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by Hazrat Jalal uddin Thanesari R.A
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Hazrat Jalal uddin Thanesari R.A was Khalifa of Hazrat abdul Quddus Gangohi R.A he wrote two books, one is Irshad altalibeen. Which is trasnlated in Urdu by Sufi Muhammad Younus Sabri Sahib of Multan under Nudwa tul Asfia. 
Topics: Talibeen, Sufism, Book, Jalal, Thanesar
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by Hazrat Sufi Faqir Qadir Bux Bedil
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This book deals with different themes of sufism beautifully supported by verses of Holy Quran, traditions of Holy Prophet SAWW, poetry of Jalaluddin Rumi and Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai and sufi parables
Topics: Sindhi, sufism, kalam, risalo, risala, sufi, faqir, tassawuf, biography
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by Hindu Writers forum.
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It is awfully propagated that Sufism is full of spiritualism and mysticism and could be a very effective means of promoting 'Hindu- Muslim unity' and social harmony, while the fact is otherwise. Sufism-Another Face of Islamic Proselytization A close examination of the history of Islamic proselytization activities in India proves that Sufism through its missionary activities complemented the conversion of Hindus to Islam. Sufism, on one hand supported the Muslim invaders and Sultans in their...
Topics: islam, quran, hadith, sufi, invander, india, hindu, temple, cruel, murder, rape, killing, politics,...