming over from florida, where he served as a strength and conditioning coordinator. peterson played 14 seasons in the nfl. time for a watch update for super bowl 50. the panthers will be spok jerseys with silver pants. they wore white in 2004. the broncos, the designated home team, will where all white. the broncos are 0-5 in super bowl's when they wear the orange jersey. cam newton graces the cover of s illustrated," the title, newton's law. just how you learned it in physics.
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south carolina returns to action this evening. the gamecocks falling out of the associated press poll lector losing a t on saturday. sc ranked 22nd of the coaches poll. gamecocks hosting mississippi state this evening. tip-off at colonial life arena set for 7:00. clemson men coming off their bye week. they will host pittsburgh in downtown greenville tomorrow night. both teams come into the contest 5-2 in acc play. they will do a special recognition at halftime for deshaun watson. he deserves it. carol: thanks, ricardo. michael: we have a warm up going on. john: especially after tomorrow afternoon. tonight it will be a chilly rain in the upstate. in the mountains, it could mix with freezing rain, especially close to tennessee. be acarol: thanks for watching. we will see you at 11:00. michael: we are always on
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