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county. the shooting happened around 5:00 tonight at an address on old williamston road. the incident is under investigation, so only a few details have been released. but our crew at the scene tonight was told a teenager died in the shooting, and at least one other person was injured. we will continue to update you on this story as more details become available. new today, greenville county investigators identified a man found dead in a field by a hunter on friday. the coroner says 42-year-old jamie howard died after he was stabbed in the chest. right now investigators are trying to figure out whether howard was stabbed, whether he was found on burrell road in taylors, or if it happened at another location. today, howard's family was too upset to speak on-camera when our crews arrived at his home in greer. the people who own the property where howard's body was found said a hunter scouting the area found his body. deputies responded around 5:30 friday afternoon.
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hunter noticed that there was hardly any blood in the area. right now investigators are asking you to call crime stoppers at 23-crime if you have any information that could help in this case. the anderson county sheriff's office narcotics unit made two big arrests this week. officers had a warrant to search a home in belton on wednesday. pills, marijuana, and a firearm were found in the home. 36-year-old javiaro eugene dixon was arrested for possession of a controlled substance and 26-year-old daniella delphie lawrence was taken in for simple possession of marijuana. the other man, eric bruce richey of honea path was also taken in on outstanding warrants in abbeville county. then on thursday, the narcotics unit took a search warrant to a home on flowe road in anderson. when officers arrived, six people ran from the house but all six were quickly caught and arrested for trafficking cocaine and crack cocaine, and intent to
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southwood middle school. greenville police are searching for two men responsible for an armed robbery. investigators say the men are responsible for a robbery at club 100 yesterday. surveillance cameras captured both suspects as they went into the club. once inside, investigators said the couple presented a firearm and left with the cash register. if you can help police identify these men, you should call crimeser we now know the name of a man who was killed in a crash in simpsonville on friday. 58-year-old herman david gibson died after the motorcycle he was riding collided with a car. the accident happened on east main street around 6:30 last night. right now, new businesses are coming to the west side of greenville. a neighborhood there is celebrating after the opening of what they call a much needed grocery store for the area. wyff news 4's corey davis tells us how this addition is helping
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the future. corey: we are on pendleton street and lois avenue. take a look over here all of the people gathered in front of the mill village market. they say this is more than just a grand opening for a grocery stor it means redevelopment for the westside of greenville, while including fresh food grown by teenagers who live here. well over 100 people welcomed the new market at the ribbon cutting ceremony. a group of about 30 teenagers helped grow some of the produce that will be sold at the store. the students are part of a paid program offered through the mill co >> it makes you feel like you have accomplished something and gets to step further into somewhere else. >> they'll get to eat the food that we grow and we could help people by giving them food, so it is really cool. >> it's amazing. personally i would've never thought i would help someone have food on their table and that's really an experience that i love to have. >> we are just in awe of the
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our city for just seeing the success of this organization and es corey: services provided by the mill village farms have grown since starting first as urban 2012, farms. they then transitioned into traveling markets serving more than 4,000 people in local communities. right now applications are being accepted for teenagers who would like to apply for a job to help grow fresh produce that will be sold here at the mill village market. corey davis, wyff news 4 in greenville. patrick: tonight in charlotte, the panthers are packing for a trip to the super bowl just one day after their fans gave them a [drumming] the panthers held a pep rally friday in uptown charlotte. sir purr and the top cats joined several players on stage to get the crowd pumped up. today is the last quiet day for the team, because the excitement all starts tomorrow. both the panthers and denver
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in santa clara, california. and wyff news 4 is following the panthers to super bowl 50. starting monday, brad fralick and marc dopher will be covering the team live from santa clara, with geoff hart joining them on thursday. then on friday, we'll preview th our sports team will bring you "chasing a championship" live from california. you can catch it right here on wyff 4 at 8:00 p.m. next friday, presidential candidate covering all corners of iowa. the race for the white house just two days away from the iowa caucuses. more on that just ahead. chris: not a bad start to tomorrow morning. we start out in the 40's across the update with clear skies. in the mountains, look for upper 30's. a warmer day tomorrow.
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he was rated a+ by the nra. not for his promises, but for defending the second amendment... he's a man of deep faith, who fought time and again for the right to life. he laid out a plan to destroy isis months before paris. he'll strengthen our border and use conservative principles to put washington's broken fiscal house back in order. jeb bush. he's the conservative you can trust, to fight for our beliefs.
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turning back to our breaking patrick: turning back to our breaking news out of mauldin, police investigating a shooting off bojangles on butler road. this is the scene just into our newsroom. mauldin police say one person has died, two others taken to the hospital with gu wounds. multiple suspects at this time.
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descriptions or names of those suspects. we have a crew on scene where mauldin police sergeant ben ford will be releasing details soon.we will keep you updated .turning to come in 2015 coverage. with just two days until the iowa caucuses, candidates are out in full force this weekend. hoping that one must push will get voters out on monday night. here is steve handelsman. steve: with two days to do, donald trump came back. mr. trump: if we win in iowa, we can run the table. for the first time ever. steve: he means when every republican contest. and it's possible. trump's weakest polls are here. mr. trump: on february 1, you have to get out and caucus. steve: even in a blizzard, he said. mr. trump: if your wife leaves you for another man --if your leave your wife because you don't like her -- i don't care what it is.
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out. steve: ted cruz gently urged his backers to show up. interesting to me that he is winning back the iowa from one or --insisting to me that he is now winning back the iowa spot. marco rubio's push will be partly digital. sen. rubio: we have been bombarded with e-mails for two days. steve: hilllly clinton's once large lead has dropped to two points. reporters-- mrs. clinton: for those of you who authority decided to support you on monday night -- thank you so much. steve: bernie sanders is relying on first time caucusers. young people. sen. sanerders: we will win if there is a large voter turnout. steve: picking the turnout on monday, say experts, is impossible. steve handelsman, nbc news, des moines. chris: temperatures are cool
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not that bad for january. a warmer day tomorrow.
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the son of a polish immigrant who grew up in a brooklyn tenement. he went to public schools, then college, where the work of his life began -- fighting injustice and inequality, speaking truth to power. he moved to vermont, won election and praise as one of america's best mayors. in congress, he stood up for working families and for principle, opposing the iraq war, supporting veterans. now he's taking on wall street and a corrupt political system funded by over two and a half million contributions, tackling climate change to create clean-energy jobs, fighting for living wages, equal pay,
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people are sick and tired of establishment politics, and they want real change! [ cheers and applause ] bernie sanders -- husband, father, grandfather, an honest leader building a movement with you to give us a future to believe in.
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>> now your live super doppler 4 hd weather forecast. chris: today was one of those days with two different extremes. we started off cold with 32 in greenville. 30 in anderson, 24 in asheville. but we warmed up nicely. many areas touching 60 degrees, including greenville and anderson. spartanburg, you are almost there at 59.asheville topping out at 56. tomorrow will be even warmer. here is the view from our i-385 sky cam. folks still out and about tonight. temperatures not that bad at 43 degrees. compared to where we should be -- we should be going down pretty quickly. clear conditions and live super doppler 4 hd. 43. in downtown greenville 47 in anderson.
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46 in abbeville. compared to where we were the same time yesterday, we are about a degree warmer in greenvilil. eight degrees warmer in spartanburg. look at the warmth back towards the west. we are seeing warmer conditions. that will certainly be in place tomorrow. mainly due to our southerly wind, bringing in one from the south. also a hint more humidity in the air. we will notice that tomorrow. overnight, we falter the upper 30's and the upstate and the mountains. a bit of of where we should be this time tomorrow we stop out -- we top out in the 60's. you will see clouds by the end date. that i next system, which will be here early in the w giving us rain. spartanburg at 57 by 7:00. in anderson, a nice evening. take a walk tomorrow. you'll be: down into the upp50's. not cooling downhat quickly,
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60 degrees, cooling down to the 50's. not that bad by tomorrow evening. changes are on the way, including our warmth. 10 degrees above normal. this time of year we should be in the lower 50's. we will be in the mid to upper 60's. here is a look at the latest future plus computer model. clear skies overnight. as we go through the minute -- the dya tomorrow, a few high clouds moved in from the south. this cold front gets stalled out right along i-40. north of that, we will be cold throughout the day on monday into tuesday. south of that front, still trapped in the warmer muggy atmosphere. that front is going to hang in place. that, we will see clouds and drizzle the day tuesday. temperatures will be on the northern side of the front, in the 50's, on the southern side, in the 60's. on tuesday, this system looks to
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portions of arkansas louisiana, mississippi, alabama and tennessee. likely to see some tornadoes our -- out that way. the bulk of the energy gets north. we will be grazed by the cold front.we could have a rumble or two of thunder on wednesday. it should not be widespread, but we will watch wednesdayn especially for gusty winds. that being the primary threat. watch out -- on monday we see isolated showers, turning more to light drizzle and scattered showers on tuesday. widespread rain on wednesday. that will cool us off once the front moves through. yeah, winter unfortunately not over with yet. the warmth will be with us for the first half of the week.but after the cold front thursday, friday, into next weekend, it will be back to
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patrick: it is winter, after all. [laughter] chris: a little bit longer to go, i'd say. patrick: we can expect the 60 degree weather like we have been. chris: enjoy it while it lasts. patrick: a philadelphia man will be riding like pope francis after he wins an auction for one of the vehicles used during the pontiff's historic trip to the u.s. last year. michael chapman placed the winning bid of $82,000 to buy one of the pope's fiats at the philadelphia auto show on friday. there it is. organizers say 19 people participated in the bidding battle the proceeds will benefit the archdiocese of philadelphia's special education schools. >> now wyff news 4 sports. ricardo: south carolina will be without infielder madison stokes for the next 6-8 weeks. the sophomore suffered a fracture in his right foot during the gamecocks scrimmage on friday. stokes is scheduled to have surgery next week.
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carolina panthers to depart for the bay area to begin super bowl 50 the panthers honing in on the gameplan for the denver broncos, which includes stopping future hall of fame quarterback peyton manning. since returning to the broncos lineup in the second half of week 17, manning hasn't thrown an interception. this after giving the ball away 17 times in the first nine games of the season. the panthers, who led the league in interceptions this season, will try to change that trend next sunday. pro bowl linebacker luke kuechly , who has two pick sixes, will try to match wits against one of the best signal callers of all-time>> he has all kinds of calls. you have to figure something out, but at the end of the day, you have to do your job. because i am sure that he has fake ones, ones. it is cool for me to go and play against the guy like spend your life watching him. it is cool. it is one of those situations, it should be enjoyable to pair -- to prepare and play our best game.
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the big game, and wyff 4 sports has all the coverage and analysis you need before you sit down and watch super bowl 50. join us this friday night at 8:00 for our special, "chasing a championship." we will be live from california. today in senior bowl. clemson and dorman high product charone peake getting high praises for his route running during practice this week. first quarter, peake with a good eight yard game. 13 yards in the senior bowl. that drive ends in a touchdown. south carolina tight end jerrell adams also impressing scouts duri third quarter, adams takes the screen for 17 yards. the drive would end in a south field goal. adams 3 catches for 49 yards in th south beach the north 27-16. mississippi state quarterbk dak prescott named the senior bowl mvp. south carolina men's basketball gets a chance to avenge its first loss of the season tonight. alabama pays a visit to colombia. the gamecocks undefeated at the
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the sellout crowd doing their parts tonight to keep it that way. sindarius cornwell -- thornwqellell. 14 on the night for the junior guard. second half, gamecocks in transition. 14-5 run as usc goes up 11. 11 -- also dialing in from long-distance.a team high 20 points and 11 boards. also a little curricular act for the game. nothing escalated between the two sides. south carolina improves to 19 and 2 with a 78-64 win. >> today we played more to our personaliti thought their defense was atrocious, for as many ball screens as we set, our defense was pretty darn good today. >> we have to play really hard and prepare. we knew what was coming.
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ricardo: clinton beginning a three-day road swing facing florida state. the tigers beat the seminoles at the well on january 2. first half, florida state comes that. bucket. late stages of the first, jordan roper. clemson trailed 32-28 at recess. second half, game tied at 39. blossomgame no, but sidy djitte there for the tap in. noles would begin to surge ahead. down 4 now. clemson with one of its season high 18 turnovers. florida state makes them pay at the other end.dwayne bacon dropping 21 points . clemson falls at the tucker center 76-65, and loses for the second time in its last 3 games. furman welcoming in east tennessee state in socon action
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the paladins riding a three game win streak. first half, paladins up . 25-18write down broadway. 21 for croone at the paladins goup 9. a 3, scoring 20. mounting a furious rally in the second half. but the paladins hold on for the 74-70 win. base hit alone in second place in the southern conference. wofford and western carolina tangling at ben jo. justin gordon with a turnaround hook to tie the game at 50. wofford closes this game on a 17-to run. fletcher miggy with -- magee with 3 of his team-high 18 points. usc upstate facing lipscomb. 40 minutes not enough to decide we will wait five more. in overtime, tied at 78. mike cunningham, career-high 23
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spartans go up 2. upstate with a three-point lead now. right to the 10 and in five point lead. upstate snaps the five-game losing skid 92-91. presbyterian and liberty in clinton. first half, demo, but desean murray they are to clean it up. down 6 early. jown -- john dawson for the flames. presbyterian falls at home and 65-61. the swamp rabbits on the ice this evening to pick up a 2-1 win at the florida everglades. they headed to orlando to face the solar bears on thursday. the carolina panthers of course heading out to santa clara on sunday. they will get their sometime in evening. our sports crews will be out there as well. brad and marc will tell to the
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we will have covered all week as the panthers look for their sur bowl win. patrick: looking forward to the game, but also "chasing a championship." ricardo: we are going to go in depth to t game. great stories. it will get you ready for the super bowl 50. patrick: four day plus? chris: gorgeous day tomorrow. -the middle 60's. rain moves in late tuesday. kind of a drizzly day tuesday. maybe a thunderstorm on went they. after death, -- after that, the cold front cools us down into next weekend. thank you chris. thank you for watching wyff news 4. the news continues at 5:00 a.m. we are always on and right on your smartphone. have a great night. [captioning performed by the
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