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tv   WYFF News 4 530am  NBC  January 28, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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geoff: also, donald trump making a stop in south carolinaallyson: plus, after a weekend of snow and ice, snow make up days for students in the upstate and western north carolina. geoff: hard not to look ahead to the weekend, but we have worked before then. temperatures in the 50's today. chris: it will be a cool day and the clouds of make it fe, but most of us will be dry. we do have some showers down for the south. these are moving in and all and fashion, more from the southwest toward the northeast. it will basically stop at i-385. areas in the south seen the best chance of rain.if you are traveling down toward the columbia area, you will have the chance of seeing showers early i am watchine laurens skycam, but the roads are dry. 41 degrees.
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it is a cool start to the day. nice visibility out there. you can see franklin and andrews seemed fog, so be careful. it is cold in the mountains. 25 degrees in asheville, 31 in hendersonville, or more in the upstate with clouds. 34 and spartanburg and anderson at 41 degrees. in greenville, expect cloud cover pretty much all day long. 46 by a 11:00, 51 by 2:00 ended asheville, more sunshine with a high temperature near 50 degrees. i am tracking a wa trend, coming up. allyson: thank you. information this morning. deputies and haywood county are investigating a two county chase. they tried stopping a speeding dodge durango around 11:00 last night on interstate 40.
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stop, so they used stop sticks around milemarker 44 in buncombe county. that's at the smokey park highway exit in candler, you see here on the map. they say the driver crashed into a guardrail later. deputies say the driver had minor injuries a mission hospital. we begin this morning with commitment 2016 nethe republican presid candidates face off one more time before th monday. geoff: theheight candidates who are leading the polls h invited to participate in the prime time debate tonight on fox news, but you don't see frontrunner donald trump on this list, citing issues with one of the moderators, megyn kelly. rand paul, who was left out of the last prime tim back in tonight because of his standing in the most recent polls in iowa. trump was in south carolina yesterday. allyson: thousands attended his rally in lexington. among them, his newe supporter. >> donald trump speaks the truth.
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he is a man of action. he speaks the truth as he see's it in words that everybody understands, and ladies and gentlemen, that in politics. allyson: that was south carolina lieutenant governor henry mcmaster throwing his support behind trump. mcmaster is the highest-ranking state politician to endorse him. donald trump also hit familiar themes, building the wall, his self-funded repealing and replacing the affordable health care act. >> he says what he thinks, and he's thinking about what's best for our country and he doesn't owe anybody anything. he's his own person. allyson: trump began by saying that america doesn't win anymore, and finished on a different note. >> and folks, i started off by saying that we don't win anymore. we are going to start winning. we are going to win with the military. we are going win at the at the borders. we are going to win with trade. we are going to win with health care.
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we are going to win so much you are going to be so proud of your presdient. you are going to be so proud of your country. i love the people of south carolina from day one. i love them. we will be back a lot. take care of yourselves. make sure you vote. you have got to vote. we love you. thank you. make sure you vote. allyson: trump also promised that he will campaign in south carolina so much before the primary that, quote, "you will be sick of me." happening today, a break in the case after a victim recovers enough to talk to police. now, a spartanburg county man will have a bond hearing for a case of attempted murder. geoff: wyff news 4 joins us live from the detenti center in spartanburg with what happened. aly: just yesterday, deputies arrested the husband of of two who was shot and left for
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he's now set for a bond hearing at 2:00 p.m. here at the detention center. jonathan batchelor has been charged with attempted murder of his wife. investigators say stephanie batchelor was t earlier this month. she was found along her home on reidville road. the break in the case came yesterday, when stephanie was able to talk to deputies for the first time since the shooting. they say she was able provide details that led deputies to her husband's arrest. investigators will not say where she was shot. but a gofundme page says she suffered multiple gunshot wounds, one of which was to the brain. aly myles wyff news 4 live in spartanburg county. allyson: thank you. greenville county deputies tell us a chase started with a purse-snatching in easley. it ended with a man in jail. police tell us he snatched the purse of a cus sports in easley, then took, leading officers on a chase into greenville county. greenville county deputik over, and arrested the mann pendleton road behind westville funeral home. at one point, a patrol car was
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is o.k. geoff: preparations for super bowl 50 are underway for the carolina panthers, and quarterback cam newton is even more in the spotlight this morning after what he said yesterday in charlotte. he was asked at a press conference why he thinks he is a lightning rod for criticism despite his success. >> they talk about maturity with me. they talk about skillset with this team. nobody has changed. this is the same team that was drafted by the miami dolphins. the same philly brown, cam newton. the only that's changed is we're winning and i've said it since day one, i'm an african american quarterback. that may scare a lot of people because they haven't seen nothing that they can compare me to. geoff: newton not one to shy away from how he feels, including having fun on the football field. he has a chance to submit his
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bowl 50 in ten days. allyson: after all that snow and ice on the roads, some make up days to announce. geoff: in pickens county, students will attend on february 26 and march 25. in buncombe county, the school year has been extended to june 6. students will also attend on february 12 and will have a full day instead of half day on february 11. allyson: chris is back. we are intrigued by your refrigerator graphic. i like that. as a mom, i do that all the time. chris: you inherently what is your kind of food is in there, right? allyson: right. chris: we are getting after some heat. geoff: it is a great graphic and you did a great job. chris: i appreciate it. it will be nice and nobody willwant to be inside.
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we will see showers today, especially between greenville and the rain will stay right in this area. it is an upper-level system moving through and along an old frontal boundary. we have got some pretty stiff wind in the north from willington to norm -- to myrtle beach. about three to five miles per hour wind. we will be in the 40's and 50's across the area. 38 in greenville, 20 eight in downtown asheville. expect partly to mostly cloudy skies, 40 six by 11:00 and lower 50's in the afternoon. th plus shows the clouds we have over us now and they will dissipate. another front moves through north of asheville with showers of snow. it will be a cool day tomorrow
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thafter that, we clear out and temperatures warm into the weekend. wait until you see the highs. peter: good morning to you. i'm peter alexander in de moines, iowa. it's debate night with or without donald trump. the billionaire frontrunner remains defiant insisting he's not going to participate in tonight's fox news debate. and as for that mano a mano 90 minute debate duel challenge from ted cruz, trump says to senator cruz, can we do it canada? cruz hitting back, already putting hats together that say, make trump debate again. we'll have the debate and whether trump will there when we see you coming up on "today." allyson: coming up on 5:40. we continue to watch woodruff ro a aund i-385 with
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powetigers up 14 at the break.....early second half......a marc: pittsburgh and clemson squaring off at the well. tigers up 14 at th we had to the bon secours wellness arena for basketball on a wednesday night. this went well for theavery holmes spins into the lane. he misses but landry nnoko is , there with 12 points. every time pittsburgh made a
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blossomgame with a nice look inside. clemson beats pittsburgh 73 to 60. the clemson tigers have defeated for top 25 teams in the last mont>> i thought ws well as we can in the first half. offensively, they guard well, and we shared the balle moved it. we had a lot of guys contribute and that is a you need in these he made a lot of guys contributing, played well, and we did tmarc: it is the acc, tests don't get any easier, especially on the road. i'm marc dopher. that's wyff news 4 sports. geoff: all right. coffee prices dropping, but your morning cup of joe is not getting cheaper. chris: a cool started to the
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four-day plus with a w
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4 hd forecast. chris: good thursday morning. here is the view from our skycam network, greenville i-85. looking smooth out there. dry conditions in the greenvnvle area with clouds. it is a cool start to the day with 38 degrees. in lawrences cash in lawrence -- in laurens, we have some rain down south, but dry downtown. we have rain showers the for the get to columbia. the core may, over toward saluda, -- mccormick and over toward saluda seen rain showers. fog for anders and franklin, so be careful. temperatures are cold just about anywhere you go. 31 in hendersonville, 26 in
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abbeville at 35. local breeze out of the north will keep close to her they should be. with forloudy skies. we will be at 46 for 11:00 and low 50's by the afternoon. spartanburg will be at the dubai 2:00, 49 by 5:00 carried in anderson, mostly cloudy skies. in asheville, better chance of seeing sunshine with clouds and high temperature near 50. typically this time of the year, lower 50's. that is pretty much where we will be in the upstateelberton what pop that up 55. cash will top out at 55. two systems moving through right now. a southern stream system creating clouds in the raishowers down in columbia. we have another cold front that will blast through the mountains tonight. it will be a breezy and cold
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showers north of asheville. at moves out and we will see tame weather after. it will be nice trend over the next couple of days. future plus shows clouds over us will go away and sunshine by tomorrow. here comes the cold front for the mountains and snow showers north of i-40. they will dissipate ansee a clear but cold in the mountains. highs top out in the 30's. right around 40 per asheville. the greenville area has downsloping wind and it will recover with the 50's. nationally this weekend, pretty tame weather with systems to track. wind will be up to the south and we will see warming conditions. it will be a nice weekend. 55 degrees tomorrow and then 61 on saturday. we will be at 65 by sunday, clouds build on monday and we stay warm into early next week but rain showers move into state
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-- showers move in tuesday and their wednesday. geoff: apple has come from the slow down in iphone sales and all plans are to the iphone 7. a brighter picture of the zica outbreak emerges. new figures released by the result find fewer cases of the rare birth defect and persevered. in commitment 2016, face-off. the gop candidates square off for the last time be caucus tonight. allyson: donald trump is boycotting the event. niko: donald trump says he not only dislikes moderator megyn kelly t claims fox news crossed a line, and that is why he is bowing out. >> i was not treated well by fox. they came out wiridiculous pr statement. it was a taunt and i said, how much of this to you take?
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news debate and he plans to go ahead with his own event at the same time as the event of the miles away to raise money for vetera it has drawn strong criticism with seven of his rivals time instead of eight. fox news and the rnc says they will not have an empty like turned -- an empty spot if trump does not show up tonight. al thank you. a man who brought nascar to life for many for more than 50 years passed away. barney hall was an anchor for the motor racing network. his unique brand of storytelling earned him a place in the nascar hall of fame in 2012. nascar is reporting he died tuesday from complications after a recent medical operation. he was 83-years-old. geoff: the state of new jersey may take more control over atlantic city's finances to save it from bankruptcy. under the proposed legislation, the state will be given authority to restructure atlantic city's debt. atlantic city's fortunes have dropped in recent years. gambling revenue dropped by 8%.
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casinos on the boardwalk have closed and the city has lost 8,000 jobs. allyson: a controversial plan to temporarily shut off niagara falls is up for public discussion. state leaders in new york say two 115-year-old pedestrian bridges need to be replaced. to do it, the water on the u.s. side of the falls would have to be redirected to the canadian side while the work is done. following the massive weekend -- this debris to the park cheap said there is not enough funding to facilitate the project just yet. following the massive weekend blizzard, there wawaone thing in common on the senate floor. only female senators showed up for work. it appears all of the male senators took the day off. one senator praised her female colleagues for braving the conditions and sho work. allyson: what about that? in the most recent gallup and healthways report, h named the state with the highest
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i wonder why ?the report based beautiful there. -- it is beautiful there. the report based its rankings according to physical, community, purpose, d financial well-being. hawaii had the highest physical well-being and ranked among the top 10 in the other categories, while alaska the overall rankings. according to the report, mississippi ranked last in financial well-being and for the seventh year in a row. west virginia had the lowest rankings overall. the commodity crash is coming to your local cafe, but do not expect to save money. prices for coffee beans are at their lowest pointyears. the price for a pound of coffee has fallen by abou just the past year. officials in brazil forecast that coffee farmers will have a huge harvest creating an oversupply of beans. still, no one expects latte prices to come down. one analyst says there's a decent rise in wages, another ingredient io coffee. states and cities acro country have been increasing the minimum wage. geoff: an ugly incident in the national hockey league last
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wondering what was behind it. nashville playing at calgary, the referee don henderson is down on the icwh nashville defenseman dennis wideman, for some reason, just drills him from behind right between the two team's benches. all the players looked shocked. the official did get up and understandably looked dazed but he did finish the game. wideman was not penalized in the game, but the league is going want to know why he unloaded on the officikal. -- on the official. wideman said after the game, he'd been hit on the ice just before that and was dazed when he hit the offical. he did finish the game. allyson: imagine paying for gas at the price it was almost 50 years ago? it was not just a pipe dream in
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the son of a polish immigrant who grew up in a brooklyn tenement. he went to public schools, then college, where the work of his life began -- fighting injustice and inequality, speaking truth to power. he moved to vermont, won election and praise as one of america's best mayors. in congress, he stood up for working families and for principle, opposing the iraq war, supporting veterans. now he's taking on wall street and a corrupt political system funded by over two and a half million contributions, tackling climate change to create clean-energy jobs, fighting for living wages, equal pay, and tuition-free public colleges. people are sick and tired of establishment politics, and they want real change! [ cheers and applause ] bernie sanders -- husband, father, grandfather, an honest leader building a movement with you to give us a future to believe in.
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ch pretty much smooth sailing in the forecast for thursday. live super doppler 4 hd going right now. we are finding rain showers but brothers have to go in the greenwood toward abbeville, but it is toward the colud the heaviest rain. it is 25 degrees in asheville, a cold start to the day. spartanburg starting off at 34 and anderson at 39 degrees. look for high temperatures today to be pretty close to where we should be this time of the year, right around the lower 50's in the upstate, upper 40's in the mountains.we will see a cold blast of air moves in from the mountains, but it does not make it all the way to the upstate. snow showers and flurries early tomorrow morning for the ashe area while we warm up by the weekend. even the mountains will be at 60 degrees by sunday.
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in this morning's buzz, a deal on cask will make you consider driving to texas. ally maybe not that far, but imagine casting 39 cents -- imagine gas being 39 cents per gallon. for a couple of hours, you could fill up your tank or 39 cents a gallon. geoff: a price for a gallon of gas has not been that low since 1969. allyson: would you drive to texas? geoff: when i came to work here in 1993, there was a gas station on stone avenue and it was 89 cents a gallon. allyson: you are dating yourself. geoff: you it was coming. allyson: our news continues now. >> folks, i started off by saying, we do not win anymore. the gop front runner up
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