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Al Larvick Fund

The mission of the Al Larvick Conservation Fund is to preserve historical and cultural heritage through conservation, education and public accessibility of American analog home movie, amateur cinema and community recording collections.

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Al Larvick Fund
Feb 14, 2018 Gisella Sizemore
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This clip (#9714)  is part of the  Leonard Wood Sizemore Cold War Family Campfire Collection . Leonard Sizemore is the primary filmmaker though the films were selected specifically to include other family members perspectives who are behind the camera. It was a Sizemore family legacy of filmmaking and photography,  each viewing the family’s lives together, and through their independent eye, with varied framing, panning, and topics chosen to record. His daughter, Lillian Sizemore is the...
Topics: home movies, amateur cinema, super 8 film, 8mm film, 1960s Europe, 1960s lifestyle, 1960s fashions,...
Al Larvick Fund
Oct 9, 2017 Augustus Sassa
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Kennedy Home Movies by Augustus Sassa This clips (7347-50) were shot by amateur photographer by Augustus Sassa. The Metro Theatre Center Foundation is the copyright holder and custodian of these film clips (combined here) from the Augustus Sassa Collection. The original film elements are housed and archived at the Academy Film Archive. The original film assets were preserved through a National Film Preservation Foundation grant. The 4k digital capture was completed through a 2016 Al Larvick...
Topics: 1960s home movies, 1960s airports, 1960s planes, Greater Pittsburgh Airport, 1960s campaigning, JFK...