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Pacifica Radio Archives
by Pacifica Radio Archives and The Polemic Consortium
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Pacifica Radio Archives and The Polemic Consortium presents "Say It LOUD: New Songs For Peace." The Polemic Consortium is Mark Torres, Gomez, Bulldog Music composed by Gomez and Bulldog Mixed and produced by Mark Torres 01. Ed Asner 02. I Want All of My Daughters to be Like Maxine Waters - Maxine Waters (D-CA), Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) 03. Damn Some Money - Muhammad Ali 04. Bin Bush - Michael Moore 05. Father Knows Best - Gore Vidal 06. The Problems Have A History - Tariq Ali 07....
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Topics: Ed Asner, Maxine Waters, Dennis Kucinich, Muhammad Ali, Michael Moore, Gore Vidal, Tariq Ali,...
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Shockwave Radio Theater KFAI-FM Minneapolis. Baron Dave Romm and Brian Westley. The Republicans are always soft on crime... when it's theirs. Dick Cheney shoots a guy in the face, religious fanatics get outraged over cartoons and the lack of morals from the right. George W. Bush's approval ratings are now under the percentage of people who believe that Elvis is alive, according to some polls. That means there are some who have faith in The King but don't trust the president. We pander to that...
Topic: sci-fi, science fiction, Elvis, politics, guns, Bush
Source: KFAI streaming audio
Community Video
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Tutorial detailing the movie upload process to the Internet Archive
Topic: tutorial, faq, movie, upload