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by Shital Shah
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Dump of Hacker News stories and comments up to 2014-05-29 From the HN post: Downloading All of Hacker News Posts and Comments
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Topics: hackernews, archive, stories, comments
Community Texts
by Aion Team
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AION The Third Generation Blockchain Network:
Topics: AION, Third Generation, Blockchain Network, Whitepaper, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Icon, Wanchain,...
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May goodness go away
Topic: good always
WARCZone: Outsider WARCs
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Dagobah is a large archive of ancient 4chan flash animations, dating all the way back to 2008 when the site was first founded. Anyone can upload files to this site. Because of it's 13099+ collection containing flash animations that date from 4chan's earliest history, the Bibliotheca Anonoma is conducting a contingency archival of the site. We used custom built Python scraping scripts to reduce strain on the server, and avoid the many pitfalls encountered by scraping an automatically generated...
Github Mirror by Narabot
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decentralized / distributed anonymous p2p media network Bit451 Bit451 is an open source decentralized / distributed anonymous p2p media network. It has been characterized as "YouTube meets BitTorrent meets Bitcoin". Synopsis Bit451 is comprised of multiple open source projects working together as one: a video browsing interface, a mesh of file transfer protocols/networks with streaming content capabilities, and a specialized distributed database, are its primary components. You, as a...
Topics: GitHub, code, software, git
Universal Library
by Quinn Sartain Aaron.; John,North Alvin.; Roy Strange Jack.
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Topics: PHILOSOPHY. PSYCHOLOGY, Philosophy of mind