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Music Manumit Podcast

The Music Manumit podcast is a source for creative commons music and news.

Weekly podcast co-hosted by Tom Ray of Lorenzo's Music and Doug Whitfield of blocSonic.

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Music Manumit Podcast
Jul 3, 2016 Rom-Com
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Astronaut is a song about not being able to turn back. Living with decisions that have been made and moving forward. A person stuck in a place only they can manage. It was based on a loop the found on - “Flower loop 80 bpm 2” by Jovica ( with instrumentation that includes bass mandolin, organ soundfonts, electronic and acoustic drums, with vocals sung into a harmonica microphone. Lyrics I bet it all  In just one breath Stood on floors In open doors Took,...
Topic: Rom-Com
Music Manumit Podcast
Oct 31, 2008 Tom Ray
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This time in between thoughts: we have musical sharks, Ghoulardi was and announcer, Night of the living dead excerpt and a kid sings over a song and claims it's his band. Resorces: Grumpy Shark Told by Marvin Miller Music composed and conducted by Frank Hubbell Belda Grumpy Shark Cleveland's most legendary horror host was unmistakably Ghoulardi. He was only on the air for about three years (63-66), but he left an indelible impression. His real name was Ernie Anderson, and after retiring...
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