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The Trump Archive collects TV news shows containing debates, speeches, rallies, and other broadcasts related to Donald Trump, before and during his presidency.

The Trump Archive launched in January 2017. Since then, the TV News Archive has added archives for congressional leadership and top Trump administration staff. While largely curated by hand, the collections demonstrate how Artificial Intelligence algorithms could be used to create such resources, for example with voice and/or facial recognition. These evolving non-commercial, searchable collections are designed to preserve the historical record for posterity. Here is a how-to on using the Trump Archive.

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[LIVE] President Trump and Singapore Prime Minister Lee give joint statements in the Rose Garden at the White House. Sponsor: White House
Topics: singapore, china, trump, asia, russia, vietnam, boeing, lyndon johnson, washington, harvey
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President Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping delivered a joint statement following their bilateral meeting in Beijing. The leaders announced 250 billion dollars in trade deals in industries such as technology, aviation and energy. President Trump also reiterated the need for collective action in putting economic pressure on North Korea until they abandon their "reckless and dangerous path." Sponsor: White House Travel | Foreign Trip
Topics: china, china us, trump
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President Trump held a joint news conference with the South Korean president in Seoul where he answered questions on North Korea and gun control policy in the wake of the mass shooting in Texas. President Trump urged North Korea to "come to the table and make a deal." Later, when asked about gun control policy, the president suggested that tougher vetting would not have stopped the gunman who killed 26 people inside a Texas church and that because of the actions of a "brave...
Topics: korea, south korea, north korea, trump, china, russia, korea, asia, donald trump, korean peninsula,...
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President Trump and first lady Melania Trump attended a welcome ceremony hosted by the Chinese president at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing. Sponsor: White House Travel | Foreign Trip
Topics: asia, nancy pelosi, trump, china
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[LIVE] President Trump delivered remarks on his legislative agenda, including investment in technology and infrastructure, and repealing and replacing the Affordable Care Act. People: Donald J. Trump Sponsor: White House Travel | Domestic Trip
Topics: usa, china, iowa, north korea, goldman sachs, paris, donald trump, nafta, cuba, mexico, obama,...
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President Trump recapped his more than week long trip abroad in Asia. In a statement at the White House, he outlined three goals he focused on with Asian leaders and they included the North Korean nuclear threats, advancing U.S. interests in the region and fair trade. Sponsor: White House
Topics: south korea, china, asia, north korea, vietnam, donald trump, nato, korea, pacific
Source: Comcast Cable
President-elect Donald Trump held his first news conference since July 2016 and the November election. He covered a wide range of issues, including Russian hacking, repealing and replacing the Affordable Care Act, building a wall on the Mexican border and the release of an unsubstantiated dossier reported on by CNN and Buzzfeed. He told reporters he thinks Russia was involved in the hacking but added the U.S. has also been hacked by other countries. Mr. Trump announced that the current...
Topics: russia, mexico, donald trump, china, eric, lindsey graham, michael cohn, trump, prague, michigan,...
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President-elect Donald Trump and Alibaba Group Executive Chair Jack Ma spoke briefly to reporters following their meeting at Trump Tower. Mr. Trump commented on the Senate confirmation process, saying he believes all his nominees would be confirmed, and he called his choice for attorney general, Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL), "a high quality man." People: Jack Ma Yun; Donald J. Trump Sponsor: Trump Presidential Transition | News Media Stakeout
Topics: china, asia
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[LIVE] People: Sean M. Spicer Sponsor: White House
Topics: north korea, tillerson, russia, obamacare, pennsylvania, obama, obama, gary cohen, china, ivanka,...
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