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tv   WYFF News 4 Noon  NBC  February 9, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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for the major arteries along the tennessee-withdrawn orders. 16 mile-per-hour breeze in anderson. light flurries from time to time. 29 degrees and a northwest breeze at 10. it is struggling to get up to 30. low 30's in the mountains and perhaps 40 in the upstate. some snow flurries have wrapped down to the atlanta area. we have had reports across the upstate of flurries here and there. a little excitement with that. again, the big story is the and continuing overnight into tomorrow. for all of western north carolina. very cold tomorrow also. 15-20 plus mile-per-hour winds. bundle up. it will be very cold to be outdoors tomorrow, especially in the mountains. will talk more about how the rest of the week goes in just a allyson: thank you. maybe you have been outside
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as you see on the left, some snow flurries around greenville. those are near furman university. on the right is what mike county. as you can see behind me, snowballing in boone as well. more than a dozen schools in western north carolina had either a two-hour delay or closed today because of the winter weather. live from buncombe county. aly: good morning. road. as you can see, not much snow yet. there was light snow falling throughout the day, but as of right now, it will come in later tonight. it is extremely windy and cold out here. we're not seeing much sticking to the roads, but that does not mean it is not icy in other areas, and that is why they canceled or delayed schools today with buncombe county schools.
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decided to close because it would be unsafe for buses to travel on those icy roads to pick up students. asheville city schools had a two-hour delay today for the same reason. so far, asheville students have missed three days of school. they'll make up one on what would have been an optional work day in may. they'll extend two half days that would have been early release, and they'll make up another one at the end of the school year. they say they don't want anyone taking that chance because safety for their staff and students comes first. >> we take safety seriously. that's always first. that was a factor this morning with our staff more than the people that live right here in town. >> well, it's a little bit inconvenient, but if it's safer for the kids on the buses, then we have to do what we have to do. aly: glazener also pointed out the snow storm two years ago that stranded thousands of students in raleigh and atlanta at their school. he says better safe than sorry. they don't want that sort of situation happening here. he says he does expect this bad
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next few weeks, but they already have a plan if they have to miss up to five days or more of that. aly myles, wyff news 4, live in asheville. allyson: a former greenville county deputy will plead guilty former sergeant david hays is accused of taking bribes for tips about possible gambling raids. he spent eight days in jail after his arrest. the judge sentenced him to time served. >> i would call it making bad decisions. he got financial pressure and made the wrong decisions. he got in bed with the wrong people. allyson: both hays and former deputy shea smith were fired in july 2014 after an fbi investigation. smith pleaded guilty in december. he was put on probation and banned from law enforcement. prosecutors say they will seek a death sentence if a man is
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23-year-old pierre lamont griffin the second is charged with killing three people on october 27. officials say he killed tatianna diz and alexandra king before dumping their bodies in the french broad. griffin is also accused of killing uhon trumanne johnson before leading police on a high-speed chase across three counties. law-enforcement officials at sees a huge amount of heroin in a recent drug bust and say it points to a growing addiction problem. about eight pounds of heroin was found in a battery of a pick-up truck stopped last week in guilford county for out of date registration. the driver, who's from atlanta, was arrested. the cdc says heroin overdoses have jumped nearly 300% in the u.s. in the past decade. experts say people are switching over from other drugs because heroin is cheaper. a bluffton woman is facing dui charges this morning after police say she took a wild weekend tumble off a ravine. they say jacklyn moskol claimed someone had assaulted her and that she couldn't remember anything.
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down in a shallow creek and that she had slurred speech, glassy turns out police say mokol had driven her car off a 22-foot ravine. they say her blood-alcohol level was 0.25, and they're not buying her assault claim. voting is just getting started in new hampshire today, and a lot will happen before the polls peter alexander has the latest. >> perfect. >> bless your heart. >> thank you. >> appreciate what you are doing. peter: hillary clinton taking pictures at the polls this morning hoping for another new hampshire comeback. >> will keep working until the last vote is cast and counted. >> her team still knocking on doors. >> at 7:00, at 8:00 on a tuesday, you will hear a phone call. have you voted yet? you have not voted yet? do you need a ride?
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deficit on the last day is tough. chris christie says he would be thrilled with second-place. ben carson greeted voters this morning. so did jeb bush. jeb bush admits it has been tough. >> this has is a place for you get tested. >> ted cruz, marco rubio, anyone of them can finish line donald trump or win. >> we feel really good we will finish strong here. >> a great turn in iowa and we will have an even better turned tonight. >> they will be packed today. >> we had over 3000 the mayor's election. >> the secretary is expecting a record turnout. tracie potts, nbc news, manchester, new hampshire. allyson: after new hampshire is the first in the south primary. that means every corner of the palmetto state will be covered. wyff news 4's nigel robertson is in studio with what we know so far. nigel: pretty much all the candidates will swinging through our state over the course of the week.
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he has a rally scheduled at 7:00 wednesday night at the ted . ed garrison arena in pendleton. it's free to attend, but you need to reserve a ticket online. trump will also hold a rally next monday at the t.d. convention center in greenville. ted cruz will be coming as well . he will be at the spartanburg summit point convention center for a rally on wednesday at 4:00 p.m. you will need to reserve a ticket online for that one as well. marco rubio will also return to the palmetto state wednesday. he's holding a rally in spartanburg, then heading to columbia. he'll end the day in charlesesn. on thursday afternoon, rubio he will be back in the upstate at southside christian school in simpsonville. on friday, he's expected to make an appearance at easley high school and also at the greenville downtown airport. on jeb bush will be in anderson friday, for a meet and greet at mama penn's restaurant. doors for that event open at 10:15 in the morning.
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greenville at the peace center downtown, the gop debate starts at 9:00 p.m. this will be the final debate before the gop south carolina primary february 20. the 27th is when the democrats will vote. as for the democrats, right now they only have events with surrogates across the state. however, that will change. stay connected to what is happening on the campaign trail inside our wyff 4 mobile app. allyson, back to you. allyson: this thursday, wyff 4 is teaming with the riley institute at furman university for a commitment 2016 voter focus group with peter hart. this is an exclusive live streaming event that will take place in our wyff4 studios. it will include upstate voters who will weigh in on the upcoming first in the south presidential primaries. nationally known pollster peter hart works with national news organizations, including chuck todd at nbc news. you can watch this exclusive event on thursday starting at
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wyff4 app. now that the carolina panthers are back in charlotte today, the players will clean out their lockers as they head into the offseason. hundreds of fans came out to the bank of america stadium last night to welcome the panthers home. the buses started rolling in just after 7:00. the team was met with cheers and a fan base that's already excited for next season. >> keep pounding. we're coming back next year. >> they will try twice as hard and when the super bowl again. if not, they will try twice as hard again. we will not stop. keep pounding. allyson: here's some consolation for panthers fans. the team is an early favorite in the nevada sportsbooks to win next year's super bowl. so what happens now to all that panthers championship gear we showed you last week? local retailers can't sell it,
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responded with their plan yet. academy told us previously when clemson lost in the national championship that the gear would be shipped back to distributors. the nfl partnered with an sends merchandise that can't be sold to communities in need overseas. still to come, a paratrooper stuck on a power pole. how he ended up there.
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this a the first job of a president is to protect america. our next president must be prepared to lead. i know jeb. i know his good heart and his strong backbone. jeb will unite our country.
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he knows when tough measures must be taken. experience and judgment count in the oval office. jeb bush is a leader. he'll keep our country safe. jeb bush. right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. allyson: in news around the world, at least nine people dead and some 150 injured in germany after two commuter trains crashed head on. all survivors have been rescued from the wreckage and taken to area hospitals. the cause of that crash is still under investigation. president obama is asking congress for $1.8 billion to help fight the zika virus. the money is for emergency response to the virus in both the u.s. and overseas. the mosquito-borne virus is tied to birth defects in newborns. zika has spread to at least 29 countries. florida has declared a state of emergency in seven counties because of it. check out this photo. a paratrooper from fort bragg
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florida. carlos esparza was training at skydive deland with his squad when he drifted toward the pole. a highway patrol trooper spotted hihihanging. firefighters were able to get him down safely. an alarming figure we don't want to hear. more people were attacked by sharks last year than ever bebere, and most were in florida. that's according to the new report from the florida museum of natural history. last year, 98 people were attacked across the globe. eight of them where in the -- were in the carolinas. experts say expect more as populations grow. a florida man is facing assault charges after authorities say he threw an alligator through an open wendy's drive-thru window. officials say 23-year-old joshua mes pulled up to the drive-thru for his order. after a server handed over a drink and turned around, james reached into the back of his truck and tossed the 3.5-foot gator through the window. his parents say the incident was a harmless prank that has been blown out of proportion.
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he's a stupid kid. he did a stupid prank. he had no problem turning himself in. allyson: james faces charges of aggravated assault and unlawful possession and transportation of an alligator. taking a look at money matters now, and a live look at the stocks this afternoon. the dow jones and the nasdaq and s&p 500 changing as we eat them up with all down -- we speak, but all down now. beneficiaries of beyonce's presence during the half-time red lobster says sales spiked more than 30% on sunday. beyonce's new song, "formation," the seafood restaurant. the chain is referring to the sales boost as the beyonce in case you were not hungry enough today is national pizza , day. that means you get to pick your -- about three billion pizzas are sold in the u.s. each year. 62% of americans prefer meat
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38% prefer veggies. what do you prefer? bacon. but i can go with many different things. hot is good. i am thinking about beads and now or alligator is coming through the window -- about pizza now or alligators coming through the window. it is 36 in greenville. here is our peace center skycam as we look to liberty bridge in the background. today. 36 feels much colder with that 50 mile-per-hour wind. the asheville skycam, we have seen flurries from time to time. 29 degrees and a northwest breeze at 10. there'll be flurries through the afternoon and into the evening before this tapers off tomorrow, but the good news is the heaviest amounts of snow in north carolina not occurring out.
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we will still see flurries, but the big stories the cold air and find the system -- cold air behind the system. we still have some winds through noon tomorrow. wind chill advisories out.bundle tomorrow because the wind will cut through you pretty quickly with the teens tomorrow morning at 15 to 20 mile-per-hour winds, 25 plus at times. it will make it feel in the single digits and close to zero. that will be the story. the wind chill advisory tonight into tomorrow. this system has been producing snow across kentucky, parts of atlanta area. not much in the way of accumulation with the exception of some higher mountaintops in north carolina. that is one of the reasons they closed the secondary roads and higher counties along the
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cause slippery driving. what is the current temperature? still has not gotten to 30 in asheville. 29. boone at 20. 26 and franklin. mid to upper 30's across the upstate. you factor in 10-18 mile-per-hour breeze. it feels like eight in boone. 18 in franklin. 27 in greenville. cold blustery blustery afternoon continuing. but today, 40 or 41 for the upstate may be the best we see. today, 30 may be the best we have cold days and chilly nights over the next few nights. things will back off and it will week. this is impacting from the great lakes all the way down to
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temperatures from zero in international falls to 24 in cincinnati to 36 in atlanta. struggling to get up to 40 by 3:00 for greenville, spartanburg, anderson. dropping to the 20's overnight. the mountains reaching 30 or 31 at best. 24 by midnight. teens tomorrow morning. 17 in the mountains early tomorrow with win. 23 in the upstate. highs about the same in the upstate tomorrow. colder in the mountains. friday, saturday, sunday. sunday in the mountains, nine for a low and 30 for a high. the upstate will see 18 sunday morning at a high of 36. next chance for precipitation will be monday rain for the in the mountains. weekend. allyson: thank you. still to come, calling all upstate performers.
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looking for some help. allyson: just into our newsroom, greenville county school officials say three schools are on lockdown now. thomas stearns elementary, empty anderson support center are locked down. there is a suspect in the area. we will keep you updated on-air and all the mobile app as we learn more.
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of upstate performers for an upcoming musical program. joining us now is public roger. >> thank you for having us on. we are trying to cast all of our shows for the 2016 season. we are primarily looking for singers who can move, actors who can sing and move for all of our shows. we open in march 19, and we close january 1. we are looking for performers for those shows. allyson: what do they need to bring more come with? >> we asked that they have prepared three songs, a verse and chorus of each song. sheet music and the correct key or we have a pianoist that will be there. music on cd tracks is available. allyson: we want to point out you don't have to drive out to dollywood. >> it is in spartanburg on st. john street. registration starts at 10:00.
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some votes may get a call back and be asked to stay later in the day for the audition. allyson: widespread out to the upstate? >> there is a lot of talent in the upstate. we have a lot of people come to dollywood to audition. i have some swag here. this is a golden ticket award given to dollywood by the international association of amusement parks and attractions, best shows of any theme park in the world. that includes six flags, disney world, whatever. we have the best shows. them but this goes consecutively we have to have good performance for our show.that is why we came to greenville and spartanburg . allyson: singers, dancers, performers in a musical. roger: singers who can move and actors who can sing. allyson: get us through that wartime. roger: auditions are for a 20.
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. open call starts at 11:00 for more information, go to allyson: we are coming with two songs, right?
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allyson: again, covering a story that just image our newsroom. greenville county school officials say three schools are all want done right now -- all on lockdown right now. there is a suspect in the area. we would you updated on-air and on the mobile app as we learn more. dale: a cold and windy afternoon. and elementary school sent this in for our school salute. the first is students participating in the author's capfe. the next photo shows fairytale day. teachers and students and kindergarten dressed atmospheric temperatures. always a good time culminating their activity. thank you for sending in those cute pictures. this is what has been going on the last few hours. flurries of snow across the mountains. parts of the upstate and
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next story will be the cold wind blowing in tonight and the windchill advisory for tomorrow morning. get the hats and gloves ready. it will be very cold tomorrow morning. allyson: of the left. thank you for joining lights, camera, access. i'm so excited to sing. >> how you doing? all right? >> the fans are loving it. >> what was the best part of the experience for you? >> behind the scenes for so much super stuff you did not see. i'm billy bush and then there's a bit of backlash to beyonce's performance, and new video. >> i thought it was really outrageous. >> we'll break down the finer points of the message that she's sending. and oh, those commercials. the fine line between funny and plain old bad taste. plus, all together, at last, you never know what will happen when you put every oscar nominee in
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>> oh, yes, really funny.
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