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nearby drake university, holding a rally which will air on cnn at the exact same time. at 9:00 he says the money raised p.m.. will g. >> one of the pete -- the things people love about you is that you speak your mind. patrick: and so it began. back on august 6th of last year, in the very firsx news networks' megyn kelly vs. donald trump. fast forward six months. >> they can't toy with me. let's see how they do with the ratings. patrick: as he's known to do, trump took to twitter to explain that his reasons stem not only from a rift with megyn kelly, but he says, quote, "it was the childishly written and taunting pr statement by fox that made me not do the debate." end quote. >> trump's playing by his own rules, and i think it's working for him. but at the end of the day, i'm not sure what it does for the process. patrick: carly fiorina and texas
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looking to face off with trump before the iowa primary on monday. fiorina's team told me today that she offered $2 million to veteran's causes if trump would debate her tonight instead of holding the rally. their statement said, "it's clear he was never serious about our veterans, and megyn kelly isn't the only person he's afraid of facing." meanwhile, senator cruz will take trump's placr stage. >> cruz could benefit. but he could also be the one in the line of fire, too. patrick: senator cruz also challenged trump to a one-on-one debate before monday. >> if he's unwilling to stand on the debate stage with the other candidates, then i would like to invite donald, right now, to engage in a one-on-one debate with me. patrick: in a letter to trump, he wrote, "we owe it to the men and women of iowa to ensure that they hear jointly and directly from the two leading republican candidates, as they make their final choice leading up to monday's caucuses."
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support of cruz says they would donate $1.5 million to veterans' causes if trump took the challenge. but not all veterans agree with the tactic. ceo for iraq and afghanistan veterans of america paul reichkhoff took to twitter, saying, "if offered, iava will decline donations from trump's event. we need strong policies from candidates, not to be used there you have it. and just a bit ago, mike announced they will join trump on stage at rally at drake university after the undercard debate that kicks off at 7:00 p.m. tonight. and then, the main stage deb will begin at 9:00. nigel: patrick, thank you. the new nbc-wall street journal-marist poll shows hillary clinton with a 2-to-1 margin in south carolina. clinton gets 64% of likely democratic primary voters' support, compared to 27% for
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o'malley stands at just 2%, while 7% say they remain undecided in the race. clinton receives the backing of 74% of african-american likely voters, compared to just 17% for sanders. the poll also showed clinton leads with voters of all income levels, and she performs better than sanders by double digit margins with both men and women in south carolina. it also shows trump wins 36% of likely republican primary voters, 16 points ahead of cruz. continuing coverage tonight, the panthers continue to prepare for the ultimate test coming up next week, the super bowl. gabrielle: it's such a big deal. we sent wyff news 4's brad fralick back to charlotte to tell us how the pantgehi, brad. brad: the panthers practiced again today, and although he was
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i am talking about linebacker thomas davis. he broke his arm in the nfc championship game sunday against arizona. he on monday, had a plate and 12 screws put in his forearm. but he was back at practice. and in they arm today, over the incision, was not more than what looked like a big band-aid.he said he is on track to play next weekend, and he says he isn't concerned a bit about re-injuring it. >> if i had a concern about getting hit, i wouldn't take the chance. it will not be something that i will think about when i go out there and play the game. i will play liplayed. fast, hard and aggressive. we have time to heal up. it is possible for me to play in this game. i do not consider it.
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when we were talking to thomas davis and i looked down at his arm, little -- literally nothing on it. it looked like a white bandage on his arm. i didn't even see the bandage to begin with when he was moving his hand around as if nothing happened. obviously, we expect him to play in super bowl 50. live in charlotte, brad fralick, wyff news 4. nigel: and ahead of the big game, wyff 4 will bring you a special program next week. it's called "chasing a championship." brad fralick and marc dopher will start our live team coverage monday in california, and geoff hart will join them all leading up to our special, thursd championship," at 8:00 on february 5th. gabrielle: an upstate school district is considering doanges
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local in andersomandy: one of the options is to move to mount lebanon elementary. that mount lebanon option would still require son the school. the other proposal, turn pendleton elementary into a middle school, and expand mount lebanon. there are two driving issues behind this one. all anderson school district 4 6th graders go to the area elementary schools. superintendent dr. joanne avery says that cuts down on instructional time for those students because of the elementary schedule, so the district would like to move the 6th graders to the middle school. avery says riverside middle has no room for those students. she says either of the two options on the table right now would downsize the district from 6 schools to five, a savings of up to $1.5 million a year. >> the whole conversation is to say to the taxpayer, we could consolidate to five and save some funds, and all those funds would go back into our schools.
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news 4 off camera about their concerns over how these options would affect students. avery says it's important to note that no decision has been made, and right now, they're asking for public input. there are several public meetings coming up on the at 9:0 here at mount lebanon. mandy gaither, wyff news 4 live in anderson county. gabrielle: the superintendent in anderson county of schooldistrict three has resigned and accepted a job with greenville county schmason gary will be deputy superintendent of greenvillecounty school districts. he will start his new job on july 1. he has 27 years of experience in south carolina pc schools. nigel: deputies say a car chase led to a crash in anderson county this morning. they say it happened on wham road. according to deputies, the suspect was trying to avoid stop sticks on the road.
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backing his car into one of the deputies' cars. deputies say no one was injured. charges are pending against the driver. in hendersonville, a firefighter had to respond to a fire at his own home last night. dwight hill has served as a firefighter with valley hill fire and rescue for more than 30 years. hill and his father and three brothers all have served at that station. he said he was shocked to work a fire at his own home. hill says the home on stanwood lane is a total loss. gabrielle: in spartanburg county, the bond court hearing say say tried to kill his wife, and left her for dead, is now underway. wyff news 4's corey davis is at the detention center, with more on how the woman is doing. corey: deputies say johnathan batchelor shot his wife several times. and today, sheriff chuck wright told us she's making progress, but still has a long way to go. >> i feel good tt has been made, but i'm still feeling sorry for the family. this is a big shock to the family, and we still have to pray for this lady. corey: sheriff wright says
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recovering in the hospital. >> she still ain't out of the woods yet. she's the mother of two small babies, and we want you to pray for her. corey: deputies say johnathan batchelor shot his wife several times in their garage earlier this month. we're told he called 911, and led deputies to her. according to the incident, stephanie was found next to their home on reidville road, face down in the grass, with blood on her chest and head. the sheriff says she was able to talk to deputies yesterday for the first time since the shooting, and the evidence pointed to her husband. >> and i know a lot of people, especially the family is taken , aback about the arrest, and all this other stuff. and that's kind of normal. but i assure you, we followed the evidence, and we didn't just do it because that's what we thought. corey: the sheriff says they're still working out the details about why this shooting actually happened, but he stresses the dangers odowe'll have more on his advice for you tonight at 6:00.
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spartanburg. gabrielle: let's go ahead and talk about the weather. here is live look at downtown laurens through our laurens skycam. a little cloudy, but pretty mild. nigel: chief meteorologist john cessarich is in the studio, tracking at all. john? john: you can see, a little chilly outside, a couple degrees below average especially throuh carolina area. northeastern georgia, temperatures not bad, in the 50's. 50 in andrews. the further north you go and northeastern go out of the western carolinas, colder. 41 in boone, 46 in spartanburg, 46 in charlotte and hendersonville. 48 in anderson and greenville, 40's in laurens. we are stuck with the clouds. exit east.
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northwest to southeast across the area. then, a fast-moving cold front will come in from the northwest and into the mountains late tonight and early friday mogg scattered snow flurries and snow showers, especially in the northern mountho tennessee. 31 at 8:00 a.m. in asheville. a brief snow shower or flurries possible for the mountains, not for the upstate. a look a weekend later on. now back to you. nigel: thanks, john. the man accused of a purse snatching, and leading deputies on a chase, is being held without bond. the incident happened yester in easley. police tell us joseph pfeiffer snatched the purse of a customer at academy sports in easley, then took off, leading officers on a chase into greenville county. greenville county deputies took over and arrested pfeiffer on pendleton road, behind westville funeral home. he faces multiple charges, including attempted murder. gabrielle: deputies in haywood county are investigating a
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it happened around 11:00 last night. investigators say tried to stop a speeding dodge durango on interstate the driver did not 40. stop, so they used stop sticks in buncombe county. you can see this on the map. deputies say the driver crashed into a guardrail a couple miles later. the driver had minor injuries and was taken to mission honigel: traffic on a spartanburg road was stopped today when a semi truck got stuck under an overpass. these are live pictures from sky 4. this overpass is on new cut road, near howard street. the truck is no longer stuck. there is a towing vehicle, i don't know what you would call that, it is trying to get it out right now. in october, the same thing location. no word on any charges filed in that previous cajohn: a live shot looking down
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hanging tough. we will start to see clearing skies, then we will talk weekend weather next. just ahead, 30 years ago today, remembering the day we lost the challenger and her crew. gabrielle: a special day for veterans in the upstate. why the korean government wanted to honor them. now, here's a look at your winning midday numbers in south carolina's education lottery, pick three, 7, 5, 3.
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fighting for living wages, equal pay, and tuition-free public colleges. people are sick and tired of establishment politics, and they want real change! [ cheers and applause ] bernie sanders -- husband, father, grandfather, an honest leader building a movement with you to give us a future to believe in.
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its an image most people.... who remember the disaster will nigel: it's an image most people nev years ago today, "challenger" exploded just after takeoff. gabrielle: all seven members of the crew died, including a man from the upstate. nbc's chris clackum has more. chris: after a half dozen delays leading up to it, the shuttle challenger launched into an unusually cold day for central florida. >> 3, 2, 1. chris: the seven astronauts' family and friends, and plenty of others, w grandstands. >> it is clear the tower. chris: but shuttle launches had become so routine by january of 1986 that only one network
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to watch. that is, until some 70 seconds into flight. >> challenger, go with throttle up. chris: year-long investigations that followed would conclude cold weather caused parts of the shuttle to break apart, causing the explosion, and the nation to stop in shock. >> there is no limit to how far our love can go chris: the challenger seven were remembered at an emotional memorial service thursday at cape canaveral. >> ronald e. mcnair. gregory b. jarvis. chris: it included a special tribute to challenger's most famous astronaut, who was supposed to be the first teacher in space, christa mcauliffe. >> at a time when many people would think only of the impending launch, christa was taking care of a teacher's business. chris: there was even a tribute from those on nasa's latest mission, the crew on the international space station.
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recognize the sacrifice of all those crew members, and how their spirit and legacy lives on in their achievement in space. chris: achievements that followed the tragedy of 30 years ago today. chris clackum, nbc news. >> now, your live super doppler 4 hd weather forecast. john: satellite and radar still showing the storm system to our south, and that is were the rain is, off and on rain from colombia to the midlands to the low country, off and on and the beaches of carolinas and geor low rusher keep moving along -- pressure keep moving along. the surface low remains to the clouds. breaks in the clouds to the
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we will gradually, at least we are hoping it will happen, overnight tonight we will gradually shift the clouds and move tth coast, which means clearing skies later tonight. the live super doppler showing things nice and quiet. we will stay dry, although we have cloud cover. there it is, a live shot from on top of paris mountain. something we haven't seen over the last few d notice there is no snow on top of the mountain. there may be a little bit of shady areas, but we could see this all week, snow on top of paris mountain. here is downtown greenville. clouds streaming from the southwest quickly. temperatures, pretty chilly. 41 in boone, 48 in greenville and anderson and greenwood, 47 in -- if the two -- 52 in toccoa. in north carolina, cold in the northern mountains. 42 in boone. they could see snow showers and flurries late tonight with a
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with windy conditiona wind advisory kicks into gear late tonight formountains late tonight and early tomorrow morning. 42 in burnsville, 43 in marshall, 42 in waynesville, upper 40's city, franklin, brevard, and asheville. 46 in hendersonville, and temperatures running where they should be. upper 40's in the upstate, that is a few degrees below average for this time of year. little wind, humidity at 52% in greenville, 48 the temperature in columbia and charleston. 47 in augusta. nationally, here is a front. it will move in quickly. the wind will pick up late tonight and tomorrow in the mountains of north carolina, with snow showers possible especially in the norther get to tennessee. an inch or two possible of snow by tomorrow afternoon. cloudiness than clearing in the upstate, low 40, scattered flurries and maybe sn showers late tonight especially along
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overnight low in the upper 20's to low 30's. sunny in the upstate tomorrow, chilly with a high of 55 degrees. sunny in the mountains. windy conditions with snow around, a slight chance of the asheville area especially in the morning. then, the warming trend starts and dry. congratulations dolores mcneil, our umbrella winner from abbeville.michael: at 6:00, spartanburg county music students get an education. >> this is a different experience. i am glad i have the opportunity to be here. michael: district five invited a member of the trans-siberianorchestra to class. they were invited to watch a
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this week's nigel: this week's golden apple award winner took her class to a massive store that specializes in home design. gabrielle: and it's changed the way her students look at math. wyff news 4's geoff hart introduces us.
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>> horizontal is x axis, vertical is y. geoff: give her an eagle buck. a hundred of these can earn you a trip. >> they just went to gravitopia first of the year, so they get a day out of school for earning eagle bucks. geoff: they are the eagles of union christian day school, and this is lori todd's algebra class, where she is literally blowing up the way her students learn math, with help of the classic game "battleship." >> these are the battleships over here, and this is the enemy over there. we want to sink their battleships. geoff: using it to teach how to plot points in the coordinate plane. >> so our coordinate is 7, 6. good deal. >> i sank her biggest battleship, the aircraft carrier. geoff: but what really opened up their minds to math this year, was a trip to ikea. >> they were just so overwhelmed by the possibilities. geoff: the project, working in pairs to design their dream room, using the size of their classroom. >> that's our bed, and it look's
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bed. under, you can have a desk and a tv. >> we bedspread perfectly. geoff: easy to handle with an , excessive budget of $25,000 dollars. >> they were in heaven, taking pictures of this couch and that bed. >> i learned that math is everywhere. geoff: and they learned about themselves. >> yes, i realized i wasn't such a tomboy. yeah, i'm full girlie. geoff: no one has enjoyed ms. todd's class more than mary ashton, who transferred to union christian day in the fall. >> i was real quiet, but now, i don't know who i am now. i'm just a different person. geoff: and ms. todd has played a big role in her transition to a smaller school. >> she is a more confident person. >> >> that's why i do this. >> i love it here. geoff: lori todd, helping her students look at math in a different way at union christian day school, with the help of some eagle
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fighting injustice and inequality, speaking truth to power. he moved to vermont, won election and praise as one of america's best mayors. in congress, he stood up for working families and for principle, opposing the iraq war, supporting veterans. now he's taking on wall street and a corrupt political system funded by over two and a half million contributions, tackling climate change to create clean-energy jobs, fighting for living wages, equal pay, and tuition-free public colleges. people are sick and tired of establishment politics, and they want real change! [ cheers and applause ] bernie sanders -- husband, father, grandfather, an honest leader building a movement with you to give us a future to believe in.
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nigel: coming up, here more from panthers players just ahead. the super bowl, next w the united way celebrated big number. nigel: upstate veterans honor of putting their lives on the korea's government thank them. what's you are watching live, local, breaking with nigel robertson, gabrielle komorowski,
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meteorologist john cessa is wyff news 4 at 5:00 in
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