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by Shital Shah
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Dump of Hacker News stories and comments up to 2014-05-29 From the HN post: Downloading All of Hacker News Posts and Comments
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Topics: hackernews, archive, stories, comments
The Dataset Collection
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I took the Reddit comment archive and converted all the JSON into one SQLite database using this program that I wrote: I ran a few tests to make sure the number of database rows matches the number of JSON records. "SELECT MAX(rowid) FROM comment" and "SELECT COUNT(id) FROM comment" both return 1659361605. This gives me some confidence as to the integrity of the dataset, but I cannot be 100% sure. The compressed size is 163G....
Github Mirror by Narabot
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decentralized / distributed anonymous p2p media network Bit451 Bit451 is an open source decentralized / distributed anonymous p2p media network. It has been characterized as "YouTube meets BitTorrent meets Bitcoin". Synopsis Bit451 is comprised of multiple open source projects working together as one: a video browsing interface, a mesh of file transfer protocols/networks with streaming content capabilities, and a specialized distributed database, are its primary components. You, as a...
Topics: GitHub, code, software, git