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Can Makkah become Dar Al-Harb? 

By Imam Hamad Ibn 'Atlq An-Najdt 

May Allah have mercy upon him 

Shaykh Abu Baslr At-Tartusi 

May Allah preserve him 

At-Tibyan Publications 

Shawwdl, 1425 

Can Makkah become Dar AI-Harb ? 


At-Tibyan Publications 

Can Makkah become Dar Al-Harb ? 

The Shaykh, Imam Hamad Ibn 'Atlq 1 (may Allah have mercy upon him), said 
in his answer to someone who debated him regarding the Hukm (ruling) of 
the People of Makkah [during his time], and what is to be said regarding the 
city itself... So he replied as follows: 2 3 4 

"Glory be to You (O Allah), we have no knowledge except what you have 
taught us. Verily, it is You, the All-Knower, the All-Wise." 3 

The discussion has come to the situation of Makkah - Is it a Land of kufr, or a 
Land of Islam ? 

So we say, and the ability is from Allah: 

Indeed Allah sent Muhammad with the Tawhid, which is the Din 

of all the Messengers. And its reality is contained in the testimony of Ld Ildha 
III Allah - and it is that Allah should be the One worshipped by the creation, 
so they do not worship other than Him with any type of the various forms of 
'Ibddah. And Du'a (supplication) is the core of 'Ibddah. 4 And also from it 
(worship) is: 

1 He is the Al-'Alldmah, Hamad Ibn 'All Ibn 'Atiq, from the 'Ulamd of Najd; born in 
Az-ZulafI in the year 1227 AH, and he was appointed by Imam 'Abdur-Rahman Ibn 
Hasan Al Ash-Shaykh as a Qadhi [judge] of several cities; he is the author of many 
beneficial writings, amongst them Ibtdl At-Tandid Shark Kitab At-Tawhid, and Sabil 
An-Najat Wal-Fikak and many other treatises; he became one of the most well 
known Fuqaha'; some notable names amongst his students are, his son Sa'd, Imam 
'Abdullah Ibn 'Abdil-Latlf, Shaykh Sulayman Ibn Sahman, and Shaykh Hasan Ibn 
'Abdillah Ibn Hasan, and many more. He passed away in Al-Aflaj in the year 1301, 
and left behind ten sons, a number of whom also later became judges. Refer to 
'Ulamd' Najd (1/228), and Mashdhir 'Ulamd' Najd (244). 

2 The main text of Imam Hamad Ibn 'Atlq in this treatise is taken from Majmu' Ar- 
Rasa'il Wal-Masa'il An-Najdiyyah (1/742-746). 

3 Al-Baqarah : 32 

4 This is based upon the weak Hadith, "Du'a is the core of 'Ibddah", narrated by At- 
Tirmithl (3371), and was declared Dha'if by Al-Albanl in Dha'if Sunan At-Tirmithi 
(3611). But there is an authentic Hadith which is narrated by At-Tirmithi (2895) 
similarly, "The Du'a, it is the 'Ibddah.” This was declared Sahih by Al-Albanl in Sahilt 
Sunan At-Tirmithi (2370). 


At-Tibyan Publications 

Can Makkah become Dar Al-Harb ? 

• Khauf (fear of Allah) 

• Raja' (hope in Allah) 

• Tawakkul (reliance on Allah) 

• Indbah (turning to Allah in repentance) 

• Thab'h (sacrificing/slaughtering for Allah) 

• Salat (praying to Allah) 

And the types of 'Ibddah are many, 5 and this [singling out Allah in all forms 
of ' Ibddah] is the most supreme fundamental, which is the stipulation for the 
validity of every action. 

And the second fundamental [Muhammad Rasulullah ], is obedience to the 
Prophet ^ ^ in his commandment, and seeking judgment from him 

in both, little and important matters, and exalting his legislation and his Din, 
and submitting to his rulings in the fundamentals of the Din, and its 

So the first [fundamental] negates shirk, and it [Tawhld] is not valid with it 

5 Such as Tahdkum [seeking judgment], regarding which Shaykh 'Abdul-'Aziz Ibn 
Baz (ra) said: "No one can become a worshipper ( 'Abid ) of Allah if he submits 
himself to the Robb in some aspects of his life, and submits himself to the creation in 
other aspects. Whosoever submits himself to Allah completely, obeys Him, and 

seeks judgment [Tahakum) from His revelation - then this is a worshipper of 
Allah. And whosoever submits himself to other than Allah, and seeks judgment 
from other than Allah's Legislation - then he has indeed worshipped taghiit. 
Servitude (' Ubudiyyah) to Allah alone, and abandoning 'Ibddah and Tahdkum to the 
taghiit, are from the requirements of the Shahadah (testimony) La Ilaha III Allah. 
So O Muslim! From what has preceded, it is clear to you that ruling with the 
legislation of Allah (Tahklm Shar'illah), and seeking judgment from Him ( Tahdkum 
Ilayh) have been made binding by Allah and His Messenger, and these are from the 
requisites of worshipping Allah Alone." End of quote from Ibn Baz, refer to 
Majmu' Tatdwd Ibn Baz (1/77-84). And the evidence for this is in the verse, "Have 
you seen those (hypocrites) who claim that they believe in that which has been 
sent down to you, and that which was sent down before you, and they wish to go 
for judgment (in their disputes) to the taghiit (false judges, etc.) while they have 
been ordered to reject them. But Shay tan wishes to lead them far astray." [An- 
Nisa': 60]. 


At-Tibyan Publications 

Can Makkah become Dar Al-Harb ? 

And the second [fundamental] negates bid'ah (innovative heresies), and it 
[obedience to the Messenger] is not complete along with the presence of it 

So if these two fundamentals are fulfilled - in knowledge, action, and Da'wah 
(calling to it) - and if this was the Din of the people of the city, no matter 
which city; and they act upon these two fundamentals, and call to it, and they 
are allies with those who are upon it, and enemies to those who oppose it: [If 
they are as such] then they are Muwahhidun. 

But if shirk is widespread, like supplicating to and calling upon the Ka'bah, 
and the Maqam [the stone on which Ibrahim (as) stood while he was building 
the Ka'bah] and the Hatim [the Enclosure of Isma'il, near the Ka'bah ], and 
calling upon the Prophets and righteous; and if the derivatives of shirk 
become prevalent, such as adultery, usury, and various types of thulm 
(oppression), and the throwing the Sunnah behind the backs, and spreading 
of heresies and deviations; and Tahdkum [judgment is sought] from the 
oppressive leaders 6 7 and the agents of the mushrikin ; 7 and Da'wah becomes to 
other than the Qur'an and the Sunnah- And if this becomes known - 
regardless of what city it is - then whosoever has even the least knowledge 
will have no doubt: That those lands will be ruled upon as Lands of kufr and 
shirk, especially if they are enemies of the People of Tawhid, and are 
attempting to demolish the their Din, and destroy the Lands of Islam. 

And if you seek the evidence for this ruling, then you will find the entire 
Qur'an (as the evidence) for it- and the ' Ulamd' have formed consensus upon 
it, and it is known by necessity to each and every scholar. 

As for the statement of the one who says, " What you have mentioned of (the 
presence of) shirk is only amongst the nomads, not from the people of the city." 

Then it is said to him: 

6 And what will notify you of Tahdkum to the tawdghit who are worshiped besides 
Allah, who wage war against Islam and the Muslims? Such as America and the 
United Nations? 

7 And what about the agents, collaborators, "hosts" of the Zionist and Crusader 

"guests" upon the Peninsula of Muhammad today? 


At-Tibyan Publications 

Can Makkah become Dar Al-Harb ? 

Firstly, this is either due to arrogance, or lack of knowledge of the reality. 
Because it is well known that the nomads follow the people of those lands [in 
question] in invoking and calling upon the Ka'bah, and the Maqdm [the stone 
on which Ibrahim (as) stood while he was building the Ka'bah] and the Hatlm 
[the Enclosure of Isma'il, near the Ka'bah] - as is heard by everyone who can 
hear, and every pure Muwahhid (monotheist) knows. 

And it is said secondly; if this has been established and become well known, 
then that is sufficient in the issue, and who is it that has made this distinction 
in that (saying that it is only the nomads that do this and not the people of the 

And how strange! O Allah! If you [people] hide your Tawhid in their lands, 
and you are not capable of displaying your Din, and you conceal your Salat 
because you know of their enmity against this Din and hatred of those who 
adhere to it: Then how can a person who possesses an intellect be in 
confusion [with regards to the land being a Land of kufr]l? 

Do you see that if a man from you [Muwahhidln] were to tell those who 
invoke the Ka'bah, or the Maqdm, or the Hatlm and makes Du'a' to the 
Messenger and the Sahdbah: "O you! Do not invoke other than Allah," or, 
"You are a mushrik"; Do you see them allowing you to you? Or plotting 
against you? 

So let the disputer know, that he is not upon the Tawhid of Allah; and By 
Allah, he does not know Tawhid, nor has he implemented the Din of the 
Messenger ! ap'fc 

Do you see a man that would be amongst them who says to those ones, 
"Come back to your Din [of Islam]" or, "Demolish these structures which are 
built upon the graves, and it is not permissible for you to call upon other than 
Allah"; Do you see them being satisfied towards him with what Quraysh did 
to Muhammad [from inflictions and tortures]? 


At-Tibyan Publications 

Can Makkah become Dar Al-Harb ? 

No, By Allah! No! By Allah {they exceed in their tortures and atrocities 
compared to the Quraysh}. 8 

So if indeed this land is a Land of Islam- Then due to what thing have you not 
called them to Islam, and command them to demolish the domes (which are 
on top of the graves), and order them to forsake shirk and its derivatives? 9 

So if you have been deceived by them due to their praying Salat, performing 
Hajj, fasting, and giving charity 10 - then ponder over this matter from its very 

And it is that Tawhid had been established in Makkah by the Da'wall of Isma'il 
the son of Ibrahim Al-KhalU, may peace be upon both of them - and the 
People of Makkah were upon it for a period of time. And then shirk was 
spread amongst them due to 'Amr Ibn Luhay 11 , and thus they [the People of 
Makkah] became mushrikin- and the lands became Lands of shirk, even 
though they still had remnants from the Din of Ibrahim (as) 12 , and just as 
they [continued] performing Hajj, giving charity to both the pilgrims and 
non-pilgrims. And the poem of 'Abdul-Muttalib has already reached you, in 
which he narrated the Story of the Elephant. And [they had] other than that 

8 So have you seen that man who says to the people of that land, "Worship Allah 
(Alone), and avoid the taghiit", "Do not legislate laws contradictory to the Qur'an 
and the Sunnah", "Do not assist the Zionists and Crusaders against the Muslims", 
"Expel them from the Arabian Peninsula" - If someone says this to the people of 
that land, Do you see them being kind to him? Or are they plotting against him to 
either kill him, or imprison him, or banish him, or hand him over to the Crusaders? 

9 Similarly today- If you consider a land to be a Land of Islam, then why do you not 
call its people to establish the Laws of Allah, why do you not order them to destroy 
the domes and parliaments, and to abstain from collaboration [Muthaharah] and 
loyalty (Muwalat) to the kuffdr ? Why do you not order them to wage jihad to elevate 
the Tawhid of Allah? 

10 Also refer to the treatise by Shaykh Al-Isldm Muhammad Ibn 'Abdil-Wahhab (ra) 
about this doubt and its refutation, "Kashf Ash-Shubuhdt". 

11 Lie was the first person after the era of Ibrahim (as) to introduce shirk into the 
Arabs. Ibn Is'haq narrates, "He was the first one to change the Din of Ibrahim, and 
erected statues." 

12 They still retained some forms of Tbadah, such as Hajj, Sadaqah, Siydm, and such. 
Refer to Kashf al-Shubuhat and its explanations for more knowledge regarding this. 


At-Tibyan Publications 

Can Makkah become Dar Al-Harb ? 

from the remnants (of the Dm of Ibrahim) - yet that era did not prevent from 
their [the People of Makkah's] takfir, nor their hostility. 

Rather, that which is apparent to us and to other than us, is that their shirk 
today is worse than it was in that era. 

And even before all of this - the people of Earth lived upon Tawhld for ten 
generations after Adam (as); until some Ghuluw [excesses] appeared within 
them towards the righteous, so they called upon them along with Allah; so 
they disbelieved, and thus Allah sent Nuh (as) to them, calling to Tawhld. So 
ponder deeply over what Allah has narrated regarding them. 13 

And likewise is what was mentioned regarding Hud (as), that he called them 
to the pure 'Ibddah for Allah- because they did not disagree with him 
regarding the basis of worshiping Allah [they merely disagreed regarding the 
obligation of worshiping Allah Alone and singling Him out in all forms of 

And likewise was Ibrahim (as). He called his people to the pure Tawhld, but 
other than that, his people had already accepted the worshiping of Allah. 

And the conclusion of all this is: That if the supplication to other than Allah 
and its derivatives becomes manifest in a land, and its people continue upon 
it and fight for it, and the hostility towards the People of Tawhld becomes 
established, and they refuse to submit to the Din - then how can that land not 
be ruled upon as a Land of kufr? (It is a Land of kufr) even if they do not 
attribute themselves to the People of kufr and claim that they are free from 
them, while they curse them [the People of Tawhld] and they consider those 
who take it as their Din as mistaken, and label them as "Khawdrij" or "kuffar". 
So what about if all of these qualities are combined! 

So this is a general Mas'alah in completeness. 

As for the particular matters - then we say: 

13 Refer to Kashf Ash-Shubuhat and its explanations. 


At-Tibyan Publications 

Can Makkah become Dar Al-Harb ? 

Indeed the Qur'an and the Sunnah have proven that if allegiance comes from 
a Muslim towards the People of shirk, as well as obedience to them [against 
Muslims], then he commits riddah (apostasy) by that from his Din. 

So contemplate over the Saying of Allah (Most High), 

"Verily, those who have turned back (have apostatized) after the guidance 
has been manifested to them - Shaytan has beautified for them (their false 
hopes), and (Allah) prolonged their term (age)." 14 

Along with His Saying, 

"And if any amongst you takes them as Awliya', then surely he is one of 

them." is 

And study carefully the Saying of Allah (Most High), 

"Then do not sit with them, until they engage in a talk other than that; (but 
if you stayed with them) certainly in that case you would be (just) like 
them." 16 

And the evidences for this [form of apostasy] are many. 

And do not forget what Allah mentioned in Surat At-Tawbah: 

"Make no excuse; you have disbelieved after you had believed ." 17 

14 Muhammad: 25 

15 Al-Md'idah: 51. Al-'Alldmah Ibn Hazm (ra) said, "It is correct that this verse is only 
to be taken literally, meaning that he is a kafir from the group of the kujfar, and this 
is the truth, not even two Muslims will disagree on this issue." [Refer to Al-Muhalla 

16 An-Nisa': 140 

17 At-Tawbah: 66 


At-Tibyan Publications 

Can Makkah become Dar Al-Harb ? 

And His Saying, 

'But really they said the word of disbelief.' 


And remember His (Most High) Saying, 

"Nor would he order you to take the Angels and the Prophets as lords 
(gods). Would he order you with disbelieve after you were Muslims 
(submitted to Allah's Will)?" 19 

And then, also, reflect deeply upon His (Most High) Saying in two places [in 
the Qur'an ]: 

"And when Our Clear Verses are recited to them, you will notice a denial 
on the faces of the disbelievers! They are nearly ready to attack with 
violence those who recite Our Verses to them." 20 

And you have already known their condition when they are called to Tawhld. 
Completed, and Allah Knows Best" 

- End of the words of Imam Hamad Ibn 'Atiq An-Najdl, may Allah have 
mercy upon him. 

18 At-Tawbah: 74. "They swear by Allah that they said nothing (bad), but really they 
said the word of disbelief, and they disbelieved after accepting Islam." 

19 Al 'Imran: 80 

20 Al-Hajj: 72 


At-Tibyan Publications 

Can Makkah become Dar Al-Harb ? 

Will Makkah Return to Being a Land of kufr After the 
Prophet's Conquest of It? 

Question and Answer with Shaykh Abu Basir At-Tartusi (may Allah preserve 


"There are those who seek to use the Hadith, "No Hijrah [emigration] after the 
Conquest" as evidence that Makkah will not return to being a Land of kufr. So 
how do we combine this usage of this Hadith, if it is valid, with the current 
situation of Makkah today? And Jazdkum Alldhu Khayran. 


All Praise belongs to Allah, the Lord of the Universe. 

There is nothing in the Hadith which implies that Makkah will return to being 
a Land of kufr, nor that it will never return to being a Land of kufr. 

It only contains that the first Hijrah from Makkah to Madinah has passed for 
its (i.e. the first Hijrah's ) people; and that there is no Hijrah after the Conquest 
of Makkah, from Makkah to Madinah - because it (i.e. Makkah) had become a 
Land of Islam. 

And the fact that it became a Land of Islam, does not mean that it will be 
permanent with this ruling (of being Land of Islam), or that this characteristic 
will remain with Makkah over all the ages and until the Day of Resurrection. 

For indeed it has been authentically narrated from the Prophet ^ ^ 

that he said, " The Hour will not be established until the House (of Allah) is not 
made pilgrimage to. " 21 And that the Hour will not come, until Al-Lat and Al- 
'Uzza are worshipped once again. 22 

21 Refer to As-Silsilah As-Sahthah (# 2,430), Shaykh Nasir Ad-Din Al-Albani 
commented, "Its chain is Sahth according to the conditions of Al-Bukharl and 
Muslim." Also refer to Sahth Al-jamV (# 7,419). 

22 Refer to Sahth Muslim (# 2,907). 


At-Tibyan Publications 

Can Makkah become Dar Al-Harb ? 

And likewise, it has been established in history that the heretical infidel 
Qaramitah 23 took over Makkah, and governed it with their disbelief and 
heresy; and they killed the pilgrims of the Sacred House of Allah, inside the 
sacred precincts (Hamm), and buried them within the precincts of the Masjid, 
and also in the Well of ZamZam. And their leader Abu Tahir Al-Qarmatl 24 - 
may Allah curse him - used to say while standing at the door of the Ka'bah, 
while men were being thrown around him inside Al-Masjid Al-Hardm- while 
on the Day of Tarwiyah 25 : 

"I am Allah - And in Allah I am 
I created the Creation - And destroy it I shall" 

23 Al-Qaramitah: cult founded by Hamdan Ibn Al-Ash'as, labeled with "Qarmat", 
originally a Persian Magian, and it is said also he was a Sabian. He had initially 
entered into the cult of Al-Bdtiniyyah Al-Ismd'tliyyah in the beginning of his life upon 
the hand of Husayn Al-AhwazI (who was the son of the founder of the A l-lsma'lll 
Al-'Ubaydt cult, 'Abdullah Ibn Maymun Ibn Day'an Al-Qaddah Al-Yahudi). He later 
split off from the Isma'iliyyah creating his own cult in 277 AH. From amongst their 
evil creed, is that "Salat" means alliance with their Imam; "Hajj" means visiting him 
and serving him; "Siydm” means keeping away from revealing the secrets of the 
Imam ; and "Zina" means revealing his secret without a covenant or permission. 
They made it permissible to marry sisters, mothers, and daughters; and marrying 
young boys and sodomy was made permissible by them. And they were the first 
ones to start the evil tradition of raping women in front of their families. It is also 
from their creed that "Paradise" is this world and its pleasures, and "Hell" is what 
the people of prayers, and fasting, and Jihad, and Hajj go through. They also 
disbelieved in Prophethood and Resurrection. Some historians believe that the root 
of their creed is from the Magians, and others believe it is from the materialists. 
Refer to Al-Milal Wan-Nihal of Ash-Shahrastanl, Al-Farq Bayn Al-Firaq of 'Abdul- 
Qahir, Al-Fisal FI Al-Milal Wal-Ahwd' Wan-Nihal of Ibn Hazm, and Tarikh Al-Isldm of 
Ath-Thahabi, from the events of year 281 to 320. 

24 He is Sulayman Abu Tahir Al-Qarmatl, the Enemy of Allah, who entered Makkah 
in the year 317 AH, and killed and enslaved what is recorded by historians as 
around 30,000 Muslim women and children from amongst the pilgrims and the 
residents of Makkah. Amongst those who were killed by him, the eminent Tabi'I, 
'Abdur-Rahman Ibn 'Abdillah Ibn Az-Zubayr (ra). After Al-Qarmati's death in 331 
AH, the governance was split amongst his sons, and the Qaramitah were severely 

25 The Day of Tarwiyah is the Eighth from Thul-Hijjah from the Days of Hajj. 


At-Tibyan Publications 

Can Makkah become Dar Al-Harb ? 

And the people used to flee from them, and they would hang onto the drapes 
of the Ka'bah (to protect themselves from the Qaramitah), but that did not 
benefit them in the least. And this was not sufficient for the Qaramitah - may 
Allah curse them; they even deracinated the Black Stone, and took it with 
them (to Al-Alisa') and kept it for 22 years and (only) then they returned it 26 ; 
and their story is well recorded and known in the books of History! 

So the question is: Was Makkah, in those days, under the Reign of the Heretic 
Qaramitah, a Land of Islam? Or was it a Land ofKufr and Hard? 

The answer is: There is no doubt, nor any disagreement, that it was a Land of 
Harb and Kufr; and that liberating it from the tyranny and reign of the 
heretical Qaramitah was from amongst the most important individual 
obligations [Fardh Al-'Ayn], 

And likewise, were the days in which it (Makkah) was governed by Ash- 
Sharif Husayn 27 - puppet of the British... Was it ruled with Islam? 

The answer, as everyone knows, is "No". 

And Allah the Highest is Most Knowledgeable. 

26 In the year 339 AH, his sons sold the Black Stone to the Khallfah Al-Muti' for 
50,000 Dinar. 

27 He was Ash-Sharlf Husayn Ibn 'All, born in Istanbul in 1854. He was initially a 
viceroy over Hijaz on behalf of the Ottomans beginning in 1908. The British 
successfully instigated him to revolt against the Ottomans on grounds of racism of 
Arabs against Turks. He was declared sovereign "King of Hijaz" in 1916. In March 
1924 he pronounced himself Khallfah, and in September he was defeated by the 
Ikhwan Man Ta'a Allah. In October he abdicated, and the British conveyed him to 
Cyprus, where he lived till 1930. He died in 'Amman 1931 G. 


At-Tibyan Publications