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tv   WYFF News 4 11pm  NBC  January 27, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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carol: as soon as the voting begins in the race for president, less than a week to the john: and the rain or freezing rain. carol: and we begin with 2016 tonight, donald trump back in somichael: thousands attended his rally in lexington. among them, his newest supporter. >> donald trump speaks the truth. he is a man of decision. he is a man of action. he speaks the truth as he sees it in his words that everybody understands, and, ladies and gentlemen, that is something new inmichael: that was south carolina lieutenant governor hemcmaster, throwing his support behind donald trump. he talks about replacing the affordable care act but began by saying america does not win anymore and finished on at note. donald trump: and, folks, i
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win anymwe are going to win. we're going to start winning. we are going to win with the military and at the borders and with trade and with health cwe are going to win so much, you are going to be so proud of your president. you are going to be so proud of your country. i love the people ofcarolina. carol: donald trump said he will can make -- campaign in south carolina before the primary. reporter: as you can probably tell, the donald trump event in len tonight felt like a good old revival. >> make america great ag-- before credit.
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greenville pete's osteen drove over. >> he is the only candidate who can get this country bacreporter: a man these people support because they say he >> he says what he thinks, and he is thinking about what is best for our country, and he does not oh anybody anything. he is his own person. >> he speaks his mind. he tells it like it is. if you cannot handle it, you have to get out. >> i definitely think we need a change. i mean, he is going to be the one to be able to get it done. he is not afraid of standing up for the american peoreporter: you think we need more of that? >> i do. report: i'll trump is also sticking up for tomorrow night's debate he has got other plans. >> i do not think they treat him
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megyn kelly proved t>> i think he has been treated pretty unfairly, so i would not wareporter: there are all that hope that donald trump keeps on if you believe what he says, he will not be standing on the debate stage tomorrow night.wyff news 4, lexington. michael: and the south carolina presidential primaries arthe republican deadline was last week. if you are trying to meet that deadline for the deadline tonight, here is what you have to do. you have to go to, and this is what february looks like in south carolina. greenville will host a
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then on the 16th, the aiken gop has invited all gop candidates to a forum at usc aiken, and two days later, the conservative convention is to take place atn secours wellness arena, and then on february 20, the first of the south primary kicks off. it is the democratic turn on february 27. carol: today, the wife of presidential candidate dr. ben carson was in the upstate, and she could not answer all of the questions and took a step with her that dr. carson will answer on twitter. michael: moderating the debate on february 4, five days before the new hampshire primary, and the democratic national committee has yehok, to the weather now, it is cloudy outside. carol: chief meteorologist john cessarich is there.
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part of the upstate, you can see a few sprinkles, maybe a few patches of l rain, but this precipitation is not moving through the mountainous areas because temperatures are already below freezing across most areas, and that would be freezing rain, but what we could he possibly overnight tonight is areas of valley fog, and then it could be freezing fog, and that could cause the roads to really slicjust freezing drizzle, right on the ground itself. so watching out for areas of fog , 28 degrees when you wake up, and cloudy skies. especially south of 85.
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carol: and the carolina panthers super bowl preparations are underway in charlotte, and sports director brad fralick has more from bank of america stadium. brad: it is like a normal day with the exception of there bein many media on hand, obviously wanting to talk about the super bowl, and cam newton was asked a question whose answer gave him some headlines today. he was asked why he thinks he is a lightning rod for criticism despite his success, and he came out with exactly what he thinks. he says it has to deal with his race and his position. >> to talk about skill set with this team, it is the same. drafted by the miami dolphins. the same brown, the same cam newton. the only thing that has changed is that we are winning, and i am african-american quarterback.
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people, but they have not seen nothing that they can compare me to. brad: not many players would come out and say that, but cam newton is not one to shy away from that or from having fun on the football field, and some people seem to have a problem with the way he has fun and celebrate after having success on the football field. one thing is for newton will have the opportunity to cement his legacy in football history at super bowl 50. brad fralick. carol: thanks, brad. wyff news 4 is your panthers home. google bring you aprogram. we will be live with brad fralick and marc dopher starting our life team coverage in california starting on monday, d then geoff hart joins us on thursday. this is all leading up to our special "chasing the
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8:00 p.m., coverage you do not want to miss. michael: putting stricter limits on when police officers can reach an appeal court judge says using tasers when there is no immediate safety risk constitutes excessive force. you may remember this about using tasers on a 34-year-old autistic man who tried to run aw>> we're going to see that number dropped. we are going to see the number of physical interactions increase, because the events do not go away. the resistance does not go away. people do not always want us in theithey do not always want us to intervene. they do not always want to go to jail. michael: chief miller says because of this ruling, he has revised the department use of force policy, putting taser use into a higher category.
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today pertaining to dylan route -- roof, who faces hate crime counts and prison violations and 33 federal charges. prosecutors will pursue the death penalty against the 21-yeamichael: and jeff beauties have arrested the husband of a mother of two who was shot and left ford ed. jonathan batchelor has been charged with attempted murder of his the break in the case came today when stephanie was able to talk to deputies for the first time today, and they say she was able to provide details that led to the rest -- the rest of her husband.
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just yet, but we are told that a georgia state trooper was shot in a police chase in suburban atlanta and that he was conscious. the names of the two have not been released. michael: the justice department has reached a tentative agreement with the city to overhaul its police department in ferguson, missouri, due to the michael brown case. these steamy changes follow the deadly shooting.the deal was announced this afternoon. carol: the loss of an icon. vic bailey, jr. as died. he was known for his car do the ships and even had a road named he is being celebrated for his generosity. of public service from u-s-c upstate. < 11:25 "there were so many times over the years that people would come into vic, that back door there, my office is right next to his, and they'd ask for help and vic helped them. he had a
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bailey's family is asking that memorials be made to scholarships in his name at u-s-c upstate, spartanburg methodist college and spartanburg community college. in england. a man was left for dead. we want to warn you that the video you are about to see.... is graphic... and...that the man involved in this hit and o-k. it happened earlier this month. the man was crossing the street... when suddenly he is clipped by a passing car... and...thrown into the air.. the victim was taken to the hospital. right now...he is recovering at home. and...also..worth noting... the passersby don't react.. as the man is lying there on the ground. th organizations, including mobile meals. the years thloving heart. me. this ilege. michaer this month t he is hit n hospitald t man lying there on the ground. e car has yet to be found. and it was a prayer, literally heard round the world. coming up, we will hear from the
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john: some patches of light rain continuing to move through the
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the son of a polish immigrant who grew up in a brooklyn tenement. he went to public schools, then college, where the work of his life began -- fighting injustice and inequality,
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he moved to vermont, won election and praise as one of america's best mayors. in congress, he stood up for working families and for principle, opposing the iraq war, supporting veterans. now he's taking on wall street and a corrupt political system funded by over two and a half million contributions, tackling climate change to create clean-energy jobs, fighting for living wages, equal pay, and tuition-free public colleges. people are sick and tired of establishment politics, and they want real change! [ cheers and applause ] bernie sanders -- husband, father, grandfather, an honest leader building a movement with you to give us a future to believe in.
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just this week... a greenville county couple died carbon monoxide poisoning. the coroner believes it came from a gas generator the couple was using in their garage. the parker fire department says carbon monoxide can come from any gas-fueled appliance in your home. the only way to detect carbon monoxide is through a detector... fire officials say you need to install more than one in your home. he says if your alarm goes off, get outside and call 911. 10:04 if you ventilate your house we won't be able to figure out what caused it so if you michael: a greenville county couple died rom a generator thys only way to d to install more outsid>> if you ventilate your house, we will not be able to figure out what caused it, so if you just get out of your house into fresh air and called 911, let us come out there and take a look atwe can possibly figure out why,
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prmichael: and also, do not start your car in the garage. move it out of the garage first. carol: the smell from a nearby dumpster he -- gets stronger, and they say it continues to get worse. people are calling on community leaders at a landfill to do more to contain the smell. neighbors organize a meeting to discuss the possible options. >> they have raised their fathey have lived here all of their lives. the quality of life has ch of -- values of the property have gone down. carol: the meeting takes place tomorrow night at 7:00 at the columbia baptist church on aug usta road. michael: the video of the prayers of a toddler has now
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michael: today, wyff news 4 got to meet sutton whitt. the two who not only thank god for her family but santa claus, as well.on sunday, her mom and dad got back late and put her down without their normal bedtime prayers, but snapped her, they heard noises, turned on the baby monitor, watching through tear field eyes. >> she wanted to thank god. michael: it has been dubbed by national news organizations, and they have done interviews with most of the major necarol: a community rallied behind one of their own, and upstate mother fighting cancer. sky 4 was over the scene as the
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lumig.lindsey motley, a mother of a toddler, has been fighting: cancer she was 26 yearjohn: taking a look at radar, a cold front remains to our south southeast, and some precipitation. it will stay off to our southeast, but still, a few sprinkles coming in, especially a long -- especially along this area. as we zoom on in on super doppler 4 hd, a few patches a very, very light rain. rainfallllmounts since last night last night did not amount to aeveryone was below 1/10 of an top honors goes to you folks in andersrs54, the high this afternoon, and this is far from the record high set back in 1954. we continue to melt away the
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average high 48 for this timit is still below average, but the record high was in 1999. downtown greenville, a live shot. the peace center. chilly temperatures. 49 in anderson. in north carolina, some precipitation. temperatures are below the freezing mark across most areas.29. 26 in marshall. 34 degrees in marion. 30 in asheville. some areas of fog and increasing fog. very little wind to speak up across the area, and it is a 52 degree temperature in columbia. 40 in atlanta, 42 in chattanooga, and 55 right now in
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65 degrees in miami. take a look at this. this is just north of fort lauderdale. look at the from an ef-1 which touchdown briefly this afternoon, and there is a the get into tomorrow in the southern part of florida. leeven a few thundershowers left over. we can see another round of severe weather, and the temperatures are chilly across we can see thunderstorms. tomorrow morning, our patch of rain stays off to our southeast really from colombia all of thethe forecast, cloudy with a few sprinkles. for tomorrow, we can expect some morning sprinkles.
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, 47, and it will be seasonably
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announcer: now, wyff news 4 sports. marc: the first player to rush 4000 more in the same season after throwing for 4000 yards. he won the davey o'brien award as the nation's best quarterback and was a heisman trophy finalist, honored tonight at the clemso the third tiger honored annually. watson said the time after the national championship game has been>> it has been kind of crazy, but this is for the rest of my life. now, i have gotten used to it. we are thinking about what we accomplished, and that it can be an even better year.
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still, a topic of conversation. brad fralick has more from bank of america stadiumbrad: there was a lot of talk today about linebacker thomas davis, who was injured and broke his arm and had surgery monday to try to repair that broken arm, and davis vowed that he would play in super bowl 50. it has been a decade since davis played in a super bowl, and he does not want to let that opportunity pass bybyand cam was noticed by the entire team. >> it means so much. hey, we have got a guy who broke his arm who is try to find any way to play in the game, but, you know, i feel sorry for not only him but his wife and for the people who support him, his kids, and yet, he is trying to find a way, and that is the type
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to be on this team and see that, why should i care what people say about me personally?playing with a broken arm? brad: another with the same sentiments, saying seeing a veteran player doing everything can do to play, including playing with a plate and screws in his arm, it shows just howspecial a trip to the super bowl can be. brad fralick, news 4 sports. marc: thank you, brad. up at the break, avery holmes spends into the lane, mrs. the lay-up, but landry is there to clean it up. varying the triple, keeping the tigers comfortably in front, and a nice look inside with jaron bl
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high 22 points, clemson beating pittsburgh 73-60. the tigers have four top 25 wins in the last month. >> offensively, i just thought we shared the ball and moved it. we just had a lot of guys in tribute, and that is what you need. dies contributing and playing well, and we did tonmarc: another tough loss for usc upstate, spartans losing 12 kennesaw state. and you start adding all of these up, we could have three or four tournaments. the championships, super bowl. and downtown greenville, playing well also.
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carol: the weekend? john: i guess we should do that again. michael: perfect. john: friday is nice, and then the weekend looks fantastic. marc: so really we are just covering up thursday?john: and you can cover up the right side, too. michael: we will do that tomorrow night. carol: thank you for watching wyff news 4 at 11:00. the news continues at 4:30 a.m.
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