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Poster: dennismonse Date: Nov 5, 2019 4:52pm
Forum: opensource_movies Subject: Disney's 1 Saturday Morning

Hello there!!! Does anyone/anybody has by chance full broadcasts of the Disney's One Saturday Morning block as ORIGINALLY aired on ABC, which mainly features Disney's Doug, Recess and Pepper Ann? If so, could they PRETTY PLEASE be uploaded, not only for me which I am seriously interested, but also for another fans who are strongly interested in such lineup.

I'm trying to collect ORIGINAL airings of classic TV shows with commercials for my personal enjoyment. Another factor regarding my request is because I have seen little or no demand related to the Disney-produced Saturday Morning lineup, especially the namesake show, although advanced for its CGI effects, is kinda considered lost media for unknown reasons. Any recordings are OK, but I honestly prefer the first 2 seasons.

I hope your kind reply and thanks!!!