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tv   WYFF News 4 530pm  NBC  February 8, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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nigel: here is a live look outside. take a look at that. monday evening shaping up nicely. gabrielle: looks beautiful through our woodruff road skycam. john cessarich joins us in the studio. john, you were talking about sprinkles? john: you can see it on the live super doppler. a couple sprinkles in the upstate, a couple light rain showers with the band right here that developed, a burst of moderate rain in laurens and clinton for about an hour. but the rain is beginning to change to snow in the mountains of north carolina and north georgia as expected. as the sun goes down and we get colder, expect snow to really start to fly across the mountains. this is our winter weather advisory from now until 7:00 tomorrow evening for buncombe county and all the way down in through southern haywood county, over into macon county and elderly and through clay county
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carolina. other than places that are not under the advisory, a winter storm warning overnight tonight until tomorrow morning. i would not be surprised that counties that border tennessee, this may be reissued for tomorrow and tomorrow night. they may extended. headed into the northeastern part of the country, getting blasted by snowstorms. another big nor'easter offshore producing snow around boston, cape cod, and new hampshire. there is a primary tomorrow. the whole state is covered in snow. they are used to this. this snow will taper off tuesday, the big day for the primary. tomorrow, we should see a 30-40% chance of scattered snow showers in that area. no big deal. now back to you. nigel: speaking of new hampshire, take a look at this drone video. lots of snow in the granite state. snow, and politics. here are some of the things people were talking about after
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this is the debate moment, times four over, that has people talking. >> let's dispel the fiction that barack obama does not know what he was doing. this notion that he doesn't know what he was doing -- anybody who believes he doesn't know what he is doing a purpose doesn't understand what we are dealing with. nigel: senator marco rubio, repeating the same line over and over. governor chris christie, pouncing on that moment, >> marco, the thing is this. when you are president or governor, memorizing 32nd speeches when you talk about how great america is doesn't solve one problem. nigel: arguing the freshman senator had no depth. >> your state got hit by a snow storm. they had to shame you into going back. you stayed there for 36 hours. nigel: donald trump is also making headlines, after repeated jabs at jeb bush and people in the audience who apparently didn't like what trump was saying. >> quiet. >> out of time.
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that's all his donors. >> nigel: the rnc tells nbc news about 1,000 people were in the audience, 75 of whom were its donors. here are the latest poll numbers out of new hampshire. this umass poll was done after the debate. donald trump is still holding on to a strong lead. however, post-debate, his poll number, along with ted cruz and marco rubio's, has gone down. gaining is john kasich, jeb bush, and chris christie. ben carson and carly fiorina are at the bottom of the list, with 3% and 4%. on the democratic side, bernie sanders is down slightly, but still 16 points ahead of hillary clinton. [explosion]
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crews are cleaning up the rubble after toppling two smokestacks in myrtle beach. the massive chimneys were all that's left of a coal-fired power generation plant. the rest was torn down about a year ago. workers placed 120 pounds of dynamite in 330 holes drilled in the smokestacks' bases. it took about 12 seconds for the implosion to bring the columns down. nigel: almost 600 south carolinians will get their high school diplomas without having to take the ged test again. the south carolina education department has announced that the ged testing service has lowered the passing score for the test from 150 to 145. that means those who scored at least 145 on the computer test since january 1, 2014, will now get their diplomas. gabrielle: usc upstate will open a new space in downtown greenville. officials from the university and the city of greenville made the announcement today. the new facility is located on river street, close to the westin poinsett hotel and the peace center.
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still keep its current location at mcalister square in greenville. they hope to offer a degree program in urban and regional studies at the new facility, so they say it's important to be downtown. >> it's a living laboratory, where our students and faculty can engage in community-based research and projects that really impact the life in greenville. gabrielle: the new facility downtown is expected to be ready for fall classes, in august. also in the upstate now, just one week remains to cash in a powerball ticket worth $20,000. if you purcashed a ticket from lil cricket on south duncan bypass in union back in august, check your ticket. the ticket purchased on the 19th of august had the winning numbers of 6-8-43-48-50, and powerball 7. you have until monday to claim your prize. nigel: cam newton may have been all smiles beforehand, but he definitely looked a lot different after the super bowl.
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was a man of very few words. >> they just played better than us. i don't know what you want me to say. they made more plays than on us. and that's what it come down to. nigel: you can see here, cam didn't stay in the press conference long. after a few more questions, he muttered "i'm done," and walked off. according reports from deadspin and, cam left early because he said denver broncos cornerback chris harris, jr. was within earshot of his press conference, and he could hear him bragging about their win. gabrielle: people are still talking about the superbowl halftime show aren't they, nigel? nigel: yes, they are. gabrielle: coldplay may have been the headliner, but two other big names showed up on stage, bruno mars and beyonce. this was the second halftime show for both. mars teamed up with the red hot chili peppers in 2014 at the halftime show in new jersey, and this year, performed his hit
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beyonce performed her new song, "formation." the last time beyonce performed at the super bowl halftime show was in 2013, in new orleans. nigel: so, what did you think of the halftime show? vote in our now poll, and tell us on facebook, twitter, or the homepage of here's a look at the results so far. look at that. 45% giving and a. really? i would have to give it in a. i thought it was great. if you want to vote, there is plenty of time. gabrielle: local retailers have panthers products they cannot sell. last week, we took video of these boxes of panthers super bowl championship t-shirts and sweatshirts at academy sports and outdoors in greenville. since the panthers lost, the boxes have stayed sealed. we asked academy what they plan to do with the gear now. we haven't received a response yet. last year, the nfl partnered with an organization that sends
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to communities in need overseas. nigel: coming up, valentine's day is less than one week away. if you haven't picked a gift for that special someone yet, hear some ideas. gabrielle: plus, we'll take a look back at the commercials that made our heads turn during the big game. did you see this one? it was so funny. the super bowl commercials. coming up. but first, tonight's primetime
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uary 15th,
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nigel: there were several ads during sunday's super bowl to remind you of something coming up next sunday. gabrielle: the hearts are a reminder, too. nbc's chris clackum has more on valentine's day gift favorites, and some you wouldn't think of. chris: sweethearts worldwide have their special day this sunday. it's valentine's day. celebrated simply most places around the globe, americans are expected to easily spend in excess of $20 billion on that special someone, a third of that online. >> i'm not expecting anything too extravagant. we'll probably just go out to dinner. chris: dinner out is what a third of those surveyed by said they'll be doing on valentine's day. over half said they'll buy candy. the heart-shaped box is the most popular, while giving flowers is the preferred gift by one in four, making it the busiest day of the
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business. even pets will get the love come sunday. >> did you ever purchase anything for your pet for valentines day? >> toys. chris: the fatwallet survey found one in five will buy a valentine present for their pet. would you like to have candy, flowers, jewelry, dinner, or all of the above? >> i would love to have all of the above. i'm gonna be honest, all of the above would be great. chris: but probably greater than $150, which is what the average american will spend on valentine's this year. chris clackum, nbc news. john: a live shot down clemson boulevard, a few clouds out
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get ready fo when the republicans weren't going after president obama they were coming after me. his attorney general. in the cabinet, i served with hillary clinton. i've known her for almost 25 years. this is a woman whose fought her whole life for children, to protect civil rights, voting rights. and today hillary is pushing hard for tougher gun laws and police accountability. if you want to make sure republicans don't take us backward help hillary move us forward.
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gabrielle: saturday's powerful earthquake that toppled several buildings in taiwan is now responsible for at least 38 deaths, as rescue teams continue to pull survivors from the rubble. at least three people, including an 8-year-old girl, were rescued today, yesterday, a six-month-old baby was rescued, after spending 30 hours under debris.
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still believed to be trapped under the rubble. frustration is building among families as they wait for crews to find their loved ones. nigel: new video this afternoon, showing the moment a laptop was handed to a bombing suspect in somalia after he went through security. a spokesman says one of the men delivering the laptop was an airport employee. this morning, at least 20 people have been arrested. look at that. the bomb that caused this gaping hole in a commercial airline. it forced the plane to make an emergency landing. 74 people were on board, and were evacuated. you can see the whole there. the pilot says if the plane were at a higher altitude, it could have caused the jet to crash. gabrielle: the search resumes today off the coast of southern california, for wreckage from two small planes that collided last week. the remains of two victims and parts of one plane were recovered sunday, more than 100 feet below the ocean surface. officials launched the search
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disappeared from radar, leading -- nigel: a bus blows up on a central london bridge. take a look. it was caught on video. no worries, though. a film crew blew up the double-decker bus in a stunt for an upcoming jackie chan movie. the bridge was closed to all other traffic, and the fire brigade was on standby, in case anything went wrong. gabrielle: every chipotle restaurant was closed for lunch today for a company-wide meeting on food safety. today's closing follows outbreaks of norovirus and e. coli that resulted in hundreds of customers getting sick. about 50,000 employees are expected to attend today's meeting. company officials went over new food safety procedures and repeatedly told employees, they need to stay home if they feel sick. nigel: seattle seahawks all-star running back marshawn lynch is heading for retirement. lynch post a photo to his social media account, showing his cleats hanging on a hook.
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quarterback russell wilson and seahawks owner paul allen, have confirmed that lynch is in fact stepping away from the field. lynch is coming off his tenth season in the league. he was drafted 12th overall by the buffalo bills in 2007, out of cal. gabrielle: a town in wisconsin will probably think twice about using a frozen lake as a parking lot in the future, because of this. nigel: oh, dear. gabrielle: oh, darn. people probably don't think anything of it, but it is normal for midwesterners. winterfest staff used the lake as overflow parking, but the cars started sinking. thankfully, no one was in any of them and no one was injured, but there is no word on the extent of the damage to the cars. nigel: french authorities issued an orange alert today. this, due to the fierce winds slamming into the french coast overnight, with winds up to 87 miles per hour.
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damage, but many communities were left without power. the public is right now advised to stay away from the shore. look at that. authorities said the storm caused canceled trains, planes, and ferries. >> now, your live super doppler 4 hd weather forecast. john: satellite and radar showing one cold front pushing through right now. a secondary front is here. each front that passes by will bring another piece of arctic air. the first one is bringing in colder temperatures, canadian air. the next several cold fronts that will pass through, we will get colder and colder. it will be a very cold week across the western carolinas and northeastern georgia. maybe even thundershowers developing around raleigh. brief heavy rain associated with these pieces of energy rotating around, this big trough of low swinging in from the northwest.
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easily 5-10 plus inches in the elevations over the next several days along the tennessee-north carolina line. quite a bit of snow. and on through the mountains of mark caroline and north georgia. in the upstate of the next few days, maybe a few snow flurries, the best chance of flurries i-85. look at the snow and northeastern georgia. off and on snow showers with the mountains, with heavier bursts closer to tennessee. in the middle of the week, more of a northwesterly flow, where the snow through north carolina and north georgia's shifting to tennessee. we could see snow showers wednesday afternoon. we have had a couple sprinkles in the upstate. a little rain-snow mix in the mountains, and rain-snow in northeastern georgia. scattered snow showers, a couple bursts of flurries and snow showers in asheville. looks like another burst ready
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this move for waynesville and cowley earlier and is moving towards brevard. a live shot in hendersonville, the flurries from time to time in hendersonville will be the case. a few stars later tonight, then a burst of snow. almost like lake effect snow, but that is not the case. 33 in boone, 42 in asheville, 40 and franklin, 48 into color, four-day five in laurens, you had a rain shower about an hour ago. 34 in bristol, tennessee. 50 in atlanta. 43 in chattanooga. the really cold air remains well to our northwest. look at this huge dip in the jet stream. these these of energy are rotating around and moving up this way. it is warm enough on these turn edge where it is rain showers until the surface cold fronts push through, then the cold air
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lakes will gradually move across the mountains of georgia and western north carolina over the next few days. five degrees in northern minnesota, 16 in minneapolis. a piece of the arctic air will swing in. snow showers for the mountains for the next few days, and the wind will be a fact or. the arctic air, when it gets here, especially tomorrow night, dangerous wind chills across the mountains. dangerously cold across the area. tomorrow morning, the front passes by. snow showers continue especially west of the mounds. that is 7:00 wednesday morning. snow showers taper off, and a piece of energy coming in, we will watch that towards the end of the week. tonight, sprinkles in the upstate. an isolated light rain shower could become flurries later tonight. low 28. off and on snow showers and windy in the mountains, same story for tuesday come off and on snow showers and windy, high 29.
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chance especially north of i-80 five. very cold. for the remainder of the week, way below average. another arctic out rate hits us over the -- outbreak hits us over the weekend. now back to you. gabrielle: guitar legend jimi hendrix's former london apartment opens to the public this week. soon, it will become a museum in his honor. hendrix lived here between 1968 and 1970. the apartment has been restored to its 1960s glory. it captures a period when the musician was immersing himself in british culture. >> the museum is really important, because it's the only place in the world where you can see him as an individual, not an icon. it's the place where all of his friends and musicians, collaborators, came to see him and work with him. so you can see someone who's still becoming himself. gabrielle: hendrix died of a drug overdose in a london hotel in 1970 at age of 27. nigel: coming up, we'll take another look at those super bowl commercials that left a lasting impact on many
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weren't the only ones battling it out in last night's super bowl. gabrielle: so were more than 60 advertiser can -- advertisers who paid big money to vie for , our attention during the game. mark barger reports on some commercials. mark: the winner on the field was decisive, but the super bowl's ad winner was debatable. >> i don't think there was a winner this year. i think it was pretty safe in general, and fairly vanilla. mark: that's due in part to the pressure that comes with the commercials' $5 million pricetag. >> last year, we saw nationwide experiment with an ad, the dead kid ad. it totally tanked, and their cmo is gone within a year. mark: comedy was king this year, including hyundai's "first date" ad with kevin hart. it was number one in usa today's ad meter rankings. >> you have to use the right celebrity. it has to coalesce with your brand, or reach your demographic that you're trying to target. mark: doritos put two spots in ad meter's top five, both from its 10th annual contest.
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mark: the one featuring some cunning canines won a million-dollar prize for jacob chase. >> inside, i was just going nuts, and i did think i was about to faint. >> urgent diarrhea. mark: tumbling to the bottom of the rankings were a pair of ads from drug companies. >> when you're eating the pizza and the doritos and the hot dogs, you don't want to think about some of those issues. mark: but many were thinking about mountain dew's puppymonkeybaby, >> people were like, oh my god, this is frankenstein's monster. i can't get it out of my head. mark: which stirred a "love it or hate it" debate. >> it blew up on twitter. it was trending right underneath the super bowl for most of the game. mark: meaning last night's upsets were not confined to the field. mark barger, nbc news. gabrielle: i like the super bowl babies one. nigel: thanks for joining us for the news at 5:00. gabrielle: news 4 at 6:00 with michael and carol starts now. >> live, local, breaking news. this is wyff news 4 at 6:00 in high definition.
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michael: disappointed, but always a fan. check out the fingernails. the panthers loss having an impact on the carolinas. carol: first tonight, a live look from our asheville skycam, under threat of snow. several school districts in western north carolina closed early today. michael: team coverage of our forecast, first with chief meteorologist john cessarich. john, who gets snow and who doesn't? john: it will mainly be a mountain event. we could see a few flurries as far south as the northern and western upstate. either way, it will be cold across the area for most of this week. chris will talk about that in a second. we have a weak cold front pushing through. temperature starting to drop a little bit. a mix of rain and snow through the mountains of western north carolina and north georgia. in the upstate, a few sprinkles and light showers. we will gradually start to get rid of this green the mountains. it will be all snow later this
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and into the next several days.
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