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tv   WYFF News 4 5am Saturday  NBC  February 6, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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let's get you energized this morning. it looks good out there with partly cloudy conditions. our woodruff road skycam run. the roads are pretty busy this morning. it is near freezing. we will be there near eight at -- until 8:00. 40 degrees at 10:00. our temperatures are colder in many spots. laurens is 10 degrees colder than yesterday. 30 degrees in spartanburg. 25 in asheville. the wind will be light across the mountains. that will make it more comfortable. and resend starting out at 31 and warming up 20 degrees. -- anderson starting out at 31 and warming up 20 degrees. we willave clouds, they will not be rainmakers, although they are not far away.
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clouds will stream through from time to time today. in anderson, starting out near freezing lower 50's for highs. 40's in the mountains, but not as wdy. myra: carolina panthers fans, the weekend is upon us. the countdown clock is ticking. last-minute preparations are underway in santa clara at levi's stadium to make sure everything is perfect when it is time for sunday night lights for the panthers and broncos. one north carolina fan has -- north carolina man has seen his fair share of super bowls from the huddle. he was an nfl official for two decades. he will watch the game on sunday, but he watches differently than the rest of us.
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i watched them for position and how they are moving, how comfortable they appear to be in the ball game. then i look at the teams to see if they are doing what i expect them to do. myra: he worked a number of games when ron rivera was a player for the chicago bears in the 1980's. you have your super bowl menu? if you are like most americans, it will include pizza and chicken wings. have of the viewers will have a slice of pizza and 1.3 billion chicken wings will be eaten. chiefs wings, firewater, and pebble creek pizza are making preparations for the big day. >> we probably sell 6200 pounds. >> is -- it is easy to make, it is delicious. it is the universal food.
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offering takeout food. they will be a 20% increase in antacid sales after the big game. turn to wyff news 4 for immediate live coverage as soon as the game ends. the news 4 sports team is working on it. we will have reaction from the coaches and players. we will take you to charlotte for an update and reaction after the big game on wyff 4. turning to "commitment 2016," candidates are gearing up their campaigns and holding rallies across the granite state. the candidates are spending every second they can trying to get their message to new hampshire voters. a new poll shows senator bernie sanders seems to be connecting with people across the country.
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national race is virtually neck-and-nack with hillary clinton having a two-point advantage. 11% of voters are undecided. marco rubio is the strongest candidate on the republican side for the november general election, but donald trump still leads the pack, followed by ted cruz with 22%. 9% of the voters say they are undecided. republican candidates will meet tonight for their final debate. donald trump, senators ted cruz, marco rubio, and dr. ben carson, former governor jeb bush, and governors chris christie and john kasich, will be there. carly fiorina and former governor jim gilmore did not meet the criteria for this debate. donald trump came back to south carolina. he and directed his campaign scheduled in new hampshire to
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on friday. thousands packed the floor and civil center. he is the front runner ad in the new hampshire primary, but all eyes will be on the south carolina primary. it is the political gateway to the south. donald trump will visit the upstate next week. he has scheduled a rally at the t. ed garrison arena on wednesday. the doors open at 5:00 with the event starting at 7:00. it is free, but reserve the ticket online. hillary clinton's daughter, chelsea, will make her first campaign swing attending the women for hillary of events that take place in various input -- in various places. pat mccrory is even using the panthers access to push for reelection. his first tv commercial of the campaign season teachers
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unemployment rate, tax changes, and teacher-page changes. it closes with pat mccrory playing football and saying "keep popoding panthers." pamela: good morning. it is chilly out there. we are checking out the latest temperatures. 27 in greenwood and crossville.
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myra: south carolina highway patrol officers are investigating a needle single car wreck that happened at 1:00 a.m. on howell road in greenville county. the drivererf a 2014 toyota camry was heading north on howell road near botany road when the car ran off the roadway into a tree. the driver was pronounced dead at the scene. we will bring you more information as it becomes available. investigators looking into a shooting at a drugstore. greenville county deputies says
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night. no arrests have been made in the woman's condition is not known. in charlotte and arrest has been made in connection with a shooting at an upstate bar. the man stands accused of gunning down anthony holden in march in front of the former sonny's bar and grill last year. the man will go to the extradition process to return to oconee county. in york county, two people died in a crash on highway 211 near wilkerson road on friday. an suv swerved off of the left side of the road hitting offense and tree. the passenger the front and one in the back diet. the other two in the car were taken to the hospital. no word on their condition. lane closures and a lose will i-385.
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working on chrome drive near the harley-davidson dealership. they will also be on the overpass over i-385. crews say that you will see huge construction cranes on the
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>> now, your live super doppler 4 hd weather forecast. pamela: good saturday morning. it looks good in greenville. partly throughout the day. 35 degrees with a northeasterly wind at 8. in spartanburg, it looks good this morning with mainly clear skies. the wind will remain from the north and northeast mainly at five to 10. not a big problem. it is cold in western north carolina. that is going to be the theme for the upcoming week.
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milderso enjoy that. 30 degrees in flat rock. 32 in elberton. 28 and abbeville. 8 degrees colder than yesterday morning. pickens reporting 24. there he chilly with our mainly clear skies this morning. clouds have been streaming in and out, and the wind is mainly out of the north and northeast, day. it will become windy years -- it will become more windy across the mountains. we are all clear as far as the rain goes. a few showers off of the south carolina-georgia coastline is where we'll watch low-pressure coming together. it is interesting because the mainhings on the map that will impact the country aren't
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developing here. abundant moisture will come to the coast line with that. i blast of arctic air will meet with that moisture, especially in the northeast. timing-wise it will timeout that we will see significant snow between north carolina and tennessee, further in the mountains. early next week, it could be enough for delays and cancellations in western north carolina. just beginning to see arctic air moving south. that will fill win over the next few days. at noon, we will have a decent amount of clouds with breaks of sunshine. the rain will lash the coastline into tonight. at 11:00, we are mostly clear. the rain moves up the coast and briefly turns into a rain/snow
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this is us tomorrow morning. it looks good, mostly clear, and super or super bowl sunday. not too windy and temperatures where they should be, if not a little more mild. you will check in with dale and we will update you on the snow situation as we see how much moisture will interact with the cold air. at this point, the upstate looks like cold showers. no showers and not cold at all for the game tomorrow. temperatures start in the lower 70's. it will be 3:30 pacific time for the game. the wind will pick up, but it stays into the 60's even for the end of the game. temperatures in the low 50's in the upstate, lower 40's in asheville and hendersonville.
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20's across the area. on the for-day plus, it is interesting on monday -- by interesting i mean cold and rainy. tuesday will shave off another 10 degrees. a good snow, one inch to three inches, it is possible across western north carolina with dangerously cold wind chills in the mountains. really cold mornings to be ready for. myra: that happens on a day that i i recording. pamela: i'll work on that. myra: these are not the pig skin and you will see being tossed around on sunday. fashion designers of america dreamed up fashion footballs. the creations are being auctioned off for charity. they were designed by big names like tiffany and company and
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coming up, we will get a live report from geoff hart, who might have one of these. he will be outside levi's stadium. 2 small airplanes crashed into the ocean off of los angeles harbor. no word on any survivors at this point. divers found the plane tell number a from a second airplane in the water. the wreckage may yet the bottom of a 90-feet area of water. in new york, terrifying moments captured on video. investigators are trying to figure out what caused the crane to crash down. it was in the middle of rush hour. one person died while walking on the sidewalk. three were hurt. the plane was being secured do to high winds.
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trying to rob a florida grocery store at gunpoint. surveillance video shows the young boy walking up to the counter, pulling the gun, and demanding money. no one was hurt. the child stole the gun from his mother. one of the only man to walk on the moon has died. edgar mitchell was the sixth person on the moon and the last survivor of the apollo-14 crew. he was well known for his belief and ufos. illness. he was 85 years old. a tribute to rosa parks. on friday the greater richmond transit area reserved the first legacycy in 1955 rosa parks refused to give up her seat on an alabama bus to a white passenger, and it became a watershed of the civil rights movement.
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five people are dead after a earthquake in southern taiwan, in the southern city of tainan. the earthquake struck on saturday at 4:00 a.m. their time. several buildings were toppled in the 6.4 magnitude earthquake. crews are still trying to get to other victims that are trapped in the rubble. the mcdowell county sheriff's office has a scam morning. someone is calling claiming to work for microsoft and telling victims their computer is infected with the virus and they need to send money to get it repaired. you can call the towel county sheriff's office if you think you have been contacted. recommendations made by a task force to tell the schools history at clemson. the recommendations include updating biographies of the founders, placing more historical markers on campus,
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history week, and developing a course on the schools history, and establishing a center or museum dedicated to the history and culture. controversy has surrounded the schools history as they wanted to change the name of tillman hall. one of magnolia park's newest additions is hiring. tucanos brazillian grill will hire full and part-time staff members. it will open soon. in person interviews will take place on tuesday on verdae boulevard at the restaurant's headquarters. you can find information on how to apply on uber drivers are allowed to pick up and drop off passengers at gsp airport. drivers will no longer have to register individually to operate at the airport.
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convenient and in a beta of option for travelers. children are decked out in panthers clothing thanks to a donation from academy sports and outdoors. more than 50 children from the ymca got a chance to go shopping . each got a $50 gift card. it is meant to help little ones get ready for the panthers big game coming up on sunday. >> i can't even explain it -- this is the best thing to ever happen in my life. shopping. because, i never got to be here with my friends, have fun, and shop around. really cool. myra: that is really cool. inside the boxes are super bowl t-shirts ready to be sold if they win. the super bowl -- it could be a sign on long a north carolina highway, could it be predicting
5:24 am
on a well-traveled road in lincoln county, there stands a sign. >> it is a prediction of the future. >> it reads clifford, 12. newton, 25. >> i took a picture, letting them know that the airline is about to win. >> he sought two, but kept driving. until he saw this. denver 7, new 1020. >> i put it on my facebook. i thought it was a coincidence. >> in 24-hours, that post swelled from 50 shares to more than 30,000. other fans on highway 16 snapped too. or smith, it is his own snapshot of fame. while it is not what he or his
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>> never. >> it is this prediction he hopes will hold. myra: it is time for your wyff news 4 timeline. on this date in 1971, astronaut alan shepard hit a golf shot on the moon. he brought a 6-iron with him and hit 2 golf balls on the lunar surface. dunkin' donuts' unbelievable selection of breakfast sandwiches freshly made all day -- and now you can enjoy two english muffin egg and cheese breakfast sandwiches for $4. that's breakfast whenevs. (vo) if you have type 2 diabetes, you may know what it's like to deal with high...
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and a caramel-flavored swirl uplift your mood. indulge in a hot or iced macchiato today. america runs on dunkin'. pamela: looks good this morning. lots of light in greenville and chilly. 35 degrees and partly cloudy skies. we have huge changes for the upcoming week that include some rain, snow and some dangerously cold air coming in. lots to discuss this morning, but a good weekend overall and even a little bit warmer for your super bowl sunday. myra: did you agree with phil? pamela: he said early spring can i say no. myra: it doesn't feel like it. wyff news 4 today continues. [captioning made possible by wyff-tv] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its
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myra: thousands are getting ready for the biggest sporting event of the year. it's the broncos versus the panthers in superbowl 50. pamela: what? myra: we'll show you the security measures being taken to keep it safe. they're playing? pamela: tomorrow? [laughter] pamela: the packers are out. can't wait green over there. myra: no. pamela: a nice couple of days lined up. here is our woodruff road skycam this morning. a chilly start near freezing and it will be slowly warming up today. we are at 40 degrees in greenville, temperatures across the area are significantly
5:30 am
laurens nine degrees colder than yesterday. greenwood at 27, 34 and clemson, 30 and toccoa, 29 in hendersonville and 26 in rutherfordton. yes, they have not changed in the minutes we checked. we do have clouds around and we will us the day goes on today. ready decent sun and cloud nice. so the sunshine into the afternoon. here's the way the numbers will go. low 50's in many parts of the upstate briefly before we start to cool down again. in anderson, nice and dry. 50 degrees by 2:00 and temperatures topping out at around 52. we are a little bit below average in asheville today, some mildr weather on the way -- milder weather on the way. we will have called weatherhead and some snow trouble. see you in a few. myra: thank you.
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countdown clock is ticking. the last minute preparations are underway in santa clara at levi's stadium, making sure everything is perfect when it's game night. safety, obviously, a huge concern going in to this weekend. a massive security presence is in place. trained swat teams are on the ground, the coast guard in the bay, and 8 air-crafts will be watching the skies above. one thing securury teams are watching extra close for are drones. they are not allowed anywhere within 32 miles of the stadium. back here in the upstate, students in spartanburg met four men who know exactly what the panthers are going through right now. all of them played in the super bowl, and they all graduated from spartanburg school district seven. in their honor, spartanburg high got four golden footballs as part of the nfl's super bowl high school honor roll program. among the former players was stephen davis who played in the super bowl with the panthers in
5:32 am
he says your hometown support is very important to the team. >> it makes a player proud to have that support and to be able to go out there and show your god given talent in front of a lot of people who support you. myra: the hope is that the graduates, turned super bowl stars, will show current students that they can fulfill big dreams. got your super bowl menu set well, if you're like most americans, it will include pizza and chicken wings. the viewers will have a slice of pizza and 1.3 billion chicken two local restraurants, chiefs wings and firewater and pebble creek pizza, are making preps for a busy sunday. >> we will probably sell -- we have bordered i don't know, we will probably sell 6200 pounds. >> it's football food. it's easy to make. it's easy to eat.
5:33 am
us. it, like i said, it's a universal food. myra: both restraurants are offering take out orders and you might want to watch how much you eat. one national retailer reports a 20% increase in antacid sales the day after the big game. be sure to turn to wyff news 4 right after the big game on sunday. we'll bring you immediate live coverage as soon as the game ends. news 4 sports team is working it and will be live from levi's stadium with reaction from the coaches and players. we'll take you live to charlotte and the upstate for game reaction. all right here after the big game on wyff4. turning to commitment 2016 now, we are fewer than three days away from the new hampshire primary. candidates are gearing up their campaigns and holding rallies across the granite state, trying to win over voters. the candidates are spending every single second they can
5:34 am
hampshire voters. and a new poll out this friday shows that senator bernie sanders seems to be connecting with people. not just in the granite state, but across the country. the survey by quinnipiac university shows the national race is now virtually neck and neck. hillary clinton holds a slim two point advantage. 11% of voters say they are still undecided. on the republican side, the same survey found that marco rubio is the strongest candidate to win the november general election, but for the primary, trump stills leads the gop pack with 31%, followed by ted cruz with 22%, and rubio with 19%. 9% of the voters say they're still undecided. republican candidates will meet tonight for their final debate before the new hampshire primary. donald trump, senators ted cruz, marco rubio, and doctor ben carson. former governor jeb bush and governors chris christie and john kasich will be there as well. carly fiorina and former governor jim gilmore did not
5:35 am
debate. several upcoming campaign visits to take note of this morning. donald trump has scheduled a rally at the ted garrison arena in pendleton on wednesday. ors open at 5:00 and the event starts at 7:00. it's free to attend but you need to reserve a ticket online. on the democratic side, hillary clinton's daughter chelsea will make her first campaign swing through the palmetto state. chelsea will attend women for hillary events later today in the following places, winthrop university in rock hill, converse college in spartanburg, and clemson. if you are curious how many delegates candidates are getting this primary season, you will find information on and our wyff 4 mobile app. we make it easy to keep tabs on how many delegates each candidate has won with our delegate tracker. we have it for you in the media window on
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bit from an artist who wants to inspire other people in travelers rest. pamela: a cold start this morning and travelers rest. about 34 right now. 30 in spartanburg and chesnee to 28. -- chesnee at 28. what if the sweet stevia leaf was discovered... ...before the sugarcane. after people were enjoying truvia in their coffee and everything else... ...sugar would come along and go, "hey, i'm sweet too." "sure, sugar, you're very sweet,
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and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone... flip your thinking about buying your next one. a spot of travelers rest is myra: a spot of travelers rest is working to help foster the creative spirit in everyone. our guests are here to explain w people learn to unveil some hidden talents. let's welcome kristen laroy and tim davis. thank you for being here. there is a fairly new place in travelers rest, but if you are on the swamp rabbit trail, you can't miss it. tell us about travelers rest makers company.
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on the trail. we are founded by two makers, ourselves, i am a printmaker and my partner is the clay artist. we invite people to come in and make themselves or enjoy what produce. myra: is that your motto? kristen: shop and print. myra: you have a guest starter series. here is your first one. kristen: local talent, nationally recognized. myra: tim davis, tell us how people could recognize your work. tim: mostly known for hidden pictures i've done for college magazines. myra: i love the story about how you wrote your first book and you got more than you bargained for, probably. tim: i was critiquing the story that someone wrote in another department and i challenged her
5:40 am
it yourself? i did, and they got published. myra: i love those stories. you are going to be teaching people how to do some of these hidden drawings by themselves. we have the evolution of these sketches. tell us how it works. tim: i come up with the idea and drama picture. from there, i figure out where i can make it and created into a final and sometimes it becomes colored as well. myra: the workshops take place every tuesday this month. people can learn how to do that by themselves? tim: on tuesday, we will be talking about writing. the last saturday in february will be the highlights and picture workshops. myra: tell us how this ties in with what you are trying to do over there. kristen: this is what we want to
5:41 am
artist's coming in and helping anyone kind of realize what it takes to make this craft to produce this hidden picture. myra: let's remind everybody about the february 27 think. it will start off at the book signing in the morning from 10:00 until noon on saturday. that is a free event and that is when you also go to the scavenger hunt. after that is over, there will be a work session you are talking about what they learn to draw their own hidden pictures. tim: yes, and anybody is welcome to stay -- to sign up. myra: alan is $20 per person. how do they sign up? kristen: they can go online to find a link. myra: a lot more excitement to come. great that you are started off to a great start.
5:42 am
pamela: a chilly start.
5:43 am
we will talk about arctic >> now, your live super doppler 4 hd forecast. pamela: it is a quarter to 6:00 on saturday morning. in laurens nice and chilly. 27 degrees only with the north and northeasterly wind. 30 in spartanburg with clear skies. we will have clouds moving through as the day goes on. nice periods of sunshine and temperatures close to where they should be. you are right at freezing in elberton, 30 degrees in spartanburg this morning. 29 in hendersonville, 25 in
5:44 am
only 23 in franklin, but a pleasant afternoon for you, not quite as precedes across the mountains so that will help. wind mainly out of the north. they will be out of the northwest by later today. significantly colder winds to come in the days ahead. fairly comfortable today and tomorrow, especially for early february. live super doppler 4 hd is all clear. on the radar, we can pick up showers on the florida, georgia and south carolina coast lines. an area of low pressure developing off the coast line. it will develop. quickly and we will see rain spilling back into charleston, into myrtle beach, moving up into north carolina. that is a big part of the developing system which will be a snowing one -- snowy one for the northeast.
5:45 am
the overall pattern changing for the country and we will throw an arctic air in the cold coming days with moisture around. the two shall meet not far from home. could even see a few snowflakes start of the work week and into tuesday. it will be much more significant in north carolina as far as the snow goes for the start of the week. that is one thing we are keeping an ion. cold rain is what we are looking at here. cure of the showers. this is new today. this system will develop very quickly. you see it moving up the east coast while we will just stay in the sun and clouds for today and tomorrow. in fact, a son tomorrow and temperatures a little bit milder. they get into sunday night and the super bowl sunday looks good.
5:46 am
this is what we will be watching . the likelihood of snow showers developing and it could be off and on monday and into tuesday, but it is a cold rain forests in the upstate. not cold or rainy and good stuff for the game on sunday. low 50's today for us in the upstate, not as breezy with low 40's. we are called again tonight and showing you the week ahead, a cold rain on monday but we go from 55 on sunday to only 48 tell me 39 on tuesday. snow often on likely across the mountains, especially western north carolina. really cold nights, 20's and teens. myra: after getting spoiled with warmer weather. pamela: only enjoy the weekend. myra: thank you. football fans have unique ways
5:47 am
pamela: spartanburg panthers fans got a chance to strike a pose and show their support for the panthers. the city organized a group photo on morgan square this week and people showed up. at least we have good colors. they popped. myra: that is great. the group cheered on the team and posed for several pictures. it looks like they have been posing all day long there. at wofford college, home of panthers training camp, so they gathered on the steps of the main building. staff members, students, faculty, everyone showing support. panthers fans are not the only ones who celebrate the big trip to the super bowl in a unique way. jamie leary stops at a colorado goat farm to meet these broncos fans. jamie rebecca herberg is having : kids this spring. 150 of them. goats of course.
5:48 am
herbergs have time for these days. >> and when they're born, they typically weigh 8 or 9 pounds and they're cold. you know it's april. jamie with 14, and what jim : calls a half dog, her broncos goat coats, and ranch duties take up every second of the day. >> first go round uses them for a couple of weeks, then we wash them and we put them on the next go round. you know, as long as everyone gets a sweater. jamie the girls get orange and : the boys, of course, get blue. >> it looks like a bunch of broncos fans running around there. [laughter] jamie and while rebecca wasn't : always a football fan, the broncos have won her over. >> they're really a team you can be proud of and i love them. it's not so much that i'm a football fan as that i am a broncos fan and how could you not be? myra: turning to money matters now, advertisers are shelling out between $4.8 and $5 million for a 30 second commercial in sunday's super bowl.
5:49 am
super bowl rookies beyond the ones on the field. mark with more than 100 million is tough to top. >> there's really an opportunity to make an impact that there isn't anywhere in advertising. mark that's why paypal's one of : at least 13 first time super bowl advertisers. this is the first step in a long journey for us. sunday's ad launches a global campaign about the company's route campaign about the company's role in the changing. nature of money. >> as a marketer, you're always holding your breath, but i'm really excited to see what the people's reaction is to it. mark colgate's ad, meanwhile, is : less about selling and more about saving. >> they're running their first ever spot and it's based on not wasting water, but colgate already has brand recognition. mark death wish coffee doesn't. :>> we're aware millions of people are going to see death wish coffee for the first time. mark the small new york company : won a contest through intuit to fund a super bowl ad one touting its fiercely
5:50 am
>> the commercial was released, we had our best day of sales. mark godaddy was also little : known until racy super bowl ads helped it grow into a web hosting giant. >> as time went by and their awareness went up, they started taking some risks. mark this year, godaddy's risk : is sitting out the game broadcast. but other companies are ready. >> let go and breathe. mark to roll the dice on super : bowl ads. >> janet? cough if you can hear me. don't even think about it. i took mucinex dm for my phlegmy cough. yeah...but what about mike? it works on his cough too. cough! it works on his cough too. mucinex dm relieves wet and dry coughs for 12 hours.
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then -- defense on the broncos are pretty good. ricardo: picking caroline in sunday's game. -- carolina in sunday's game. a lot of people around the country would agree with fuller. in fact, the favorite, if you are that in the super bowl, over the past games, the favorites have won 33 times. ride free lick and marc dopher have been busy all week in the bay area bring you new updates -- brad fralick and marc dopher have been busy all week in the bay area bring you new updates. we decided to give them a break in hand the microphone over to wofford. >> this is brenton burstyn with tony ely, star and of the carolina panthers. how does it feel to be here? >> >> it feels great.
5:54 am
>> we are embracing the, asking different questions. >> how does it feel to be here? >> great. this is media day times 10. >> i'm here with benjamin burress who used to coach at furman. that is might rival when i went to wofford college. how does it feel to be here? >> this is big time. >> probably 200 million people are watching the game, so the biggest game in america. >> it is hard to put into words. >> too much furman talk for me. can you say one thing for me? go, wofford. >> no, i cannot. >> miz. >> i need you to say one thing for the camera. go, wofford. >> go, blue, baby. ricardo: a fantastic job.
5:55 am
in case you missed our panthers special last night, "chasing the championship," you can watch the entire show at and on a mobile app to get you ready for sunday's big game. let's switch gears and talk college basketball. in the first trip to the carolinas women program, a sellout on friday at colonial life arena for monday's night game. it will feature the last two undefeated teams in division i basketball. the south carolina men also involved in the ranked matchup. they had to college station to face texas a&m. this of further bed loss on tuesday at georgia and try to get back on track. -- they suffered their loss on tuesday at georgia and they're trying to get back on track. >> obviously, they are the best team right now, so everyone is excited to play. ricardo: it is setting off at 4:00.
5:56 am
the next three days, starting with a trip in blacksburg. they will face virginia tech this afternoon. the tigers had their highest point output during the second half of tuesdays when. >> it kind of carries over in practice. the mentality we have every game in practice. >> i think we need to be locked in them ready for the game. ricardo: tip is set for 4:00. clemson right now at seven and three and a time for third place. plenty of action on saturday, as
5:57 am
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