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This is the full length uncut version of Rush to Judgment by Mark Lane. Mark Lane, one of the early critics of the preconceived conclusions of the Warren Commission, went to Dallas to do his own investigation and interview witnesses that were ignored by the Commission and others who expanded on their knowledge of the JFK assassination. What is portrayed in this short critique offers a different picture from the one presented by the US government to the world. This film is a brief for the...
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Topics: Hale Boggs, Lee E. Bowers Jr., Charles F. Brehm, Acquilla Clemons, John Connally, John Sherman...
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Pat Buchanan delivers his most famous address to the 1992 RNC Convention. This battle cry for conservatives is a timeless classic. Patrick J. Buchanan - Official Website Google: "Patrick J Buchanan books" Also Google: "Patrick J. Buchanan biography" or just "Patrick J. Buchanan bio"
Topics: Patrick Buchanan, Culture War Speech, Patrick Buchanan Culture War Speech 1-4, Patrick J. Buchanan,...
Republican presidential candidate Pat Buchanan talks about his primary victory in New Hampshire the previous day, and Eagle Forum founder Phyllis Schlafly endorses Mr.Buchanan
Topics: mr. buchanan, pat buchanan, washington, south carolina, bob dole, phil gramm, dole, pat, lamar, ms....
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