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tv   WYFF News 4 6pm Sunday  NBC  January 31, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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deadly shooting outside a restauaunt. william newton metro watts both arrested and charged along with a 15-year-old girl.police say a 19-year-old was killed in the shootout. two others were hospit corey: police say it all started with a drug deal that led to and robbery that turned into a shoot out here in the parking lot at the bojangles on east butler's a look at william newton and truck onto a watts arnhis arm is in the sling. he was shot in the ehappened at the bojangles. a 19-year-old died from a gunshot wound to the head and the person he was with w
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and got rid of the guns. those weapons were stolen and the suspects had the guns in someone's yard in the southern part greenville cothe homeowner had no clue the guns were one of the suspects told them where to fthey said this shooting is uncommon for the m area and the community should not worry.police are saying how much money and drugs were involved. we did discover that william newton was also chjmore people could be arrested in the camike: information from anderson county shooting that killed a teenager. the teenager died from a gut
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the head and investigators say he took his own life after ananher to teenager was shot. investigators are searching for answers in the case ofa 42-year-old jamie howard died after he was stabbed in tha hunter found his body in a field. investigators are trying to figure out wstabbed or he was found on the road. they're asking you to call crimestoppnyinformation. a man will spend at least seven years in prison after pleading guilty to two robberiehe is the pellet gun to rob the walmart. the day before that, he robbed a bank of henderson road in asheville.
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status of habitual felonlet's look at the weather. what a weekend. chris: the nice weather will last for the rest of the evening. things go downhillbut the warmth will at least last. our skycam network is placed across the area to show you whahow things could drastically be differenin greenville we have sunshine and 60 degrees. that snow melted away iin asheville we have some sunshine and 5the clouds are on the increase is specially from thit is currently 59 degrees in
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61 in lawrence. 60 in northeast georgia there. expect temperatures to slowly fall a few degrees. it wilwe are watching back towards the west. by tuesday there could be a significant outbreak for portions of tennessee and mississippi and alabama. there could be some tothat weather moves our way by wednesday. mike: the carolina panthers and denver broncos both left home today headed for california for next sunday'r bowl 50. in charlotte screaming fans lined the sta stadium as they headed for the airport. some stood there for hours just to see the tbefore getting on the bus he said the crowd was awesome.
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will be all about super bowl 50. a lot has to bthe teams have taken over the regular home of the san franthey are making changes outside the stadium so fans can party before the big game. the lombardi trophy is now the bay areaa fedex truck delivered yesterday. roger craig signed for it before putting it on display at the nfl experienwe are following the panthers to super bowl 50. geoff hart will join him on thursday. on friday we will preview the game. chasing the championship.
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get closwe had today morning for our coverage. we head to des moines for our coverage. we have been able to just off the cabin fever from the past week as it has been that will be the case in spartanburg. a mild night taking shape as well. not much further than that.
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he was rated a+ by the nra. not for his promises, but for defending the second amendment... he's a man of deep faith, who fought time and again for the right to life. he laid out a plan to destroy isis months before paris. he'll strengthen our border and use conservative principles to put washington's broken fiscal house back in order. jeb bush. he's the conservative you can trust, to fight for our beliefs. right to rise usa is responsible
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the iowa caucuses are tomorrow night and the polls point to a close race in both parties. who will win and what that will mean depends on turnout, which, in mike: the results now caucuses will depend on turthe candidates in both parties are scrambsteve handelsman has the latest. steve: donald trump went to church in muscatinhe joked that the sermon on humility migin council bluffs he bragged about his podonald trump: number one on protection, numb ogoing to have wasn't a number one onsteve: a symbol of a trump
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despite all the tv ads and caucus preparation only one in up for the caucuses. the most likely republicans to go are evangelico back ted cruz not donald trump. ted cruz called trump not conservative enough totrump called to a nasty person. donald trump: he likes him. you can't run a country that way. steve: bernie sanders is: counting on first-time voters. bernie sanders: the only way that happens is when millions of people se together, and demand that our government
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not just the 1%. steve: 80% of hillary clinton's supporters are ready to caucus for her. clinton seems set up for an iowa win.mike: investigators charged at virginia tech student in connection with the murder. detectives searched a pond at virginia tech for evidence.the section of road near the virginia border was closed off as part of19-year-old natalie keefer's was arrested and charged with improper disposal of tdavid eisenhower was already behind bars having been charged with abduction and murder. in colorado one person died and
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fight in a motorcycle expo. this happened saturdaythe fight between members of reichel rival biker clubs ended with a shooting. the city ordered organizers of the expo to cancel todin california deputies say they took two inmates back to orange county today.the sheriff's office released this vide inmates being brought in. a woman alerted officials and see the inmates in a van that was reported stolen. usually when it is a windy day that means things are changing in the aa 26 mile-per-hour wind gust in greenvil24 miles per hour in spartanburg. it will be a breezy kind of day. i will have the forecast for the
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chris: you can see clouds were pretty sick todaespecially by this afternoon. let me take you up to hendersonville.that was a completely different story.
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lookyou have the snow starts to wither away evo slightly tilting with the degree temperatures out there. areas that were not in the sunshine most of the day still have a pretty goodit is hard to melted away quickly. temperatures did start out a little bit side this morning but not too bad. 28 degrees in asheville. we warmed up nicely everywhere. into the 60's. rain moving into part of the area tomor60 in greenville with the cloud
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much tonthat gives us that extra warmth heading in overnight hours. we are only going to fall to the middle 50's. right around 50 will be the low temperature in most plestomorrow we will see cloudy skies. a 20% chance of an isolated shower earlyg.most places will stay dry. in asheville we will see a better chance for rain.temperatures topping out in the upper 50a front moves and later in the day. that will eventually cool temper down north of i-40. nearly 70 degrees the further south you that front looks to settle right along thh carolina south
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widespread showers heading in on wednesday. clouds of increased across our area. that front never makes it further than the nin line. a very strong cold front that
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gusty windwe will not have widespread severe weaas to how much rain we will see across area, quite a bit. we watched that closely for flooding potential in a 20% chance of showers tomorrow. warm, up to 65 degrees. then comes that cold front that drives us out and cools us back to thursday and friday.
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mike: last time a week ago we had the blizzard. how about a selfie from mars? nasa released this photo. a self-portrait by the rover robot. the rover has been collecting and analyzing samples oit landed there in august 2012. >> obviously this is what we work sto be in this game. now it is here. we still have some worto>> the carolina panthers and route to the b area. expected to land around 6:30
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those 849% say $849 jeans. both teams will go through media day moron rivera will try to become just the fourth person to win a super bowl as both a player and he also has the chance to become the second head coach of hispanic heritagbowl title. tom florez guided the raiders to two superon rivera: my father's family back in puerto rico are making a.they have some big parties planned. it is kind of neat.
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were talking about getting opportunitieyou should want opportunities. that is what it is all about. earning the spot in the super bowl. >> be sure to watch our hour-long special this friday. chasing a championship. the pro bowl is taking place tonight in hcalvin johnson won't play in the gamehe won't play in the nfl again. he has told the detroit lions he plans onthe 30-year-old and former georgia tech standout is one of the leaders in career
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a 76-65 loss at florida state. 18 turnovers. the tigers suffered their second loss in they will travel to winston-salem. a sold-out crowd at colonial life arenaboth started barking back and
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south carolina travels to athens to tak georgia on tuesday night. they moved into second place with a four-point win over east state on saturday. furman and wofford both will be back otonight at 11:00 a big match up on the hardwood on the w that game should be really good contest. mike: it feels like it is close to sprwe will see that here 11:00.
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caption cod the process of electing a president befor months we have heard speeches and debatrnow it is time for the people to speak out. it all begins in iowa on monday. people gathering precincts all across the state to caucus and make their choices kthe traditional first primary of the sethen it our turn here in south carolina.on saturday for every 20th republicans go to the polls fordemocrats in south carolina get their turn to vote the following saturday. you have heard a lot about commitment 2016.
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coverage of you will hear a lot about the process r website also on the wyff news app. we are using every means to make sure youorwe believe it is our responsibility as citizens toatto study the issues and the candidates and then go to the polls. do your homework, look at your choices and be ready on fit very
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on this sunday night, the final countdown. neck and neck polls and high stakes less than 24 hours before iowa voters caucus. the democrats are in a dead heat and the gop front-runners praying for a victory, making church a campaign stop today. tonight it's all about the ground game. turning out supporters and surviving this first lap of the race to the white house. late word that a college student accused of murdering a 13-year-old girl in virginia may have had an accomplice. the front line, we're in brazil with those working to stop the spread of the zika virus as the risk
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