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tv   WYFF News 4 6pm  NBC  February 12, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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eventually, we do expect the rain to move in. if you are looking at snow and ice, we are watching the weather models very closely. we think it's going to be in icy mix. there's a 30% chance it will just be regular rain. and a 10% chance it will be all snowfall. one of our models a showing a pretty significant ice. the 10th of an inch of ice from greenville to spartanburg. into the mountains there hendersonville. the rain comes in. more ice. monday morning we will see snow and sleet the changes over to rain monday afternoon and evening. the rain to come in. we looked at the morning models, now are looking at the afternoon models.
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transition is delayed we could be looking at all or nothing. >> that's exactly right. if it is delayed we will end up with more ice and freezing rain. also some of the computer models are hinting at a weaker system. carol: several gop candidates just wrapped up a forum in front of hundreds of voters in greenville. michael: faith and family were the main topics today at bob jones university. wyff news 4's corey davis was there all afternoon. he's live and local with the candidates views on family values. corey? >> four gop presidential candidates spoke passionately about including faith in their decisions and the importance of strong families. >> senator ted cruz just finished dr. ben carson former governor jeb bush and senator marco rubio all spoke earlier.
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some of the policies we have put forth as a nation actually break families down. we reward people when they have a whole family, we take the money from them even though they're struggling together trying to strengthen their families and raise children. re-examined and policeis should be recreating strong familiies. that's the unit for a strong nation. >> it is politically correct noun to suggest that a man and a woman that are organized around loving their children with their heart and soul is just one choice. if you have that view that that
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families to be loving and also and children will have a chance to succeed, then you are being judgmental. there's always that challenge. senator rubio: we shouldn't have any policies that are anti-family. we have a tax code that punishes marriages and family. think about this, if you're a business and you take $1000 and invest in new equipment you can write that off in your taxes. but if you're a parent and take money you earned, not a govt check, bc you're working and you invest in your children the tax code doesn't recognize it. the most important job any of us will ever have is job of parent. our tax code should at least be pro-family not anti-family. senator crews. i do think that government policy has contributed to the breakdown of the family. welfare system. you're doing nobody a favor when you have government policies
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that make it so you get more money staying a single mom then you do if you marry the father of your child. that makes no sense and we need to and the federal government disincentives to marriage. challenge each other tomorrow on the stage in the big debating greenville. carol: senator rubio quickly moved on from that forum to a rally at the greenville downtown airport where he's just picked up a big local endorsement for president, wyff news 4's patrick hussion is there live, >>. that's right greenville mayor knox white says he is now endorsing rubio for president. he's here tonight, he introduced rubio when we arrived and of course it was the perfect opportunity to make that announcement.
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to the low country back up here to the upstate holding rally after rally. we were invited onto his bus today and he and i had a chance to chat on the way over here coming up tonight at 11 we'll >> pro-american. >> donald trump. >> interesting. >> that is a small example. we will have more from that interview tonight at 11:00. we are live in greenville at this marco rubio rally. patrick hussion, wyff news 4 michael: before going to greenville jeb bush was in anderson talking to voters there. wyff news 4's mandy gaither has
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>> the bush campaign decided to move today's meet and greet here to make more room. inside, the place was packed. voters standing and applauding brother. then talk turned to what he wants to do in the oval office. he talked about the need for a people. some of the servants heart and a backbone. >> this is a good place for me. this is a state that believes in a strong national defense and wants a commander-in-chief. we've had seven years of sequester and cutting the military and president the does not believe america's leadership in the world is a good thing. >> before taking pictures with voters, bush told voters in his
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>> we were also in abbeville. >> we do not need to make deals. we will restore america. we need to have vision and character and integrity. we need a man that will stand firm for what america represents. >> crews also talked about how the election will shape the future in terms of the supreme court. michael: the clinton campaign has released a new campaign ad in south carolina. >> somebody called me on the phone. she said reverend thompson? >> in the ad the husband of one of the emanuel nine talks about the tragic loss of his wife last june and about what he says is hillary clintons commitment to gun control. the title of the ad is simply one word standing. we showed the ad to two african
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it go too far? >> my initial reflex reaction was i cringed. i felt immediate exploitation and emotional manipulation. >> i don't endorse any particular candidate right now and i am certainly a second amendment believer but i think the ad touches the heart of what we need to do as a country and why these laws are important. >> both pastors say it is the victims husbands right to use what happened to his wife to try and get something done. carol: the democratic primary isn't until february 27. but the south carolina democratic party held a news conference in greenville this afternoon to discuss the party's economic goals. >> the hallmark of economic policies of all of the
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w. bush tax cuts. we cannot afford to go back to 2001. carol: the democratic primary don't forget. wyff 4 is your home for commitment 20-16 coverage. tomorrow the gop candidates will take to the stage for their final debate. it comes a week before voters in south carolina head to the polls. as soon as the debate ends make sure you switch to wyff news 4 at 11. -- 11:00. we'll have live extensive team coverage. from voters reaction on the debate. to expert analysis. so don't forget to make the switch to wyff news 4 at 11 right after the debate. >> heading into the weekend,
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something is just fundamentally broken when african americans are more likely to be arrested by police, and sentenced to longer prison terms, for doing the same thing that whites do. ...when too many encounters with law enforcement end tragically. we need investments in education, health care and jobs, to counter generations of neglect. we have to face up to the hard truth of injustice and systemic racism. i'm hillary clinton,
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>> a homicide investigation is underway in spartanburg county after 19-year-old was found dead. the coroner's office says the body of autumn hunt, was discovered in the arkwright community yesterday afternoon. investigators have not released a cause of death, but have said foul play was involved. we'll update you on our mobile app as soon as the autopsy results are available. >> and duncan a deadly crash , early this morning on highway 290. this two car crash, killed two people and putting a third person in the hospital. the coroner says 42-year-old nicholas marron and 39-year-old yeny marron of moore died in the crash. the wreck shut down two of the lanes, stopping traffic coming hours. the area has several businesses right off the highway. dangerous area. >> the scary part is when you
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know if there is another car coming in the median to turn into one of the workplaces. >> most of the collisions we see in this area are minor fender benders, rear end collisions, when you've got people not paying attention when they should be. obviously this one is a little different. we do have a loss of life in this crash. >> no word yet on the condition of the third person injured. >> boy or girl? answers coming up. john: as cold arctic air sweeps
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if you're doing everything right but find it harder and harder to get by, you're not alone. while our people work longer hours for lower wages, almost all new income goes to the top 1%. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultrarich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message because together, we can make a political revolution and create an economy and democracy that works for all and not just the powerful few. the greenville zoo announced the name and gender of its newest >> the greenville zoo announced
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meet tatu. he is autumn and walter's third calf born on february second at the greenville zoo. carol: tatu means third child in swahili. thanks to earthcam people from across the world were able to watch tatu's birth live online. >> now, your live super doppler 4 hd forecast. john: some time lapse in spartanburg. watch this new command. it's gone as fast as it comes in. everything gets white very quickly. all of a sudden the sun comes out. i hope you enjoyed a big huge snowflake. the roads were in pretty good shape. just wet. that was basically it. most of the saw a trace. this weekend is setting the stage for the arctic air to sleep on and. if it is strong, we will see
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right now the computer model is hinting at a weaker system. interesting. we will have to watch and see. if it tracks this way, we end up in the warm sector. in the middle freezing rain and sleet. it's able to draw in more cold air to the north, that will lead to more snow. it looks like relating to little track. -- middle track. some of the rain could be heavy at times. i was expecting flurries in a little bit of sleep. it was more than just flurries. we had moderate snow move in pretty quickly. as far snowfall amounts, i will show you in a second some of the storm reports.
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snow showers start to develop. counties the border along tennessee. winter weather advisory until 6:00 tomorrow morning. strong winds and north northwest. wind-chill plus five to as low as 15 below zero. here's our storm report. northeastern georgia came through pretty quickly. a half inch of wet snow. gold strip areas 3/10 of an inch in downtown greenville. temperatures look like this. colder and colder as we go through the weekend.
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hour. a lot of lake effect snow. that's what will swing on down. minus four right now international falls minnesota. arctic air continues to cylinder the sunshine. sunday morning, a sliver of clouds coming in. here comes the snow late sunday night. clearing skies colder tonight. in the teens in the mountains. the very cool breeze a high in the upper 30's. a bitterly cold weekend that does not include the wins. rain monday night into tuesday. back to carol and michael. >> look who's back talking about stock cars.
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>> stock cars at the track for the first time today. today, practice began in advance
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>> i mean we arent going to talk about winning the league, we are going to talk about playing better basketball, playing more disciplined, and if we can get that right, the numbers will be
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>> she did not want to dogmatic, but we will. wrap up at least a share of the win sunday at 10:00nessee, the gamecocks are 23-1 and 11 and 0 in league play, brad: a showdown for the south carolina men for the top spot in the sec, south carolina will host kentucky in front of a sold out crowd tomorrow afternoon in columbia, the gamecocks are 21 and 3, and 8-3 in sec play, the wildcats are also 8 and 3 in sec play, the last time south carolina beat kentucky was two years ago at colonial life arena, and frank martin says with as good as these teams are, the sec deserves more respect in the polls than it gets, the top 20 teams in the league aren't ranked any higher than number 20, and south carolina isn't ranked in one of the polls, clemson needs to rattle off a few wins to work itself back onto the ncaa tournament bubble, clemson has lost back to back games, and 3 of its last 4, the tigers have 6 games remaining in the regular season before the acc tournament, and likely need to win 5 of those 6 to have a
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berth, clemson hosts georgia tech saturday afternoon at 2 at the well in downtown greenville, it will be a qucik turnaround tomorrow for the crew at the well, clemson plays at 2 o'clock tomorrow afternoon, and as soon as that game is over, the crew turn the basketball arena, into a hockey arena, the swamp rabbits, and norfolk admirals, play tomorrow night at 8, brad: the nascar season officially begins this weekend, and for the first time all winter. cars were on the track today, a year ago, nascar did away with offseason testing, so tires met asphault this afternoon at the newly renovated daytona international speedway, tomorrow is the sprint unlimited, and the next week is race week in advance of the daytona 500, last years 500 winner, joey logano says the single goal for this season, is to win the championship at the end. >> you know i feel like we have had 2 championship seasons without a trophy, so we have a lot of confidence, we know what it takes to win the whole thing, we have been right on that edge,
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year, we should have been there, -- in there. >> logano led all drivers with 6 wins last year, but finished 6th in the chase, again the sprint unlimited is tomorrow ight, the daytona 500 is a week from sunday, . >> john: arctic air will filter and. overnight tonight and all we through the entire area. that does not include the windchill. it reinforces the bitterly cold weekend for us. >> thanks for watching wyff news 4. our next newscast is at 11:00. >> we appreciate you coming.
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jeb bush isn't afraid. jeb bush: "that is downright wrong..." he stands up to trump for his liberal democratic positions. calls out trump for insulting women, attacking the disabled... even trashing a decorated war hero. trump: "i like peoplethat weren't captured..." jeb bush: "john mccain is an american hero..." jeb bush. the better man. the real conservative. a commander in chief. right to rise usa
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tonight, dangerous freeze. below zero in 16 states. 65 million people plunge into the teeth of a polar vortex. urgent warnings of a potentially deadly winter blast. donald trump threatens to sue ted cruz as bernie sanders accuses hillary clinton of landing a low blow. it's getting nasty. mhete horror, a viterbo restaurant attack. a man suddenly starts slashing and stabbing people inside. the fbi investigating and asking was it terrorism? trapped by war. our team inside syria as word of a deal to stop the bloodshed is met with skepticism, and assad vows to retake the entire country. and your medical records at risk of being stolen and sold for fraud. one out of three
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how to protect your most sensitive personal information. "nightly news" begins right now. >> announcer: from nbc news world headquarters in new york, this is "nbc nightly news" with lester holt. good evening. there are warnings tonight of a dangerous freed about to plunge a huge part of the country in its grip as the dreaded polar vortex moves south. parts of 16 states will see temperatures below zero and windchills that make it feel a lot colder. yes, it's winter. it's february, it's supposed to be cold, but as we've come to know cold snaps of this extreme can be deadly, and in this case tens of millions of people are bracing for the biggest chill so far this season. in a moment, al roker, but we begin with nbc's ron mott in boston. >> reporter: 65 million americans bundled up against the brutal cold as the ever present polar vortex unleashes winter's harshest bite yet.


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