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Approv^foi^elease 2002/06/26 ; CIA-RDP7a s fl*OOifl0OO4OOO1 0039-5 

25 March lSU7 

Breach Chiefs 
Assistant Director, 059 
General's ?nass4ity Confttfaiiat 

1. th 3 following itana of inWseai *W at the Tuesday Ccnfewnee, 

In suditioa to those previously diacmased in aw *»isy «m£er»aca» 

0 , *t» Strategic 3Ms31is«*e XahaH of *±**° * 

■wrewatMivTattecd tie school i* a **»* «*afcus dWing 

j^tHoguat. If ye* bars W special rspaoasntatiT* jrw daalra to bar. attend 
m cspt. 01 sen* it wsrald take fall tA*»* , 

a tiuh iQi atari its t e ar <T uitwoitl nn and isu^eotteft is 0C9 at 
USD £2L? ?*^ ■ * m *. «» M. 0 *. In IMPS *11 «W* 25X1A 

is t bo Baadquartera office* 

«. Beef 1 mtvH rnnerdwloriamj 
Tsodsnbizrg nill Xtaxf «» doty ®Atii ****** 1 )fe 
logielativo prcgraa of 010. 

0* An laatwoa hat occwoi Hweift 
msicatod to a civil aawoa that JE© 
a Booth Jperioaa area* X trust HI *«s 9S*N 
alex^pveatntatioRs in 9C$* 

roporl fas duty about 7 April* General 
hr in orfer to couplet® the present 

m oUp itt dO xopremntatlTe has 
. glad to per chase his tnfonsatien 00 
a anal vaderatand that w woke no st t eh 

25X1 A 

ie follce&hl 09 tJ* qpeatian of oradaatlala. 

Captaiai tf. s* x. 

Axfhmi Director fear 
doUectlan and Bleeemlnatloo 

25X1 A 


Approved For Release 2002/06/26 : CIA-RDP78-04007A00040001 0039-5