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and into the next several days. because of that, winter weather advisory's and warnings out for part of the area, buncombe county and the southwestern mountains of north carolina and north georgia. winter weather advisory goes until 7:00 tomorrow evening, then west and north of asheville, the north carolina counties that border tennessee, the winter storm warning goes overnight tonight or tomorrow morning. would not be surprised if this was extended into past tomorrow morning. we'll get a series of cold front pushing through. off and on snow showers across the mountains of north georgia, especially western north carolina. those counties in north carolina along the tennessee line could see as much as a half a foot of snow plus with the system. just flurries and a brief snow shower for the upstate. chris is in the weather center right now. chris, we have snow and moisture, but we will see some arctic air for most of this week. chris: incredible cold air coming from canada. it originates in central canada, spills into the mid atlantic,
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next few days. settling across the area by wednesday. check out these high temperatures over the next two days. we will be cold. 39 the high on wednesday. up and down until another cold last arise saturday, which could make for an interesting forecast next week. the asheville area will be brutal. a high of 28 wednesday, then the second cold last comes in for the weekend. it will be brutal. add in the wind, which could make temperatures dangerous out there. the national weather service issued a wind chill advisory for all the mountains, from asheville towards madison county, back through haywood and jackson county until 12:00 p.m. on wednesday. factor in the wind, it will feel like the teens by tomorrow morning in the mountains. the 20's in the upstate, feeling like the 20's all day tomorrow for it gets dangerously cold wednesday morning. it will feel like a few degrees above zero as we had through the asheville-hendersonville area
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john joins me again. john, we cool down again for the weekend. the european model is setting us up for an interesting forecast. john: shh, let's keep that down. it could get interesting a week from today. you are right come either way, it will be cold. all week. now back to you, michael and carol. carol: today, a group of upstate students were back at school for the first time since a crash that killed two of their classmates. michael: wyff news 4's mike mccormick is in gaffney, with what the families of both teenagers want you to know. mike: outside gaffney high school, the flags are at half staff and the day began with a moment of silence. the assistant principal called it a somber day here. >> it has really rocked the school was something like this happening. mike: 17-year-old and 18-year-old students died on friday in a crash.
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in it a road, and hit a fence in a tree. they were passengers. the driver and another passenger ended up in the hospital. dominic's mom says he was humble and always smiling, although he never got over the loss of his brother, who was killed while serving in afghanistan in 2009. >> he was a great person. mike: his cousin was always smiling. >> he loved everybody. he loved basketball. that was his thing. he was a mini michal jordan to us. mike: we're told the teens were best friends, who shared that sense of friendship with so many others. >> just pray for gaffney high school, and especially those families who are in dire need of their support and prayers at this time. mike: dominick's funeral is set for wednesday. we are working to get information about shemar's arrangements. mike mccormick, wyff news 4, in gaffney. carol: the spartanburg sheriff's office is asking for your help finding a missing
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jimmie dale bunn went to the flea market. he suffers from alzheimer's. he was driving his teal 1994 ford pickup and never returned home. call 911 if you see him. michael: deputies are no longer investigating a shooting at a nightclub overnight. one person was hurt by gunfire around 2:00 a.m. this morning. it happened on south pleasantburg drive. deputies say the victim signed a complaint with drawl and neither club management or the victim once the shooting pursued. carol: fire, smoke, and water damage forced more than a dozen people out of their apartments over the weekend. tonight, investigators know more about what sparked the flames. wyff news 4's myra ruiz is live and local in greenville county. myra? myra: we're at the huntington down apartment building, where investigators say the fire started outside on a patio up there, then the flames spread by first going through the roof, then the attic. investigators say there were no
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the alarms did not alert the neighbors until after the flames had spread throughout the top of the building. tiffany dawkins sent this video in through u-local. the fire marshal says a barking dog woke up its owner, who then helped to warn others in the building. boiling springs firefighters were called to the scene, and before long, american red cross volunteers were there too. >> we were able to help them with food and clothing, initially. there were 25 adults and two children that we were able to assist saturday morning. myra: in the end, the apartment manager says 14 people were relocated to other apartments, like rachel and t-j, pictured here, managing to smile a day after the fire. >> one of the nice things about this situation, if there is a nice thing to say, would be that they are required to have renters insurance, and that is so important. most people to realize that you can get renters insurance and it is inexpensive. myra: red cross volunteers say this time of year, residential
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investigators say at this point, all they know is that the accidental fire started outside. >> when the wind is blowing like it is today, sparks can fly and cause fires. most of the fires they respond heating units. myra ruiz, wyff news 4 live in greenville county. carol: a sad start to the day for charlotte up in the panthers lost the super bowl. at the midnight diner, the manager says it never looked so empty on a monday morning. she says she was utterly heartbroken over last night's game, but says she is still a little pride. -- still full of pride. >> i went to all their cap rallies. i will welcome them back. they deserve to be there. wish they would have one.
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michael: patrick murray was involved in a car crash in california last night. -- north carolina governor pat mccrory was involved in a car crash in california. the governor was leaving the superbowl, when a car rear-ended the car he was riding in. mccrory's office says the car he was in was totaled. officials say the governor complained about pain, but declined treatment and was transferred to another car. carol: local retailers have panthers products, they can't sell. last week, we took video of these boxes of panthers superbowl championship gear at academy sports and outdoors in greenville. since the panthers lost, the boxes have stayed sealed. we asked academy what they plan to do with the gear now. we haven't received a response yet. last year, the nfl partnered with an organization that sends merchandise that can't be sold, to communities in need overseas. >> these kids need smaller schools and bigger attention. this will destroy them. just destroy them. michael: parents speaking out over a major shakeup at upstate schools.
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john: julian greenville right now, partly to mostly cloudy and dry.
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in carol: a major shakeup proposed in an upstate district. wyff news 4's mandy gaither just walked outside the meeting in pickens county. she joins us now, live and local, with the latest. mandy? mandy: the proposal to close three schools in pickens county was approved 3-1 by the facilities committee. the vote will now go to the full board. the proposals would close a.r. lewis, ambler, and holly springs elementary. students at those schools and hagood elementary would go to school together.
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students in kindergarten through 2nd grade would go to one school, and students grades third through fifth would go to another school. take a still would become kindergarten through fourth grade. ambler would go to daegis bill. this would save the district 11.8 million dollars over five years and create more academic opportunities for students. but many parents here tonight are not happy that -- they are concerned. terry beeson has a third grader at ambler elementary. >> these kids, that need smaller schools and the bigger attention, this is going to destroy them. just destroy them. we are heartbroken. heartbroken. and as i said before, we're completely behind the school 100%. mandy: before the full board votes on this, there will be three public input meetings with district officials. each will happen on wednesday, february 10 at 4:30 p.m. at a r lewis, holly springs, and ambler elementary.
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vote a week from today. my colleague is inside right now, and he will have more at 11:00. mandy gaither, wyff news 4 live in pickens county. michael: eight south carolina schools have won grants to support environmental initiatives, and one is in the upstate. chesnee high school won a grant from the department of health and environmental control. dhec says chesnee students will work to reduce plastic water bottle use, at school and in the community. they plan to promote sustainable living choices like using , reusable water bottles. >> this memorized speech thing , where you talk about how great america is, doesn't solve one problem. carol: quite a show saturday night, as the republican presidential candidates squared off. how their performance helped or hurt their chances in new hampshire. john: a live shot looking down clemson boulevard in anderson, it has cleared off richly as the
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very when the republicans weren't going after president obama they were coming after me. his attorney general. in the cabinet, i served with hillary clinton. i've known her for almost 25 years. this is a woman whose fought her whole life for children, to protect civil rights, voting rights. and today hillary is pushing hard for tougher gun laws and police accountability. if you want to make sure republicans don't take us backward help hillary move us forward.
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in commitment 2016... there michael: major fireworks in the gop debate saturday in new hampshire. it is playing a role, helping some, hurting others. >> marco, the thing is this. when president, memorized speech where you talk about how great america is at the end doesn't solve one problem. >> quiet. >> out of time. out of time. >> that is all of his donors. michael: the latest polling out of new hampshire, this is a umass poll that was done after the debate. donald trump is still holding on to a strong lead. however, after the debate, his poll numbers, along with ted cruz's and marco rubio's, have gone down. gaining is john kasich, jeb bush, and chris christie.
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at the bottom of the list, with 3% and 4%. on the democratic side, bernie sanders is down slightly, but still 16 points ahead of hillary clinton. carol: we're just five days away from the next republican debate, here in greenville. and some of the candidates have scheduled campaign stops this week across the upstate. marco rubio has one wednesday, thursday, and friday, and donald trump, one on wednesday in pendleton. for a complete list, check and our mobile app. >> now, your live super doppler 4 hd weather forecast. john: ticket luck. you can see what it looks like a star is advisories and warnings. it is all for the mountains. winter weather advisory goes through tonight all the way into 7:00 tomorrow evening, through the day on tuesday for buncombe county, southern and central
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county, rabun county, through the north georgia mountains. it will be over and over for the next 2-3 days, often on snow showers in these areas. the further west you go, close to tennessee come he will see the heavy snow. winter storm warning continues there. tomorrow night, windchill advisory goes from 7:00 tomorrow evening until noon on wednesday for these areas. wind chills below zero, a dangerous situation going through the next two days. it will get colder and colder. how about flurries through the upstate, a brief light snow shower the next couple days. but that is about it. the snow is mainly confined to the north georgia mountains and western north carolina. these areas, 2-6 inches of snow. the six inches plus is a long the high elevations and west facing slopes along the tennessee-north carolina line. in this area, a trace to a couple inches possible in hendersonville, brevard, all the way back to just south of
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one cold front pushing through the area, the second one is here. it will bring more cold air. it will get colder and colder as a series of fronts push from the northwest as the trough digs in in the deep south. snow through north georgia mountains, now the green is changing to snow as it gets colder the mountains. the precipitation is moving west-east across the area. a couple struggles possible in the upstate, but most precipitation will -- sprinkles possible in the upstate, but most precipitation will fall apart. a live shot from wofford college, there is downtown spartanburg. mostly clear right now behind the front, but clouds will fill back in later on. 46 degrees in spartanburg, 47 in greenville, 47 in toccoa. 39 in asheville, off and on flurries. strong winds, at the freezing mark in waynesville. 32 in boone. there is the wind through northeastern georgia.
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mountains is the secondary front comes in and gives us low wind chills. 41% emitted he in greenville, 46 degrees in columbia. 25 in st. louis, 63 in orlando. here is the dip in the jet stream. that is the cold air behind it, these pieces of energies -- energy keep coming in from the northwest. five degrees in northern minnesota. the arctic air will come in. tomorrow morning, you can see snow showers mainly in north georgia, a few flurries as far south as atlanta. wednesday morning, and a lot of precipitation outside the mountains. tonight, a few sprinkles or a rain shower or maybe a flurry late tonight. off and on snow showers in the mountains, strong winds. windy and off and on snow showers in the mountains tomorrow, a couple snow flurries . especially in the western and northern upstate more than i-85. wednesday and thursday, talking about cold temperatures. it will stay: through the
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another last of arctic air just in time for the weekend. michael: cam newton is taking some heat from the press conference. ricardo: he was short with his answers and walked off in the middle of the press conference. that is the talk all over sports media. if you haven't seen it, we will
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a look ahead the first job of a president is to protect america. our next president must be prepared to lead. i know jeb. i know his good heart and his strong backbone. jeb will unite our country. he knows how to bring the world together against terror. he knows when tough measures must be taken. experience and judgment count in the oval office. jeb bush is a leader. he'll keep our country safe. jeb bush.
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>> now, wyff news 4 sports. >> phhh, they just played better than us. i don't know what you want me to say. >> can you put into words the
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right now? >> we lost. [talking in the background] >> i'm gone. ricardo: you can see the disappointment and hurt from cam newton, after losing the biggest game of his career. and today, the panthers signal caller is taking a lot of heat for walking out during the middle of his postgame press conference. if you couldn't hear, in the background of that newton presser, broncos cornerback chris harris, jr. was answering questions at the same time, and maybe that was the trigger that made cam walk off the stage. in any case, newton and the panthers are hurting right now, but the future looks bright for the franchise. sports director brad fralick wraps up our super bowl coverage in santa clara. brad: the panthers get all the way to the end of the season, but they are not able to finish it off with a win in the super bowl. now, the question is, was that peyton manning's final game? the broncos win super bowl 50 over the panthers. >> we did a lot with a lot of
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we had great opportunities. we made a lot of plays, did a lot of positive things. but again, we will take a step back. that is the truth of the matter, we came in second. we play to come in first. we will evaluate the season and work towards next year. >> keep pounding, man. it will just make us stronger for next year and years after that. and just, continue to push through everything, these obstacles, because us will set in for quite some time. brad: with cam and luke kuechly locked up for the foreseeable future, there is a good chance the panthers get back to the super bowl sometime soon. in santa clara, brad fralick, wyff news 4. ricardo: number one versus number two in columbia tonight as the gamecocks women put up their 44 game home win streak
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a year ago, that teams met, with usc hosting. uconn won the contest by 25 points. >> they would love to try to take us down. i feel like everyone kind of once you take them down, but it will be a good game. >> they have been at the top for a while. there is a lot riding on this game. we are prepared. ricardo: the game caps off at 7:00. the men are in action in downtown greenville, hosting notre dame and 9:00. the tigers seek their first win over the irish on the hardwood. also, furman host unc greensboro at 7:00, and wofford and bmi will tangle at the top of the hour. we will have highlights at 11:00. michael: it's cold and it will get colder. john: take a look. high 39 in the upstate tomorrow, upper 20's in the mountains. the wind will make it feel colder across the carolinas and
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off and on snow showers tonight and tomorrow for the mountains of georgia and north carolina, even south carolina could see snow showers. maybe a few flurries late tonight and during the day tomorrow for the upstate at best, and it -- no big deal. dangerously cold for the mountains tomorrow night. carol: we will take a look at charlotte, the panthers have just landed. but this is the stadium from sky4. michael: all the lights still on in charlotte. there's always next year.
6:25 pm tonight, breaking point. bill clinton on the attack
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