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Animation Shorts
by Blender Foundation
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"Sintel" is an independently produced short film, initiated by the Blender Foundation as a means to further improve and validate the free/open source 3D creation suite Blender. With initial funding provided by 1000s of donations via the internet community, it has again proven to be a viable development model for both open 3D technology as for independent animation film. This 15 minute film has been realized in the studio of the Amsterdam Blender Institute, by an international team of...
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Animation Shorts
by Blender Foundation
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Sintel is an open movie from the Blender Foundation licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license.
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Real-time business and stock-market news broadcast from the New York Stock Exchange begins at the opening bell, and also features reports from the CME Group in Chicago as well as coverage of the closing bells in Europe.
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