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Dr. Bruce & the Levity Zone Archive

Dr. Bruce Damer & the Levity Zone Archive is the complete collection of podcasts and other assets from the Levity Zone as well as talks by Dr. Bruce Damer on other podcasts and online shows. This material is freely available for use under a Creative Commons NC-SA license unless otherwise specified.

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A collection of photos, screen shots, posters, avatar worlds and project images of Dr. Bruce Damer. Feel free to remix and use in your projects but please honor our Creative Commons noncommercial share alike attribution 3.0 license. For more information on Dr. Bruce see
Topics: Dr. Bruce Damer, avatars, virtual worlds, NASA, space, EvoGrid
Dr. Bruce & the Levity Zone Archive
- Reno DeCaro; Galen Brandt; Bruce Damer; Allan Lundell;
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Some good portrait shots of Dr. Bruce Damer
Topic: Dr. Bruce Damer
Dr. Bruce & the Levity Zone Archive
- Cynthia Copple (Journey Publications), others
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Several photos and drawing of Dr. R. P. Kaushik. From the web: three photos of Dr. Kaushik and a drawing from an interview with Dr. Kaushik in Yoga Journal, May-Jun 1980.
Topics: Dr. R. P. Kaushik, eastern spirituality