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Files for ARCHIVEIT-3680-QUARTERLY-19582-00004


Files marked with lock are not available for download.

Name Last modified Size Status
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ARCHIVEIT-3680-QUARTERLY-19582-00004.cdx.gz 25-Dec-2014 00:17 12.4M lock
ARCHIVEIT-3680-QUARTERLY-19582-00004.cdx.idx 25-Dec-2014 00:17 10.0K lock
ARCHIVEIT-3680-QUARTERLY-19582-00004_files.xml 28-Aug-2016 02:59 10.5K
ARCHIVEIT-3680-QUARTERLY-19582-00004_meta.sqlite 17-Dec-2014 13:11 34.0K
ARCHIVEIT-3680-QUARTERLY-19582-00004_meta.xml 28-Aug-2016 02:59 1.8K 17-Dec-2014 09:33 953.7M lock 25-Dec-2014 00:11 2.0M lock 17-Dec-2014 09:52 953.9M lock 25-Dec-2014 00:06 1.0M lock 17-Dec-2014 10:21 970.8M lock 25-Dec-2014 00:07 1.5M lock 17-Dec-2014 11:01 953.7M lock 25-Dec-2014 00:09 1.9M lock 17-Dec-2014 11:28 953.7M lock 25-Dec-2014 00:12 1.2M lock 17-Dec-2014 12:01 968.6M lock 25-Dec-2014 00:13 1.5M lock 17-Dec-2014 12:25 953.7M lock 25-Dec-2014 00:16 1.2M lock 17-Dec-2014 12:44 953.8M lock 25-Dec-2014 00:14 1.0M lock 17-Dec-2014 12:56 1.1G lock 25-Dec-2014 00:15 456.8K lock 17-Dec-2014 13:11 953.7M lock 25-Dec-2014 00:15 723.9K lock