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Shockwave Radio Theater KFAI-FM Minneapolis. Baron Dave Romm and Brian Westley. The Republicans are always soft on crime... when it's theirs. Dick Cheney shoots a guy in the face, religious fanatics get outraged over cartoons and the lack of morals from the right. George W. Bush's approval ratings are now under the percentage of people who believe that Elvis is alive, according to some polls. That means there are some who have faith in The King but don't trust the president. We pander to that...
Topic: sci-fi, science fiction, Elvis, politics, guns, Bush
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PROTESTS CONTINUE ACROSS MUSLIM WORLD Protests continue to rage across the Muslim world today incondemnation of cartoon depictions of the Islamic Prophet Mohammad. InIndia, home to the world's second largest Muslim population, thousandsparticipated in nationwide demonstrations. Vinod K. Jose reports fromDelhi. Today after the Friday prayers, members of India'sMuslim community organized massive rallies across the country. Thousands demonstrated in cities and townsthroughout India. They burned...
Topics: FEMA, NATO, argentina, brazil, bush, california, cartoons, cheney, courage, democratic party,...