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Poster: HappySwordsman Date: May 3, 2019 3:16am
Forum: classic_tv_emperor Subject: List of surviving episodes of "Give it a Go"

The following is a list of episodes held by the National Film and Sound Archive of "Give it a Go", a television game show which aired in 1957. It does not include the radio version.

Here's the list (as you can see, they list the episodes in a number of ways)

C1957 [this episode has been digitised]
Episode ? [this episode has been digitised]
Episode ??
Episode 1 [this episode has been digitised]
Episode 23
Episode 36
Miss Calendar and Miss Lundley
Miss Magee and Mrs. Robin
Mr and Mrs Kearin [this episode has been digitised]
Mr. Garland and Mrs Pearn
Mr. Heggie and Mr. Cossal
Mr. Old and Mr. Young
Mrs Allan and Mrs Russel
Mr Stotting and Mr Priestly
Mr Sutton and Mr Ellis
The Wilkinson Sisters
Unidentified Episode No. 1
Unidentified Episode No. 2
Unidentified Episode No. 3
Unidentified Episode No. 4

So 20 episodes in total. That's a lot of surviving episodes by the standards of 1950s Australian television. You'll be happy to know that all prints are listed as having sound....